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Bella of the Ball~

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So many changes, so little time!

December 3rd 2008 9:43 pm
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Not less than 1.5 weeks ago, Meowm and Pawps brought over Ruby. She's their friend's outdoor Lab mix, that had been formerly abused. Their friend W found Ruby sitting on his lawn one afternoon. After making earnest attempts to locate an owner w/no one claiming her, he decided to keep her. Only problem is his girlfriend is severely allergic to all animals with fur, so he kept her outside. He provided her with a good life-- a giant yard to play in, regular food and water, and vet trips for vaccines, check ups, spay surgery. It took him several years to get her to sleep inside the garage, as he was afraid she'd get cold. But she wanted to be near the family, and would always sleep next to the glass door where she could see in-- longingly...

Well Meowm and Pawps had their eye on Ruby for a long while now. Since Meowm was in her early twenties, so its been a LONG time. The only reason she couldn't adopt Ruby b/c she didn't have an indoor place herself that allowed big dogs until after she and Pawps got married and bought a house.

So soon after the landscaping in the backyard was finished, they brought Ruby over. Her former owner loved her, but just didn't have the time or energy to devote enough attention to her. Her physical needs were met, but not her emotional ones. Meowmy had vowed long ago to take Ruby in, so this was a long time coming. Anyways, to make a long story short, they brought her over on Friday, much to my utter delight and surprise. I'd met her before, but I was overjoyed that she was coming to visit my house. At first, she was very hesitant to come inside. She kept looking at the screen door, b/c she'd been taught not to come through it. She also came relatively potty-trained, and when taken outside, immediately went potty without much prompting.

After a few days, she was already sleeping on her new bed with me, and horsing around with me all day and night. Little did they know she really loves to play, so she makes a wonderful playmate for me. When Meowm comes home late from work, I'm already pooped-- and that's pretty hard to do with a JRT mix like me with seemingly boundless energy.

Its been almost 2 weeks now, and Ruby has made such strides. She used to never like treats, but now she gobbles them wholeheartedly. Any changes in even her food bowl would cause her to not eat, but she has adjusted quickly to a new food and water bowl with running water, as well as her new bed, her new home, and new family. She has been an angel towards the kitties, and they got used to her within about 20 minutes. There was never any hissing, restraining-- nothing. She was perfect, and still is to this day. She wishes she could play with them, but has never even pawed at them for their attention. So they really love her, and seem to enjoy her company.

And its only been a month or so since most of our health problems went away. Meowm says with 4 furbies, if its not one furbie, than another one is sick. The current issue is with my feet-- I keep chewing on my back paws, and there are some red spots. She's been applying hydrocortisone but is going to have to take me to the vet soon if something doesn't change. She's tried getting me off evo beef but is thinking maybe she should migrate to venison instead of chicken and turkey.Hmm...

Meowm was kinda harsh on me for a little while. I kept being naughty, and trying to get under her skin. She of course forgave me within a minute or so, as she would always say she could never stay mad at me b/c I don't respond negatively to much of anything-- not even being reprimanded for my actions. hehe She's been giving me more attention as usual, now that Chabifa is feeling better. She still loves to hug and kiss me, and let me jump towards her knee so she can give me a human hug. She still accepts my kisses, and lets me lick her nose (and mouth) when Dad's not looking. hehehe I have been getting so much playtime with Ruby, that I'm pooped at night (always a good thing for M and D). I also get along fabulously with Tabifa, our new kitten. She comes and sidles up to me, and then plops down to sleep right next to me. She even licks me like Milo does (damn I'm popular with the kittens). I don't really bug her to play as I do with Milo, but I do enjoy her snuggles, and we share cuddletime on the different pet beds, and on the many soft couches and human beds together. She's a real sweetheart, and I've always loved kitties, but she is one of my favorites (along with Milo, my brother of course. Tabifa is more like the little sister I never had). Meowm has been good about giving all of us enough attention and love...


Bella Boom Boom~

October 25th 2008 7:22 pm
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Mom took me to the dog park this Saturday afternoon, and we had fun. There were some well-behaved dogs, none of which bugged me too much like they usually do. I got to run around, smell lots of poop from different dogs, and meet some nice, older pups. There weren't too many little guys, but I did meet one JRT/daschund mix that was super cute. Dad couldn't come b/c he had to work today. Lately, he's been busy with work on weekends, though last weekend was a welcome reprieve.

Mom and Dad get upset with me, b/c they oftentimes come home to destroyed toys, plastic, pens, etc. They don't care so much about the toys or the pens, but rather, they don't want me to ingest something sharp or harmful, and end up dead. Sometimes, they say I am no different than a reckless 2 year old who doesn't know the dangers that exist out there. They do their best to remove from my grasp, all things that I can get my paws and mouth into, but even so, I have a way of getting into things (like eating the moss from the new faux plant they got and then throwing it up all over the house or eating cat poo even though it was barricaded).

So the past two weeks, due to Tabitha's condition and also my own bad behaviors, she hasn't been as lovey dovey to me as she normally is. She still cuddles with me ,but she has had to scold me more times than I'd like, b/c I've been so naughty. That, plus she's had long days at work, and has been really exhausted from work and the long commutes. She hopes things get better as she gets more sleep, and she is done studying for this stupid license exam that will be done in one month from now.

Thankfully, Ruby, our friend's Lab who has been living outside all this time, will be adopted by M and D in a few weeks. They will bring her indoors, and she will become a part of our family. They are doing it for her, b/c she's been living outside, and no amount of coaxing could get his owner to change his mind. They're going to prepare for her arrival, and hope that she will become best buds with me. I have already met her several times, and really like her a lot. She's a bigger dog than me, but she's so gentle. She would've been a great Mom, she's always been so good to the little ones-- me, Rommie, even the foster pups. They hope I will feel more balanced when she comes into our home, and that I'll always have a friend during the day when they're gone.

Mom has been paying more attention to Tabifa, as she has been the most sick of us 3 lately. Mom and Dad found tapeworms in her poop last Saturday, when she had an accident and went on my bed! Ick! Well, normally I eat cat poo when I can, but they found it in the nick of time. They found a bunch of white, wiggling worms in her poo. Mom was in shock, she screamed like a little girl. Dad cleaned it up, and we all got shipped to the vet the very next day. The vet gave us all a shot, and Tabitha got her microchip so we now ALL have our chips in place. hehe

I am such a strange dog! At the vet, most dogs would either cower, or refuse to get their shots and be stubborn. But I was so excited to see new people, that I was wiggling the entire time I was getting my tapeworm shot! haha The vet thought it was funny b/c he said most dogs put up a show when they are about to get shots. But I don't care, as I am totally FEARLESS, sometimes downright brazen and reckless. haha But at least for vet visits, I've always been happy to meet new people, and when I come out of my carrier, I get to see new faces so that makes me happy. It reminded Mom of my truly jovial, optimistic nature--- nothing can get me down, not even painful shots!

I take my job as Deputy Bella seriously, so I've been protecting the house, and also the 2 furbies in my care (Milo and Tabifa). We got a new alarm system for extra protection, as Mom wants us protected in a fire, burglary, etc. I tend to hear things from really far away, but I love my family, so I make a great Deputy, so Mon and Pawps say. I even get those funny shackles and my fur raises to make me look like a little punk dog-- don't mess with me or my house or family members!

Mom decided this Friday, that its not fair for her to be so hard on me lately. She has been stressed from work and studying after work, but that has nothing to do with me. Yes, I eat cat poo, yes, I eat my own poo, yes I destroy anythng and everything, but heck, I'm their daughter, so nothing's going to change that-- ever. They are dedicated to me, to provide me with a lifetime, loving home, and they know that I deserve the best, and will always provide that to me. Plus, Mom can't resist my kisses and cuddliness-- it always wins her over when she is mad at me:)


Mom is so Disappointed in herself...

October 1st 2008 9:07 pm
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Mom and Pawps took in a foster dog, that was one of the puppies they fostered. She came back b/c she was aggressive towards the owner's housekeeper, and they refused to take her to a behaviorist (free of charge provided by the rescue) and just decided to have her PTS. We stepped in, thinking it would be a short-term solution. Its week 2.5, almost done with week 3, and Mom and Pawps have had a tough time taking the time to exercise her as much as she needs. They've taken turns taking her out at night for a joh/walk, and Mom tried to get up at 5:30 a.m or earlier to walk/jog her. After the first week though, Mom's energy petered out, and she couldn't get up every day. It dwindled to a couple mornings she was able to get up this early. Pawps then took over, and started rollerblading with her at night, b/c Mom was so tired. I'd like to mention here that Mom works 12 hour days, plus has a long 2 hour commute to Los Angeles and back. She is exhausted at the end of the day, and waking up even earlier than usual before the crack of dawn took its toll. She couldn't stay awake at work, for one. Second, she kept falling asleep and nodding off on the way home. Poor Dad picked up the slack, and was exhausted in the middle of deadlines, walking and rollerblading with her. They even tried to bring her indoors in the crate as the trainer said, but it didn't work because Milo and Tabifa got totally freaked out. Well, Milo showed no signs of upset, until he came down with the worst cold ever. He had dripping oozy spit, drool, a really runny nose, he couldn't breathe and his eyes were also oozing. We had to take him to the vet after nearly a week of isolation, and no improvement. He was put on Clavomax, and Grandpaw had to come by to take him to the vet. He is still sick, and its been nearly 2 weeks. Thats why they haven't been able to bring Coco back inside when we are sleeping, or during the day. Mom and Pawps really wanted to, but they're afriad that the other kitten, Tabifa, will also get sick, or Milo will get even worse. At one point they thought Milo had somehow contracted latent FeLV or something worse.

In any event, Mom and Dad emailed the rescue, and let them know that they would need to find a new foster home. They'd been working with 2 of the core volunteers, who'd offered to help walk her during the day. They even helped bring over a dog run, and also a treadmill we intended to use on her. But for some odd reason the emails from the trainer kept on getting delayed, and Mom didn't hear back via phone either. By that time, the trainer/behaviorist was too busy, and so a week went by without being able to train her on the treadmill.

So it looks like they are going to take her tomorrow to a different foster home. Mom feels like she gave up on Coco, and the last few days while Pawps was on a business trip, she was determined to walk and run with her, to get her up to speed, and get out all that nervous energy. She feels so bad that this happened.

But when she sent the email, alerting the rescue that they would need to soon find a foster home, the core volunteer couple freaked out, and said some very mean things to M&P, chastizing them, as though they were the original owners, and blaming them if Coco were to bite again. As IF! Pawps was especially mad, b/c we are doing our best for the foster, under the circumstances. The only reason we took her in, was b/c there was no other choice. Either we had to take her in, or she would be euthanized without a proper evaluation.

So now the 2 core rescue volunteers are upset with us. I do feel bad about not using the dog run, but Pawps did not have the time to go and find the tarp to cover it. Its also really hot during the day, and there was also the danger that she would dig right through the soft soil, as their backyard is totally made of dirt.

Mom feels so guilty. She didn't want to give up on Coco, and even contemplates keeping her for the next couple weeks until the main volunteer returns from her vacation. However, it looks like the rescue would be annoyed if Mom and Dad decided to keep her for another few weeks.

Mom is about to start a new practice, and needs to start studying for the real estate broker's examination in less than 6 weeks. She's got a full time job, with long hours, and a long commute. She's also got her family to take care of, her husband and 3 furbies, AND she is helping her Dad adopt out 3 more kittens he rescued from the colony. She told him not to keep on going back there, but he wouldn't listen. So now she's stuck, screening applicants, posting on Craigslist, and trying to find a new owner for these remaining kittens. They are still really shy, so she doesn't know how they're going to do in homes, as my Dad can't take them out of the crate b/c of Lola, his FeLV positive kitten.

Anyways, she doesn't know what to do. she doesn't want to give up on Coco, but the rescue will balk at M and D if they don't agree to give Coco to the new foster. They're afraid she will bite or be anxious, b/c she's been sitting in the garage all day. Poor thing..This was not what M and D had intended.

But Mom is soo tired. She passed out when she came back early for once today. She almost didn't wake up in time for the late evening adoption, had to get all the forms ready, and get dressed again. Adoptions are so draining...


"The Happening.."

June 16th 2008 1:09 am
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Today, Mom and Dad took me and Rommie to a local park for a long walk. On the way there, with the top down on Mom's convertible, I nearly beheaded myself like in the movie they watched last night, "the Happening."

In that movie, people lose their self-preservation instinct, and go and kill themselves with the nearest method and apparati available.

Today, I jumped out of the car, with my harness and leash on. Mom squealed like a stuck pig in horror, as she saw my body clinging to the leash outside of her passenger door mirror with Dad looking frightened.

Basically, if I had not worn the halter (which Dad had insisted upon), I would have probably broken my own neck in jumping out, and twisting my body and neck the wrong way. @_@

I got reprimanded big time for it. I didn't realize what I had done wrong though, as I was just being the goofball that I am.

It was only last week when I escaped from Gramma's house, and ran into the streets in front of an oncoming car. Thankfully, the car had seen me, but if it had been going fast enough, I would have been roadkill. @_@


Annual Trip to the Vet

May 23rd 2008 11:23 pm
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Mumsie took Milo and I to the vet today. We were both due for our annual check-ups, annual shots, and fecals. I never got nervous going to the vet, so I was stoked when Mom put me on a leash to take me into the car. I thought we were going to the park or something! hehe But we got to the vet, and met the vet and his assistant. They were gentle with me, and I was totally relaxed during the entire visit! Mumsie knows I don't mind going to the vet, but she's so proud of me nonetheless. She says even though I'm hyper, I'm great for vet visits b/c I never bite or lash out when they're giving me shots. I don't so much as whimper. Word. hehe

Milo was also very well-behaved. He was in his carrier, and fell asleep on the ride to the vet. I slept in Mumsie's lap, and she scolded me when I tried to sleep in the area where her feetsies are. She says if I go down there, we'll all get injured or killed b/c she won't be able to break with a bouncing dog down there! hehe So I listened to Mom, and sat on her lap most of the time...I officially weight 12.04 lbs. Milo weighs 8.5 lbs. We're 1 year and 3 mos, and 10 mos old respectively...

Milo was really chill b/c he'd been snoozing. He meowed a couple times while we were waiting but when the vet tech took him out his carrier, he didn't mind at all. He got examined, and the vet held him by his arms letting his feet hang! hehe Even then, he didn't get mad or lash out at the vet- didn't so much as utter a peep- not even when he got his shots. What a brave guy, and might I add, I'm a brave girl:)

Momma always says I'm not afraid of anything. I'm fearless! She wishes she had my courage, though its sometimes a blind-sided courage (the kind which gets me going outside and running headlong into fast cars). The only fast cars she wants me to have contact with are Daddy and her sports cars which go zooom zooom...hehe

My fave car is Mommy's sports car b/c it's European (just like me), and it goes so fast so I can stick my head out, with the top down! I usually take a sunbath when I'm too tired to enjoy the wind..Wheee! Today we didn't get to do that, b/c she had a different car (Gramma's) and it started raining...

Lately, I've been sleeping on the Panda bed. I RUV that bed! It's got a great view of the backyard in Gramma's yard (she's got a giant backyard), and it's warm. It's also just the right size for my long legs. But she takes me into the bedroom so I can sleep right next to Mum and Dad. She says I should consider myself REALLY lucky, b/c a lot of dogs, even the ones that are cherished and loved to bits, are not allowed to sleep on the bed, much less right next to their M & D's faces, snuggled against their chests. And their M&D's certainly don't go out of their way to bring them into bed if they sleep on other beds! haha

Mumsie said she's going to surprise me, b/c we're going to get this new bed, something called Tempurpedic that astronauts use. Mum said it's extremely soft- even softer than our current mattress- that I'll never want to sleep elsewhere again:)

As Mum and Dad are looking through home design magazines and furniture/decor ideas, Mumsie always thinks about how it would work with us furbies-- what would camouflage well with our hair, what we would not tear or scratch up, what would be comfortable, etc. She always thinks about us when she's creating ideas for decorating their first new home purchase together- M and D as a lifetime couple! For the first few months or even year(s), the place will be rather bare. They're going to decorate and add furniture slowly but surely. We'll start off with living room furniture and new bedroom sets and mattress, but things like the office, living room, and puppy/guest room will go last.

Mom's got this funny idea to make the guest room into a foster/puppy room. I don't know what she means by the word "foster," but I hear it a lot. Seems like Mom's got a real thing for pups, and animals in general. She just loves them to bits! hehehe But she's fostered some orphan pups with Dad, and is really excited about doing that again. She wants to decorate the "foster" room, as a puppy/dog room...It will have pictures of us (there will be more pictures of us outside the room too), pictures of their first 4 fosters and the stray kitty, Calypso, they fostered, to show how it all started. They plan on fostering for a long, long time. So those 5 were the start. And we're part of the permanent family:) She is going to paint the walls a beautiful sky blue, try to paint clouds, and make it a very soothing room with funny pictures of doggies and kitties, and it will be totally puppyproofed (flooring, edging of the floors too, doors will be protected)...


Dear Bella

April 30th 2008 9:24 pm
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Mommy misses me a lot. She's heard that I'm doing fine at Grandpawrents house, but got upset when she found out I nearly got killed running into the street. Mom's always worried about me, especially with my tendency to bolt like a rabid dog into cars flying by! Apparently, it took Granddad a long time to find me and he was very upset with me for being a bad, naughty dog.

Mom is going to do her darndnest to find me some agility courses or training. She says I have way too much energy, and need to channel that energy lest I destroy myself, all the shoes, and the furniture. hehe

I miss Mommy, but I get to sleep with Dad every night. I have taken a great liking to Granddaddy, and I like sleeping next to him before he goes to bed.


The Madness Never Ends...

November 14th 2007 9:42 am
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Mumsie is very angry with me today. She's tried to be careful about putting her shoes up and away, but she made a mistake, and she left them on the carpet. We recently moved to a new place, and Mumsie's only lived with us for a few days so she hasn't found enough space on the shoe rack.

I chewed and destroyed her favorite pair of shoes. It is a pair that is no longer sold in stores or online, and is the pair she wears every single day. They are the only pair with some heel that she can wear comfortably, as all the other shoes are either too flat, or too high and uncomfortable. She was going to wear them for her new job, but that's not going to happen.

This is not the first time I have destroyed her belongings. I shredded her Ferragamo wallet, the one Dad gave to her for her on one of their anniversaries. Oh boy, Mom was so livid, she was trembling from the fury of it...I've also destroyed several other pairs of shoes, gotten into her cosmetics collection, and stolen her clean underwear when she was taking a shower.

Mom is at wit's end with me lately. She and Dad have been very patient with me, and have tried using stern, firm commands and training. I'm a super, hyperactive dog, and they wonder if I have doggy ADD. They got me a kitty buddy so I wouldn't be so hyper and lonely, but even that only helps a little bit. I refuse to play with my toys, and never ask my pawrents to play. I don't get to see my boyfriend Coco anymore, as we moved too far away for that to happen on any regular basis. I chew things such as plastic forks, plastic anything (esp. during the move), chopsticks, basically anything I can find within nose's reach. I won't chew my Kong, nor will I even chew Bully sticks! Can you believe I don't like Bully sticks???

Anyways, Mom and Dad don't know what to do with me anymore. They didn't know I had Iggy blood, until I started sprouting those long, muscular Iggy legs. They also didn't know I had Jack Russell Terrier blood until my coat and temperament started coming in (shoulda, woulda, coulda). Mom is a very busy woman, and if she knew I had to be walked daily for at least an hour a day, she would have adopted a different dog that doesn't need as much exercise like Romulus.

I also have a terrible habit of pilfering cat poo AND eating my own poo, even though I am fed premium food- Canidae, Nature's Variety, Solid Gold- all the good stuff- in dry AND canned, and in much larger quantities than any other small dogs I've had. Canned pumpkin didn't work, and they have yet to be consistent with the meat tenderizer. Spraying bitter apple or hot sauce is also difficult to be consistent with, b/c then you can't pick up the poo right away. As such, I poop five-six times a day, and Mom can't even keep track of when I poo, b/c I do it in the middle of the night and at the crack of dawn sometimes.
It's gotten to the point where Mom has caught me red-handed with kitty poo, but literally 5 seconds later, I'm back in the box getting more poos. Its as though I don't take my pawrents seriously...

Although Mom would never put me in a shelter, she now has a better understanding of why certain people do give up their pets. Everyone has different limits and buttons, and I have pushed nearly all of Mom's, so much so that she doesn't know what to do with me...I am the cuddliest, sweetest, most affectionate dog she's ever had, but also the worst behaved, and the most incorrigible.

The only solution she can think of is to walk me daily, at least 30 mins a day. Mom and Dad are super busy, so this will take a commitment on their parts to be consistent with it daily. Mom is thinking of jogging with me every day for 30 mins, to get all that energy released. She hates jogging, but she needs to be in good shape for the wedding in April, so it might be a good opportunity for both of us to release some stress and energy.

Other than that, they want to send me to boot camp at the Cesar Milan and Illusion Foundation. Unfortunately, money is tight right now, as everything is going to the wedding budget.

Oh well, I guess we'll wait and see what happens.



October 5th 2007 10:18 pm
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I haven't seen my boyfriend, Coco, all week after spending three full days with him last weekend. I do have a new feline bro, and he likes to ambush my bum when I turn around. He literally takes his giant claws and jumps, parachute style right onto by back!!! haha Anyways, Mom is really upset with me today. She'd gone to Ikea to get some household goodies, and after walking around for an hour afer a long day at work, was in no mood...


It was Dad's idea to keep the door open, but Mom knew it might lead to trouble- she doesn't trust me alone with Milo (or his poops just yet). hehe So it came as no real surprise when they found out I'd taken the jug full of cat poop and strewn its stinky, putrid contents all over the floor. Currently, their vacuum cleaner is broken, so they're going to have to step on coarse kitty litter every time they go into that room!!!

Oh well, Mom was really upset with me and refused to cuddle or give me kisses when she discovered my booboo. I now have mastered the "I'm sorry I went into Milo's room and ate kitty poo" submissive lay-down-on-belly stance, but it has no effect on them. They don't believe me anymore. What can I say? I'm not afraid of their reprimands, as I tend to make Mom giggle 5 seconds after she berates me. I'm also not really sorry for doing it, as I can't seem to stop. It's like a drug, totally addictive I tell's ya. Those kitty poops seem to call my name...They're like sirens calling those poor, hapless sailors...

Mom is at wit's end when it comes to the kitty poops. They have a puppy gate, but need it right now to stop Milo from falling into the turtle tank. They're going to get Milo the LitterMaid so the poops are scooted off before I get to them. Other than that, Mom doesn't know what else to do with this problem. I'm incorrigible, stubborn, and unrelenting.

Mom and Dad have been really tired the last couple of weeks. Mom has been gradually switching over to a vegetarian lifestyle, so she's been more low-energy than usual. Dad's been busy looking for a new place to live, and word on the street is that we're moving to a phat new condo! It's going to be even bigger than our current 2 bedroom 2 bath pad, and there'll be more room for my long legs to stretch and run:)

As I get older, Mom says I'm starting to look less like my mystery Dad (probably a JRT), and more like my 1/2 Iggy Mom. She was a gorgeous, black and white Papillon/Iggy Mix with the same lustrous coat as my boyfriend, Coco. He reminds me of her sometimes, so laidback and loving. Anyways, I digress. So Mom's been reading doggie books about how to keep me entertained, active, and well exercised. She read about an activity called "pole coursing," so she's going to see if she can make me a pole to chase. I already like to chase Milo, so I just need a different target. hehe

Ever since Milo joined us almost 4 weeks ago, Mom says I've been a lot calmer. I don't bite her or Dad as much when they get home, as I have a great kitty bud to play with and horse around with.


New Member of Our Familia

September 20th 2007 11:13 am
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Mom and Pops recently adopted a kitten just for meeee! His name is Milo, and he's an attention hog.

I love cats, as I was fostered in a home, and grew up chasing cats all around their big house! keke

Mom recently started working in the city, so she had to leave me alone during the day. It helped that Dad often comes home for lunch, and usually comes back in the late afternoon, but I still get lonely. I miss Mom a lot, as we used to cuddle and play all day together while she was taking some time off b/w jobs:) She also used to spend her waking moments potty training me, and she thanks the heavens above that I finally got it down pat! hehe

Anyways, this new kitten is really cool beans. He's really tiny right now, so I like chasing him around the house. Mom and Dad try to play referee, but I sooo love the chasing part. He's little, furry, and looks like a big mouse sometimes b/c he's black and white. hehe Only when they tell me to knock it off, then I stop!

We also like to wrestle & nip at each other. Well, I play bite, and he tries to slam my head down with both his paws WWF style! He also uses his little claws to scratch, and sometimes he gets a little too close to my eyes, but it's been OK so far. Milo also tries to sleep and sit next to me, but I prefer to sleep near him, not soo close to him. A girl needs her space! I also have the best spot in the house right b/w Mom and Dad, and I wd rather sleep there than with that little furball. haha

Mom and Dad have been great about still giving me lots of attention. Mom was really tired this week w/interviews and b/c Milo wouldn't sleep at night, so we haven't done any treat training in the last few days:( I'm hoping she'll train with me tonight!

I got babysat by my boyfriend's Mom a few days ago. It was so much fun, b/c when we get together, the sparks fly, and we can't stop playing! My soon to be mother-in-law treats me real good, and I like to sleep all cuddled up next to her in her luxurious bed. I wish I had as much fun with other dogs out there, but I have a special chemistry with him that is unbeatable. We are a power couple, and our pawrents notice how much we love each other. In fact, Mom and Dad found out that I've actually been the one humping him now! It used to be the other way around, but I had to show him who's wearing the pawnts. hehe Dad always tells me that I remind him of Mom-- her outgoing, boisterous, silly, bossy side. hehe

Mom told me last night how much she misses me! It's been hard for her too, b/c we spent a lot of time together while I was still a wee little thang. I'm still pretty little now, but I've far exceeded the 10 pound "toy" dog weight category! haha She loves to cuddle, hug, and rub my belly. She love the buttered toast I emanate when I am sleepy or have been snoozing for awhile. It's not quite as good as my puppy smell, but it's almost as good:)

Although she gets really angry and is a sourpuss when I come out of Milo's room with pieces of kitty litter stuck to my nose, she bursts out laughing realizing she can't be mad at me for more than 2 seconds. I guess it's why I still keep going in there for more kitty rocas! Yummmy...hehe

Mom also wants to start walking me, but doesn't know if this will be enough b/c my Iggy legs need more than just a walk. She wishes she had a big run so I could run around on the grass like a mad fiend...One day we'll have a big house, and Dad will build me a nice, dog-friendly run with a full agility course:)


Bella, aka SuperChic!

July 31st 2007 4:21 pm
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I'm officially 6 months old! Woo hoo! It's been a fun 4 months with M & D, especially after I got all my shots, they've been showing me the world (or at least,the Bay area)! hehe

It's been about a month since I graduated from Petsmart's Puppy Obedience Class- magna cum laude of course! I was the teacher's pet, as Ms. G fell in love with my silly googly eyes at the first class. hehe I also did really well in the class, showing the rest of my puppy friends my mad SKILLZ. keke I do miss my puppy friends-- especially Brooklyn, the cutesie hyper Maltese, and laidback Xander, the sweetest Pittie baby I've ever met), but Mum promised she'd enroll me in Intermediate or even Advanced Class if we can skip the former...

Ultimately, I'm being primed to do agility- not for a living, but simply to keep my active mind entertained. I can jump twice my height, outrun nearly any dog or puppy regardless of size, and have even learned to brake after running at breakneck speed. When Mum goes over old and new tricks with me, she realizes what a smart, tenacious little pup I am! She says I've got the tenacity and vivacity of a Jack Russell Terrier, the speed, lean, supple form and supermodel legs of an Iggy, and the warm affability of a Papillon...I've got 3 breeds coursing through my veins, though I don't have any of the extreme negative qualities associated with any of those breeds. Whew!

Mum and Dad love me to bits. They're new to the Bay area, so they've been exploring the world with me after I got all my shots! They really want to show me the world, because I am such a happy, jovial, and inviting personality. There's nothing I don't want to see or do! hehe We've been hiking to Kehoe Beach, a deserted stretch of sandy beach with flying sand for miles (I tried to catch the sand with my feetsies to no avail), to Alameda Dog Park several times where I hang out with Dad and the big kids (if I follow them around, eventually they let me play with them hehe), to Pinole Dog Park where we met a nice older couple and their two rescued doggies, to Shoreline Park where we hiked for a good half mile up the Marina with the scent of seashells to our left, and to the Emeryville Street Arts Festival where I met my first big police horsie, amongst over things:)

M & D love to take me everywhere. Mum especially hates leaving me at home, and tries to take me to dog-friendly places like the bookstore downstairs and even when they go out to eat. It drives Dad crazy, because he ends up having to hold my leash when I buck like a bucking bronco (which I often do).hehe That's one thing I need work on-- leash training. I hate being on a leash, and like to bite it in protest.

Needless to say, I'm a big fan of dog parks! I love meeting new doggies, and I don't stick that close to M or D because I am not afraid to explore, have fun, and meet new dog people! I'm also people friendly too, as people always want to take me home it seems. hehe

M & D have me tagged and microchipped. We hope that if I ever get lost or found, that I get returned...It's funny because whenever we go out where there are people, M & D have a hard time walking b/c random people want to pet me, play with me, ask me what my breeds are, and ask me where they got me and if there are any sibbies! haha I have an unusual look- nobody quite knows what I am, my eyes are farsighted so they look like moving googly eyes, and I have long paws that are quite dainty and ladylike when I sit:) I guess people just dig a cool, unusual little friendly dog like me. A true angel Mum says:)

Lately, I've been sleeping a lot. My ears seem to change shape daily...sometimes they're perked up, sometimes half up, and other times they're floppy like JRT ears. hehe Actually, I just basically adopted my Mum's lazy arse schedule of sleeping in until noon, taking more naps, and watching my weight (they fed me canned food w/my dry kibble, but I got sick so they stopped) as I don't like dry kibble as much....Mom's wondering whether to switch me to homecooking, raw, or just dry and canned kibbles...I used to wake up at 7 am and stay up until noon, but now, I wake up around noon with Mom and laze the rest of the day away...

I have a new boyfriend, Coco, but we might not be able to see each other if Mum has to move for work (pending). I will really miss him, as he's my favorite puppy of them all! He doesn't mind that I'm rough and tumble, he just likes me for who I am- rambunctious Bella:) His Mum might be giving him up for adoption (however unlikely), and I've begged M and D to adopt him! hehe We'll see if he even needs a new home, because if he does, M & D agreed that he wd make a wonderful addition to our new familia:)

In about 1 month, Mum is going to return to the working world. She's enjoyed her time off, though it was very stressful for her at times. She doesn't really want to go back to work, but she promised me she'd get me lotsa goodies and also make sure to spend time with me at dog parks, in agility and obedience training, and stuff. One day, she's going to own her own law practice, and then she said she would bring me to the office with her on a daily basis. Until then, I hope that I don't miss her too much when she's gone. I already have to deal with Daddy being gone most of the day, but I donno what I'll do if I'm totally alone...

But she can sigh a huge sigh of relief now that I am housetrained! I now go on my wee wee pads nearly all of the time, and weeks go by without an accident. It's amazing,but they are truly grateful and happy for my well-being!

It's been an interesting 4 months with M & D. I wish it could be like this forever, but Mum does have bills to pay and doesn't want to worry about not being able to provide for me...She always wants me to have the best in life, and she won't stop at anything to make sure I am healthy and happy:)

Dad gets upset when I wedge myself between him and Mum. I like to do this only during the middle of the night as their dual body heat keeps me nice and warm. I like to get kisses when they kiss each other too, as it makes me feel left out otherwise! hehe During the day, I am always sleeping in Mum's lap and following her around our apartment like a lost puppy. hehe

Mum is going to miss her tons once she starts working. She wishes she could take Bella with her, but hopefully Dad will be able to do this on a regular basis. M & D are also considering getting another dog to keep me company, but Dad is hesitant about this as he knows Mom's tendency when it comes to animals (the more the better!). haha

If we do move, we're going to move into a huge house! The kind where I can run around, up and down stairs, and let my long legs be exercised regularly...
We might even be able to foster a pup or kitten or two, as we'll have extra room for them....

More to come!

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