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Sophie Bean, My life as a hooligan....

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Sant Paws informed me I am Naughty!

December 17th 2011 6:32 am
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So I found out something fascinating last night. It turns out that I have been on Santa Paw’s Naughty List for 4 years. I try to be a good girl but I guess Santa Paws wants us pups to be obedient all year round. I am sorry but even the best of pups is gonna drift to the naughty side every now & then. Especially when Sweetie tries to eat my food or a squirrel comes in my yard or the mailman drives get the picture. It is life that forces my naughtiness to happen and I should not be held responsible.
Last night a box arrived under my Christmas tree. It was from Santa Paws. The card said…Dear Sophie Bean, you have been on the naughty list for 4 years and I give up on you ever making it to the nice list. This year I decided to cut you a break a give you a present anyway, hopefully this will help you stay out of trouble. Enjoy, Merry Christmas, Santa Paws.
I was ready to tear the wrapping paper right off when Mommy walked in and said, “Don’t you dare!”, so I am now barking at Spitz to help me out by ripping off the wrapping paper from the present so I can see what I got. Does that make me naughtier???
Let's face it, I know Spitz is on the naughty list too so what difference does it make???


boo-boos & ouchies

November 30th 2011 5:07 am
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Yesterday Mommy took me for a little walk in the rain because I am very stubborn and refuse to go outside on my own to poop. If the cats can poop in the nice warm house why should I be forced out in the freezing cold rain with the wind practically blowing me over to do it? It was just a short walk to the park so I could relieve myself. When we got home Mommy went to dry me off with a towel and that is when it happened… I screamed bloody murder when Mommy touched my right side. Without thinking I lashed out at Mommy with my fangs of fury and almost bit her hand. The second time she went to touch my side I added another scream for effect. Mommy felt so helpless. Mommy ran to Daddy to tell him what happened, then she called the vets while I threw up my morning treat. The vet peoples said it was a good idea to bring me in ASAP. Mommy had to go to work so Daddy had to take me. This is the first time Daddy has taken any of us furries to the vets by himself. I was a ball of quivering nerves which really made Daddy feel awful for me and later would get me an entire night of belly rubs. Mommy was sick to her stomach with worry. The vet man did an examination, said my back hurts and some lady gave me a pain shot. I have to take pills & liquid medication twice a day. I don’t mind the pills as they are wrapped in cheese. Not a fan of the liquid. The vet man seems to think this might be an old ouchy that flared up again. Do you remember when I got run over by a Labrador?
It snowed over night. I don’t know what is making Mommy feel worse, the fact that I can not get the zoomies and play in the fresh fallen snow or the fact that I do not want too.
*Yawn* time for a nap, this meds are making me sleepy.


November 27th 2011 4:58 am
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Mommy took me to the park yesterday and we walked almost all the trails. Mommy said we needed to work off some of that Thanksgiving dinner. Mommy even let me pounce in a few mud puddles. I should have known right then Mommy was up to something. When we got home I got a bath. I only behaved because Mommy said Santa Paws was watching. Later, when nobody is watching I will roll in something stinky.



November 25th 2011 5:05 am
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Still in a turkey coma. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz!


Gobble! Gobble!

November 23rd 2011 5:48 am
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Tomorrow is the big day…Gobble, Gobble Day…Turkey Day...a day to count all our blessing…Thanksgiving Day! I have a lot of blessings to count.
My Mommy and all the walks we go on.
My Daddy and the “chase me” games we play.
My cats, they are fun to chase and nibble on.
My toy box, it holds all my toys and keeps them safe.
The squirrels & chipmunks in my yard, they are fun to stalk.
Cheeseburgers, I really don’t think I need to bark the reason for that, BOL!
My Dogster pals for always being there for me and helping me celebrate all of life’s occasions & helping me through any of its downfalls.
I am also very thankful for a warm home, a warm bed & belly rubs which makes every pets life complete.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends! Hope your holiday is filled with love, belly rubs & family.


The worse is over....

October 23rd 2011 4:18 am
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So yesterday I was dragged into a new groomers. I could smell it as soon as I got out of the car. Mommy was using her reassuring voice telling me all would be fine. As soon as we walked in the door I was expecting to be shoved in a little waiting room like at PetSmart but instead we entered what appeared to be a huge living room. There were comfy chairs & couches…not for the humans, but for us furries! There were kittens running around all over the place. (I gave Mommy a warning growl, No more CATS!) One of the employees was entertaining them with a feather toy while the other kittens climbed and pounced on each other. I was greeted by a small dog that came over and sniffed me and gave me a friendly wag, another dog was in the middle of the room chasing his tail. I always wondered what it would be like to have a tail to be chased. It looked like the dog was having a lot of fun and he was actually catching his tail, but he would let it go and start all over again. Maybe he was under the dryer for too long. Mommy talked with the humans and then this lady took me away to the back room. I thought, “This is it!” Even though Zoe called my groomer and barked that I wouldn’t make it due to 4 flat tires, even with Ebony sending out a SOS bark, and even with Mr. Jack Freckles advice on hiding till the appointment was over (Sweetie gave me away, she will pay for it next Saturday, I made her an appointment to go to the groomers) There was just no way out of it. So here I sit, naked with the schnauzer cut face Daddy wanted and a Halloween bandana. I am just happy I didn’t get those silly bows in my fur! Turns out without all that fur weighing down my ears that actually stand up. How crazy is that! Mommy says I look like a completely different dog. I am sure I willed be forced to have my pictured taken soon. For now I am going to climb under some blankets and snooze, I am cold and sleepy.


Sending out a SOS....

October 22nd 2011 3:59 am
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Call the Humane Society, Call 911, Call somebody!!!!!! Mommy made me an appointment at a new groomers for this morning. Somepup help before it is too late!!!!


Close call...

October 1st 2011 3:45 am
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Talk about a close call! Mommy couldn’t sleep so at 2:30 in the morning Mommy went outside and I wanted out too!! Mommy let me outside, I did my business and then came back inside. Less then a minute later Mommy watched as a coyote trotted right across the driveway looking into the garage. Looks like Mommy & Daddy are going to have to be more alert then ever when I am outside.

Mommy has been asking the neighbors to stop feeding the deer. It is against the DNR rules to feed them in your yard. The city is not a place to bring in MORE wildlife, especially when humans continue to build and the wildlife that was there first has nowhere to go! While the deer are beautiful to watch when you interfere with nature things go wrong, such as the young buck that was killed by coyotes in a neighbor’s backyard and the deer running in front of vehicles. (Mommy missed a big doe running feet in front of her car) and let us not forget diease! We have two large herds of deer. The humans feeding the deer are bringing the coyotes in because the coyotes know they have a buffet awaiting them. Deer, raccoons, possum, skunks, mice, squirrels etc. The neighbor’s feeding the deer are going to be the first one’s crying to Mommy when they lose a pet or have dead animals in their yards. A huge part of what is wrong with this earth is humans interfering with it. This is hard on me. I can’t spend my days laying in my yard on my bed and watching the squirrels anymore because Mommy is paranoid. I barked at Mommy that I could take a coyote, then Mommy pointed out the whole hunting in packs thingy. So all I have to do to be able to lounge around in the yard is to get me my own pack.
I bet you Klemy Q-tip would love to be in my pack because she would enjoy beating up anything resembling a dog.



September 26th 2011 3:44 am
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Rain, rain, go away!
I want to go for a walk today!
Good thing Mommy took me for two walks yesterday because if it keeps raining like this we are gonna need a boat...or better yet a jet ski. I bet I would look pawsome on a jet ski with my ears flapping in the wind.


September 22nd 2011 4:27 am
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Dear Diary,
I just can’t believe it! I was one of the featured diaries of the day…again! This is the second time in a week! I almost missed it. I was so busy barking at them new dogs walking by my house and then there was a squirrel and once I got him out of my yard that pesky chipmunk was running from one end of the yard to the other. You’d think those little rodents would use a brain cell and stay out of my yard especially after the other day when I was throwing around a chipmunk that had the nerve to go in the garage. I was tossing him around like a like a squeaky toy, anyway…
Thanks Dogster for picking me and Thanks to all my pals that made my day more special.

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