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Sophie Bean, My life as a hooligan....


December 29th 2012 3:46 am
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I am one of the Dogster Diary picks of the day! Normally I would be wagging my entire body & demanding bellyrubs for such a pawsome honor but this morning all I can focus on is the fact I have to go to the groomers today. I ask everypup that reads this to send out a howl for help. I have no where to hide...and if I did I am sure that Spitz would meow at Mommy and tell her where I am. I am gonna be naked! The other animals will point & laugh at me. There is only one thing that I hate worse then the groomers...the Vet place! I heard Mommy telling Grandpa that my pimple like bump is now a large mole sized bump and she is watching it closely, if it gets any bigger I have to go to the V-E-T! She call spell it anyway she wants, I still know what she is talking about and I don't like it. I hate the vet so much that once the vet tech picked me up and was holding me...I pooped right in the pocket of her jacket! Hearing the words groomer & vet makes me just want to go hid under the blankies all day. Not even the honor of being one of the DDP's or a cheeseburger is going to bring me out of this funk.

Barked by: Riley (Dogster Member)

December 29th 2012 at 5:44 am

That's no way to celebrate your diary pick. I think the groomer will have to wait.
Barked by: Wendy G

December 29th 2012 at 10:11 am

YAY fur bein' a DDP!! Bud BOOOOOO fur habbin' tu go tu da bwoomer's pwace, Sophie Bean. I agwee - it r gonna take wotz more dan a cheezburger tu fix dis mess yu'r in :D How 'bout 19 cheezburgers?? Dat wood werk fur me :D
Barked by: Sophie Bean Schnoodle (Dogster Member)

December 29th 2012 at 10:36 am

19 cheeseburgers sounds just about right!
Barked by: MrJackFreckles~SirLick-a-Lot (Dogster Member)

December 29th 2012 at 11:06 am

Isn't the groomer open on warmer days, too??

Anyfurs, sorry you had to go there...but congrats on being a DDP!
I would send you some cheeseburgers, too, but growlmy says she isn't going out today, sigh...
So here is a DDP memento instead:


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