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Tail's from a Princess!

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Moving "Home"

February 3rd 2014 4:14 pm
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With the terribly sad news that Dogster is closing, we, like everyone, have been desperately searching for a new place to call "home". With little luck.

Nowhere compares to Dogster. The sites that have any kind of appeal to them are inactive or no longer managed. Doggyspace was one of those :( and that one was one that appealed to us the most.

Pets4Pals is the popular subject right now, but again, we're not really liking it and can't see ourselves there while the site remains so human friendly and FB like. Nope. I don't want mum joining in on MY site ;) With just a week to go before official launch it's looking unlikely that it will lose that look.

I joined a site called It was launched in France a couple of years ago, and then last year had it's Global/UK launch. Just little old me over there right now. My profile here ( but you won't be able to view it properly as it's set to private ). Ty is making me do all the hard researchin', but that's ok, I like to take charge and make the final decisions anyway ;) It's ok, but is not what most of this community are looking for. It doesn't have groups as we know them, but it has "teams". Though in these "teams" you can't start a separate thread to host fun and games. It's basically a place to gather with other like minded pals and post pictures. One positive is that the web manager we've been speaking to is very open to new ideas and suggestions and when we asked about customizable pages in the future we got this response back....

On your profile, you can already change your cover picture (not on mobile yet).

We really try to make the website evolve with the community, so if our members ask us to make profile pages more customizable, we will do our best to make them happy :)

We are already thinking of a way the community could participate in the portals more actively :)

Of course if you have suggestions or need help getting used to the network let me know, I’ll be happy to help!

That's promising to hear.

At the moment you can upload pictures, have a small bio section, can write your "story", can make friends with all kinds of pets and can become "fans" of other pets. There is a forum section, but it looks rather inactive and a little confusing.

But for now that is the only site we have tested that has any real potential. I think if enough of us wanted to migrate there and we all made it clear how much we'd love customizable pages/better formed groups, I think the people there would be willing to tweak things to help accommodate us. So that's something to bear in mind.

Please leave a comment to other sites you've discovered and what your first impressions are :)


Birthday girl :)

December 16th 2013 4:45 pm
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Today I turned 11 years old! You know, I don't feel a day over 7 ;) But mum said she can hardly believe where the years have gone!

I got some lovely goodies from my Auntie K - kangaroo jerky, Chicken necks and two new pink pig toys to add to my ever growing collection BOL. I'm not nicknamed "miss pig" for nothing ya know ;)

Nannie got me some mini sausages and they are my FAVE. Since being a tiny pup I've loved them, so of course I was keen to enjoy them for my breakfast this morning along with the jerky :)

Then we all went on a fun walk. Lots of games of fetch was played with my new ball from mum! :D

Here are a couple of pics of me out on my walk sporting my birthday bandana....

Bright eyed and happy

Good girl :)

Just wanted to thank all my lovely pals for the many beautiful gifts I've been sent today. We love you all! :)



Please Vote for me! :)

October 29th 2013 4:27 pm
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It's been a looong time since I wrote a diary entry, but I'm going to add one now to ask for all your votes. I've posted the links in various groups so many of my pals are already voting, and I'm very grateful! :) But for my friends just visiting my page now to read my diary entry, please vote!

Click here and then once on my picture please click on the "give this dog a bone" button to vote for me. I'm playing fetch in the snow with the caption "the snow monster emerges, be afraid, be very afraid" ;)

If you could vote daily that would be extra amazing, but you have to wait 24 hours in between votes.

Thanks pals! :)


Mum was mad!

July 28th 2011 10:05 am
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As some of you might know from my posts, i've been doing much, much better with other dogs out on walks. To the point i can walk past them without even so much as a grumble under my breath and i walk regularly with Cassie & Tara. I still don't like dogs getting in my space but that's understandable and luckily we haven't come across too many dogs that do overstep the mark.

Today, we had just stepped out of our front door when "bully mans" JRT ( off lead as always ) came running full pelt at me and Ty. He briefly stopped in front of Tyler and then lunged at him nearly taking Ty's nose off! He then ran straight at me ( i was growling at this point, but not lunging ) jumped on me and just let rip on me!! I went back at him as to be expected and there was lots of noise, snarling teeth, and i actually grabbed/bit the JRT too but it was more of a grab/let go reflex as i certainly didn't hang on to him, although there was a couple of times we both made contact. But as far as mum could tell there was no blood or anything on the other dog and i was fine. "Bully man" didn't even attempt to call his dog back once, he was a little way back from the whole incident. Mum shouted at the JRT to "get out" and at the same time she pulled me away. We got out into the open more and the JRT kinda left me alone, just barking from behind and at this point his owner had caught up and told him to "come here". Mum was fuming about the whole thing. Friday we had another run in when he was walking his & his friends JRT over the fields. He did put his own dog back on the lead this time but he couldn't get his friends JRT, Molly, and she ran up to me within an inch of my face and just barked at me, provoking a reaction. He never has his own dog on lead half the time and it runs straight from his front door to the fields, across the road, completely unleashed. His dog is just as aggressive as me. What's more is that he's bred his dog to another neighbors little JRT down the road. Both have had a litter before and the mum is reactive/aggressive too. What joy for those poor puppies.

Mum just really hopes this doesn't set me back. The "average joe" type of owners have no idea what energy, effort, time and hard work goes into training our "problem" dogs and they have no consideration for how their dogs behaviour may effect an already reactive/aggressive dog. What's more is that this guy KNOWS i have issues. One old man who used to walk his JRT for him knew that his dog had issues too and never let him off lead. Why doesn't his owner do the same?! Through one ignorant, bully of a man and his equal bully of a dog, i could be almost back to square one again, and that would be a great, great shame! :(


Missy x


I have a......friend?

July 4th 2011 8:59 am
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Not quite i don't think but lets just say i have a pup i can tolerate walking with. Well two to be precise, but we're talking about one of them today.

Ty has a best friend called Cassie, she's a GSD and some pups may have heard of me talking about her before. We've been walking with her on/off for over a year now. At first i would bark, bark and bark away at Cassie. She couldn't come too close or i'd try and bite her nosey! Mum & Cassie's mum ignored my protests of hate against Cassie and they continued to walk together saying "it would be good for me". Whatever!

However, little by little, my barking/lunging "i hate you" act started getting less and less. I started being able to walk on a full length flexi without being reeled back in. I'd walk along beside mum on a short lead without a murmour in Cassie's direction. I became more comfortable with her & Ty playing ( although i'm stillthe fun police! ) Before i knew it i started to understand Cassie was no threat. She ignored me and respected my space. The first time mum trusted me enough to let me off lead with Cassie was a real milestone! Both mum & Cassie's mum "just knew" i'd be ok. They had that feeling. And sure enough i walked along without batting at eyelid at Cassie. She was more interested in me now i was off lead but she still didn't invade my space. I did towards the end of that first walk off lead together bark at her sharply to leave me alone when she wanted to play but it was nothing serious.

Roll on to last Thursday and again i was walking off lead with Cassie. Not one bark this time, no growls, lunges or even pulling in her direction when on lead. Of course being the fun police means i do get a little stroppy when Ty & Cassie play together but nothing aggressive. We saw Cassie again on Friday. She was running towards us ( i was on lead as it was the end of our walk ) and do you know what i did? I wagged my tail and ran towards Cassie & her mum! I was on my full length flexi, i ran straight past Cassie and to her mum for some fuss BOL. I'm not quite that excited to see Cassie alone yet ;)

Mum is really proud of me though. 2 years ago mum never imagined i'd be walking with or tolerating other dogs and now i can do both with TWO dogs ( although i don't come off lead with the other pup ) Not only that, but i'm generally acting better when passing random dogs too. Loose dogs are still a bit iffy and i'm not keen on them, but leashed dogs i can pass pretty well :) Just goes to show how far i've come over the last few years.

Missy x


Goodbye Scotland :(

June 29th 2011 6:29 am
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As most of you will know we went away to bonnie Scotland for two weeks, and returned home last Saturday. We had such a PAWSOME time!! It's horrible returning home as we don't have the same freedom...we barely wore leads the entire two weeks we was there. You could go straight from the house, into the car, or down to the River where 4 1/2 acres of it was our private property. Although saying that we did see one pupper trespassing on our territory with his owner! :0

EVERY night & morning bunnies would graze on our grass, lots of them. And let me tell you, chasing and watching out for them was probably the highlight of my holiday! I mean it's not everyday you get bunnies just beggin' to be chased is it? And chase i did. I even caught one! Yes, little ole me. Admittedly it was a lazy catch...i did no running. The bunny was a baby and he was hiding under a log, i just happened to find him.....and the rest is history as they say. Mum's dad wasn't happy with me and he chased me around the garden trying to get MY bunny off way! Then mum told him off BOL, and she eventually ( with lots of bribery ) managed to get the bunny off me.

We went to this fabulous beach called Croy Shore! It was pretty much deserted everytime we went, the last day, Friday, we had the place to ourselves for well over an hour! We did get bothered by a hairy, Labradoodle one day. Why do dogs insist on getting in my space? I will do my level best to ignore you as long as you DON'T get in my face, and guess what? Hairy had to get in my face! So....i was dragged off in the opposite direction, away from my beloved sea, and Hairy had the cheek to pick MY ball up, MY BALL! and ran off with it back to his mum about half a mile away. Oh boy if i'd been off lead at that moment.......Anyway, mum went and retrieved the ball from his apologetic owner and we continued on our way with no further incidents. I LOVED the sea...i could stand there for hours, just letting the waves lap around my paws, eating the odd bit of seaweed and the occassional washed up Crab.

I also got drenched at Loch Lomond when we visited. I had to wear my awful pink parka jacket coz mum thought it would help stop me getting fully wet. Wrong! I took a dip in the Loch with my coat on BOL.

Such a pawtastic time. Wish we could go back tomorrow!

Missy x


Finally Home!

May 7th 2011 5:44 am
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After a much needed night of sleep i'm ready to write my update :)

It's basically like it was back in March. The vets can't find no real reason as to my sickness. My blood tests all came back good again, although this time my liver enzymes were slightly elevated. The vet thinks this is secondary to my gut problem and just said if i don't improve they will take yet more bloods. The pancreas blood test i had revealed my pancreas to be in good condition, although last time there was pancreatic involvement. I've had yet another fecal sample taken, it showed no parasites ( not surprised after the amount of worming i've had lately! ) but we're waiting for the bacteria results still.

My nose was looked at by a dermatologist and he said it is likely to be a reaction to an insect sting or coming into contact with a plant or something. I have to wear a lampshade to stop me from itching it and opening it up again! I look silly and when i came out from the consultation room and back into reception, everyone thought i looked adorable! Really? Another dog started barking at me as they thought i looked like an alien BOL. Anyway, i have been given an antibiotic to treat my nose but if that fails to help then the vet advises doing a skin biopsy.

So all in all it's a mystery again, but at least i'm ok. I've been given more Zantac ( only a weeks supply though! ) and two lots of antibiotics. The vet said mum can give me over the counter Zantac to so that's good news. I have to return in a week for a check up.

Missy x


I'm in the Hospital!!

May 6th 2011 5:08 am
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Yesterday i had a particularly bad day. I was sick 9 times in total from 8am to 3pm and had bad diarrhoea from 8am to 1pm. Mum was concerned and phoned the vet for advice when she was told to bring me along to the Vet University Hospital where i went for my ultrasound before. The vet spent about 40 minutes going through my history and asking questions and then examined me. I had a very tense tummy again, was dehydrated and had a slightly raised temp ( probably caused by stress ) and then she got to my nosey with the suspected wasp sting. She wasn't convinced it is a sting and said it's "weird". I have hair loss and as she described, my skin has kind of took on the effect of an Elephant, hard and thick. She said i should see a dermatologist and that she would hopefully get me seen by one today. She thought it was an allergic reaction to something which in turn could have triggered my sickness yesterday as my highly probably pancreatitis is easily triggered by stress. She suggested i have a special blood test as well as normal ones that will test something to do with my pancreas....mum can't remember the name and i had to have fluid theraphy to rehydrate me. I was fine over night thankfully as another vet phoned mum this morning and i can be picked up in another hour or two.

It's my first time ever being kept overnight and it was scary! :( Can't wait to see mum again!!

Missy x


Ouch! I got stung on my Nosey!

May 3rd 2011 9:27 am
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Grrr. Yesterday afternoon, after mum returned home from shopping she ( and Nannie who was visiting ) noticed me pawing/rubbing my face alot. Mum checked me over but saw nothing out of the ordinary. A few hours later, my nosey had come up with a bump and swelling! I was very irritated by it last night and still am to a degree today but not as much as yesterday. I ended up making it bleed quite a bit last night and today it's weepy :( Mum has been bathing it with luke warm water to help soothe me. I'd been for my usual walk earlier in the day and it's quite possible i got stung then, although mum didn't notice me jump back or yelp or anything. Anyway, it is the opinion from others on another forum that it looks like a wasp sting. And mum remembers when there was a summer tip thread that piriton was recommended for stings/bites so she's hoping to get some tomorrow if the swelling is still apparent.

Nasty Waspies!

Missy x


No definite answer.

March 25th 2011 7:02 am
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That's what the vet has said about whatever is going on with me.

I was kept in all day for my ultrasound and blood work on Wednesday and came home heavily sedated with a bald belly, neck and leg!

Good news was that my blood work came back fine. But, they found that my pancreas was slightly inflamed during the ultrasound. The vet said there is no definite way of knowing whether that would be the cause of all my problems. He said it can be normal for a dog to change as they mature. When mum came home she looked up "inflamed pancreas" and everything comes back as pancreatitis. Now, the vet didn't say i have that, but that's all mum can find might be a mild version of the disease. They won't be doing an endoscopy on me they said, so they can't be 100% sure this isn't IBD or something similar either as that can only be diagnosed by endoscopy. But mum is relatively happy with the answers she got. We still don't have a firm diagnosis but then maybe we never will. The vet said it's hard to know the exact cause. I have to go on a strict diet for the next 8 weeks, fish & rice with NOTHING else added, no treats or anything. If i must have meat added then it has to be the same brand and protein source. Mum is going to try a bit of tough love the first week and simply offering me just the biscuits but she already knows i'm going to refuse :(

I've been given two weeks worth of Zantac liquid which is DISGUSTING! four weeks worth of antibiotics and 7 days worth of panacur worming granules so they can be 100% sure i'm parasite free. I wouldn't mind, but i've been wormed last April, last December, three weeks ago and now ALL this week.....i'm pretty sure it's not worms! I go back to the vet in two weeks time for a checkup.

But guess what? I haven't been sick for exactly 8 days!!! I have gone this long before and then suddenly been sick again. In late September/early October i went 6 weeks with no sickies. But, mum likes to celebrate a sick free week :)

Missy x

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