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I knew something was up when Mom took me for a walk in the- dark!!!!

October 17th 2011 11:35 am
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She made a really early vet appointment for me and wanted to give me a chance to do my business in an appropriate place instead of at the vet clinic. So, there we were, out in the literally freezing temperature, going for a little stroll in the dark.
Just before that, she found out I was diary pick! That was cool! I think the diary entry that got picked was the one about how my "Dogleggs" are helping to keep my elbows in good shape. My vet confirmed today - that my elbows were looking good and that if I kept wearing my elbow pads, for most of the time, I wouldn't have to worry about my elbows anymore.
I'm feeling pretty good as of late but have these weird sores appearing all over my body. This was the main reason for the vet visit today. The vets were quite puzzled but think I have "Sterile Nodular Panniculitis". Mom is just reading up about it now. I have to take 2 pills (250mg, each pill, of the antibioticTetracycline), 3 times a day, on an empty stomach for possibly 3 months!!! Also, we are waiting for another prescription of a vitamin. Poor Mom! She is quite certain that we won't be entirely successful at that pill schedule as she has to work full time and I do have to eat. Lately, I've been eating 3 times a day. But we will do our best. If my sores clear up, we don't have to go the whole 3 months.
I guess the good news is that this sounds treatable and isn't really bothering me all that much.
The thing on my neck, the vet confirmed what our Dogster friends told us. It is a sebaceous cyst. He squeezed it and a bit more junk came out. He just told Mom to keep an eye on it, and polysporin on it.
The only other thing we all discussed was my deafness. Normal for an old guy.
He said I looked very much stronger and better than the last time he saw me in regards to the way I moved. In fact, he told us that he could not have even imagined such an improvement in me. He checked my heart and it is sound. We knew that.
Then Mom took me for a proper walk, in the sun. But, she did give me two pills just before we started out.


You Can See the Difference!

October 12th 2011 1:27 pm
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Mom took these photos.
Photo one is of my elbow on the day before she ordered my Dogleggs elbow pads.
Photo two is of my elbow after only wearing the pads for 4 days. And I only wear them for about 16 hours per day. Cool!
Elbow Before And After Wearing Dogleggs


Weird ...

October 9th 2011 12:10 am
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Right after I sported my new "Dogleggs" Mom took off my collar and checked on a lump that I have had since my yearly checkup back before my troubles. At the time, the vet said it was nothing to worry about.
Later, when I was getting laser therapy, that tech found the lump and agreed it was nothing to worry about but pulled off a scab from it. She kind of went, "Hmmm". But that was the last of it.
Today, just before Mom left for work, she pulled off a scab from it and found that it was oozing. She ended up squeezing it and a whole bunch of gross stuff came out of it. About a thimble sized amount of green/red/white cottage cheese consistency type stuff. Mom almost puked but kept on squeezing the stuff out. It didn't hurt at all. When she was done, I was left with a hole about the size of a 22 caliber bullet on my neck. Mom rinsed it with saline, packed it with Polysporin, and then covered it with gauze. Then she went to work.
She just got back now, had a look, and it is looking okay. She cleaned it again but didn't squeeze it.
Any ideas?
Of course Mom will ask the vet about it, but meanwhile, anyone have any idea what it might be?
We wonder if there is any way on earth that whatever this is has been the cause of my difficulties over the last 6 months.
Mom lost my collar and cannot find it.
Good, I hate the way it messes up my fur.


Exciting Times!

October 8th 2011 12:46 pm
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It looks like I will for sure be able to get off prednisone completely. We are slowly lowering my dosage and I am down to 7.5mg per day and have had no ill effects as we reduced the dosage.
I am moving very well now. Mom thinks I am back to normal factoring in that I am 6 months older now than when this all started.
And, just yesterday, we got my elbow pads in the mail! One of the most scary things that happened recently was when I almost died from an infection in my leg from an elbow sore. Antibiotics got me through that but my elbows continue to be irritated from the way I lay down, where I lay down and how much time I spend doing that now that I am an old boy. So these new "Dogleggs" should prevent that from ever happening again.
I will be going to see my vet, Dr. Nicol, in two weeks to investigate the strange sores that are appearing on my body.
But I feel really good and have made an almost complete recovery from where I was at in April. I continue to take digestive enzymes with my food and my poops are nice and normal.
Lobo and a happy Mom


We are enjoying a very nice autumn ...

September 30th 2011 7:23 pm
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Mom has been taking me to cool places almost every day.
This is where she took me when I was a baby, ten years ago.
Isobel Lake - 10 Years Later


The Latest on Lobo

September 5th 2011 5:02 pm
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First, the bad news (not bad at all) ...
My elbow sore is not going away (despite wearing my culottes) and my other elbow is getting a sore as well.
I have a sore on the top of my right little toe.
Then, I developed a sore on my side that is about an inch in diameter. This one puzzles us as it is not a pressure point. Even my toe one isn't a pressure point.
My right eye got all pussy for a few days.

Now the good news ...
We have cut my prednisone dosage to half of what it was. (I'm on 25 mg per day now.) We are going to continue to drop the dosage.
We can drop the dosage because: My mobility is improved and has been quite steady over the last several weeks. I've even gone on a few walks without my boots because I was walking so well.
My diarrhea is under control now with the digestive enzymes.
My voice and swallowing has improved. We don't know why, but we are taking it.

I am for sure a happier and more active boy as of late. Mom and I are super happy as this is our favorite time of year.

Thank you friends for the power of the paw and the good wishes, messages and thinking of us.




August 24th 2011 3:22 pm
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The digestive enzymes are for sure helping with my diarrhea!
I have had more than 3 days of good poops. And, I have been much more energetic as a result.
So, I am doing very well. We now have to try real hard to keep my elbow in check (sore on it) and I have a sore on one of my toes that we will have to watch.
But, I am doing the stairs, ramp, short walks real well. My voice and swallowing problem have improved slightly.
It is amazing how important having decent poops can be.


Update on Me

August 18th 2011 9:47 am
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A friend just asked about me. We haven't been doing much on Dogsters and Catsters since things have been so messed up after the "upgrade".
My mobility, such as walking and doing stairs, has remained constant for about 3 weeks now. That is good because for a while I had some really bad days mixed in with good ones. So, with my boots, I have been going for my walk pretty well every day. This is about a mile walk with some hills.
My loss of voice and swallowing troubles is still a mystery. It has not gotten worse. Maybe a bit better over these last 3 weeks? The vet is thinking I may have "myasthenia gravis". It is a long shot. We may try the meds for that and see what happens. But we don't think that is what I have.
My elbow swells up whenever I don't wear the culottes Mom made for me. So, she will have to make me better and more permanent ones. Only, her sewing machine is broken and she is broke from all of my vet visits and meds.
We have successfully halved my dosage of prednisone without having me lose ground in my mobility. That is a huge plus. We may even be able to go lower. Of course, this was done very gradually.
The biggest thing that we are struggling with, in regards to my being able to go on the prairie trip, is my diarrhea. We have tried many things. Pumpkin and FortiFlora helped a bit but not enough. Now I am on some digestive enzymes prescribed by the vet. It is very early, but this seems to be helping.
Most anyone that sees me says I look a lot better than I have in a while.
Thank you friends for caring about me.


Last Laser Therapy Session

July 30th 2011 1:40 pm
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Hi everyone! I had my 4th walk with my booties today and my 6th laser therapy session. I'm doing okay except for the latest problem. It is an embarrassing one. Diarrhea. So, while there for laser therapy, Mom talked to the vet about that problem. They took a poop sample and everything seems to be okay so I am going to go on some other medicine to try and help with that. Mom is still not sure how the laser therapy is working for me since I had all these other things hit me at the same time. Plus, the laser therapy girl said that the first few sessions I had did not match my weight category. So, I'm getting a free one next week. I'm feeling and looking pretty good today despite it being a hot one. The vet said I looked better and stronger than when he first met me. Mom is having a hard time judging that but she thinks he is right. I hope I get my diarrhea under control or I won't be able to go to the prairies and stay at uncle's house. I messed up my truck for the first time in my life last week. I just could not have that problem on a long trip and then at uncle's house! He has carpet even in his basement. We don't have any permanent carpet in our house anymore.
I'm still doing the stairs up to our deck and easily doing the ramp into my truck. So all is well for now.


My New Hiking Boots!

July 27th 2011 5:01 pm
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My boots arrived today. Mom thought that I would not be very impressed and would make it very hard for her to put them on. Then, she thought, I would try and kick them off or chew them off. Well, part of my condition involves my not being able to feel my back feet very much. So, as my latest video shows, I did really well in my new boots!!!
My New Hiking Boots

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