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3 Weeks Since Surgery

February 24th 2012 9:54 am
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It has been 3 weeks since my surgery. I am feeling 100%. Of course I have some old age issues, like it takes a while when I get up in the morning to get moving, but other than my bald patch, you would never know what I had gone through by looking at me. We sent a thank you note to our vet clinic and they answered us back. This is what Mom wrote to them followed by their response:

Hi All,
For everyone who worked on my dog Lobo, this is him today ...
(We sent photos of the incision area all healed and my Feb. 20th photo.)
I think we can finally put away the cone. He is doing well and the stitching and stapling of that giant incision was a work of art.
The person who pulled out the last of his staples encouraged me to keep him on the cone for just a few more days. That did the trick for that last 1/2" of irritated area.
Thank you so much for such immediate and professional care during such a traumatic time back on Feb. 2nd.
Also, I have to mention that I almost fainted at the vet bill. $1400. Later that same day, my sister was talking about having a small dent fixed on her vehicle. The estimate was $900. That put it all in perspective for me. What your entire staff came together to do for Lobo was an amazing collaboration of skill, experience, equipment and, most of all, loving care.
Bodywork on a car: $900. Bodywork on my dog: priceless.
Audrey & Lobo

thanks so much for the update Audrey and also for the very kind words. Glad to see and hear he is doing well!

Chris is the young (and Mom says very cute) vet that worked on me that day.
So now, when Mom goes to work, I am able to be free in the yard and can get warm in my dog house (which I can fit in now that I don't have to wear the cone) and am not as bored as when I was house bound. And, bonus, I can go pee or poop whenever the mood strikes me. I'm still sleeping in the house at night. I don't have to but Mom lets me decide that. So far, I'm choosing to crawl into Tasha's kennel that is in our basement to sleep at night. I still miss her. It is way too small for me, but that is where I have spent the last few nights.


What A Great Day!

February 20th 2012 4:42 pm
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My incision is healed and Mom put my cone away!!! Up on a high shelf! That is a good sign.
She took me out for a walk, but first had to replace a bulb on a signal light on my truck. She went to 3 stores (including Toyota!) and none of them had it in stock. I got nervous when she went to Toyota because it is next door to one of my vet clinics. She was going to go to a fourth auto store, but I was getting impatient and wanted my walk! So, we went out in the woods, in some nice fresh snow, and had a great time. On the way back, she stopped at Lordco Auto and we finally got our bulb. Mom popped it in, it worked and she was so happy that we took a detour and I had another walk!
It is now snowing again and we are going to relax in the living room with the kitties.
We are so grateful for our friends and their love and support
Lobo & Mom


A video from the first week after my surgery ...

February 18th 2012 6:46 pm
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Looking Good!

February 18th 2012 2:35 pm
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I will only have to wear the cone at night, and when riding in my truck now as Mom has days off so she can watch me the rest of the time. We just had another nice walk but the snow is now slushy.
Kitcat keeps bullying me off of my mat by the TV. She is relentless. Often, I give up and just lay on the floor and let her have it. So then, she goes and bugs Mom. Then I try and get back on my mat and she runs over to it and sprawls in the middle of it. Brat.
My incision looks real good except for that one tiny spot. It isn't open, but I still lick at it and it turns red. Vet wants it to heal without me licking at it. Once that is healed 100%, no more cone. And if my fur would hurry and grow back that would help too.


Back From the Vet .. All staples out!

February 17th 2012 12:20 pm
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Mom drove real careful as some of the roads are still bad from our big dump of snow. Vet tech lady pulled out my staples while Mom held me and kept me from biting her. It didn't hurt but I don't like being held. Anyhow, she said it was looking good but to watch that one spot still on my knee. She said it would be good if I was kept from licking it for a few more days. So, looks like I will be in the basement with a cone on while Mom goes to work. (Petsitter not available today.) She will come home on her break and let me out, then back in the basement I will go while she finishes her shift. But after today, she has days off so she can watch me and keep me from licking it without the use of the cone. So probably 2 more days and nights with the cone.
On our way home from the vet we went for a nice walk in the fresh snow. We both needed that.
Mom has to get ready for work now.


Oh My!

February 16th 2012 12:14 pm
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What a lot of snow going on! So much so that driving with be scary. But, I will be leaving soon for the petsitter. I had lots of fun in the back yard in the snow. I swallowed the last of my antibiotics this morning. Staples out tomorrow morning! Hopefully!
It truly is a beautiful day. The kitties are watching birds and we are pretty sure there is enough video of that for them to have a new video soon. Would have been better to have this snow around Christmas instead of middle of February.
Oh, and, the kitty at the petsitter that has been afraid of me, is starting to come closer and investigate me. I'm working my magic on that shy little sweetie.
Gotta go as Mom has to shovel us out of our driveway.



February 13th 2012 8:52 am
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Mom can write this about my staple removal day ...

Of course, things could not go smoothly.
They only removed half the staples as they thought he needed another week to heal the tricky parts of the incision. So, back we go on Friday. Meanwhile, another week like the last one. The tech said it was a massive surgery and that no-one had seen anything like what he had going on. They could not identify the seeds. It wasn't foxtail. She said it looked like he had been pierced with a stick that was full of seeds, and the stick had slipped out and left a bunch of seeds inside him. But they don't know what it was and had never seen anything even remotely similar. She described how involved the surgery was. I guess she had been present for the surgery.
They didn't let me see the staple removal but I didn't hear him yipping. He was pretty anxious to get out of there, but that is normal. Doesn't look like they hurt him at all.
So looks like things are going fine, but they think it is wise to let those troublesome areas heal some more. If we blow it, he will be facing having to go under again. We don't want that.
So, I may have to impose on Brenda and Dave again, or do lots of extra driving.
Oh, and when I took him out of the truck, I left his cone in the back. I was very much hoping that we wouldn't need it anymore, but had a hunch that we would. While I was waiting inside, a lady came in with it and said, "I saw this blowing around the parking lot ..." I jumped up and said, "That's mine! Thank you." It was funny because it is almost 50% duct tape now. Everyone had a laugh.


Monday is the day!

February 11th 2012 10:44 am
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I get my staples out first thing Monday morning!
The whole incision looks good except for about a 3/4" spot on the tip of my knee. I guess they will look at that come Monday.
Unfortunately, the vet that did the surgery is away. Would be nice if he could see his handiwork!
I was a bit lazy and clumsy today, but all in all doing pretty good.
Oh I hope I don't have to wear the cone anymore after Monday.


Day 8

February 10th 2012 8:32 am
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I'm still doing pretty good. There was some bleeding in that troublesome area of my knee. Not much though. I for sure have not had a chance to lick at it since Mom duct taped my cone together. I'm also getting a little less cooperative about taking my pills.
It is a yucky, gray and wet day today. But at least it isn't cold.


Really Good Day

February 8th 2012 11:18 am
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I posted a photo of my incision this morning. Only 24 hours after that other one that got Mom so worried. They are photos 2 & 3 on my page. Also, we posted a photo of me on this morning's walk. It was awesome.
But, I still have to wear the cone for at least 5 more days.

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