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Happy New Year Everyone!

January 1st 2011 7:12 am
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It was really cold last night so I chose to sleep in the house. Kitcat has a habit of bringing one of her toys to bed with Mom in the middle of the night. Last night, Kitcat brought her toy mouse to ME to sleep with. What a little darling she is. When Mom saw that this morning, she thought it was a wonderful way to start the new year.


Cousin Panda has gone to the bridge ...

December 27th 2010 1:51 pm
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It is very sad, but there was nothing more that could be done for that little kitty. She was about 15 years of age and had kidney cancer.
Other cousin, Punkie, is doing well after his latest vet visit. So we are hopeful he will be okay.
I'm snoozing in the house right now and Squirrel & Kitcat are sharing a chair and grooming each other. Mom loves it when they do that.
Mom is looking for a photo of Panda to share with our friends.


Merry Christmas!

December 25th 2010 3:54 pm
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Mom gave me a really good breakfast this morning. It was yummy steak with gravy. And she told me, Merry Christmas Lobo!
I finished my antibiotic pills. My wound has not reopened. So, we are all hopeful that I will be okay and not need surgery. I'm glad to not have to eat those gross pills anymore. They taste terrible and smell even worse! And we all know how sensitive dogs' noses are.
Our winter wonderland is melting so our Christmas walk today ended up being in slush, ice and mud. Mom hated it. I don't mind getting a bit dirty! It was sunny & warm.
I think all of us are going to watch a Christmas movie tonight. Mom's favorite called: Prancer, with Sam Elliot.
Mom is worried about our kitty cousins, from different families, Panda & Punkie. Panda has kidney cancer, we think, and Punkie is having trouble peeing again. I met Punkie and I liked him. He is a giant orange boy and much too young to have these troubles. Panda is an elderly girl and it might be her time. So Mom is giving us extra pets but has a tear in her eye for those two kitties and their parents, her brother & sister.
Mom talks to me on our walks so I learn all about this. I do my best to distract Mom from these thoughts and make her see what is going on right now! Such as me being ever so excited every time she throws my frisbee for me! Even though I am an old dog now! I will be ten real soon.
Merry Christmas to all who read this. Cherish each moment.


Vet Visit

December 8th 2010 4:38 pm
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Well, first, they pulled the vet switch on us. Mom waited until today just so we could see my favorite vet, but they pulled a switch on us. This guy was, well, okay I guess. He was messing with my wound and didn't warn Mom that he was going to squeeze it and make me yelp. I pretended to bite him and he got scared. Mom said, "warn me before you do that and I will hold him". So that is what he did next and Mom held me and I was good. Mom told him, "He hasn't bitten anyone ... yet." Looks like he thinks I have a "foreign body" inside me causing my wound that won't heal. This is just like last year. He wants to do surgery. Mom chose to not do that last year and try antibiotics for a while and then consider surgery. That worked last year. We are hoping it will work this time too. So, for now, I don't have to wear a cone, I feel fine but I will have to swallow four yucky pills every day for ten days. One good thing is whatever is causing my weeping wound doesn't appear to be as deep inside of me as what bothered me last year. Oh, and, the vet found a cyst on my neck. He said it was nothing to worry about, but if I do have surgery for the one thing, it might be good to just remove that.
Then the vet went to listen to my heart. He couldn't hear a thing! Mom said, "Well, I know he has a good heart." The vet laughed and went and got another stethoscope and listened to my strong heart.
So, I am good to go for a few weeks. I will try real hard to heal that thing during this time. But even if I do need an operation, I am fine. Oh, I hope if I do have to have an operation, that I don't have to wear the cone. That is what I hate most of all.


That will teach her!!!

December 6th 2010 2:26 pm
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I overheard Mom making an appointment for me to see our vet on Wednesday. Something to do with a tiny little wound on my side that won't heal up. That is her story anyway. I think I can heal it up on my own. Anyhow, a few minutes later, I saw a coyote trotting by my house and, understandably, made quite a fuss including dumping Mom's hot chocolate all over the coffee table, remote controls, papers and even some splashed on the couch. She then let me out so I could warn the neighbour as she has a cat that she rescued that has no front claws. Mom saw the cat run to the neighbour's back door so she phoned them as the coyote was lurking near by. I think I scared him enough though. Anyhow, Mom deserved that mess in the living room for having made me a vet appointment. And I am a hero for letting everyone know that there was a coyote prowling around near a defenceless little kitty.
Then, after our walk, I was in the back of Mom's truck and barfed up my entire breakfast. She didn't notice until we got home. She was puzzled as to what to do as it is winter and you cannot use a garden hose in winter. So, she took out the box liner and has decided to let my mess freeze up and then chip it off. She said something about "Why didn't you do that during our 90 minute hike instead of after our hike and in my truck!" I didn't bother correcting her and telling her it is my truck.
That is what you get if you decide taking me to the vet is a good idea.


Fire Season

July 28th 2010 1:54 am
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Mom got off work at 11pm only to see a coworker, a camera man, packing up his camera and saying there was a bad fire out in "Uplands". Mom said, "WHAT??? I live there!" He said, "You had better hurry home." Mom did just that to find the way to our house blocked. She went the long way around and got to our block and we were all okay. Then she took me for a walk. It is very scary. Many of our neighbors are on ten minute alert. Mom's ex and his wife have been evacuated along with 150 other people. It is now 1:45am. Mom won't be getting any sleep tonight. Once we get some daylight, the air crews can come in and take care of the fire.
We are praying for everyone whose homes are in danger and those wonderful and brave firefighters.
Poor Mom has to be up at 6 for an appointment. It is now almost 2am! I had an extra walk today because of the fire. And, a policeman said how nice I am. Mom said she was worried sick about me and the cats as she rushed home. He said, "You needn't worry. We would never have left a fine dog like that behind!" Then he added, as an afterthought, "And the cats." Ha, ha!
I'm sure Mom will come up with a video about this fire sooner or later.


We got an email back from the people we rescued!

May 18th 2010 9:03 pm
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The lady wrote:

Hi Audrey,

first, I thank you for the pictures. Ours are still coming, we just take a little longer. Thank you again for the rescue.
B. went up to Heller Creek Road the next day with someone who had a suitable truck and a chain, and they had no problem pulling the car out of the mud. I was surprised how fast they were back.
My dogs and I, and also Bill, were very sore. One of my dogs is still limping, and I am just starting to be able to move without a lot of pain.
We all have to get into better shape and need a lot more exercise, so we are planning for a lot more of this, of course without the mud or other mishaps.
I hope I will be able to forward you our pictures soon.

Talk to you soon


We Rescued 4 Dogs and 2 People Today!!!

May 15th 2010 11:50 pm
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Mom wrote this:

I had been wanting to drive up to Deadman Falls for a while. I wasn’t sure what condition the road would be in this early in the year but thought I would drive as far as I could on it. It was in pretty good shape and the drive was much more spectacular than I had even remembered. It was also farther than I remembered but I was in no rush. The lakes were beautiful and the trees have not been hurt by the various bugs and diseases that seem to have been ravaging our forests. I got to the falls and the way in was no longer marked by the usual BC Parks sign. I might have missed it had another vehicle not been visible from the “main” road. The ruts were terrible so I parked near the other four wheel drive truck. I could hear the falls from there and leashed up Lobo. I met the other explorers as they were leaving. They were a young couple and commented on my dog as to how big he was while making a wide detour around him. He was leashed and was not acting up. I spent the next hour very carefully trying to photograph and videotape the falls without endangering my dog or myself. As I was leaving, another couple pulled up in a small 4x4 with a large dog. They had not been there before and were a bit confused as to if they were in the right place and how much further the falls were. I suggested they park where they were as the ruts were so bad I would not have even tried to go further with my 4x4 unless I wanted to risk damage to my vehicle. I also strongly suggested a leash for their pooch. The driver was using a cane as a necessity while his female companion was using a walking stick for fun. I got Lobo into my truck to prevent dog troubles and chatted with them. They wanted to know how much further to the falls! I assured them that it wasn’t far at all (less than a city block). I then asked them if they knew where the “main” road (actually, rough forestry road) continued on to? They said no. I have always wondered about that road. As I was leaving, I literally had turned my steering wheel one way, to go back the way I had come, when I decided to go the other way. This is where everything happened.
Had I just gone home, nothing would have happened. I already thought I had had a full and adventurous day. I had a wonderful bear sighting and got good video of it. Same with deer. Scenery was stunning. But, I had a full tank of gas and thought I would just go as far as I could and turn around if I had to.
Wow, I cannot believe how nice it was up there. And that some people actually live up there without power or other utilities! I drove and drove and had to make numerous decisions at trail forks and junctions. I marked them all in case I had to back track. At some point, a dual purpose motorcycle came by me. I think I surprised him a bit as he was hogging the road and had to quickly swerve into his lane. He was going fast, I wasn’t. Plus I was on my side of the trail. Anyhow, I was the only one around for many more miles. Then, about the time I thought I should turn around, a small Ford 4x4 showed up. I waved them down and they did stop! I just asked them, window to window, if I could get back to Kamloops this way! They were an older couple and said yes I could! They had come that way. They gave me a few very important clues. Forestry Roads Criss Creek or Sawmill Road would get me to Kamloops. So on I went. Once again I encountered plenty of unmarked junctions and forks. I just took the most traveled and marked where I had come from with little twigs and rocks that only I would notice and understand. I did have to decide between Criss Creek Road and Sawmill Road somewhere along the way. I actually started on Criss Creek and changed my mind, turned around and went back to Sawmill Road. I don‘t know why I did that but had I not done that, the rest would not have happened.
I came to a 50km marker, on a logging road, from who knows where they mark from, on yet another confusing intersection, when I stopped to let Lobo out and stretch my legs. I just opened my door when I saw movement in the bush. Two large dogs. They were tangled up by their leashes and whining a bit. When I got near, they got a bit aggressive by barking and growling. I called out loud to see if anyone was around several times. I had no idea how long they had been there. It was a warm day. I pushed a water bowl towards them. One drank, the other lunged and growled and barked at me. They both had collars but were not taking too kindly to me trying to look at them. They each had long, leather leads hooked to their collars. These leads were tied together and hopelessly tangled around a tree. This was when I was very happy that I had the extra water with me. But now I wondered what the hell I was going to do. The one dog allowed me to read her tag so I got a phone number. Tried the cell phone. Out of range. No hope there. I was just thinking about what I was going to do when I heard a dirt bike. (Same guy I had seen earlier. Him and the older couple in the truck were the only vehicles I saw in about 6 hours of driving over about 200kms of back roads.) I flagged him down and he begrudgingly stopped. I asked if he knew anything about these dogs. He said no. But, he was kind and brave enough to help me load them into my truck! The one was easy, (lab cross) she let him pick her up. The other was acting mean (rotty-shepherd cross) but he tried to jump in and accepted help to get his ass end in. Good. The biker then wanted nothing more to do with it and took off. But I really appreciated his help. Now, Lobo my dog, had to ride in the back seat. My plan was to drive to the “Wendego Lodge”. That is the other thing the biker did for me. He told me it was about 6 kilometers away. From there, I knew where I was for the first time since I left Deadman Falls. We both thought the dogs might have run away from there and tangled themselves up. Plus, the lodge would have a satellite phone. So, off I went, with a black lab cross, and a rotty shepherd mean dog in the back of my truck. Took a few kilometers to get to the lodge turn-off, then I got a few clicks down the Wendego Lodge road when I came to a “road closed” sign. Road closed due to soft ground and impassible conditions. Crap!!! So, I turned around and started driving back to the main forestry road. Soon after, I spotted a “hiker” and her dog. I thought that maybe this person would know something about these dogs. When she saw me, she started wind milling her arms. When I stopped, I saw she was on the verge of collapse! She talked about her and her ex husband getting stuck way up somewhere and her trying to walk out but two of her dogs not being able to go any further and having to leave them behind and so on and so on! So I opened the back of my truck and said, “You mean these dogs!!!” She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe that I had them and they were safe. She didn’t ask for help. She was so desperate that there was no question about it. I was helping her whether I wanted to or not! (Of course I wanted to help. It actually added to my already wonderful day.) So, we loaded her 3rd dog in the back, I gave her much needed water and we started down the road towards Kamloops. I told her I knew where we would get within cell phone range and could call for help. Her ex-husband, and hiking partner, was still trying to unstuck their vehicle way up somewhere. I think she had walked at least 12 kilometers without seeing a soul except for the motorcyclist who didn’t stop for her. She didn’t see me but saw the dust from my vehicle as I made the turn to go to the lodge in search of a phone and/or dog owner. That is what she had pinned her hopes on while she was on her last legs. She was 50 something. Her ex, 75 or so???
So, we drove the ten or fifteen kilometers it took to get cell phone coverage. She called their son and made arrangements for a rescue/tow. I didn’t have a tow chain. So, back up the hill we went to go and find her man and let him know help was on the way. We met him about 18 kilometers up the road walking with yet another dog!!!! He did not want to go back to their vehicle and try getting it unstuck. He said it was hopeless and just wanted to go home and worry about it tomorrow. No kidding! 75 and working for hours at trying to unstuck a vehicle, then walking probably ten kilometers and wondering about his ex-wife? (Obviously, they are still friends.) So, down the road we went again. 4 strange dogs in the back. Lady in the front. Man in the back with Lobo and then me driving. (The 2 liters of water I brought with me served us well. I will remember to pack even more water in the future.) We had to stop once so they could phone the son back and cancel the rescue operation for that day. And once again because poor Lobo was very uncomfortable trying to sit in the back like that. Another 15 kilometers and we were in town and, I dropped her off at her house with her two dogs, and then dropped him off, and his 2 dogs, at his house (way out near the airport). It was pretty well dark by then.
She gave me a big hug when I brought her home. She was truly on her last legs when we found each other. And she was terribly worried about her dogs. They had walked far enough that they could not keep going and kept laying down and panting. Especially one of them. That is why she decided to leave them behind. One was a bit unfit and the other she left for company for the unfit one. She kept the other fitter one with her. They probably should have left all four with the car and the man, but I imagine, her old man wanted her to have their protection as she tried to walk out for help. Little did she know, she would have had to walk 50 kilometers before she would have come to another human being on that particular day.
It was an amazing series of events. I’m sure they would have all been fine had I not happened by, but boy oh boy, was she ever grateful. And I sure felt good about not leaving those dogs tied up to a tree. Who know how long they would have had to be there. I am also grateful to the biker who helped me load them up. And the old couple in the truck who told me I could get to Kamloops by either Criss Creek or Sawmill Road. Their truck was older but in good shape and not covered with mud... so I chose to drive on on their advice. And wow did I ever see some nice country and wildlife today.
There was another thing that prevented my going a different way. I was started on a different road when 3 horses blocked the trail. (Deadman/Cache Creek Forestry Road) These horses would not move out of the way. Since I didn’t want to risk having them kick my truck, and really didn’t have to go that way, I turned around. I parked and took pictures. Meanwhile, a lady in a car had the same problem! I sort of helped her get by the horses using my dog and my voice. She did the rest with her car. I could have then turned around yet again and followed her, but I didn’t. I went with the flow.
Everyone I met today was very nice and friendly. And I was actually able to help people. That felt good.
Oh, and one more tidbit. The woman I “rescued” on the road to Wendego Lodge, told me that 15 years earlier, her and her hubby (same guy) got stuck in winter! She was 8 months pregnant. People from Wendego Lodge rescued them via snowmobile. She thought it would have been so ironic had she had to walk in to the lodge and ask them for help to get unstuck again today.



May 10th 2010 9:59 am
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Seems like my thyroid was the problem. The doctor isn't 100% sure as the blood test was not for sure conclusive. But, he suggested we try the pills anyway. Well, right away they helped. I am more lively and dragging my back toes less. I don't know who is happier, me or Mom! So, I take two tiny blue pills per day. One in the morning and one at night. They are so little, Mom can sneak them into a treat and I don't even notice. Mom was so scared that I had DM that she couldn't sleep. Now she knows I might be around for a few more years. I cannot believe how much she loves me. I guess about the same as I love her.


Check Up

April 30th 2010 9:31 am
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Mom moved up my yearly appointment to this week. She was worried that I might have the early stages of degenerative myelopathy. That is what Tasha had. I have been dragging my back toes a bit and getting a little weak in my hind end. The vet examined me and even went outside with me and Mom to watch me walk. The vet then said that out of the 3 things that I might have he is pretty sure that D.M. is the least likely of the 3. We are very happy about that. Then he took a blood test and will be testing me for hypothyroidism. We don't have the results yet. If that is it, it is easy to treat. But what it probably is, is a bit of arthritis. That is what Mom now thinks it is. If that is the case, some pills could help with the discomfort but I will still be fine for a long while yet. Mom said the $200 it cost for my appointment was worth the sense of relief she felt about my probably not having D.M.
Now we are going for a walk with uncle Martin.

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