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The Adventures of Bitey Dog!

The Snowstorm

March 6th 2013 3:57 pm
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Tuesday during the day, it was actually pretty warm. Maybe close to 50. I took little Geordie for a walk, and when he was tired, we went back home. After I dropped him off, I grabbed some shopping bags and walked to the store. I wanted to get some fresh fruits and veggies because the forecast was calling for the biggest snow of the season overnight. They were anticipating 4-6" for this area. They were wrong, though. We got 12-14"!!! It was sooo beautiful! I kept peeking out the windows at night, watching everything change and turn such beautiful colors. I wanted to grab Geordie and go adventuring, but I was afraid he would start barking and wake the neighbors. Around 5 or 5:30, I could hear the neighbor taking his dog out (arf! arf!) and scraping off is car. That woke Geordie up, too, and he was rarin' to go like a kid on Christmas. I got dressed in a bunch of layers, and the two of us headed out in the pre-dawn to go see what we could see.

He flew out the door and into snow that was nearly as tall as he was! To get around, he does this leaping thing that makes you hear "Boing! Boing! Boing!" in you head as he goes. Then, just for fun, he would decide to tunnel through the tall snow. Then back to boinging. We went all over and messed up all of the smooth, white snow. We boinged down the hill, but when it came time to go back up, he was running out of steam. I may have mentioned before how funny it is to see a lightweight dog in loose snow. They aren't heavy enough to compress it, but they aren't light enough to walk on top. They end up doing something that looks like the doggie paddle and swimming through the snow. So, my boy "swam" back up the hill.

For a while, he just wanted to sit and look at everything, so we sat. I had to coax him to go for a walk with me, but he finally came. (I think what was intimidating him was having to get over the big lump of snow that the plow had pushed up along the side of the road. ) We ran down the middle of the snowy street and on some of our favorite side roads. We stopped to look at the little duck pond a heard dozens of geese arguing about something. By the time we got home, Geordie was so covered with snow that he couldn't bend his arms or legs. At one point, he just stood in the snow and whimpered.

Oh, I forgot, when he was having trouble getting back up the hill and was "swimming", I offered to go ahead of him and pack the snow. (I had noticed that he was walking in his original footprints.) As soon as I got ahead of him, he stopped and gave me this totally angry look. So, I stepped out of his path, and he swam more. I tried walking on his path again, and again he stopped and glared at me. How funny! He didn't want me in front helping him!

At the end of the walk when I tried to unhook his long leash, I wasn't able to grab hold of it. Geordie, of course, wasn't making things easy by being still. After much tugging and pulling I found that the leash had become enmeshed in the snow on his stomach. It was totally embedded there! My poor little guy. If we both hadn't been so totally covered with snow, I would have tried to get my camera. Oh well, we will just have to remember this day! We both had a lot of fun and have spent most of the day napping after it. The funny thing is, after the snow, the temps went up to 50, and most of the snow has already melted. Whoever heard of such a wussy storm?!


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Barked by: Grunt CGC (Dogster Member)

March 6th 2013 at 6:16 pm

Sounds like loads of fun! We got 18 inches of snow earlier and mom said me and Darcy looked like antelope! :):) Love the "swimming" part! Too funny! :)

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