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The Adventures of Bitey Dog!

Geordie Names Things

May 11th 2012 4:47 pm
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Ever since Geordie was little, he liked to make up rules for things and then teach me about them. When it comes to his vocabulary, he is no different.

(I will preface this story by saying that I have taught Geordie to nod his head to answer a question with a "yes", and to turn his head to the side to mean "no". In this way, I can hold conversations with him by asking yes/no questions.)

Last night as I was cooking, Geordie kept squeaking and nudging me to let me know he wanted something. When I asked what he wanted, he pointed with his nose at the microwave. (He didn't realize that I hadn't heated anything up yet.) What made me laugh was his word for microwave. He thinks of it as a "Beep, beep, beep"!

I had told my Mom about some of Geordie's words before, and she asked me how I know what his words are. I explained how we go about those sorts of things. An easy example is soup. One evening, he wanted to taste the soup I was making. Wanting him to learn and respond to a word, I asked him, "Do you want some soup?" while pointing to the pot. If he would have nodded "yes", I would have given him a taste. He did nothing. So, I asked, "Do you want some broth?" Again, no response. Then I asked, "Would you like some chicken water?" (thinking to put together some words that I knew he was familiar with), and he gave me a big nod and got all excited. OK, Geordie's word for soup is chicken water! I used a similar process with the microwave. It is funny because I asked if he wanted "hot food" (He knows hot and cold), but he wouldn't say yes. He wanted food specifically from the microwave (or the Beep, beep, beep). He is such a funny guy. He decides these things and insists I learn from him. Of course, I wouldn't have him any other way!


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