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A Day In The Life

A Dog's Life

November 22nd 2010 6:04 pm
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-About you-
Name: Quincy (Official Name "My Pure Benevolent Soul")

Age (in dog years): 3 1/2

Age (in human years): Dog Age says he's 15.3, which is 6.6 years younger than the average dog his age/breed

Breed: Mixed Breed - Labrador/Golden Retriever

Fur color: Gold and white

Fur Pattern: Gold all over, with a white underbelly. He's starting to gray now, so he has a white muzzle, getting a white mask, and white ticking all over his back

Size: Large

Weight: 76 lbs.

Neutered/Spayed: Yes

Where are you now: Sleeping next to the computer. I'm always at my mom's side :)

How many brothers/sisters did/do you have: 2 brothers and 2 sisters

Do you have any strange markings: Nope, I'm pretty average

Were you adopted from a pound: No, I was bred to be a service dog but I didn't make the cut.

Food: If it remotely looks edible, I'll eat it. But my absolute favorite is anything my mom is eating.

Sleeping spot: On my corner of the couch... Grandma gets mad, but I loves it very much...

Walking place: In the woods, I love hiking :)

Bone: I'm not picky, I like rawhides, RMB's, bully sticks, antlers....

Treat: My mom's homemade treats. Mmmmmm.

Animal to chase: Squirrels

-Top 3-
Who's your #1 friend: Mommy
#2 friend: Grandma and the rest of the family
#3 friend: my flyball family

Whats your #1 toy: Kong (it gets food INSIDE!)
#2 toy: Kong squeaky tennis balls
#3 toy: anything fluffy :)

-Have you ever-
Been to the beach: Yes, I LOVE swimming!

Seen snow: Yes, snow is nearly as fun as swimming. If only I could do them both at the same time....

Traveled out of your town: Yes, traveling is fun :)

Bitten a person: No, I have been taught that it is bad to even think about it. Mommy would be very, very mad... Unless it was a bad guy. In that case, all bets are off!

Been bit BY a person: Umm, no....

Ate a frog: No, tried, but it tasted like yucky.

Broke a leg or paw: No, thankfully. I have broken a tooth before, though.

Most annoying a human can do: Blow on my ear. I tolerate it, but goodness...

Most awesome thing a human can do: Love me back.

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes. Several. What can I say, the ladies love me.

Do you wear a collar: Yes, mom keeps me styling in my collars.

If so what color: Right now it's a rainbow collar with peace signs all over, but my winter collar (blue with snowflakes) comes on soon :)

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