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A little about me...

May 2nd 2009 10:33 pm
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1. What color is your collar?
Its pink, purple, yellow with flowers and stripes

2. What kind of food do you eat?
Purina One salmon and yogurt

3. What are your favorite treats?
Hellooo anything...fud!

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other??
Yes I have a Bf...his name is Stewart...*sigh*

5. Do you get Table Scraps?
Yes..hehe Gots to keep the jiggles in the wiggles

6. What is your favorite toy?
well not much since we destroy things in about fifteen minutes

7. When is your Birthday?
March 10 2007

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?
ONCE!!! Yes, I am abused..1 cup..git that SPCA??? she is starvin me..

9. Do you have a favorite color?

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?

yes...well ifn my secretary does whats she is supposed to do...


7 things I like..well I like a hundert zillions things but- had to make jes 7

November 9th 2008 11:10 pm
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I have been tagged by my pal Moxie to tell you all my 7 favorite things!!! Here they are, in no particular order:
1) I luvs lickin...walls, sofa, floor, everyfurs ears, Gus's jowls..ylum
2) I luvs bein the boss
3) I luvs throwing myself against the cabinets in the morning (demonstrating "Hey mom hellooo down here...starbin!!!")
4) I luvs screamin my head off when mom is trying to get us ready fur our walks.
5) I luv luv fud...anything in the form of fud, mention of fud, smell of gets the picshure
6) I luv being moms velcro, actually I luvs being one wif mom
7) I luv chasing that dern red thing that disappears wheneber I thinks I caught it..."Hey whar did it go!?"

OK puggies I am gonna send this to
K Spiv
Hanny Chan


I am Yoda...we are one....

November 2nd 2008 3:15 pm
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Dearest Diary,

I am short, Yoda is short,
I am....uhhh wise, Yoda is wise,
I am the master boss!, Yoda is the master boss
I am greenish black in certain light or when I rolled in sumpin smeely, Yoda is greenish
I can fly through the air from a stand still (jes gits my brekkie ready)
Yoda can fly through the air from a stand still....

We are one....OOOMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


OH I gets to write somepin

June 25th 2008 1:07 pm
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Dear diary,
Taps her head trying to think of sumthing to say.....

Hmmmm pughaps this is why mommy doesn't like writing in these diaries fur us...hmmmmm

OH well mom gave me a bath yestyday, along with all five of my furblings...I hate it and tryed to escape, but she is bigger than me and I lost the battle.
She sez I am too fat....I say "don't throw stones mommy" with a "You know whut I mean look"
I am after all a Puggy Diva...I think she needs to read up on what Pugs are supposed to look like.

I guess this means I will be punished with the starbation diet again...*rolls eyes* like that will last...

Ok so I went to the doggy park sez it is "hell ride to the doggy park day"...
Now seriously can I help it if me and Wheezer get excited and dance is not everyday that we get out of the dumb house...
Can we help from yowling and dancing and clawing and throwing ourselves against the windows as passing cars stare in at 6 dogs in a car with two acting like they are possessed. I just say those humans don't understand our passionate joy. They and mom need to relax ...take the chill pill mom and just get us to the park.

I had fun but was glad to come home and put my paws up...

Oh lordy I need a pawdicure now....


Me n da pumpkin ghost

October 30th 2007 11:38 am
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It was a dark and stormy night..............
the leaves were blowin everywhere and the wind wuz howling like a big bad skeery wolf...da trees were creakin and I wuz a peein, when I heard a noise, I jumpied an finished peein down ma leg....durn noise any woo.....
Dis made me mad...I a big gurl and don git skeered of noises.....*shivers*
I heard it again and cided to go investigate...fist...I went in and made sure Gus a Mus wuz aroun...jest in case you know. He wuz sleepin wif Wheezer sprawled all ova him and Boo wuz too...
K...must not be a bad noise cause they is still snorin away..specially Boo...hmm maybe dats why they didn hear it cause she sounds like a semi-truck...weel I wanna to know whut wuz that noise so off I wenteded to the yard...da noise wuz comin from aroun da side of da house...
I purdy low to da groun an so I saw dis biigg skeery roun thingy, I did a little jerky started barkin at it...den I bark sum didn I inched closer (da wind fru da trees goin wooo WOOooOOOooo), it still didn't move so I started sniffin reel fast and movin closer...den I stopped again and did the bobble head move..."arrr, arrr" at it...dis usually wowks...doin the bobble head, but it didn move still.
Weel den I thought "fooey on you", you ain't skeery an if I wuz a boy I wud pee on you..I started to walk away..."nuff of dis"
Somepin went over my back an it wuz cold...AAAHHhhhhhhhh
I start doin the tuck an run pugtona back to da house but I accidently went da other way..."smack I went right into dat round thing!"
He he he came da round thing..." Not so brave now arrrreeee youuuuuu"
I was snortin and back peddlin but I couldn't move vury faw....
Whoo....who awe you, I said? "Why I am the great Pumpkin of years past, Mwah ha ha ha" *I finished peein anyfing dat wuz left in me*
"Now that wuz not nice, Raven, you peed on my leaf n vine, Now I am going to have to take this in to be drycleaned". "Well no matter, I will have the gourds take it in to the Ghosts Cleaners, where you can get fluffed and puffed"
No...I actually have a favor to ask you Raven. "I tryin to not be skeered cause a big orange round thing is talkin" said, "Mmameee?" "Yes, you, I have unfortunately been placed in the wrong spooky story and you must right the wrong. "You know stupid computer viruses these days, they put you in a story and someone hits the "enter" button and whoooop! yer somewhere else due to operator error".
I was not unna standin a thing dis orange thing said, but I jest did the bobbly head kinda move, jest so I looked like I unna stood every ting.
"Anyway, you must go to the laptop yer secretary uses and get the other end of the cable coming from this computer , drag it out here and put it in my can see a small hole back there, "an this ghostly arm vine thingy trys pointin to its butt, I think it wuz his butt, cause the voice wuz comin from the other end. Then go power up the computer and hit the enter button...this way I can be sucked back into the vortex and be on my happy way towards the original story that I need to be in instead of sitting here beside some odd house with a talking Pug..He stops a moment, pondering...."your not that Men in Black Pug are you?" I mean I was placed in the wrong time, pughaps you were inadvertantly placed within a family of jest plain dogs. "I thought about dis fer a moment...hmmm maybe I was...I pondered " that mean ol lady gots me on a starbation diet an da new white dog keeps stealin ma toys n the odder Pug keeps humpin me"...hmmmm
But den I membered the walks, the toys, the fud (when she does feed me), the nice big soft bed and most of all MY GAMMIE, "no I think I am in da right place.
"Oh well ok said the Pumpkin (I figured dis must be one cause it is orange an all) then please make haste an I will be on my way and umm*shakes off his peed on vine* be ahh a little cleaner to boot".
So I ran as fast as my little stubby legs cud take me, grabs the cable and drags it out, pokin it in his bum...then I ran back into da house an hit enter...der was a rumble an a pop ...I ran back outside an onlwy the cable wuz layin der...smoken...
I won't eber know if it wuz real or jest the side affects of my happy pills mommy gave me but I tell you it wuz skeery non the less....


Howl-o-weeny Pawty!

October 28th 2007 7:44 pm
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Boy I had a biggest day today!!!
I wented to my second Howlloween pawty...there wuz games and fud!! yeah fud!
Boo twied to win a couple of games but...she stiw needs wowk....
BUT...I WON....the HOTDOG EATIN CONTEST!!!! haw haw...
The pawrents had to put a hotdog in der moufs and then have us doggies had to take it from dem and den eat it beforwa ofers doggies did..I WON!!!
Aw mommy had to do wuz put fud in he mouf..Rember...I starbin....she put me on a diet...a starbation diet...yeah I wuz starbin....
Der wuz a Bull Mastiff, Autralian Shepard, Rodisian Ridgback, Lab and a weenie dog..AND I BEAT OUT AW OF DEM!!!! I grabbed that hot doggy from mommys mouf and inhaleeeedd it...ylumm.
I won a sqeaky toy, sum cookies and a bandanny...he dem dawgies whut eatin is awe about.
den we twied to win da costume contest...mommy said that we wuz the bestest dwessed thar but we didn win...;(
We gots awe piccys taken by a Pro-fesh-inal (see awe piccy)
We gots a goodies bag full of cookies, tweats and fud....ha ha ...I luvvsss fud..

Den mommy bought raffly tickets fer two faux leather coats and sum toys and a fur-in-ator sompin or noffer.weeellll guess whut!!!!?????
Mommy won the two leather coats!!! Me n Boo is stylin....

Oh yeah an...uhh Wheezer n Gus a Mus had to stay home cuz mommy said Boo needed the attenshun and there wuzn't enuff of her and gammie fer four of us togever...


Cio Babe!

Raven "Da hotdoggy winna"


Its fun wakin mom up

October 25th 2007 9:01 am
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Deer Diary...
I decided I gots to patenteded this sumwherwa so I puttin it down herwa.
Mommy tol me dis mornin dat me n Boo are gonna make herwa hair turn gway and faw out...
See..I ahways stawt out itchin an itchin bout 6:45 am in da mornin...den I pounce on momma see if she is awake...sumtimes I see herwa eyes peekin fru but she purtends she is sleepin....don no why...I fink she is tryin to pway hide a seek wif me....*she sez not true....*
Den I itch sum morwa den I way on her chest and jest give her da stare, den when she still purteneded, I pounce on my brubber Wheezer..Gus used to sweep wif us...wunner why he don no morwa...Hmmmmm
Weeell den momma gots Boo...she is fun! We pway n pway...sumtimes mom sez enuf! but see in da mornins my sis Boo has stawted to hep me wake mom know she can see we need atteshun...NOW.....
Dis mornin wuz mommies birfday!! So we wanna to say HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOU MOM is awe bestest pouncin on her... I does my itchin and scratchin thing, den Boo stawts itchin and I KNOW peeked fru her lids to see whut time it wuz...I know...den I walk on moms face and stick my nose waayyy down der by herwa lips...gots to make sure she is breavin...den I proceeded ova to Wheeza ...make surwa he breavin too. In da mean time Boo walks on mom,puts bof of her paws right on mommies face den takes her butt and ways on moms bladder...jest fer gud measure...I had to go see whut wuz goin on and moms face looked a bit dry so I make surwa I gots a biiiigg snotty sneeze goin and sneezed all ova moms face...then Boos does a sneeze (I fink she is a copy cat) wayed reeel still....never movin...I fink she wuz pwayin wif us...
den slowly she wipes herwa face...I guess she didn like my boogers...(I fink I gots gud boogers)
We saw dat and WE POUNCED ha ha.....we wassled wif her till Gus came up den she sez she wanted to say gud morin to da onwy one who is calm and respectful....(she said sumpin about how he will make a gud boyfrien) whateva......
Den she tol us git off her and made us go outside....
Now thats a gud mornin to you...HMPH...

I need to patent dis...mornin fing..its so mooch fun...


HA! I didn do it!

October 21st 2007 2:45 pm
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Deer Diawey,
Otaky da record has been set strwaight! Haw haw

I been gud and not poo or pee in da house for almost...ummm well a few days.
Then we gets my sissy an when we gets back to da house, mom starts seein one pee spot, then another and then another an by the end of the day she has see four pee spots! She yellin at me sayin she is gettin the sign to put me out on da curb fur free and sayin "bad gurl" blah blah...yadda know how moms do.
Then I show her an poo upstairs...ha ha...
WELL!! Guess whut? Dis morning we is jumpin all over her face and lickin and standin on her bladder (We are all on da bed, even Gus) and she is wayin unnda the covers and sez "thats enuff!!"" get off me, I gots to get up!
Well guess who jumps down offa the bed and pees right in front of mom!!!
NOT ME!!! Hewoooo I am still on da bed!!!
Mom sez BOO....and Boo jest sits there an finishes peein...Mom gets up an is a grumblin and stompin around..."here I thought it wuz yer sissy!"
HA! See I not onlwee one to pee in da house...grumble her...blah....
Now I sit back and wisten and waugh to myself when mom can't figure out who don the peein....

She sez "YOU two gurls are gonna put me in da grave and I am gonna get dem gray hairs before its my time (I say mom it is yer time, giggle) she stompin around sayin to herself, shud of jest been happy wif the boys but...OH NO had to git two girlies....blah blah yadda yadda....

He he....revenge!!


My summa wuz great cause...

September 25th 2007 8:35 pm
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I wuz born in the Spring and had the whole summer becoming the diva I am!!!
I met wots an wots of doggies, went to Wyomin, pwayed in a big riva, went to wowk wif mom, pooed a lot...peed too...Igots pwetty dwesses and sweatys from gammie and wast of all...I met the ManPug of my dweams...ahhh CJ as in Capin Jack...yep he my manpug...




Its the dawggy door fault

August 30th 2007 8:30 pm
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Deer Diarwy,

Momma gots a thing she caws a dog doowa. Whut eva I can'ts go fru it...HPMP..
I wuz the fust one fru it yesty day, but Wheezy say that don count cause mommy hepped me...whut eva....he jest jealous cuz he a mommas boy..:P
I tried and twied yesty day but I not stron enuff yet.
Mom say she mainly gots it fer me cause she don like to gets up and let me out...wazy mommy....

So....this morning mommy thought she wuz bein smaut..haw haw (show her) and sez "OK Raven you gots to go fru the doowa" she heps me out...I stand there wookin in at her n Gus cause she hepped Gus too. So she jest sighs and sez OK lets trwy it she hepped us back in...(Mean time Wheeza still upstairs gruntin and snorin away...not a morin puggy)
She then decides to make coffee fist before we twied again...well this is wheer its her faut and dog door faut....I been reeel gud about not pooin in mommys house...(Instead I go over to gammies and poo...he he) any hoooo she cud hear me pwayin wif my wubby and then she cudn't hear me no more...well...when you goin poo you don make a lot of noise and mommies know when us wittle ones aren't makin noise we doin sumpin we not supposed to be doin...
She say reeel loud, "RAVEN", oops scared me so much I come runnin around corner and the poo poo wuz poppin out my bum, (cause she wuz usin her scary voice) ...WELL I twied to hold it in but its the dog door faut!!!!! I had to didn get mad cause she unna stood but she still booted me out that darwn dog door fingy...

Then....then!!! mom left the bafroom door open jest a wittle bit and so I gots curious and went wookin fer mom...I saw her in a glass thingy wif all dis finkin she wuz funny open the door an sez come here Raven come here...well its my mommy and I wanted to know whut wuz goin on wif I went ova there....Ruh Roh my mistake...she swooped me up and put me unna this horrible thing that wuz sprayin water all ova me an then she started singin her dumb song....."This is the way we wash our Raven, wash our Raven so earlwy in da mornin"...what da!!???? I wuz drownin hewa ....hewooo hewooo drowin puggy....sumpuggy hep hep....
She wuz waughin like it wuz funny or sumpin then she dryin me off and wooks up and thar is my "brave" brubbers peeking aroun the corna jest their eyes...all wide but you fink they come in and save me...NO....jest peeking bof of dem....
See if I eva hep them...
Oh I tired now...eatin carrot cake, pushed through door, drowneded...I gots to rest...whew


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