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We are the Luckiest Dogs Alive!

June 13th 2008 5:34 pm
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Today mommy put us in the car to go to work! We were really happy to go, because we love to go with mommy. We got into her pick up and she stopped bye the mailbox on her way to work She stepped onto the walk way and OPPS…. I stepped on the lock and locked me and Lady Lexus in the cab!

Mommy started to cry, “NO” she was sobbing? I just could not understand it. She was crying uncontrollably…she was on her celly and we were locked in the cab. It was about 100 degree outside! She called my human sister and she told her that the other keys were locked in the safe and the key were with her in New Mexico! (Mommy and the pick up was in AZ)

All of a sudden Lexus ….cuz me….Lady Lexus went over to see mommy better out the other window and she stepped on the window button and down went the window. Mommy hurried over to the cab and unlocked the door and we were both safe! Right then a Police Car from the Chandler Police came to our house……..they were going to help mommy get us out of the cab! Salute to the Chandler, AZ Police for thinking that us two PUGS were worth a 911 phone call and action!

KS and LL are just fine, and Mommy went back home and went to bed! Be careful out there and be safe!


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