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Pensive Prattling by Shaki

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I've Been Tagged

October 21st 2007 5:45 pm
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I've been tagged by my friends Hedwig and Goober! If you have been tagged by me, here are your directions:

If you have been tagged, write 7 pawsome facts about yourself in your diary! Once you have finished, p-mail seven of your pals to play along!

1. I love to run 'n' run 'n' run!
2. I do not like raccoons!
3. I love playing games on Dogster!
4. I do not like to play in water!
5. I am very patient with my 2-year old hu-nephew.

I am p-mailing the following pup pals:
Dewey, Mimi, Pistaschio, Cosette, Talker, Chico, Maxi


Oh No! Not THAT PLACE Again!

October 9th 2007 8:49 am
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This is not gonna be a good week! I can just tell! I overheard Mommy 'n' Daddy say the "K" word. No, not Kiss and not Kitty Kat! It wasn't Keep Off either. It was the dreaded kuh, kuh, kuh (I can hardly get it out) KENNEL! I should have suspected something when they started talking 'bout clothes and trip and New York all in one breath. Then I heard the "S" word. (NO, not THAT one!) This one is much worse than that one! It is s-u-i-t-c-a-s-e. I call it the Monster, cuz it grabs Mommy 'n' Daddy's clothes 'n' then they have to follow it to whereever it's going 'n' that means I go to the You Know What! At least I'll have a little company though, cuz cousin Muppy's gonna be there with me. Poor thing, her Daddy hasn't told her the "K" word yet. She's in for a very unpleasant surprise. Maybe if we look suitably pathetic when they leave us behind they'll be guilted into bringing some big Doggy "S's"! (Surprises!)


Well, It Wasn't a Possum!

September 28th 2007 1:33 pm
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We were so sure it was a possum! It came out at night; the cats next door were on my deck stalking it; and, I could smell it! I could see its little beady eyes at night and hear him rustling around under the deck. Of course, Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let me get close enough to really give it a good look when we were outside. I tried every maneuver I could but no luck. THEN this morning I saw it.....almost nose to nose, 'cept he was on one side of the glass door and I was on the other. (Talk about frustrating!) But, it wasn't a possum: it was a raccoon! Mommy, silly lady, stood there and oohed and aahed about how beautiful he was! I just wanted him off MY deck. He acted like he wanted to come in for a visit. (Like that's gonna happen in my lifetime!) Finally I think he became so impressed at the sight of my sharp pearly whites that he decided to slink off. Mommy says he was just tired and he needs to sleep in the daytime, but I know what's what! He was frightened of the ferocious 'senji! I guess Daddy'll have to borrow our neighbor's trap once more. We've caught bunnies, woodchucks and now a raccoon! That's what happens, I guess, when you live near the woods. I sure am glad the deer don't fit under our deck. I don't think I could stand it!


Well, I Needed to Chew on Something!

September 14th 2007 1:20 pm
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I just don't understand Mommys and Daddys! They know how much I like to chew. At least they give me all those chew things and don't seem to mind when I make a mess with them. BUT, if I happen to find a book or two, which is really easy to do around here, they act as though I've committed some terrible crime! Well, if I wasn't meant to chew on those books, why are they sitting within easy reach on the coffee table? Just tell me why! AND, if I was not supposed to make mincemeat of them, why does Mommy stuff the bookcases full of them? If you ask me, I think she reads too much anyway. She'd be much better off if she spent more time giving me belly rubs. After a great chew job, effurry pup rightfully should have a good tummy rub, 'specially if it was an old antique book! I don't know why she cared so was really old and not very pretty. Oh well, maybe they won't mind if I chew on their old magazines. (Not the Dog Fancy, though. It's premium material!)


It's Not Fair!

September 6th 2007 6:47 pm
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I waited 'n' waited ALL DAY for Mommy to come home so I could have some 'puter time. She came home all right, but did she stay? NO! She went right back out 'n' didn't get home 'til 9:00! All this time I was waiting 'n' waiting to write in my diary, then she comes sailing in 'n' says I can only have a little time at the 'puter. Ya'll should have seen me trying to get up to turn it on myself! She has one of those rolly-type chairs. If I put my back paws on the seat and try to reach the 'puter, those little round rolly things on the bottom of the chair start rolling backwards 'n' then I fall flat on my face. It's not a pretty sight! And, if I jump on said chair, most of the time it just rolls away with me clinging on for dear life. Oh well, she promised me lots of 'puter time this weekend. And, there's always Daddy!


All Fur Fun Honoree, Yay!

August 31st 2007 4:20 pm
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Today I went to Mommy's computer after she called me from school and saw that I had been chosen All Fur Fun's Doggy of the Day! Woo-hoo!!! I can't think of a better way to begin a weekend. Mommy was so excited. It's just Mommy 'n' me tonight cuz Daddy's officiating at a football game. Me and Mommy have our own Friday night routine down pat: she watches TV or reads 'n' I snuggle up so's I can be little Miss Toasty-Warm in her lap. I've been a little lonely this week cuz Mommy was back teaching 'n' Daddy had work to do down at our church. (Don't laugh; I've been there. They like me.) Daddy's s'posed to be retired but he's busier now than ever. I'm not complaining though cuz he still takes me on my walks to the park.
The cat next door has sure been bugging me, though. She comes and sits on our deck and snickers at me cuz I can't go out 'n' chase her. She even has the nerve to stalk MY possum (or maybe bunny) that lives under the deck. If she gets it before I can scare it away, I'm gonna be mad. I saw it first.
Now, back to Mommy! I need a tummy rub!!!


It Wasn't My Fault!

August 20th 2007 3:47 pm
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It has been quite a day! I got into trouble....again! It really was not my fault. It all started with the mailman. He drives around in this little white car thingy and as everyone who knows me knows, I HATE WHITE CARS! Everyday he comes up our hill across the street from us and down the hill behind us. Then up he comes again but on our side of the hill. In the meantime, I'm running from the back to front to back and then to front again, trying to make him stay away!!! 'Course since I can't bark, he never hears me. Then, he has the nerve to stop at that green box-thing and stick papers 'n' such in it. Well, today I was doing my usual mailman skirmishing around the house when my cousin Muppy butts in & starts barking. (She's our guest for a few days while her Daddy's on a trip.) It is NOT to be borne. Why should SHE get to bark when obviously I can't. So-o-o I snarled and chased her and yipped as best I could. And what does Mommy do? She screeches at the two of us to stop! While she's storming down the stairs to break up our argument she stepped in something wet. You guessed it! Muppy had pee'd in the middle of the hall. Still she's fussing at both of us. I didn't pee, just Muppy, so why is she still mad at me? All I was trying to do was to make that mailman leave us and our little green paper-keeping box thing alone! Maybe things like this wouldn't happen if Daddy would take the green box away and Mommy wouldn't give Muppy any water.


My Lament

August 13th 2007 2:48 pm
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My Lament

I’m sad ‘cause Mommy left today,
Where she was going, she didn’t say.
I wanted to go with her,
But she said there’s a rule that
Doggies aren’t allowed in her school.

School? But it’s still summer!
Mom said, “Sure, I know, it’s a bummer,
But it’s August now
And that is when
The new school year will begin.”

She said, “I sure will miss you,
Espescially that tummy rub.”
(All I wanted to do was
sit down and blub!)

She said, “Right now, I’m just getting ready.
We have a few days more,
To play, take walks, and have lots of fun;
To go outside and laze in the sun.”

School…I’d forgotten,
Boy, sometimes I just feel rotten!
But I know she’ll miss me
And I’ll not forget,
To give lots of chuckles
From her favorite pet!


I Think the "Bug" Got Me!

August 6th 2007 11:16 am
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Last night was very confusing. I felt fine when I jumped in bed with Mommy and Daddy and let them love all over me. Then in the middle of the night something didn't feel right and I jumped off the bed way earlier than normal. I just lay down on the floor until Mommy got up to see what was wrong. I didn't know....all I could do was lick and lick and lick on my paws. Finally I got back on the bed and went back to a not very restful sleep (according to Mommy). All seemed better in the morning until my early morning walk with Daddy. I didn't make it down the hill until IT CAME! I barfed! Not once, but twice! We went on to the park and I felt better (at least emptier) and even tried to chase some geese....hard to do when you're leashed. I'm still sluggish and hope I'll be back to my ornery, scruffy self soon. I'm going to work real hard at looking pathetic so Mommy and Daddy will feel sorry for me! Maybe it was that wasp I ate yesterday!


I'm Back From Adventuring & Now I'm Resting!!!

July 28th 2007 8:20 am
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Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE to "go" when Daddy or Mom call, but I prefer the short go to the LONG go, such as 10 hours to Georgia and 6 more to Florida. It's exausting being a "good dog" when tethered to a safety belt in the car, even though it's the safe way for me to travel. I had a great time frisking around with my doggy cousins in Georgia. However, as the new kid on the block I didn't get much rest as first Cosette then Harvey would take turns wanting to run and play. (You should see Harvey with his ball! He's a mad man! Mom and Dad bought him 2 new ones to enjoy. I wonder how long they lasted ....the balls not Mom and Dad.)
When we went to Mom's home in Florida I still didn't get much rest because Mimi and Maggie Mae's Dad and Mom came for a visit down there with, you guessed it, Mimi and Maggie Mae. We had great fun though walking along the lake's a BIG lake! I was not too happy when I heard that there are 'gators in that lake and one great big one that Mom's Dad named "George" slides through the water going one way in the early A.M. and the other way in the early P.M. I just LOOK at the water: I DO NOT enter it! Mommy and Daddy keep me close on a leash anyway 'cause they know I'm a wild child when loose such as in Mimi's yard back home. Besides Mom's crazy neighbor - he shouldn't even HAVE a dog - lets his big retriever mix loose in the evening and being a water-loving doggy, where do you think he goes? Of course, TO THE LAKE. Well, he got into big trouble last week as he was attacked by a 'gator swimming very close to shore. He's fine now, but his owner - I hope - learned a very important lesson. I know I did! STAY VERY CLOSE TO MOMMY AND DADDY AND LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the leash!
Chuckle at ya later, diary!

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