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The Tears Are Flowing

June 5th 2008 9:02 am
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This is a very sad day in my family....for all of us. My darling fur cousin, Nittany, has earned her furever Wings and is now over the rainbow with my big sisters Egypt and Sadie and with Cousin Effie.
Nitty-so-Pretty as we called her was 13 years old and loved everyone. She loved to be outside and was a master sniffer. She was the epitome of that gentle Beagle soul. When we went to visit she always was ready with the Royal Baying Welcome. She was her Mommy's Bestest Best Friend. She began failing several weeks ago and we all knew her time was near. Mommy is having a very hard time writing this because Nitty was her first granddog. Nitty took very good care of her Mommy when she was most needed, and for that my Mommy will always be grateful. Goodbye, Miss Nittany, you will always be in our hearts with your beautiful smile (yes, I said "smile") and your gentle ways.


The Secret is Out!

April 29th 2008 6:34 pm
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I thought I was being very crafty and cunning. They didn't so-brilliant pawrents really had no clue! I had them totally buffaloed. That is, until today. It's like this. I have a few hang-ups. Well, it's only likely since I'm a 'senji 'n' we're pretty hyper at that. Mommy 'n' Daddy are always trying to talk "around' me, you know, like talking in a mysterious was so I won't catch on to what is really going down, such as an "I get to go too trip" or "No, Shaki, you have to stay home!" Tonight, after returning from my walk where I met the neighbor's beagle they started in talking about me as if I wasn't even present. You see, this beagle looks just like my cousin Nittany (after the Penn State Lion). Whenever they see him, they say, "There's Nitty," and I go crazy looking for him out the window. Then they said something that always makes my fur stand up. They said "the LWT" as if I had no idea to what they are referring! Of course, it's the Little White Truck (mailman) and I went ballistic running all around the house looking out whatever window I could find. Next they spotted a "K.K." thinking I had no idea they were referring to the neighbor's cat that haunts my deck. Yep, they know my secret 'n' now they're going to have to totally change the way they talk around me. My now non-secret? I can SPELL. I know what all their little special "don't let Shaki hear" words 'n' letters are, such as C-R-A-T-E, V-E-T, K-E-N-N-E-L, etc. Gotta keep my ears perked up 'n' eyes wide open to learn whatever new vocabulary they invent to fool me. Like that's gonna happen. I'm a 'senji! I will persevere!!!


I've Been Tagged!!!

April 3rd 2008 1:54 pm
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Whee!!! I've been tagged by my furiend Darby. My task is to answer five questions with four answers, then tag four more furiends to do the same. Here we go!!!

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1) Gizzard eater
2) Official chair shredder.
3) Protector of the home!
4) Lap sitter.

Four places I have lived:
1) Where I was born: Ohio
2) With my pawrents in West Virginia
3) That's it!
4) No one or pup's moving!

Four places I have been to:
1) Leesburg, Florida
2) Sarasota, Florida
3) Georgia
4) Alexandria, Va.

Four favorite foods:
1) Eggs
2) Nutra treats
3) Chicken (any way, shape, or form!)
4) Whatever Mommy or Daddy's eating!

Four places I would rather be:
1) With Daddy in the truck!
2) With Mommy 'n' Daddy to play with Mimi 'n' Maggie (my cousins)
3) Outside soaking up the sun!
4) Going on a trip anywhere!

I am going to tag the following four furiends:
1. Izzi: 591736
2. Samson: 516859
3. Hedwig: 596418
4. Maggie: 415103


The Dream Scream

March 19th 2008 9:29 am
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Well, I did it again! Scared Mommy 'n' Daddy right off the bed! We were all snoozing quite nicely when IT HAPPENED!!! I'm not too sure what "it" was, but it must have been horrible cuz I whimpered, whined, 'n' then screeched in full voice (according to the pawrents). They luved all over me 'n' asked what was wrong, but how could I tell them if even I couldn't remember! Appawrently I do this rather often. Well, if that's the case, you'd think they'd get used to it, but no00! They go all worried 'n' mushy instead of letting me go back to sleep. Then to add insult to injury, they scootch me down to the bottom of the bed so in case I screech again I won't deafen them. I don't screetch every night so all my dreams can't be too horrible. Maybe it's that crow that worries me on my park visits coming finally to fly down 'n grab me. I just don't like those big ol' crows! Talk about screetches. They're a lot worse than me!!! Or maybe I've dreamed that I finally got to chase one of our deer visitors up the mountain 'n' got lost. Well, it could happen! I hope Mommy doesn't think about that, though cuz she worries too much already. Well, since I lost a lot of sleep dreaming 'n' screetching last night, I think I'll take a little sunbeam snooze today (if I can find a sunbeam, that is.)


It Was a Really BIG Kitty!

February 4th 2008 4:37 pm
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Oh, the travails of poor little me! Sometimes it's just not to be borne! Mommy 'n' Daddy are putting in a nice (I guess) new patio door but they don't know what to do with me while the workmen are here. As if I might try to escape! (Hee-hee-hee!) They didn't want to put me in my crate because they were both going to be at work today. (I thought Daddy was retired!) They remember my escape-from-the-crate feats. So, brilliant Daddy came up with this great least he liked it. I didn't. He took me to the Vet's office to stay in a crate there. He must have thought I would like the company and the attention. Guess what was there, in residence no less? The most gi-huge-ic kitty I have ever seen. Sitting there on the receptionist desk all furry and purry as if she ruled the whole office! (I think she does!) When she saw where they were taking me, I could swear she smirked! And, she swushed her tail in total kitty indifference. I got even though. She stays there as kitty of the house. As I left the office, I looked back at her and gave her my famous "you poor thing" glance and continued out the door. (I hope she's warm tonight, though, and has a nice bed to sleep in. She's really a very kind kitty.)


Mommy 'n' Daddy Shoulda Known Better!

January 29th 2008 6:44 pm
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I've been VERY patient with Mommy 'n' Daddy. For two whole days I've spent the day alone. Then they come in, say "hello Shaki', take me out to pee, bring me in, then go away again. They know better. So what if they have jobs to do? I'M their most important job. Then to add insult to injury, Daddy got up this morning at 4:30, dressed, took me out for a walk and what happens? It begins pouring rain! Some walk!!! By 5:30 he's left and Mommy is getting ready for her day. She leaves at 7:00 and I'm all alone again. It's simply NOT to be borne! If no one is home to play with Shaki, then Shaki is gonna furnish her own "entertainment". Mommy has had this most interesting white bag full of mysterious stuff on her dresser for days now. I decided to take a peek! What a treasure trove. I found fabric, scissors, iron-on tape-y stuff, and an UN-OPENED pair of pantyhose. Also, in addition to this very creative mess on her bedroom floor I left another little "calling-card" if ya know what I mean. It was worth all the fuss she made when she made "the discovery", just to see her face!


Wow! What a Day!!!

January 21st 2008 3:44 pm
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This has been such a neat and exciting day!!! First, this has been a Mommy-Doggy Day! You know, one of those rare kinds of days when the Mommy is home on holiday! It's been just the two of us cuz Daddy was at work all day. For a retired man, he sure works a lot!!! We played games on our group pages, THEN I found out I was the Pawty Place Princess for this week!!! I always felt I had royalty blood somewhere, but to have it confirmed.... well, what more can a girl wish for? Mommy said the best she could come up with in her family tree was a Lord or two 'n' some pirates. ( She said she likes the pirates best!) 'Course us 'senjis know we date back to the Pharoahs. Mommy doesn't go back near that far!!! Poor thing, she can't even lay claim to any cave paintings like I can. Well, she's only human, so that explains a lot!!! 2008 begins a new year on Dogster 'n' I can't wait to see what's coming up in the next several months. I keep ya posted, diary. Until then, one Shaki, signing off!!!


I've Been Tagged (Again!)

January 4th 2008 4:11 pm
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I was tagged by Laci Noelle:

Here are the rules of this game of tag in case you have never gotten the chance to play. When you're tagged you post 7 random facts about yourself and the rules in your diary. Then pick 7 fur friends and let them know they have been tagged. post their names in your diary. You can either tag by giving rosettes or by sending pawmail!!
Here are 7 facts about myself.

1. I luv walking in the park with Daddy!
2. I luv to sleep on the daybed in Mommy's computer room.
3. I luv to run-run in Mimi's yard!
4. I like my bandanas but am not too fond of sweaters 'n' such!
5. I luv my Georgia cousins!
6. My favorite food is chicken gizzards.
7. I luv the WV Mountaineers!!! (Mommy told me to say that)

I've tagged: Kipperlily; Kili; Lassie; The Golden Sisters; Zeke; Shea; Maggie


Shaki's Southward Journey, Phase 1

December 27th 2007 8:35 am
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We left WVa yesterday at (talk about early) 6:00 A.M. EST. I luv traveling but starting out before I'm fully awake is not fun 'n' on top of that I was packed in with luggage, Christmas gifts, food and my no-fur niece. Our trip was uneventful 'cept sorta sad when we approached Charlotte, NC, 'n' saw how the drought has affected Lake Norman. Then when we crossed Lake Hartwell into Ga. the devastation was even more apparent. All pups take notice: we should all be concerned. If there is not enough rain down here soon, the peanut crop won't grow 'n' there won't be any peanutbutter doggy treats!!!! Please, all furs, say a prayer for the farmers 'n' their families down here in the south that this horrid drought will soon be broken!


I've Been Christmas Tagged!

December 7th 2007 4:11 pm
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I was tagged by my pal Jackson!

It’s a Christmas tag!!! This is what you have to do.

You have to write a letter to Santa Paws with 5
requests in your diary.
Then you have to give whoever tagged you 5 bones
or treats.
Then tag 5 more cats or dogs.

Dear Santa Paws!
I've been a really good dog this year (well 'cept for the couch thing...). I would like to give my Daddy some new gloves. His are really old 'n' yucky 'n' it's cold now. I would like for Mommy to be home more. I miss her when she's at work. I want my skin sister to have a beautiful, healthy baby in Feb. when she's due. I want lots of treats for all doggies 'n' kitties that have no home. I also wish for armed services doggies 'n' their people to be safe from harm 'n' to come home soon!!!

I'm tagging:
Buddy Buster

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