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Mommmmmaaaaa! I'm H-o-o-o-o-m-e!!

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We're family now!

July 5th 2009 3:40 pm
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You may notice that while Davey has always been one of my pup pals... now he's my brother. Yes, we combined profiles since we now live together all the time. I really felt we were brothers along, as we bonded very quickly. In fact, Davey's Man (who is now MY Man too!) is typing this diary entry.

Not sure Bella ever saw me as her brother while she was here, every time Davey and I played (which was a LOT!) Bella would get in there and growl and snap at me. She wanted to protect her Davey, whom she had known since he was a pup. Nobody knows anything about my background, since I was at least three when I came here. I know now that Bella loved me too, and she's watching over me and all of us from the Rainbow Bridge.

Oh yeah... Somehow, I ended up with two little kittydogs as siblings too.... but I guess they are ok.

Our foster Zera is away being "temperament tested" but we think she might come back tomorrow. I like her ok, but all of us keep a close eye on her... she plays very rough sometimes. We are all trying to help encourage foster Sasha to feel safe coming in the house after we've been outside playing.

Last bit o' news.... Davey and I did NOT win WCIU's Top Dog contest. We're not disheartened, we'll just learn a trick or something and go back in a few months and try again.

Later gators!


Momma! Call My Agent!!

June 1st 2009 7:26 am
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I think me and Davey Dog need repawsentation. Momma put our TV commercial in my profile fur all our pals to see and so you can vote fur us, we hope! We wanna be WCIU's Top Dog!!

'bout a month ago we went to the TV station an' dogditioned fur a promo fur the TV shows they show. For our pals who live in the Chipawgo, IL area (an' maybe those with satellite TV) you can see our acting debut during the commercial breaks on WCIU. We're promoting The Bernie Mac Show. Our other pals can see it above in my profile an' efurryone can vote jus' by clicking the link below the commercial.

Fur the whole month of June our pals can vote fur us efurry day (more times a day if you have more than one email address!) an' help make us famous!! WOOF!!

When I'm Top Dog I'm gonna buy a big house made all of stinky rabbit poop an' goose poop an' dead things so me an' Davey can roll all over all day long with our paws in the air. Sorry, Maggio, no girls allowed.
What's that Momma?? The prize is a DVD of the commercial an' our name an' picture on their website as Top Dog of the Month?? No bones even?? **sigh** Does DVD taste like bones? **grrr** Well.. a dog's gotta start somewhere. Who knows where this'll lead.

So pawlease vote fur me an' Davey Dog efurry day!! Thank you so much, pals!!

licks & love... Teddy "I'm ready fur my closeup" Bear


Where's My Fostersis??

April 22nd 2009 6:09 am
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Lucy, my fosfursis, went out with Momma an' the Man last night without us an' didn't come back with 'em. Should I tell 'em they furgot her somewhere?? Hmmm... Let's seee... She ALWAYS hogged the sofa... She always snuck over an' tasted outa my food bowl before Momma released me to eat... She grrrrr'd really mean when she played... She screamed SO loud in the car when we got to p-a-r-k... But she ran really fast with us at p-a-r-k... An' she kept me warm when she snuggled close to me during naptime... An' she helped me get the mail... An' she liked to stick her head outa the car window beside me...

Ummmm... **thinking really hard***

Oh! Good mornin', Momma!! Did ya' sleep well?? Yes, I'd love some breakfast.... Did I tell you today how much I love you??

**Now what was I thinkin' 'bout??... Ooooooo... FOOD!**


It's Comin'!! It's Comin'!! It's Almost HEEEEERE!!!

April 13th 2009 7:00 pm
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Tomorrow I'll be 5!!! FIVE! FIVE!! FIIIIIIVE!!!

I 'member when I b'came 4 we had lotsa fun an' treats!! And t'morrow I'll be 5!! I can't wait!! I'm goin' to sleep so I can hurry up an' be 5!

licklicklicklicklick (5 times!!!)


What???!! MEEEEEeeee?!!! Oh, You MUST Be Mistaken!!!!

March 31st 2009 3:45 pm
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Reallllly!!! I got chosen for Diary of the Day!!!???? I can't believe it! I don't know what to woof! Thank you... Thank you... Thank you to the Dogster Pawmittee that bestowed this honor on li'l ol' Teddy. An' thanks to my typist fur making this all pawssible.................Hey, wait a minute... Momma, stop puttin' woofs in my mouth! But, considerin' my new found celebrity... How 'bout a special treat fur me an' my furiends tonight????? I love you, Momma. **grin**

licklicklicklick.... Teddy "Head in the Clouds" Bear


NOW I get it!!! Doh!!

March 28th 2009 9:01 am
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I'll be in my furever home with Momma 2 years next month!! Dog!
Time flew!! I learn'd 'bout so many new things! I learn'd:

1) I won't fall or get stuck tryin' to climb up that jaggedy hill tunnel in
the house to get to Momma at the top at bedtime!

2) Mousies at p-a-r-k are fun to play with & roll on! They doesn't like
the rolling part so much, tho, I guess, 'cuz then they doesn't wanna
play anymore.

3) I LOVE Peanut Butter & Pumpkin ice cubes!!!

4) I doesn't hafta 'scape from the house to see what's goin' on in the
doggiehood... Momma & Frank take me & Davey Dog out 'round all
the yards to sniff the latest news & meet doggies.

5) And the NEWEST thing I learn'd was that the "Retriever" part
of "Labrador Retriever" means "make Momma stand still and wait
till Teddy brings the ball to her!" I jus' thought she wanted me to
get the ball so she could chase me??? But Momma was doin' it
wrong! Silly Momma... This month I learn'd how to make Momma
wait fur me to bring the ball to her. I'm soooo pawroud of you,
Momma! oxox

I can't wait to see what me & Momma learn next!

licklicklicklick... Teddy


Please Vote For My Pal, Miracle

March 10th 2009 11:19 pm
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Miracle went to the Rainbow Bridge just 6 months after being rescued. Unbeknownst to her new Mom, Miracle suffered from a little known disease called AIHA/IMHA. Miracle's Mom continues to strive to raise awareness and research funding for the disease on Miracle's behalf.

By clicking on this link you can help Miracle win the Brickfish contest and raise much needed funds for this cause. Just click Vote for Miracle.

To read Miracle's full story, click on Miracle's Page.

Thank you very much.


I Think I Lost My Fursis :(

February 12th 2009 6:50 pm
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I been pretty uneasy lately 'cuz my fursis, Faccia Bella, paces and whines all the time lately. At the 1st wimper I'm up and outa here headin' for anypawlace else.

Momma and Davey Dog's Man been spendin' so much time with wet faces and efurrything jus' feels sad at my house. Now I haven't seen Bella 'round fur a couple o' days. Uh oh. Did I furget her outside in yard? Maybe I left her at p-a-r-k? Wait. Momma's not lookin' fur her... not even at food time.

Las' thing I 'member was Momma bein' extra nice to Bella all day the other day an' then sayin' Bella was goin' with them to see Dr. Ray & Rita. I don't 'member seein' her when Momma came back. Maybe MOMMA lost her!!! It wasn't ME!!! She's been away tooooo long. I want her to come back home now...But I don't think she will. Momma says she's "Angel" now. I liked it better when she was Faccia Bella. I miss you, Bella.

one sad lick... Teddy "the Baby Brother" Bear


I can't stand the suspawnse!!!

February 3rd 2009 3:39 pm
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OMD!! I have a secret admirer!!! It's soooo exciting! I wanna know who it is! Tellme!! Tellme!! Tellme!! Tellme!! Pawleeeeeeeze TELLME!! Wait! Don't tell me!!! Yes!!! Tellmeeeee!!!
Momma says maybe I'll find out on Valentines Day!

Dog!! That's FUREVER!! I hope I can stand it 'til then. Whoefur you are... I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!

licklicklick... Teddy


Oh, Fatsolio! You tagged me!!

December 31st 2008 5:05 pm
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My pal, Fatsolio, got me! So now I hafta tell 7 things about me that my pals don't know. Then the 7 pals I pick hafta tag 7 of their pals.

Here we gooooo...

1. I'm a labrador that can't swim!

2. I can open my back yard gate by butting my head against it! Unfortunately, when I get it open I'm in ANOTHER fenced in part. :(

3. I can jump so high when I bark at those pesky birds in the trees that my back feet are 3 feet off the grass.

4. I'm a little scared of my fursister, Bella. She's old and cranky and blames me for everything! If Momma takes too long fixin' our dinner... it's MY fault & Bella snaps my nose! If Momma yells at Bella for anything, Bella snaps my nose! I call her Cruella 'stead of Bella... BOL... (but DON'T tell her or she'll snap my nose!!!)

5. The groomers can't trim my toenails unless Momma is petting me.

6. is for the SIX mousies I've caught at P-A-R-K!!!

7. I like to surprise Momma by jumping without warning into her lap when she's watchin' TV. She LOVES that!!! BOL!

Ok... Now it's your turn... I'm tagging my pals:

1. Brut #611460
2. Hoagie P #556787
3. Java #428606
4. Droopy #718992
5. Phoebe #571039
6. Sherman virgil #339456
7. Solomon #733751


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