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Thanks pals

January 14th 2014 11:16 am
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I just want to thank all my pup pals who sent Power of the Paw for me last week. It worked and I am feeling much better. I am still on medicines for a UTI but I have stopped going out to pee every hour now and can hold on for all night!!

I have to go back to the Dr in 2 weeks for more tests but I am acting more like myself now.

Thanks again pals,


Cone of Shame

November 23rd 2013 7:57 am
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Well pups it wasn't bad enough that I was attacked by fire ants and I itch and sting like crazy but mom do I have to wear the cone of shame?

Why am I being punished for those dumb ants attacking me, just cause I want to lick and chew my paws, they hurt mom!

I am on meds for the itching and cream but I won't leave my paws alone so mom conspired with the Vet and got me this horrible COS...I need a new home. I am calling Dog Protective Services, this has got to be against the law or something...Dog abuse!

Please pups send help!

Mickey Man


Earth Dog

October 28th 2012 3:54 am
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Well pups I had my first try at Earth Dog and boy was that fun, fun fun!!

I got to bark, whine, paw and try to find this rat in a metal cage.

At first the lady had it out in the open so I could find it. Then she started dragging it around to get me worked up. Then she hid it in a wooden box and when I figured that out she put a lid on it and made it a small tunnel with the rat at the end.

Once I knew where that rat was and went after it, they made it harder and made the tunnel longer with a turn in it. Then mom and the lady encourage me to stay at the rat and bark, growl and bite at it's cage and they told me what a good boy I was.

I got to try a bigger tunnel next with one big turn...boy was that scary and dark...and in the ground!! Mom had to help me with that one but I eventually found that rat and stayed on it until mom opened up the tunnel petted me and told me what a good boy I was and took me out.

All in all it was a pretty fantastic day!

Of course when I got home I had to rub it in to Reece, just like he does to me when he comes home from agility!!

Mickey "Rat" Hunter

PS since I didn't actually get to taste those rats not sure if they taste like chicken!!


What a Good Day

October 22nd 2012 8:20 am
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Well pups the weather is gorgeous and my girl pup Zoe is having a Barkday today....what a wonderful day!!

Happy Barkday to my girl pup Zoe!!

Not only is it a nice day and it is Zoe's Barkday, but mom says I get to go with her on Saturday to something called "earth dog" practice!

arrroooooooooooooooooooo it's about time I get to go do something with mom.
You know I won't brag about it here, only to my annoying brother that gets to go all the time to agility!

Mom says it will be fun and I will get to sniff out rats!! I don't know if I have every tasted rat...does it taste like chicken? She also said I will be able to dig and go in a tunnel in the ground. Gee that will be different, not getting in trouble for digging and getting dirty!

Oh well, I am a happy boy!!

Mickey the hunter boy


Diary of the Day!

October 18th 2012 6:06 am
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Wow, what a way to wake up this morning and see my cute little face on the Dogster Homepage! Thanks Dogster for picking my Diary today!

Well, pups the Mickey Man's hunting adventures continued yesterday I was out in the yard helping dad. I helped him corral some pesky squirrels that have been driving us crazy, they had made a home in the siding and down our walls in the bedroom where we sleep!! I kept waking up and hearing them scratch around all night long and it was driving me nuts!! I would go and sit at the corner of the room and whine at them! Mom says I kept her up all night but it was those pesky squirrels that done it!!

I helped scare them out of their hole and dad shot them with a 22, I told him to just let me at them I would kill them for him!!(Mom here...Dad used moth balls to get them out of the siding)!

Well after I helped Dad clean up those pesky squirrels we look down and right below the side of the house was a big ole black snake!! Dad said I couldn't kill him he was a good snake and he scared him out of the yard, but boy I kept looking for him after that.

See without me our house would be overrun with nasty pesky critters!

Mickey the Great Hunter!


My latest conquest!

October 14th 2012 4:01 pm
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Well pups you are not going to believe what I caught today...a snake!
Yep I caught and killed a rat snake about 2 feet long in my yard while Dad was watching me.

I thought it tasted a little bit like lizard and little like chicken~~~~

Mom says she is going to have to start taking me to do Earth Dog since I have such a high prey drive, not sure about that...what do rats taste like?

Mickey the great hunter!


I'm in big trouble

October 9th 2012 6:32 pm
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Well pups I am in big trouble 'round here! I was out playing in the yard and something got my attention at the end of the yard down the hill. It smelled really good and I just kept digging and digging and digging. Mom came down the hill and found me and told me I was a bad boy. Then she gave me a foot bath at lunch time and locked me in the kitchen.

She told dad to put something over that hole near the fence and watch me!!
So right before dinner I smelled that good smell again and off I went down the hill and started digging again while Dad was grillin'!
Mom was really mad this time and she wouldn't let me come inside and when she did she put me in the little plastic crate while they ate dinner.

Then to top things off I had to have another bath!!! This time I got a whole bath and grooming afterwards....yuck!

I can't help it mom that smell is really good down there.

bark at you later pups


Hunter Extraordinaire

March 23rd 2012 5:55 pm
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Well pups Mickey Hunter Extraordinaire has gotten his first Squirrel today!
Yep I finally did it I caught me a squirrel...see what happens when you tease me at the front door Mr. Squirrel. I don't get mad I get even...hehehe!

After I caught that pesky little squirrel Mom was running all around the yard playing drop it Mickey...boy that was a fun game. I was all over the yard while mom was following me telling me to drop it. Aw mom it took me 5 years to catch my first squirrel I ain't dropping it for no one! Then she pulled out the chicken...look Mickey Chicken so I stopped to take a sniff and she grabbed my collar and made me drop the squirrel. She gave me the chicken and scooped me up and took me inside and when I went back out she had thrown my Squirrel in the garbage! How dare she, that was mine!

I had a big day today I also graduated from Flash Mob Class! We did our routine for the whole store 3 times! First we did it by the grooming salon then we did it at the front of the store and then we did it again outside the front door.

Boy I am one tired pup.
Good night,
Mickey Man


Flash Mob Class

February 24th 2012 6:04 pm
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Well pups I am into week 2 of Flash Mob class with my favorite teacher Miss Sharon. Mom was so worried that I just wasn't getting the routine at home, but I showed her when I did real good in class!
It's a lot of fun and we are going to do our Flash Mob routine to the Song by Billy Currington "Like My Dog". Mom might even wear a cowboy hat!!

Mom says she will take a video when we go somewhere and Flash Mob so all my Dogster pals can see.

I am a tired boy so night all!


What a nice day?

January 21st 2012 10:51 am
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Well pups it's been a gray and rainy day here in NC but I have had a great day!

Mom took me to Petsmart to pick out a Barkday present and visit with my favorite trainer person Miss Sharon.
I found Miss Sharon first and showered her with lots of Snarky Schnauzer kisses and love. Then we checked out the treat isle and mom bought some Duck tenders and duck wrapped yam sticks.
Then I went down the toy isle testing all the squeakers and mom found a cool looking stuffed doggy with heavy duty squeaky legs.
(I'll see about that!)

I found some kids that wanted to pet me and some other peoples that just couldn't resist that Mickey charm! I also got to check out the kitty cats but they didn't want to pet me so I just strolled on by them.

After we spent a bazillion minutes looking at everything in the store, even the stinky clothes, we went to the car and headed home....what a nice rainy day!


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