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Lil' Boogie in ya' Day

I'm Not a Sheepdoggie? WHAT Up with That!

March 21st 2008 7:47 am
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ROFBOL.. so... the truth is out and now i am in shock.. i went to the groomers for a day, left the house like anyother day.. expecting lots of places to bark and run and play..
Oh, No, not this day..

I took my Huge Massive Body (12' tall and barely 10lbs soaking wet) to the groomers.. wasnt sure what that was, but Rascal didn't look none to happy about it, so i figured i would dig it!

well... i was wrong.. I went into the room a Sheepdoggie & came out a Miniature Schnauzer... Everyone seems to dig it, and im warming up to it... well, after the shock wears off i will..BOL BOL BOL


Been a bust few weeks, months and year!

Had my first birfday recently... OMDoggies how much fun.. Havent figured out what that day is fur sure, but the toys and the treats are off the scale great, so i'm'a thinking we should have them more often than not...

Some realy realy Pawesome pups & kitties through me a party in All Fur Fun Group & left some realy real cool presents on my page too! WOOHOO

Havent got to Thank efuryone yet, but we did get a list made, so hopefully i wont miss anyone.. Untill i get thank you's out, i better say THANKS To everyone that Made my 1st year on TOTALY Pawesome! & Big Thanks Fur Celebrating my Birfday with me..


Won some realy fun games in All Fur Fun, Went to a valentines dance wiff Cailey Mae..She's a sweetie and Beautiful, & she sure can Dance.. I went to the dance and she danced me so much i left 3" shorter...
We had our picture taken and she won a prize for 1st Place in Pictures..

Marking my place in the World...
So why didnt anyone tell me how cool it is to grow up! Wow this is great... at about 10 months i discoverd Hiking the Forbidden Territories.. NOPE, didnt become an Outdoor Adventurist, I discovered un charted places right here in the house... I started Hiking my Leg and Marking All those Rarely Seen Wonders of Forbidden Territories.. While it seems a natural Wonder of life, I wonder why Pop's doesn't think it's so Wonderful.. Thus the Forbidden Stuff!
But Whhhhat ever it is all about, it makes me feel big as a 4 foot tall Sheepdoggie.. HeeHee... all though Dallas isn't so impressed and seems to play Boogie Bowling when i try it.. and i gots to admit, it's fun watching Rascal run all over the place trying to keep up... well, i guess i am the only one enjoying it, so fur now i will just stick to the Outdoors, but ya never know, when the sneaky schnauzer will strike...oops, Hike again..

SQUIRELS DRIVE ME NUTS! BOL BOL BOL... i may not be a full blooded Sheepdoggie, but i swear i got some Coon Houndawgie in me.. I can tree a squirrel, grab a snack and be back before he finishes his first walnut.. waiting for hours just for him to move... And Birds..OH MYFeathered friends... If i could fly i'd be a heck'ova Bird doggie... HeeHee..
Love chasing and running and trying... when i grow up im going to be a Girraffee.. so i can reach the top of those trees..

well, thats about all i know for today, got to quit typing and go on a new adventure... wonder what i can get into today...

Thanks for all the dogster fun, but i gots to run...~~~~Might be small but i got LOTS of Energy... Be back later~~~~~~~~~Zoomie~~~~~>

lil' Boogie.. Mini-Schnauzer, A.K.A SheepHoundBirdGiraffeDog


Say it isn't so Pop's

August 29th 2007 3:20 pm
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... do i realy have to share my new rope with Rascal? Thats what he said.. blah blah blah something about King Rascal.. What's up with that?

ok... i see Rascal filled ya' in one the story..
here, Joker taught me how this works.. i am now, suppose to tell the other side of it...

OK, WooHoo, come to find out Rascal B. bro, wins this Dogster, Dog of the Week thing.. Cool huh, cause i mean, he isn't kidding about the treat fountain.. Double WooHoo WooHoo...
..but ya' all know with every Party, there's allways a pooper.. well true enough the Treats are abundant, the Pop's is all cuddly and even the weather has been nice..hum?
..but, ....i am not sure if it's just my imagination or it's realy happening.. BUT I swear that Ornery Brat knows... who told him what DOTW means.. cause he's been strutting around here like he owns the castle... That boy has claimed everything in a 10 mile radius (and we all know how lil boy dogs claim things).. he's all, acting like the boss too... trying tell me when i can sleep and when i should play with him... i'm not going to need a hair cut if that boy dont quit chewing on my ears..

He's got me affraid to take a nap.. Pop's caught him trying to CLAIM my head.. now he did get the finger shook at him then..

But all in all, life is Pawesome.. i have settled in well .. got real involved in my work.. Digging.. I am a destruction worker.. yep, my job to dissasemble things.. Im best at napkins, but not too bad at Table legs either..
..but we're thinking about getting a full geniology thingee, cause some around here are sure i have gopher in my blood.. (Hey if we find out it's true-do i get to dig.. cause it's in my genes?) just curious..
which i am .. very curious.. if it moves..I am On it.. One day i am a grey hound...Zoom Zoom Zooming around the track.. the next day a Fox Hound, treeing them squirelee foxes.. i am sure in time i will chill...shhhhhh don't tell Pop's it's not going to happen... He thinks with age i will slow down some.. ahahahhaah

anyways.. i have lots and lots of fun here.. plenty to do and see... Love my walks and grooming.. dig the family and the back yard.. NO I mean I realy Dig the Back Yard.. Did i mention i dig.. lol

OK, enough rambling on.. his royal hinny said it's time to go entertain him.. so off to see if my hole is deep enough to hide him in... heehee.. Just kidding

well, being bro to Rascal is cool, and i have made lots of Dogster Pals of my own.. so for now i will just say
I Dig Ya' and look foprward to more fun..Get ready, we got's lots of energy to burn

WooHoo.. have a pawsome summer time!

Lil' Boogie


I was Love Tagged

July 14th 2007 8:43 am
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WooHoo I was Tagged and Smilling all the way to Diary Writting Place.. Heehee

Woke up this morn with a Boogie in my step and i had mail... Was Love Tagged

(Here it is- the newest craze going around Dogster! It's called "You are loved!" Here's how it goes: Pick 3 dogsters who you think are just fantastic and tell a little about why you feel that they are so pawsome! Be sure to tell them how much they are loved with a p-mail or a rosette! Isn't it hard to pick only 3? )

So I was Tagged By My Great friend Roswell.. Big Doggie..HUGE Heart.. I luvs ya too Roswell..

Thank You Very Much fur Making my day so special today.. You are pawesome..

How cool to take the time to make someone elses day a little brighter.. Lets go do it fur someone else... WooHoo

My Great Friend




My First Diary Entry.. Let's Boogie

July 14th 2007 8:34 am
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Hello Pals and Friends and Dogster/Catsters... How's ya day? Hope ya' got a lil' Boogie in your step and a song in ya heart..

Lets see.. Life when ya' Boogie..

Hi I am Boogie..
New Son of the Infamous "Pop's"
New Bro of the Ornery one Rascal B. Ornery
..and a Gift from the Special Angel Joker

I came to live with my new Furever family a few months ago but just now getting to write.. I will keep it short and simple to start off with.. I Love my new Family.. I was the Runt of my litter and from my fur mom's first litter, so i had to be fed by another Mother.. I was little and a little skiddish (shy)

Somewhere in Oklahoma this wonderful Pup (Joker) had to go to Rainbow Bridge to make the Angels smile.. It was very hard on his Family..This Guy Pop's.. wasnt doing well with missing his Joker, so a Friend.. (a Dogster Friend & Real Friend too) Decided to make his heart hurt a little less.. She Called Pops and Had a Surprise Fur Him..Sent him to My Place to see me...

The first I saw was a Ole' Schnauzer looking Man 6' Tall and Looking Gruff... The First that I heard was the Voice of two Angels.. 1 from Angel Joker that said Love Him , He will Love you too.. And the second voice was from the 6' Scnauzer looking man.. the voice of love and compassion that wanted all the doggies at my place to come home with him..ahahahahaah

But when he left he had me, and i was soooooo happy.. untill

I got to the car.. YIKES.. there was too Monsters and a Dust Rag with Legs..
Dallas (Monster #1) (Boxer/Hero Mix)
Sassy Girl (Lovely Boxer)
& Rascal B. Ornery (Shih Tzu)

My new Family.. and i was so brave.. i wee'd all over Pop's just to show him I was Happy.. ahahahahaha

But things were great, I got 100 Doggie Kisses from my new family and since then i have got 1000's more..

I am the shy one while warming up to being in this Pack, but am just now starting to instigate instead of waiting to be Slobber Kissed..

My new Furever Family is Pawesome

They Put me on Dogster the first day and since I have made some Just Crazy Great Pals and new Friends.. It is just Groovy..To Quote my Big Bro Rascal..

Have bunches of great stories to tell and hope to get a few computer minutes frequently to do so.. Untill then I dig Pals and Friends so lets Do It.. Be Pals and Share the Smiles with all we see... Lets Boogie!

Have a pawesome day and Smile along the way

Boogie, Boo, Boog, Woog

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