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It all started about 7 years ago in January

How to win the love tag game----By Rosie

August 9th 2007 1:11 pm
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My boyfriend Maxi love tagged me! I am supposed to tag 10 pups and tell each one why I love them. Well as it turns out I really do love all dogs that are smaller than me and most others too! Well that posed a slight problem in that who ever I left out is gonna feel real bad, so I desided that there are so many things about Maxi that I love I am just gonna tag him 10 times. Well that means that he has to tag 10 pups for each time he is tagged. That equalls 100 don't it!!! 1.Considerate- I love Maxi cause he is so considerate, he always thinks to ask me if I am hungery! Food is my passion. 2.Playful-I love the way Maxi is always playful like a puppy! 3.Cute- I love Maxi cause he is as cute as a button! He is all compact and just adorable 4.Fun- I love Maxi cause he is just a fun little trickster! 5.Caring- I love Maxi cause he always takes time to care for others! 6.Tiny- I love Maxi cause he is tiny like a little puppy that won't ever grow up!!! 7. Kind- I love Maxi cause he is always kind to all the pups!!! 8.Funny- I love Maxi cause he makes everyone laugh, he is really a card!! 9.Different-I love Maxi cause he is soooooo different than all the other pups I know. I just never know what to expect from him!!! 10. Package deal- I love Maxi cause he is all of these things and more. He is small, playful and cute like the puppy I never had! and he is kind, caring, & considerate like a boyfriend should be!!I got all these wonderful things in one little package! Life is grand.


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