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It all started about 7 years ago in January

I got tagged by my pal Duffy ~ Halloween Tag

October 21st 2009 5:42 pm
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1. What Costume?? Your pawrents are taking you out Trick or Treating! They're both ready in their costumes, but you're still stuck in your room choosing yours! Gotta hurry! What do you do?

a. Just grab a random costume and put it on! Who cares?? You know you always look good in any outfit!
b. Take your time and just find the purfect costume! Mom and Dad can wait, can't they?
c. Run to your pawrents and go trick or treating without any costume at all! Anyways, still got my fur.
Answer fur me: c. Run to your pawrents and go trick or treating without any costume at all! Anyways, still got my fur so it aint like I am nude!

2. Sugar Rush! Looks like you caught the eye of the person at the first stop! She thinks you're so adorable she decided to let you choose the candy you want! What do you pick?

a. CHOCOLATE!!! It may not be good fur pups, but it's so worth it!
b. Cherry Lollipops, makes me look sassy!
c. Bubblegum! I just wuv the bubbles!
Answer fur me: Cherry Lollipops, makes me look sassy!

3. Scary Monster!!! Oh noes! There's a huge scary monster on your front porch! Of course, you gotta protect your pawrents somehow! How will you do it?

a. Growl at the thing. Might be even be afraid of you!
b. Push your pawrents aside and run along with them! It's best that you're all safe.
c. Hide behind your pawrents. They're stronger, and not to mention braver, let them do the work.
Answer fur me: A. Only I would pee on it!

4. Opinions?? So, what did you think about this game?
I had fun thanks Duffy!
Off to tag some of my furriends now! I am tagging Toby, Reba, Holly


How to win the love tag game----By Rosie

August 9th 2007 1:11 pm
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My boyfriend Maxi love tagged me! I am supposed to tag 10 pups and tell each one why I love them. Well as it turns out I really do love all dogs that are smaller than me and most others too! Well that posed a slight problem in that who ever I left out is gonna feel real bad, so I desided that there are so many things about Maxi that I love I am just gonna tag him 10 times. Well that means that he has to tag 10 pups for each time he is tagged. That equalls 100 don't it!!! 1.Considerate- I love Maxi cause he is so considerate, he always thinks to ask me if I am hungery! Food is my passion. 2.Playful-I love the way Maxi is always playful like a puppy! 3.Cute- I love Maxi cause he is as cute as a button! He is all compact and just adorable 4.Fun- I love Maxi cause he is just a fun little trickster! 5.Caring- I love Maxi cause he always takes time to care for others! 6.Tiny- I love Maxi cause he is tiny like a little puppy that won't ever grow up!!! 7. Kind- I love Maxi cause he is always kind to all the pups!!! 8.Funny- I love Maxi cause he makes everyone laugh, he is really a card!! 9.Different-I love Maxi cause he is soooooo different than all the other pups I know. I just never know what to expect from him!!! 10. Package deal- I love Maxi cause he is all of these things and more. He is small, playful and cute like the puppy I never had! and he is kind, caring, & considerate like a boyfriend should be!!I got all these wonderful things in one little package! Life is grand.


love tagged

July 20th 2007 10:10 am
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I was tagged by Maxi so now I have to pick 3 doggies I love and say why 1. I just love Dozer cause he is a great friend, a great dance partner, he plays well with others, but most of all he's alot of fun and reminds me of my adopted brother that was poisined. 2.i love Miss Dixie Monroe she is bunches of fun I like goin' to her club and I like the way Molly goes there and I get a break from young hyper sis. 3. Bailey I love Bailey cause she is my best friend!!!!!


I got tagged so here goes

May 23rd 2007 6:38 pm
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1. I like to stand on my front legs and stick but but up in the air to pee 2. I smile and stomp my feet when I want something 3. I only bark about 1 time a year 4. I love food, lots of food 5. I like to crap in the mean neighbor's yard 6. I will protect my mom with my life 7. I love to play with Muffin's babies My 7 doggies I am tagging are 1. Gizmo 2. Molly Grace 3. Madalaine 4. Nomex 5. Bella 6. Clyde Patches 7. Ginny Lynn


I was saved

April 28th 2007 9:53 am
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I was looking for food in a big empty feild in the cold winter rain. 48 is real cold for here and with the wind off the bay it really feels cold. A Pick up was coming down the road and it suddenly stopped. A very tall lady jumped out and ran over to me and said are you lost? I was never ever as happy as this! Ijumped up as high as i could , she caughtm me and wrapped me up in her coat and took me to her house. She bathed me, I had fleas so bad that the bath water was blood red, my skin stretched tightly over my bones, you could county them all. She fixed me some food, then she introduced me to Chewey a 19 year old Boston Terrier she had just rescued from a pound about 3 or 4 months earlier. We liked each other from the start. He was fixed, so I had no worries. Mom and Dad looked for my owner thinking I may have been lost, but nobody ever put up a flier or anything. No ads nothing. Then after about 4 months when I was getting fat and happy a lady gave a man a ride to our house so he could get Dad to come fix his truck. That lady looked at me and said I know her, and I am really happy that you have her now. Mom asked where I came from She would not tell her, just that they had teenagers who tied fireworks to my legs. and lots of other stuff they didn't hardly feed me and threw me out. They were really mean to me according to that lady. She said do not ever let her go back. At that time Dad said noway will they get her back now! I been with them evey sense and I always will be till death do us part!

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