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A Day In The Life Of Reena

Starting my day

April 13th 2007 4:17 pm
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First off, a good yawn. Then some slurpping licks to the inner thigh. Then... a big stretch before I head to the kitchen to see what mom has instore for breakfast. Forget the is leaving for work...she has cookies...jump, jump, jump, get her attention...I'm ready for my cookies.
Yeah...goodbye mom...just give me the treats.
Crunch them down, outside to pee, back to the breakfast plate...yawn..
back to bed until someone comes around to bark at.


Getting old sucks

February 1st 2013 1:39 pm
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Reena is getting up there in age and is starting to show signs of dementia and other behaviors. Separation axiety, afraid of the dark, snubbing her food. It's sad to see her get older...but we still love her no matter what.


Doggy Demensia???

May 8th 2013 8:43 am
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If you think dogs can't get the same diseases people can, you're wrong. Reena was diagnosed with Demensia in January of 2013. She went through spells of anxiety, fear, anger, confusion and was not herself during those spells. Once it started, it continued to only get worse. We tried medications both presription and natural remedies to try to help calm her...nothing worked. It wasn't until she started to get very agressive during these "spells" that I got really worried for our saftey. I tried everything to calm her but when she would start attacking me, her mom and best friend, I knew it was bad. We had to finally put her down as I and the family could no longer watch her suffer through these boughts. I will miss her and lover her for all my days.

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Reena - RIP 4/23/2013


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