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I went to the Rainbow Bridge .....

January 15th 2008 12:20 pm
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Thanks so much.....*tears*

My last two days...

Things went so wrong real minute she was fine the next she was throwing up. I started her on the raw diet Friday. She seems to enjoy it. Plus she got her very first bone that day. Raw. Saturday pretty much the same...she was happy looked really good......I gave her her raw meat Sunday mid morning she was fine...later as a treat I gave them both dried beef heart as a treat.....shortly after that she started throwing up. So I thought it might have been the dried beef heart not agreeing with her.......from that point on she went down hill. She threw up all that day....we went to bed around 11
she didn't threw up all night but when we got up around 6 am she started again . Monday she wasn't good. She would just stand in one spot and stare....or sit and stare. The vomiting continued through out the morning into the afternoon. She would get drinks....but wouldn't take any food. She did go out and pee but no poop...she started to get into the position twice to poop but part way down she stood back up and would stare and not move. I called the vet and they wanted her there by 1:30...I called them back and said I needed to wait until after 4:00 so that the boys could say their good byes. I have a 14 and 12 year old great nephews I've been raising for the last four years. Plus my grand daughter who will be 20 also lives with me. She was at work and wanted me to wait to say her goodbyes. She got off an hour early to be here. My son, who is the real owner of Faith but when he got married 3-4 years ago left Faith here because I didn't want her to son is 30. He took off work and drove almost an hour to be here for Faith.
She was taken to the vet around 4:15 and was put down soon after. My son and granddaughter are the ones who took Faith to the vet to be put down. They brought Faith back from the vets wrapped in a nice bag that the vet gave them. In the mean while the two boys went out back and dug her resting place. Before we put her into the ground we brought her body into the house so that Dayzee, Rufas and Butterscotch could see and smell her and know where she was. They knew right away.....we then all went to put her in the ground, said our prayers and returned to the house.
The saddest thing is Dayzee just lay all the rest of the day on the couch or her bed looking so sad and even shaking. We covered her with a blanket and just stayed with her. She was a shadow to Faith.....always looking to Faith to see what to do or where to go....
I have to share with you something so least to me. It was Faiths, her pleasure, to get the news paper every day. The 12 year old would cross the street to get it and bring it to the driveway , then Faith would run and get it from him and bring it to me. I would hold Dayzees collar and she would watch Faith everyday bring in the newspaper. When Faith would get to the door Dayzee would take it from her. Well, yesterday when Faith was so bad and couldn't get the paper we decided to try Dayzee......she ran out , got the paper just like Faith and brought it to me . Faith had taught her yet another trick.
As Faith lay on the floor and I was petting her and gently talking to her, Dayzee came over, looked at her and walked over to where her bone was and brought it over and placed it on Faiths side and walked away. I was so moved by her action. You see, Dayzee just doesn't share or give her bone to anyone....except me . Her act with the bone told me the time was near.
I know we all think we have THE best dog in the whole world......but I know for a fact We DID have the best dog in the whole wide world. Who is and will forever be missed.
Our house is strangely quiet......


Life is good...

July 22nd 2007 7:23 am
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July 22, 2007

Life is good.....I can still out run Dayzee. BOL But only for a short time.
Have a wonderful day.


One day at a time.

July 2nd 2007 5:09 pm
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July 2, 2007

As time goes by it's becoming harder to breath. My Lady says my tongue isn't as red any more. The vet says it will continue to get lighter as my oxygen level decreases. But I can still out run Dayzee when she takes the frisbee from me. Even if it's just for a short distence.
My Lady had to get more medication today for me. My heart pills and some potassium powder. Seems the water pills I'm taking has caused my potassium level to lower.
I'm getting crankier and don't want to be bothered by Dayzee or any other pups. But Dayzee doesn't seem to mind. She takes it all in stride. She's gotten used to my growling and fussing. Got to hand it to her, most would be staying away from me. But not her, she just snuggles up to me and chewes on her chewy. BOL I know she loves me.



May 15th 2007 7:09 pm
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Well, it's been awhile since I made an entry so here goes.
May 15th, 2007
As you can see I am still here. March 19th I was told I had 3 months or less. I've already used up 2 months and still going. That makes my family real happy. Training Dayzee is getting harder as she gets bigger. She is trying to sass me now, you know, flex her muscils. She really looks up to me though and just can't be away from me. If I go out alone, you know, so I can have some time alone without her jumping and bitting my ears and stuff, when I can back in she's all over me scolding me for not taking her. BOL She's so cute. My Lady is still sleeping on the couch with us. Although she would realllllly like to sleep back in her bed. This way we don't bother the man who has to get up for work early.
Mother's Day was very exciting as our BIG sister had her furbabies. 10 of the. WOW! Her name is * Princess* from Sharon if you want to check out her furbabies.
That's all for now.



April 22nd 2007 7:03 am
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April 22, 2007
Well, I really gave my Lady a bad scare at 1:30 am. Like I said before my Lady sleeps with her hand on my belly most of the night to make sure I am still breathing. Well, I haven' been well the last couple of days and she is watching me real close. We have been outside getting lots of fresh air and some sun. I think I have over done it because now when I try to get up I'm having some trouble and I started to shake. Any way, last night when she felt me I was cold and not moving.......or breathing I guess. She hurries to get her glasses and slippers on to get me when I guess I woke up and looked at her. I did hear her say, "Oh God, no"...... but as you see, I am still here. Geesh! She is making me nervous. ha ha ha. I really need to be here a little longer to help my little Dayzee more. She is doing so good.....except for some reason she is getting her potty training backwards now....she plays outside then comes in to potty. What's up with that? Anyone out there have any suggestions for my Lady? If we could just get that right I'd feel better for my Lady. But we remember she is only 10 weeks old.
Have a wonderful and blessed day......we are. Faith



April 15th 2007 7:11 am
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April 15, 2007
After not wanting to eat for the last two weeks my "Lady" got me some new food. Guess what? I liked it and had a bowl. Not a lot but some. Hey, it's a start. Now My 'Lady" feels better. My new sister Dayzee is doing real good. She's a fast learner. Just when my " Lady" thought she couldn't keep up with the training because of her health and thought she couldn't keep her I had a little talk with Dayzee and now she's back on track. I told you she was smart.
I am blessed with another day......



April 14th 2007 6:08 am
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April 14, 2007
I am still here. Praise my Lord! I had a pretty good day yesterday. I seem to be able to breath better the past few days. Could be my new meds. My "Lady" is still holding out for a miracle...... :)



April 13th 2007 7:14 am
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Today is April 13, 2007
I have been blessed with a wonderful family. I started out being the sons dog but as he grew,found a wife and moved out the mother of the son couldn't part with me so now she is my keeper. She is older and I watch over her. She also needs more time to get this Dogster site right. ha ha ha. She does catch on pretty easy though. We just found out on March 19th that my heart is very bad and I don't have much time left to take care of my "Lady". So we went and got a new "care taker" for her so she won't be so sad when I take my journey. Her name is Dazee. She is still very young but she will be just fine for my "Lady". My "Lady" is very good to me. She has even started sleeping on the couch so she can be real close to me. She says it's because of training Dazee but I know the real reason. Her hand stays on my side most of the night to make sure I am still breathing. She worries so.....

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