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Dayzee Dayz

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May 23rd 2007 12:17 pm
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Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary!!!

Lets see now. Dayzee has to tell 7 things about myself. humm...

1) I was a resue puppy (boy am I glad my mommy got me)

2) I have the best gramp paw.......can you guess who he is? (he's from dogster)

3) My cousin * Princess* had 10 puppies on Mother's Day.

4) I will be getting my spay done June 11th plus they are taking my last toe and the bone on the side of my foot off that day. Ouch!!

5) I am almost 4 months old now.

6) I am learning how to catch my food when it's tossed to me.

7) I sleep with my mommy on the couch...when I am completely house trained I can go upstairs to sleep & mommy can have her bed back.

Now for my 7 pales: Haylee, Misty,Summer,Fancy, Spot, Amber and 10 Ohio puppies


Dayzee Dayz

June 11th 2007 7:47 am
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June 11th, 2007

Well, today is my surgery to be spayed and have my right outside toe removed along with the bone that connects to it. I'm really nervous. My poor older "Lady" had to carry me into the vets. With her bad back I feel sorry for her. I know my Dogster friends are praying for me but I am still really scared. (shaking)


After my surgery

June 18th 2007 11:54 am
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June 12th, 2007.Tuesday.
Well, I feel pretty good. Had a ruff day after the surgery but bounced right back Tuesday.
I wasn't aloud to run on my foot for at least 3 days but I didn't listen. I LOVE to run. I just got to run....well, I hurt my foot. Silly me. When I ran I fell down and started licking my foot. There is a bandage around it but OUCH!!!
By Thursday my foot looked a little bigger on the bottem. By Saturday I had some wetness coming through the bandage. Today, Monday, I am going to the vets here shortly to have it checked out. My mommy is concerned. She's afraid to see it with the bandage off. She doesn't know what to expect. We are praying it's ok.


After surgery

June 27th 2007 4:36 pm
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June 27, 2007

I am all healed from both my surgeries. I had an infection start in my foot but some antibioics and I was good to go.
I am growing so much. Almost 40 lbs. Can you believe that? I am already as tall as Faith at 4 1/2 months. Mommy would like some baulk on me but that may come later. I'm too active to keep any weight on.
I'm learning so many new tricks. Fetch, shake, sit, catch my food, sit and down, and down and crawl. I have trouble staying because I'm so hyper. BOL But we are working on it.
Thats it for now.



July 19th 2007 8:57 am
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July 19th 2007
RULES: Pick 3 three of your good pals, bark the reason why you think they're great! Then send them a pmail or rosette with: "you've been tagged / read my diary for the rules" message. List the pup who tagged you in the entry header.

1) Misty, as she has always been there to help Dayzee with Dogster stuff and incourage me. Hello Mistys mommy.

2) Biscotte, has become Dayzees good friend and her mommy loves me to. Hello my new mommy friend.

3) Katie May, who I have gotten to know and love because of her devotion and love of dogs and try to find homes for them.


Dayzee Dayz

July 19th 2007 7:39 pm
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July 19th 2007

Hey check out my new bike. Frankie had his mom fix me up. Now all I need is a bandana and I'm good to go. Thank you Frankies mom. So nice of you.
As I look at my picture I think....hummm, I look like a dude. BOL I can't wait to grow up more and look like a young lady. But for now I will just enjoy my youth. My day will come. I have plenty of time. Candy said she would help me when I'm ready to wear dresses, make up , nail polish, and some bling. She knows lots about such things.
I think I'm going to go play dress up now.......


I think some pup is interested in me...

July 22nd 2007 7:28 am
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July 22,2007

Good day to you all,
I'm so excited, I think this very handsome pup is interested in little ol me. I can't believe it. I know I'm growing up but didn't expect it so soon. Well wish me luck. hee hee


I'm sad now....

July 24th 2007 12:16 pm
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July 24, 2007

Well, scratch one almost boyfriend......I must have scared him away. Oh well, I have lots of time yet. And just when I was starting to come back down to earth from the excitment. Pheew!! So many emotions . I know....when the next pup comes a long I'll play it cooler. I'll be older and maybe know how to handle it better.
Well, thanks for listening. La la lalala la....



July 28th 2007 12:31 pm
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Here are the rules of the game!

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

1) I was adopted on April 1st, 2007, at 8 weeks
2) I still sleep on the couch with my mommy.
3) June 11th I had my last toe removed on my right paw.
4) I have lots of wonderful friends on Dogster
5) I have a male pup on Dogster who likes me.
6) I am learning lots of tricks. Sit, shake, down, crawl, catch food thrown at me, fetch and play frisbee.
7) I try to talk and sometimes some like I say..."mama"

Now to pick 7 friends...
1) Mischa
2) Sheylee
3) Roxie
4) Catfish
5) Logan
6) Buster
7) Princess


Growing Pains

August 15th 2007 8:31 am
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Augest 15, 2007

I've been having some trouble lately with limping. My Lady has been keeping an eye on me and I was getting really bad. I looked like a very old pup that had trouble walking. I went to the vets yesterday and to our surprize I have a pretty serious problem. Seems I am growing too fast and it is affecting my long bones in my legs. The vet explained it like there are holes in my bones from not being able to keep up with my growing.The vet also said I wasn't over weight at all. That most large breed dogs have this problem. It's very painful. Good news is that it is treatable but it will take along time. I am 6 months old and I weigh 52.1 pounds. I have to take meds until I am 18 months old. Then I should be good as new. My Lady was so sad because I had all but stopped running and playing for very long. And because Faith isn't doing so well and now me she just wasn't sure if she was going to lose both of us.
Compared to most poor pups I am fine. I thank my Heavenly Father for watching over us.
Have a blessed day.
I know I am.
Puppy kisses

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