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Sex: Female   Weight: 12 lbs.

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Pie, Pider, Sugar Bear, Pumpkin Pie

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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
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April 15th 1998


Playing, sleeping, and me

Zeke..she hisses at him every chance she gets

Favorite Toy:
A leather thong

Favorite Nap Spot:
Fleece blanket on the end of the bed...fleece blankie on the couch

Favorite Food:
Most anything

Catching her leather thong in mid air....fastest paws in the midwest


Arrival Story:
I went to Harmony House to select a friend. As I was holding one of the cats, Pie tapped me on the shoulder. She looked at me as if to say, hey, what about me. I looked at the others on the second and third floor, but my mind was on her. As if to seal the deal, she was waiting in the kitchen and when I came down the stairs, she jumped into my arms. Needless to say, I took her home with me.

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Tortietude? Yep I have it!!

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Purring for my little friend, Madi





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Pie's Mewsings

America stands for freedom

September 10th 2010 7:13 pm
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I was just reading the Catster/Dogster TOS. What a contradiction it seems to me it is. I mean we have so many who have given their lives in order for all of us to have freedom of speech. And, on the eve of 9/11, I am particularly proud to be an American cat. We had relatives of friends who lost their lives on that day. My mom and several other Catster moms served their country in the military. Lives were lost in guaranteeing that we have of which is freedom of speech.
I'm very sad tonight that the community that I love and have been a part of for a few years has taken away one of my intrinsic rights.
I have several issues with what is posted as the TOS. You better read this may be gone in moments.

I am taking several parts of the TOS here:
"We do not allow ads that are deceptive"
Define deceptive....Is it our advertiser's products are good for your animals. It is a fact that they have sickened or killed. One need only to visit the website
You violate your own policy.

"We also do not allow statements that will insult, belittle or discourage other users who may use or be considering that advertiser's product or service."
God forbid we should inform others, who may not be as informed as some of us as to the nature of the said advertiser's product. So, it is a Catster crime to give people information and let them make an informed decision about an advertiser's product.

"We do allow civil discussion (as determined by Dogster Inc and our moderators) as long as it is helpful, informational and kind."
You contradict yourselves. As long as the discussion serves your purpose and and free speech be damned! Pet food recalls and info that people may have about what has affected their pets seems to me would fall into your "kind" category. I think it is kind to let someone know what could sicken or kill their pet. That would seem to be the purpose of a site that is supposedly dedicated to cats and dogs. Not everyone has access to info about the food their pets eat. So, I guess "kind" is a relative term....YOUR terms.

"if you like our sites and like using them, it's our term of our service that you publicly treat advertisers, their customers and an advertiser's presence here with civility and respect." And what about treating us the same way. What about treating those who have lost pets to the tainted and poisoned products of your advertisers with a little respect? Respect is not is earned. Some of us who are informed do not give respect to the companies that kill or poison our babies. They have not earned it. How about respecting us? We spend hard earned money to pay for Plus memebership and zealies. I guess we have no right to respect?

I have loved Catster and the many friends I have made here. I have cried for those we have heart breaks for those we still may lose in the future. Shame on you, Catster for making money the uppermnost thing. We are not asking for anything but the freedom to speak our minds...yet you seem to be taking that away. It is indeed a sad day. Are your advertisers so thin skinned that they cannot take a bit of well deserved criticism? I guess we must be hitting too close to home for them, eh? They don't want the word out I suppose. But, we will keep on speaking..and I suppose keep on being censored. It is something that we have to is unconscionable not to.

Just think about this:

In Germany they first came for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me —
and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Pastor Martin Niemöller

Personally, I will not be silent. This is America.


Justice for Eve!

February 17th 2010 2:54 pm
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My dear furrend Scarlet posted a most important diary entry. She is so articulate that I "stole" it and am reporting it too. Please dear furrends, it is very important that Angel Eve's death not be in vain.

From our dear Angel Scarlett:

All the Bridge Angels were celebrating today because the Cat's Meow featured our darling Angel Eve!!! Her story has touched the hearts of caring people around the world. Quite an accomplishment for one little kitten!

Meowmy wanted me to post an update. She and Mommy Terry, along with friends and supporters of Eve's, have written to the government officials mentioned below. As of today, they have received a total of 0 responses. It seems Eve's mommies and their furriends are being ignored by those in a position to help improve the situation at Okefenokee Humane Society.

In Eve's memory, all the Bridge Angels are asking any of you who can to contact these people, asking for an inquiry into Eve's case and conditions at OHS. If enough voices are raised, perhaps we will be heard. We'll be sprinkling angel dust for luck!!!

Tommy Irvin, GA State Agriculture Commissioner:

Mary Green, Head of Animal Protection at GA Dept.of Agriculture
(Note: The email link is no longer working. Perhaps a FAX or phone call would be even more effective.)
Tele: (404) 656-4914
Fax: (404) 463-8195


Thank you all so very much!!!

July 13th 2009 4:48 pm
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Wow...I know that I'm way behind in getting to this. I was COTW and then mom went to meet other Catster moms and was gone several days. I've been trying to get her to get my thank you's out. But, we've both come to the realization that trying to get personal notes out is an overwhelming task.
I was so proud of the wonderful honor that Catster gave me. And, what made it more special was having so many wonderful friends to share it with. I was truly humbled by all the rosies, pmails and concatulations that I received...WOW! I wish that I could give each and every one of you a huge hug. You all are so very dear to me and I'm blessed to call you my friend. So without further ado.....a big heartfelt thank you goes out to the following cats. Those of you not listed here, I probably already thanked personally. And, if I miss any of you, please forgive me. It's not meant to be a slight, it's just mom trying to do too many things at once...
Junior Fluffkins, Bob, Issac, Princess Sophie & family, Senna & family,
Buddie & family, Callie Rose and family, Beloved Angel Amelia, Morgan the Pirate Gato, Flower and family, Wally, Oly and family, Apollo, Dancing Coconut Kisses & family, Scooter (my angel friend from OF's),
Chai Latte and family, Jazzi, Lilly, Madi and family, Arnold P, Scooter PAWS, Edgar and family, Muppet, Karma Kitty and family, Hooch, Tabby and family, Shadow and family, Misha, Rascal, Isis and family,
Emily Beatrice and family, Cathy, Bee Jay and family, Kingsley and family, Ginnger, Sparky, Maggie and Rudy, Smokey, Kaci sunshine and family, Henry, Starr and family, Paisan and family, Dusty Miller and family, Mr.Sam, Maxwell, Alex, Annie and Bugsy, Hazel and family,
Macallan and family, Jasper and family, Rufus, Lilly *PAWS*, Kit

You're all wonderful and I thank you ever so much for helping to make my week a very special one.

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