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I'm not sure I like having another bichon in the House

We are a happy trio now.

October 26th 2007 2:42 pm
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Hi everyone in Bichon Land and on Dogster. I just wanted you all to know that we are really happy now. Neksi is happy as teh only bPharaoh Hound in the house. She is always wagging her tail and always has her ears up and alert. Our trainer Keith is very glad she is not so downtrodden.
Luka came into the house and I got my nose out of joint. I now understand why Neksi wanted to be the only Pharaoh Hound, because I wasn't happy to share my "Bichon-most-ness" in the house. Luka has grown bigger and he is a worthy opponent now. You know the most fun?
I flip Luka onto his back and then I sit on him. But get this: my butt is on his chest and my tail across his face. I pin him down with my front legs on his back legs. Luka is a sturdy boy, so I don't hurt him. But...
He's figured out that he can bite my butt if he strains his head forward. That HURTS! and makes me jump off of him.
That usually starts a Bichon Blitz. The Indy 500 has nothing on us. We pick a course and off we go.
Neksi gets into the act too. I know we really get her hunting instinct going when we Blitz, but she can't keep up with us and she certainly can't fit in all the places we race (like under coffee tables and through end tables). Mom never lets Neksi get too strong with us. She's more afraid of her hurting us than we are.
So, life is good. We have new landscaping with GRASS that is yummy to eat and fun to roll in. There is a cool water feature with a pond. I climb the 4 foot high rocks like I'm a mountain goat (Luka's not as brave as me). I fell in once! I got indignant because Mom laughed and laughed. It was NOT funny and I was all wet. I got even...I ran through the dirt and then ran into the house. Laugh at me, will you? ha! The yard has lots of places to jump up onto for sunbathing. The only sad thing is that the view fence now has chicken wire on it because Luka got out once. Now the bunnies don't have that way into the yard...but they still come in under the two gates. It's fun chasing them.
Have I told you I hunt like a Pharaoh Hound, yipping and jumping stright up into the air? I hunt lizards with Neksi, too. I'm not as brave with the snakes.
Luka and I share a crate together. Mom calls it Maricopa County Jail! She will post a photo of us.
Hugs and wiggles!


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