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The Quintessential Golden

January 24th 2010 9:52 am
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Hi pals,

I had a good week with no problems whatsoever, so I'll be going for treatment next Thursday.

We had alot of rain and thunderstorms, but I still got to go on walks. One day when we thought there was a break in the weather, Dad and I went out and the thunderstorms started so we stood under a big pine tree for a little while but still came home soaking wet! Storms don't bother me so I thought it was alot of fun.

Mom was thinking of maybe getting me a rain slicker but Dad said I don't need a rain slicker! We saw my pal Casey and his Dad on one rainy day and he didn't have a rain slicker so I think I am okay without one.

My pal Hershey was Dog of the Day this past week and I was one of the winner's in my pal Dog's Noun Hound contest, and today my kitty brother Enzo is Cat of the Day!

We also baked cookies this week, as you can see from the photo on my page. We used Howard's recipe but couldn't find the grapefruit seed extract so left it out. They are really yummy, and I make sure I clean up all the crumbs when I eat one!

A few years ago, I posted a link to my Dog Daddy's page so I thought I would post it again. I really haven't kept up with what he's up to, but I sure do look alot like him, except that I'm much larger. He and my Dog Mommy are also in one of my videos. Thank you, Daddy Cairo and Mommy Annie for bringing me into this world!

CH. Sherwoods's Prince of Egypt (Cairo)

Since I was purchased as a family vs a show dog, I couldn't really register my name using the word Sherwood, so my parents made one up for me, The Quintessential Golden, Quincy for short, so that's how I got my name. Pretty cool, huh?

We are all happy that I'm celebrating my 6th birthday and that YOU are my pals!



Week 14 - Chemotherapy

January 14th 2010 7:05 pm
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Before I paw my next paragraph, I want to say that I'm still in complete remission and doing good!

Dr. Shaw discovered a little cyst near my right abdomen/chest today during my physical exam. It's the size of a garbanzo bean. BOL! It was aspirated and there was only blood, so that was a good thing. We'll be monitoring it for any changes and I'll be getting Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) pills this week at home just like I have before. Then I go back for treatment in a couple of weeks for another "reduced" dosage of Vincristine because it was after that drug that my white blood cell count got so low I couldn't be treated at the next visit. Plus, I had those heaving episodes.

We are really pleased with how thorough Dr. Shaw and the staff have been with my treatment and the great job they're doing looking out for me.

Oh, did I tell you I've been dieting and lost five pounds? I think it's that little bit of running I've been doing with Mom at night and the canned unsalted green beans I've been getting with half a can of wet food instead of a whole can, and my kibble. I'm a big boy and losing some weight will be good for my hips!

Happy boy,


Recipe for Peamutt Butter Barkers!

January 10th 2010 10:10 pm
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Roscoe asked for the recipe, so here it is. Mom and I will have fun baking some!

4 cups rye flour
1 cup oatmeal
1 tablespoon oatbran
2 cups peanut butter
2 tablespoons honey
8 drops grape fruit seed extract
1 cup water or broth

Mix the flour, oatmeal and oatbran, then add the rest of the ingredients. Dough should not be sticky. Then roll it out thin; if you don't roll it out thin, then they will not turn out good, crunchy, and hard. After you roll it out, then you can cut it with the cookie cutters of your choice. Place them on a pan, and bake at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes, maybe a little longer, just make sure after 10 minutes to flip them over on the other side, then bake them for another 5-10 minutes. Take them out of the oven and leave them sitting on top of the oven for about 30 minutes. Makes about four dozen 2-inch cookies.


**I spent the day relaxing while Mom cleaned litter boxes. I'm sure glad I don't have to do my business in a box! We went for our evening walk and I seemed more excited than usual and as soon as we turned the corner Mom realized pal Casey was halfway down the street with his parents! I smelled him from around the corner so we ran to catch up with them.

We all went to the big park by our house instead of the dog park since it was on the way, and Casey and I had fun clobbering each other! We were so worn out afterwards we both went home.

Dad will take me for treatment next Thursday and will be speaking with Dr. Shaw (just for a checkpoint), so I'll write again after my appointment.

Have a great week!



Peamutt Butter Barkers!

January 9th 2010 5:09 pm
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I got a package today from my friend Howard. He sent me some homemade cookies called Peamutt Butter Barkers and even included the recipe. They're made out of yummy stuff like oatmeal, rye flour, oatbran, honey, grape fruit seed extract and of course, peanut butter!

I ate a big piece and it was soooo good! I'm going to have another piece later. I'm a good baker, so I'm going to try the recipe myself!

Mom took me to Pet Club last weekend. It's a big store like Petco and PetSmart but just a little closer to our house. I met a Saint Bernard puppy who was only 4 months old and he was almost as big as me!

We stopped at the dog park on the way home and a young boy and girl walked across the park just to come see me. I usually automatically sit when someone wants to pet me, but I sensed they were young so I rolled on my side to show them I was gentle and got some good belly rubs!

I did a little bit of heaving this past week so we made a note of that on my survey sheet for my next treatment, but I haven't been acting sick. I've been playing with my purple octopus stuffie alot because I like the way it grunts!

I also had a wild dream this past week. My Dad calls it my "wounded bear" cry that echoes throughout the house in the middle of the night!



Week 12 - Chemotherapy

December 31st 2009 2:44 pm
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I've got all kinds of stuff to bark about today!

It was nice to get a week off from treatment, but my white blood cell count was good enough today to get a dose of Vincristine.

Once again, my report says that I looked great today and remain in complete remission but they did reduce my dosage in an effort to avoid recurrence of the severe reduction in my white blood cell count. I am glad my parents and the medical team are looking out for me.

So, during my "week off", you saw that I had my New Year's picture taken! Oh, that was just way too exciting trying to keep those glasses on my face. So exciting that when Mom got down on her knees I started playing with her and pawed a scratch near her eye! She can still see though, thankfully!

A couple of days ago, Mom and I went on a road trip to my cousin's house to meet my cousin Koda for the first time. He's about a year and a half old.

You can see his Dogster page here and a photo of his Mom (one of my Mom's nieces), but they haven't been on Dogster since his page was created.


Anyway, Koda was okay with me at first but then he decided he didn't like me anymore even though I wasn't doing anything, and he started snapping at me. I am not a fighter, thankfully, and I didn't cry but my feelings got hurt so I told Mom I wanted to go home. Koda had to be banned to the garage temporarily and we didn't want him to have to stay there so we thought it was best if we left.

Yesterday, Mom and I went to the dog park. I'm going to add a picture of the dog we saw. Can you say PINK? The owner brought the product he used and wanted to show others to ensure them his dog was not harmed!

Dad came home with a new flashlight hat today! It has a picture of a leash on it with the words, "Who's Walking Who", and he just thinks it's so cool because now he'll be able to see my poop better when he walks me in the mornings when it's dark!

Happy New Year to all my wonderful pals! I sure am grateful that you are part of my life. May your bowls stay full and your life be filled with love, happiness, and good health!



Call me Quin-casso!

December 26th 2009 11:55 am
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My parents bought me three new stuffies and Ive been having a good time making them squeak! The cats have been looking at me like I am crazy!

I also got my first art lesson this morning using my Pup-Casso kit. I think I may have used a little too much paint but I framed my masterpiece for all of you to see! The kit also came with a frisbee toy which I am having lots of fun with.

My pal Hershey sent me a new bandana and a cookie and a bone! I've got a great scarf collection now!

Thanks to my pals for the comments, pawmails, gifts, and cards sent to my house to bring me some holiday cheer!



Merry Christmas!

December 24th 2009 10:58 pm
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I want to wish all my pals and their loved ones a very Merry Christmas! Mom has already started cooking for dinner at my auntie's house and it sure smells good in the kitchen. I told her she could take all the gingercats with her too!

We'll be getting up early to open presents. I wonder if the cats got a new bed I can drag around the house. Pictures will be coming.

I'll be thinking of each of you tomorrow and your angel siblings. It's our first Christmas without Cosmo and the first time my parents have only had one dog in the house, but they say they want to focus their attention on taking care of me so I don't think there's a puppy in one of those boxes under the tree!

Get lots of snuggles with your family!



Week 10 - Chemotherapy and Diary Pick!

December 18th 2009 11:39 am
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Wow, I'm a diary pick today!

Thank you for the comments, pawmails and gifts for being a diary pick, winning a category in the contest, power of the paw, and holiday cheer!

I started a diary entry late last night, but then Mom started to get really sleepy and made me sleepy. She and Dad are off today but both of them have holiday errands to take care of. As a matter of fact, Dad already left to run his errands and as soon as he left, I sat in front of Mom and started crying because I wanted to go do some running too! She told me he'll be back real soon.

My white blood cell count was adequate yesterday, so I received a dose of Andriamycin. Once again, they said I looked great and remain in complete remission, but they always make sure I'm stocked with medicine at home in case I have side effects. And as long as I do well, my treatment schedule will now be every two weeks up through the 26th week of treatment! So, I am back on schedule with the way the Wisconsin-Madison protocol is supposed to work.

I hope you all have a pawsome day! I told Mom she could go run her errands and I won't cry. BOL!



Craziest Tail Winner in the World's Coolest Contest!

December 16th 2009 11:41 pm
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I can hardly believe that I won the Craziest Tail category in this year's contest! Mercy and Enzo, my kitty siblings, also won categories this year. Thanks to the judges for selecting my photo!

Congrats also to my pal Luke Skywalker for winning the Best Friends category. He has a new baby dog brother but also lives with a bunch of cats just like I do!

Dad will be taking me in for treatment tomorrow and hopefully my white blood cell count will be adequate for treatment. I haven't had any unusual episodes since early last week and have been eating and acting just fine, which is what I was doing even when my body was doing something odd!

I'll be updating my diary again tomorrow, but probably in the evening.



Well Groomed!

December 11th 2009 2:41 pm
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Dad and I both got groomed today! The groomer that used to work next door to my regular vet opened her own business called Canine Clips which is very close to our house. It's also right next door to where my Dad gets his haircuts so we both got groomed at the same time! That is convenient!

I got a new Christmas bandanna from the groomer which is much better than getting a bow put on my head, but unfortunately, my Dad's groomer didn't give him one.

My best friend Casey also started going to the same groomer, so I think we should plan our next visit together!


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