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Quincy's Doodles

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Diary Pick!

November 29th 2010 12:10 pm
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I'm one of the diary picks today. Thank you for the congrats that have been sent my way!

I hope all my pals had a great Thanksgiving holiday. No turkey, prime rib, or anything for me because of the added seasoning, but I spent lots of time with Mom and Dad last week.

Last week I took Mom for a walk! I led her to believe we were going to walk the same route around the neighborhood until I decided to pull her towards the sidewalk on the way to the different area she took me a month ago--did she think I forgot? I had her jogging to try to catch up since I was at the end of the retractable leash.

On the way back we stopped at the public park and I found a tennis ball with a hole in it! I bet some nice doggie left that in the grass just for me. I was rolling on my back, kicking my legs up in the air like I often do and next thing you know, I heard two squealing little girls with their mothers walking over to pet me!

Yesterday when Dad opened the closet door I discovered something in there...a blue Kong Wubba! I have a red one already but a new one is always more interesting! I got so excited Mom started following me with the camera but I thought she was going to take Wubba away from me so I started running around the house like a game! All she got was my backside.

As for my eating habits, my body is changing. I can hold food down but the change is how and what I want to eat. I've been getting some "assisted" feeding but not the way you might think. I stand on all fours, tail wagging, waiting to be hand or spoon fed, mostly chicken with regular dog food mixed in. I could eat treats all day if it were allowed.

It's probably the pills and the cancer making me feel this way, but I need the pills, and I need to eat, so at this point we just have to try to find that balance the best we can. Of the new cans of food I tried last week, I seem to like the Halo Spot's Stew the best, so we're going to buy me some more of that in a few different flavors and see how it goes.

Bark at you again soon!



Food critic!

November 24th 2010 3:25 pm
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Dad took me to my appointment very early this morning so they could do a full blood panel, then he went to work and left me at home with Mom and the cats! Mom is off until next Monday.

Dr. Shaw heard about my eating habits this past week, and in case I may still be feeling nauseated I got some new pills to take. He said either that or I'm just holding out for chicken, but every now and then I don't want to eat alot of chicken either! I also lost a couple of pounds.

Mom and I just got home from a nice walk. I found a piece of tortilla hidden in a pile of leaves but Mom got it out of my mouth before I could swallow it. We also sat smack in the middle of the public park on the grass in the sun since it's a little chilly. I did my usual rolling on my back!

When we got home, Dad called because Dr. Shaw called him at work to tell him about my blood results. My white blood cell count is still a little low, and some other number was a little high probably because of my eating habits, but overall there are no big concerns, so I just have to try to hang in there and take my pills. I have another appointment for chemo on December 8th.

So, let me tell you about my job as a food critic! A few days ago, Mom took my regular food which I refused to eat and decided to experiment. She added some rice, fish oil, egg, chicken, and a little peanut butter to it and baked it like cookies! And, I ate all of it! But that only last a couple of days.

Today Mom went to the store and bought different cans of food for me to try but not all at once because we don't want to upset my tummy more if that's part of the problem. I did get to try a can of Halo's Spot Stew though and almost ate a whole can of it, but I don't know if I want that at the next meal!

I'm hungry and they know it because I follow them around in the kitchen and I'll take a treat out of their hands really fast, but I don't think they're having as much fun with this as I am.

Oh, and then there was that love note Dad left for Mom the other morning before he left for work:

Quincy did not eat all his chicken. It's in the bowl in the fridge. See if he will eat it for you.

I ate it, after it was warmed up.

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for my friends, and though I've had a rough couple of weeks, I am glad to be here today.



Life is a bowl full of chicken

November 20th 2010 7:57 pm
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I just wanted to give my pals an update. My lymph nodes have gone down some, but not completely, over the last few days, so a bit of relief for now.

A few days ago when I wrote in my diary, the nodes had gotten so big around my neck it weighed the bottom sides of my mouth down, so you can understand why my parents were so upset. My walks had to be shortened because I would get out of breath and walked slower than usual.

We have to take things day by day though, as I'm breathing a little heavier than normal, but better than a few days ago.

I am still refusing to eat my regular dog food. My parents went out and bought me a couple of different cans of food to try like Taste of the Wild---forget it! Waste of money if you ask me, just give me chicken!

So, I've been eating bowls of freshly cooked chicken, sometimes with rice. Treats and chew bones are good too. The main thing is I have an appetite and act hungry, even if just for chicken. Let's just say I've got my parents trained!

My output has been good and I'm still whopping my tail around. I still whine when my Dad leaves the house and when I hear him pull into the garage I get up and stand by the door waiting to greet him. And, I'm doing much better on my walks and even brought home a couple of tennis balls to add to my collection.

Dad officially starts his new job on Monday and informed them I have a doctor's appointment on the 24th, and the guy said, "No problem, you just take care of Quincy!"

I'm gonna be famous at Dad's new job, you just wait and see!

Oh, and some of my kitties are finalists in the World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show: Pebbles (Captivated Cat), Reebok (Stretch & Yawn), Joy (Craziest Tail), and Melody (two categories, Playful and Daredevil)! I was also very excited to see several of my dog pals in the finals and wish them all good luck!

Thanks for your continued prayers as I can still use them.



CCNU Treatment

November 17th 2010 7:00 pm
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On Monday, my output went back to normal. Then I decided I only wanted to eat chicken, treats and cat poop during my walks. I couldn't understand why my parents kept trying to add dog food to my chicken! The broth from the chicken was saved to add to my kibble with some chicken and that was a little better though it meant I had to eat around the kibble! Right now my canned food smells boring and I don't want to eat it.

Just when my output went back to normal, my lymph nodes increased quite a bit. I've been panting alot but not during rest. It's not the prednisone because I haven't taken that for a week. The enlarged nodes are likely affecting my breathing.

Today Dad took me to see Dr. Shaw and he basically offered two options. One is to stop treatment and the other was to try CCNU, another protocol. Dad chose the CCNU protocol. He left me there for treatment and then got a speeding ticket, but he said at this point he didn't care about that.

The cancer is progressing because my body is building a resistance to the drugs. Dr. Shaw didn't feel any other abnormal growths anywhere on my body. We could do xrays for confirmation but there's really no point because we know what I have already.

I've got a bunch of pills to take, including one to protect my liver, and unless I get sick, I will go for a CBC on 11/24 because my white blood count is kinda low now. Dr. Shaw does not recommend that I take anymore prednisone.

If this buys me some more time that will be good of course, but things could change quickly.

My parents are somewhat of a mess which is nothing new, but I wanted to let you know what's going on in case my messy Mom can't find the strength to help me write in my diary, but we will try.

I'm still interested in going for walks and saw my pal Casey and his Mom the other day and got her sympathy for being in the hospital last week.

Mom is taking the day off tomorrow and if I'm up for it maybe they'll take me somewhere special but if not, I'll be happy to stick to a normal routine in familiar surroundings.

Dad got a job offer by phone today after an interview he had last week, and is likely going to accept. However, he expressed two concerns to the hiring manager on the phone. The first was that he has to see me through any doctor appointments. The second was the hours, that he wanted to work early hours, like 6:30am-2:30pm and would stay later if needed. The hiring manager said they'd be able to work all that out. If they couldn't be flexible for my Dad with what is going on with me, he would have rejected the offer, but they said they understood family situations. Mom still comes home for lunch every day.

Tonight, I just finished a rawhide chewy for dessert, and I'm still hoping that they'll stop adding dog food to my chicken. But they said if chicken is what Quincy wants to eat, that's what Quincy is gonna get to eat, and the cats really like that!

I love all my dog and cat pals, and Mom tells me about the messages you leave me all the time. Thank you always for keeping me in your prayers.



Sleepover at the hospital

November 12th 2010 5:12 pm
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I spent the night at the special hospital but I'm back home today. I didn't want to tell you I was there yesterday because I didn't want you to worry until we had the full story.

Anyway, I was okay on Monday but on Tuesday I started throwing up and didn't want to eat anything. Dad tried to give me some pills to help but they didn't do any good because I couldn't keep them down and I was depressed.

On Wednesday, I ate some chicken and rice and was up and following Dad around as if I were feeling better, but that didn't last the whole day and I threw up again, several times. Mom even took my temperature and it was normal.

Yesterday, Dad took me to see Dr. Kiselow, the oncologist. We told him about the cookie I ate but he said it had nothing to do with me getting sick. He said I would have had to have eaten a pound of it. He believed it was from the chemo and that sometimes it takes days for side effects to occur.

I was dehydrated so they wanted to keep me there, run some tests, and administer meds and fluids through IV. They also wanted to see if I would eat and suggested I stay there overnight to be monitored because if I came home and got sick again, I'd have to turn around and go back. So, I stayed.

My bloodwork was normal and so was my temperature. I did good and kept the chicken down that they fed me. The doctor didn't note any other changes from my exam and tests since he last saw me, so that part is good.

The nurse originally told my Dad that he could pick me up at 3:00pm PT today after Dr. Kiselow was finished with appointments, but if you know my Dad, he said if he picked me up at 3:00pm we'd be stuck in commuter traffic and I'd be miserable in the car, so he'd be picking me up between 1:00-2:00pm and if the doctor had any concerns he could call us later. My Dad is not rude but he always speaks up. No phone call from the doctor so Dad got to pick me up and you can be sure he is always early.

I have pills for my tummy to take at home but since I got sick I couldn't take my chemo pills, so instead of going in for my scheduled appointment on 11/24, they want me back on 11/17 for chemo. I'll be seeing my regular oncologist, Dr. Shaw, and they'll figure out my chemo dosage since they believe that's what made me sick. It'll be a balancing act.

I'm feeling better because I was really hungry and ate all my dinner tonight but we still have to work to get my tummy back to normal.

I've got to go and get some more rest now, but I'll keep you posted.



Cookie Monster!

November 8th 2010 12:55 pm
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Dad and I were watching football yesterday downstairs and Mom decided to go watch TV upstairs with her soda and snacks.

Well, you know what the prednisone does to me, so when Mom stepped out of the room I decided to go upstairs and turn into a cookie monster! I ripped the bag of white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies and finished the last one!

Oh, the horror on Mom's face! I don't know why she felt so terrible because I very much appreciated the yummy cookie! She didn't think I was bad, she thought she was bad. If I had a dog house she would have slept in it! And I always thought she wanted me to hang around upstairs with her more.

My output today has been like cookie dough, of course, and I got a pill to help with my tummy. Other than that I seem okay. We also believe that I'm back in complete remission.

I'm hungry, again! I need to knock down that pet gate to the cats' dining room.



MOPP Treatment #4

November 3rd 2010 7:09 pm
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I was considered "stable" today, so I got treatment. My lymph nodes aren't completely back to normal but as I mentioned, they did decrease some. I have medicine to take at home for another week and then I go back and see Dr. Shaw two weeks afer that. Let's hope I don't have to go back and see him or my girlfriends any sooner! I like them but I don't choose them over my normal routine at home.

Dad took me to a place called Vasona Lake Park yesterday, but I didn't like it very much. There were too many people riding their bikes and walking on the trail, so I was more nervous than happy about being there!

Thanks for the Bissel SpotBots and other gifts! Did I ever tell you we owned one? One thing it's good for is kitty hairball barfies!




The Candy Store is Closed!

October 31st 2010 9:44 pm
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I worked hard on Halloween night, barking every time the doorbell rang and escorting either Dad or Mom to the door so they could give treats to kiddies. I got petted a couple of times but I think I scared a few kiddies too!

My favorite costumes were worn by two brothers. The older brother was a fireman and his little brother was a Dalmation firedog!

Dad and I tried to hide all the burrs I got in my coat again a couple of days ago. He tried to brush most of them off but Mom found more on me. She knows it means I'm having fun hunting for tennis balls so she let us slide this time!

My enlarged lymph nodes have been shrinking so we hope they keep shrinking, all the way down.

I'm worn out now. Have a great week and I'll keep you posted.



MOPP Treatment #3

October 27th 2010 10:37 pm
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I went to see my girlfriends and Dr. Kiselow today because Dr. Shaw wasn't available. We like both doctors. Actually, we like everybody there!

My physical exam was good and my report card said the usual things like my mucous membranes were pink, no murmurs, lungs clear, no masses or discomfort on abdominal palpation, and that I've got rhythm (normal sinus rhythm)!! My in-house CBC was as could as can be for me.

Although my lymph nodes are enlarged again, Dr. Kiselow said they're similar in size compared to when we first began the MOPP protocol, and this indicates stable overall status and warrants additional treatments with the MOPP chemotherapy, so that's what I got today. I'm continuing with the 2-week on and off schedule and will take prednisone for 14 days and procarbazine (the special order capsules) for the next 7 days.

The next week or so is going to be very important as we hope this treatment will have some positive effects. It's the last of the "better" protocols, so continued prayers are always good! Thanks!

Okay, so now I can talk about other stuff. Last Sunday, Mom and I went on a extended walk further away from the house and I got very excited. I always walk on a retractable leash and I was at the end of it with Mom having to jog to keep up with me! This made her as happy as it made me. Because it's been raining, I got to walk in mud and through some tall weeds!

During our walk, Mom took her cell phone out to take some pictures but we haven't looked at them yet. When we got home, she realized she had dropped her drivers license somewhere! She didn't want to overexert me so she had to go back and fortunately found it on the ground where she took her phone out. Lucky! But she wasn't so lucky walking back home as she slipped on some mud but didn't fall all the way down and now has a sore leg. What a klutz!

I never know what tomorrow will bring, so I'm just going to enjoy each day. Now that Dad isn't working he's probably going to have these "honey do lists" so we're gonna be busy, plus all these kiddies will be ringing the doorbell on Sunday dressed all funny while we give them stuff before they leave!



The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

October 23rd 2010 10:54 pm
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Just when I told you I was in remission, I went out of remission. Yes, that quick. And, it seems to be aggressive. Dad is going to call VMS on Monday to try to move my appointment up from the 28th, even if just by one day.

I'm happy, finishing all my meals and excited to go for my walks. I'm not showing any signs of feeling "sick" right now, but remember I told you that basically there is only one protocol left for me to try, then sadly we may be out of options after that.

There's something good about to happen though. My Dad got laid off again (he was laid off once last year from a job he had for a long time when they moved their operations overseas). Anyway, Tuesday is his last day! Now, that may not sound good to the humans but I think it's the best thing for me don't you think, pals? Don't worry about my parents as far as that goes, they will be fine, but just think about how lucky I'm going to be to get extra time with my Dad.

It rained today and when it seemed like it stopped, Dad and I went for my third walk of the day, but it started raining on the way back. I *always* go see Mom as soon as we get home but she was vacuuming and didn't hear us come in the house. She turned around and there I was, standing there staring at her with a towel draped over my back, so she laughed and grabbed the camera and took a picture, which I'm going to add to my page. I just got a bath yesterday, too!

Please save your zealies even though I appreciate it when you send them to me, and I read all your comments even if I don't comment back. I am just grateful for your friendship and prayers.

It's hard for my parents right now to get to this point with my illness, but we'll do our best to keep you updated on my situation.


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