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FooPet Virtual Sister!

July 22nd 2009 11:28 pm
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Well, I am still afraid to walk on the ramp, even though it's only 3ft. long. Dad tries to encourage me and I leap over the side of it! The cats laugh at me.

So, I decided to adopt a FooPet virtual sister! You can see her on my page. Her name is Trixie and she's a Golden Retriever! She is very cute and likes to eat, drink water, chew her kong, and chase her frisbee and tennis ball. You can pet her by putting your computer mouse on her. She really loves that!

Check her out, and if you decide to adopt a FooPet and would like to be friends, let me know so we can help each other take care of our virtual pets. My kitty sister Mercy was the first to adopt a cat brother and told me I should adopt a dog sister, so I did!

Oh, and this morning, I picked up one of the cat beds and swung it around like crazy with my mouth and then jumped up and down on my parents' bed!



I Do Not Like Changes!

July 18th 2009 12:43 pm
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I had my stitches removed this morning and was told I can go play in the dog park again. Woohoo! So we went to the dog park and I saw my human friend Leo and after I made sure he petted me I went to smell his dog named Angus. I can't wait to see my best pal Casey!

I wanted to go out to the backyard last night but when Mom opened the sliding door, I stopped because I saw something new. Mom told me it was a ramp that's supposed to make it a bit easier for us to walk outside.

Well, I don't like it! It's scary! Mom tried to encourage me to go outside but I held back with all my strength. She finally gave me a little push and went outside with me. I turned around and looked at the scary thing and realized it didn't eat me!

I didn't even have to go potty. All I wanted was to get the piece of chewy that I left outside earlier in the day. I have a very good memory. Then I jumped over the ramp to get back inside!

Changes make me nervous. Like during our walks when I see something out of place, such as neighbors who leave their garbage cans out in the street after pick-up day. Or the huge piles of fresh bark by the park that will eventually be used to freshen up the flower beds.

I think we're going to have ramp-training this weekend!



I'm Okie Dokie Artichokie!

July 15th 2009 9:47 pm
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My biopsy results came back and I am fine. I knew that!

The dental cleaning did the trick because the biopsy report on my gums showed they were consistent with inflammation and now my mouth looks normal.

The biopsy on the cyst that was removed from my shoulder showed it was benign.

I'm getting my stitches removed on Saturday! Hopefully soon after that I can go back to the dog park and see my pal Casey. I have been so good about not jumping on Cosmo's hips anymore like I used to because he can no longer handle it when I do that.

Thanks to my pals for all the POP!



X-ray result...still waiting for biopsy report

July 11th 2009 1:36 pm
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We're still waiting for my biopsy report, but I forgot to tell you that the x-ray done around my toofies showed no signs of bone changes so that is very good!

I'm feeling great except for that bare patch where they removed the cyst is revealing that I have excess fat! Dad gives me cold compresses that put me to sleep and it must be helping overall because I've been a good boy and haven't tried to scratch my stitches and staples out.

Stay tuned....



One Lump or Two?

July 8th 2009 7:25 pm
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I slept at the doc's office today and when I woke up I found out the doc took one lump from my shoulder and the mass above my toofies. While she was in my mouth, she decided to make my toofies all nice and pearly white!


I was so happy when my Dad came to pick me up that I just wanted to go home, pee, eat, and rest. When Mom came home she was sad to see my fur shaved where they removed the lump. I have stitches and staples and I'm not supposed to scratch them.

Mom sat on the floor with me as I was laying on my side. I started whopping my tail against the floor and lifted my head so I could get lots of smoochies, chin scratches, and sympathy.

We should have the results from the biopsies in about a week or so, but until then, I get some liver tasting anti-inflammatory pills.

Time for another cold compress now. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh........feels good.

Paws crossed!

Quincy (feeling naked)


Took my Blood and Urine!

June 30th 2009 5:36 pm
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I gave blood and a pee sample to the vet today. They'll call with the results when it's ready. If all is okay, I'm going to have the bump/cyst on my shoulder and the "growth" above my tooth removed so they can be biopsied.

Dad got my pee sample this morning. He prefers that over letting the vet do it so a styrofoam cup and the container was sitting on the kitchen counter all ready for me! It was kinda weird to have Dad follow me to the backyard this morning to put a cup under me but I let him and didn't freak out!

If I don't hear anything before the weekend, have a safe and happy 4th of July! We don't usually hear any fireworks that are close to our house, so we should be fine.




June 24th 2009 9:17 pm
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I have neglected updating my diary because we were a little distracted with what has been going on with my brother Cosmo. He doesn't seem any worse for wear, and neither do I.

When the vet did an aspirate of the bump on my shoulder, she mostly got blood but wanted to send it out to the lab anyway. They told her that there was too much blood to tell what it was, so she wants to remove it to have it biopsied. I obviously would have to be sedated to have that done and that's when she'd want to check out the growth above my tooth as well to see what it is.

The bump on my shoulder is not new. The first time they saw it they just said to watch it and it hasn't changed.

At this time, neither Cosmo or I have a set appointment for any type of surgery but we will be going back for rechecks soon. It's not because we're being overlooked, but I will say that my parents have some hesistation about disturbing things unnecessarily, even though they know discovering things early is important. Sedation is always serious.

We'll update our diaries when we have something new to report, but we are thinking and living positively! I even brought home a new tennis ball I found in the bushes today!



Lumps and Bumps

June 7th 2009 4:17 pm
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I went to see the vet this week for my annual exam! Of course, she said I needed to go on a diet!

I also have a couple of bumps or growths that need checking out. One is near my shoulder and the vet thinks it's a cyst, so we have to wait for the results to come back in a couple of days.

There is another growth in my mouth above one of my toofies but I have to be sedated to have it removed for a biopsy, so we all decided to wait until the results of the other bump come back first.

I'm not having any trouble eating or anything like that.

Wish me luck!



My Pal Casey

April 28th 2009 9:43 pm
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I added a picture of me and my best friend Casey at the dog park! We get really excited when we see each other. I like his parents too because they pet me and tell me I'm handsome.

Casey and I get really dirty when we play. We like to take turns being the alpha dog. After wrestling with each other last Sunday, Dad gave Cosmo and I baths. Later that afternoon, we went back to the dog park and Casey was there again. When his parents saw us coming they decided to leave! They explained that he had just gotten a bath and Dad told them so did we! So, they agreed we should stay clean for at least one day!

Maybe Casey can come over for a sleepover sometime. Ummm...maybe not, if I have to get permission from the cats!



I'm Shining like a Pot O'Gold!

March 8th 2009 7:11 pm
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I went to the groomers yesterday and now I'm shining like a pot o'gold! I feel a little bare on the behind but I look good. The groomer said the only trouble she had was that I kept sitting down. BOL That is what I do alot when I want people to pet me. I sit like a good boy but I guess it made it hard for her.

Dad dropped me off and also picked me up. He took a picture of me through the glass before I realized he was there to pick me up.

I'm feeling Springy!



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