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It's Good to be a Puppy!

September 11th 2004 10:00 am
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Woof! Mom keeps taking photos of the cats for Catster...hey, what about me? I can give her some interesting how about me chewing up the nice rugs in the living room? You know how you can buy those sticky sheets to put under the rugs so they don't move around on the floor? Well, I know how to paw the rugs up and rip them out....I'll let you know when I'm done. Mom and dad must really be impressed by my talents since they come and pay attention to me when I do those things! Can that be added to my list of skills? Mom and dad said the backyard is being re-landscaped right now, thanks to me. Awww're welcome! Gotta go pull Cosmo's fur now....check back soon, you hear?

--The "Q"



September 18th 2004 12:00 am
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Dear Diary,

The backyard work is now complete but they've got this temporary plastic fencing all around the grass. Hmmm. I almost fell on top of it the other day while trying to sit against it. That reminds me of something hysterical. The first month or so after they brought me home, I had a nice enclosed pen area in the kitchen that contained my bed, toys, and food/water bowls. It was set up against part of the sliding patio door. One day mom was trying to open the patio door while I was in the pen and Cosmo was squeezing himself next to her anxious to go outside. She lost her balance and fell backwards into the pen, collapsing part of it--good thing I didn't get hurt, but it was the funniest thing! After that, my pen got smaller and smaller since it had connecting pieces, but that eventually led me to more freedom!! Now, all that is gone and I have one big giant crate which I don't mind and that should be put away by the end of the year, we hope!

Mom and dad are really impressed because I've suddenly acquired a taste for paint and drywall in the house. Yellow wall paint seems to be my favorite flavor, and I've been licking the paint like a popsicle! Then I sink my teeth into it and get some of that drywall! I don't know why I do that but mom and dad's voices get louder when I do.

Cosmo is feeling and looking much better now, so it will soon be time for me to get out into the world and see what a beach is, for example. I can't wait! I wonder if the beach is anything like that big white thing in the bathroom that mom fills with water and bubbles.



Where's the Beach?

November 1st 2004 10:58 pm
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Mom and dad keep saying they're gonna show me a beach but I keep waiting and waiting. Instead, all I got was this water falling from the sky they called rain that made me all wet when I had to go potty out in the dog run. I had never experienced such a thing so the first time when it rained I just stood in the dog run like I didn't know what I was supposed to do. It was my way of making them take me out for extra walks instead! Now they've bought us some rain jackets (see photo), but I guess we look kinda cool! Like as if we had a choice anyway!

In the meantime, I am having a good time driving mom and dad crazy while wrestling with Cosmo!!!!! We bear our teeth and make these weird growly sounds at each other and we don't wrestle in just one spot, we make our rounds around the house per session, like behind the couch, under the computer desk when one of them is using the computer, in the large dog crate TOGETHER, behind curtains, halfway down the stairs, under the dining table, on the dog bed, here, there, everywhere! Sometimes mom and dad spoil our fun and separate us---they must think our tongues are gonna fall out or something!!!

Oh well, such is life....



The Joys of Turning One!

April 4th 2005 8:48 pm
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Dear Diary,

I turned one in January of this year! To celebrate, I had a wild party at home with the family and my crate was taken apart and put away in the shed! Woohoo! I have grown! I appear to be just a bit taller than Cosmo, or maybe his bones have shrunk a bit since he's getting older. I've feathered out quite a bit but I don't think I'm done with all that yet. Yes, I am definitely becoming quite the handsome lad.

Mom and dad took a week off to hang around town and relax. They took us on a couple of day trips, too! Our favorite one was to the big county park. We got to walk and run along the trails on long leashes and smell things we've never smelled before. More importantly, we left lots and lots of pee-mail for other doggies to read! There was a big doggie park and we ran around and ran around and ran around with other doggies, big and small! When it was time to go home, mom and dad held their hands out because they were afraid our tongues were gonna fall out!!

Yep, I am one now, but that doesn't mean I've necessarily matured, if you know what I mean! Who wants to mentally mature anyway, as it's more fun to do the naughty-naughty on occasion to keep everyone on their toes and keep their interest!

Gots to go pull Cosmo's ear and chase the kitties around now, so I'll write more another time.



Good Mud Fun!

November 26th 2005 3:46 pm
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Dear Diary,

Oh, I can tell you why I love rain! Rain means MUD PUDDLES! Personally, Cosmo and I don't mind getting wet and dirty but Mom does, and it makes cleaning us up easier before we go back into the house after a romp around the neighborhood or the dog park. We even have rainwear. But, rainwear is only effective if they remember to put it on us!

It rained last night, and Dad thought we'd be fine without our rainwear today when he took us out for a walk. We really were "fine" as far as we were concerned. But, I spotted that mud puddle straight ahead at the park and before Dad could stop me, I pulled on my leash towards it and plopped myself right in it and rolled around! Oh, that was so much fun!

When we got home, Dad called mom to come look at me. All she knew was, I wasn't going back into the house until I got hosed off. That was fun too! Especially when Mom pulled out the towels to dry me off. I saw that as an opportunity for a tug-o-war game!

Let's hope for more rain and that Dad will continue to have a short memory.

Happy Paws,



Happy Birthday to Me! Time to Party!

January 26th 2006 2:00 pm
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It's my birthday today and I'm TWO! Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you to my wonderful friends: Samantha from Bucharest, Romania; Tajah from Fargo, ND; Stanley from Salt Lake City, UT; Bailey from Berkley, MI; Wesley from Seaside, CA; and Dakota from Springfield, OH, for making my day extra special! To Sir Quincyno, Bo, and Sheba, I got your messages from Samantha--thanks! I WUV YOU LOTS!

UPDATE: I got birthday wishes from the gorgeous canines Trooper, Holly Golightly, and Maggie, from Austin, TX. They have a cute kitty named Speedo, too!

My celebration begins today and lasts through the weekend! Help yourself to food because Chef Mom will make enough for everybody! Every doggie gets a goodie bag and party hat!

Here's the menu and games list:

1. Cheeseburgers
2. Fries
3. Prime Rib slices
4. Dingo Bones
5. Mashed potatoes with butter
6. Green beans
6. Pupcakes
7. Walks every hour
8. Visits to the kitty litter box for snacks (optional)
9. Party games like chase the tail, race around the house, beg for treats, swimming, and digging holes in the backyard

You can watch my video on my page to see what I looked like when I was a little puppy!

Thanks for coming!

Happy Paws,



My First Road Trip!

May 20th 2006 11:19 pm
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I went on my first road trip this week with Mom, Dad, and Cosmo! We took a 3-1/2 hour drive to South Lake Tahoe, CA, and stayed in Salsa's Chalet, a great dog-friendly cabin, for four days. It was the longest ride I've ever taken in the SUV but I was cool with it. The cabin had dog beds and a nice enclosed backyard. We had such a blast running leash-free in the meadows, and you can see Cosmo and I doing that in one of my photos. Like my rabbit ears? It was the first time I saw a lake so I didn't quite get as excited about water the way Cosmo did but I managed to somehow get wet, as you can also see in the photo of me near the lake shaking the water off!

Once we got use to staying in the cabin, Mom and Dad left us there for short periods to go to the casinos and to visit with Mom's Catster friend for the first time! They thought that was really cool. I wonder if I'll ever get to meet a Dogster pal!

I hear we may make the trip to Tahoe a yearly one from now on, and hopefully next time there will be some snow. I think I'd love that!



The Lady and the Grasshopper

June 17th 2006 2:44 pm
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We had an adventure this morning when Dad took us out for a neighborhood stroll. A lady in her car stopped and begged my Dad to please help her get a grasshopper out of her car because it was freaking her out! My Dad told her she'd have to help hold our leashes though she might be sorry if she did. The lady in distress insisted that she wouldn't mind at all because she just couldn't drive with the grasshopper in her car! BOL! Just a little grasshopper which I sure would have found appetizing. Anyway, we got so excited when the lady got out of her car that we started jumping all over her while Dad caught the grasshopper and set it free. The lady was so grateful, but I'm sure the grasshopper was too!

My Dad's a hero!

--Quincy Doodle


My new pal, and I don't even know his name!

July 23rd 2006 12:29 pm
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What an adventure we had the other day! Dad took Cosmo and I out for an afternoon walk and we saw a Beagle running loose around the park by our house. After Dad brought us home, he went back out with a leash to try and find the dog, and he did. Miraculously, he ran up to my Dad and let him put the leash on. He had a collar but no tags. So, Dad brought him to our house, and as you can see in the picture above, he acted like he owned the place! After he got to drink some of "our" water and eat some of "our" food, he had the nerve to go potty in "our" backyard.

Later, Mom and Dad made some signs and went walking around the neighborhood with him to post them. They ran into some kids at the park and asked if they knew my new pal, and they did! They said he lived downstairs from them in the townhomes across the street, and brought them there. No one was home, but the garage door was raised up with enough room for my pal to escape. DUH!! Irregardless, with our recent heatwave, a garage is no place for any animal. The kids offered to take my new pal but Mom and Dad decided to leave a note on the door and brought him back to our house. Oh boy! More running and running and running around with our tongues hanging down to the floor.

Before we knew it, it was after 9:30pm and everyone wanted to go to sleep except us. The kitties were not too thrilled either. So, Mom took my new pal back to his house to see if his owners had come home but they hadn't. She ran into another lady walking her dog around the townhomes and asked if she knew my new pal and she did. She said it was not the first time this had happened and that she was going to leave the owner a letter. The nice lady brought her own dog home and came back to help Mom knock on the door of another neighbor who lives directly across from my new pal's house. That neighbor had two cute Shih-Tzus of her own and offered to take my new pal and keep him until his owners came home. Mom was comfortable with that and left him with her.

About an hour later, the owners of my new pal had their kid call us, after we had all gone to bed. The kid asked about their dog and Dad told her where he was. She said "thank you" and hung up. Yeesh! I never even found out what his name was!



Camp Bow Wow!

August 6th 2006 3:02 pm
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Woohoo! I spent this past Friday at Camp Bow Wow, a doggie daycare facility three blocks from our house. Why? Because we had our internet service changed and even though Dad took the day off, Cosmo and I together would have found ways to "help" the technician slow his work down. So, Dad decided to just bring me to Camp Bow Wow. I sure had a blast with doggies of all sizes. The small ones really liked jumping on me and pulling my ears, and I came home with soggy ears to prove it. I did wonder why Cosmo wasn't with me, but I had a good time anyway. I got so excited when Dad came to pick me up and jumped all over him! We still got to take a walkie with Dad afterwards, but it sure wore me out. I was so tired I could barely lift my head for the rest of the night.

Life is great!


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