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December 29th 2008 6:21 pm
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It was a great christmas. The best part was the whole family was TOGETHER. We all spend most of the day together except when my human family went to church. I wonder if a doggie can go to church, its the holidays, that means All the family should be together all day, so my question is does ANYBODY KNOW OF A CHURCH THAT ALLOWS PETS?????? It's great being with my girls all day specially when I get food from from them (of course secreatly, mommy and auntie would get mad if they catch us in our act : 0) ) The fun part was when it was time to open our present, one of my girls got me and my siblings rope to play."YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! A dog cant have enough rope" The only thing better than the rope was the christmas card sHe made us. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!! THAT'S MY GIRL. MUAHH, we gave her lots of wet kisses. To top everything of mommy got all of us a big juicy bone. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!


Slippery Floors

November 19th 2008 5:09 pm
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Hey pals,
its been a very long time since i have chatted with all of you. There have been lots of changes happening, some good and some bad and some scary. First of all i have to give thanks that my family and me are all doing GREAT!!!!! My little baby sister Karisma, is NOT SO LITTLE ANY MORE!!!! Dont let get started about my little brother Gabe, he is a MONSTER!!!! I guess it is true what they say, little siblings dont stay LITTLE FOR LONG. : ) They both are growing really fast, Hey MAYBE I CAN GET A BACK RIDE . HMMMMMMM, I think i need to show them a new trick. Pretty soon we are going to be moving to Wisconsin, can you believe that , me, a texan dog who has never seen snow is moving to a cold place, that will be something to see. We also had a temporary little brother, Luke. His mommy and him moved out (His mommy is a friend of the family, she was going thru some hard time and need help) We still get to see him, they will always be a part of our family. The scary news is, NEW FLOORS. We are remoldeling the house to sell it. Mommy has removed the carpet from the living room and hall ways and has added something that looks like wood but its not fun like wood. Every thing i try to run in it, i slip, what kind of thing is that? I Guess i gotta start walking inside the house. I think mommy needs to get me doggie insurance just in case i try to over come this new floor. Well i will let you all know what happens with my new enemy, the FLOOR



July 1st 2008 3:25 pm
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My pal Corky tagged me! So here goes:

Name four jobs that you have had:
1)Moping the kitchen floors with my tongue. (someone has to do the dirty job, plus those crums sure do taste GOOD!!!)
2)Chasing the frogs off our lawn
3)Being the ambassor of good night kisses
4)Making sure my girls don't have any food crums or residue on them. I lick them clean :0)

Name four places I have been:
3)Hiking trail
4)The vet

Name four places I have lived:
1)Where i was born, some where in Texas
2)The shelter
3)In my now forever home with my family

Name for four places you would rather be:
1)Splashing around in the lake
2)Visiting mommy's family in California
3)A big toy store where i can chew all the toys i want
4)A place where everything is made out of doggie treats, for me to eat

I will tag 4 friends:

Dasha (#493005)
Gabriel (#719146)
Misty-Rahkantra Ballerina(#690749)
Kayleigh Noel(#505473)


My baby sister

April 23rd 2008 12:35 pm
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Hey everyone, i have some exciting news!! I have a new baby sister. Imagine, i barely just got a new baby brother and now a sister, How more lucky can a pup get? Im am thrill!!!

Her name is Kity, she is a rottweiler /boxer mix. She is the most adorable thing ever. All she does is sleep,eat, play and potty. Her favorite toy is mine and Dasha's Tail. If we can only make her understand that if she continues bitting our tail she 's gonna leave a bald spot, that would be great, any suggestions? :0) We are all glad she join our family. She does the most cutest things.
You just gotta go check out her page. I'll guarantee she will put a smile in your face. To all my friends, please go check her out


my new brother

February 18th 2008 6:57 pm
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Hey Everyone, guess what??? I have a new lil bro. His name is Gabriel, but we call him Gabe for short. He is a German shepherd mixed with a Blue Heeler. He is only 5 weeks. Can you believe that? Im sooooo EXCITED. Pretty soon i will be able to teach him all sort of GOOD STUUF. I will teach how to play ball, how to jump really high, and how to play tag and many other COOL stuff. I tried to play with him today but he was just TOO scared. SORRY BRO!!!!! Didn't mean to scared you, i just wanted to welcome you. I can hardly wait until he gets bigger SO WE CAN PLAY!! Well, i just wanted to share my good news to everybody. To all my buddies please dont be a stranger,go check out his page you will see how CUTE he his. He will love to have new friends. Gotta go and keep an eye out on Gabe. LATERS!!!!!


California, my second home

January 7th 2008 7:18 pm
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Hope all my pup pals had a wonderful holiday season. I sure enjoyed every bit of the holidays. I was in San Diego with mommy and the entire,ENTIRE family. Mommy always had told me she had a big family but WHOA!!! sha has a huge family. It was sooooo great. There was always someone around to give me belly rubs and to cuddle with. I was a happy, very HAPPY pup. I always had someone to play with and to love. There were so many children around, they all wanted to pet me, and of course, i was not going to complain. :) Instead of having one baby girl, I had two baby girl who were having a blast pulling my ear and riding my back. I love having baby around, they are so cute, I just keep giving them kisses, kisses and more kisses. Unfornutaly all good things come to an end. Mommy had to get back to work in Texas,which meant we had to leave. :( I will miss everyone in California, they were all great but I will go back again to visit. I better start planing my next trip. umm, how many days till christmas? Mommy!!!We need to start planing now! Maybe if I get a job we can go more often? Is any one hiring?? Mommy have you though about overtime? Gotta go and plan


my first road trip

December 22nd 2007 5:25 pm
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Whew!!! We FINALLY arrive to san diego from austin. Let me tell you all it was a VERY LONG LONG LONG trip. It was about a 20 hour road trip. wHEW!!!! Im so glad we finally arrive. I was glad to hear we were gonna see the rest of mommy's family but next time i think i need my air ticket to travel that far. Poor mommy, she didn't sleep for the whole trip cause she was driving. I can only imagine how tierd she was. When we finally arrive it was great. I was so happy to meet mommy's family. They are all so great. There is a lot of children that I can play with. The best part is that there is always someone to rub my belly. Can you believe that a few of the family members were scare of me? ME? Zeus? but i change their mind in second. After they got to know me, they realize that im just a sweet boy. I may look mean but im just a big teddy bear. Well, i hope all my buddies are enjoying their holiday season. I got go and explore this new enviroment, there is a lot of smell, and new place i need to go and check. Mommy say the fun just began. YES!!!!! im so ready everything. I'll Tell you all my experiences here in san diego after the holidays. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!



December 14th 2007 7:50 am
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It's a Christmas Tag!

I was tagged by Luckee, a cool and photo genic Miniature Poodle. You gotta see his pictures, they are all great! Thanks Buddy

This will be my first Chritsmas Tag

Here are the Rules:

Because it's Christmas time there are changes to the rules. Each player needs to write a short note to Santa Paws and list 5 things on their Christmas list this year. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their letter with 5 requests. Then choose 5 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play. AND... since it's Christmastime give them each 5 bones or treats.

Here's my letter to Santa Paws:
Dear Santa Paws,
I know i haven't been the best dog ever. I have eaten my mom's shoe, snuck into the kitchen to eat some avocados, rip apart one of the couches, anyhow, you get the point! Which im very SORRY FOR ALL!!! But i have improve sooo much. Each day im behaving and lisenting better. I have done better on my walks. I dont get too excite when i see other dogs. You know how much i am trying to become a better dog, im getting older so i understand more now. PLEASE DONT FORGET ABOUT ME!!!

My Wish List :) :)
1. More belly rubs
2. TREATS,TREATS, more Treats
3. A toy that will last my powerful chweing
4. To have a great holiday trip and a wonderful time w/mommy and family
5. Some Holiday cooking and for all pups to have a great holiday season

Im tagging the following pups:

1.Stevie Rottweiler/Dogster ID 679961
2. Pudge German Shepherd/Dogster ID 662847
3. Roxy Boxer/Dogster ID 617891
4. Charlee Akita/Dogster ID 680698
5. Tubby Bulldog/Dogster ID 598919


My 1st Woofday was GREAT!!!!

December 9th 2007 3:29 pm
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First i would like to say thanks for all the great woofday wishes i received. They were all great. I had a really good day. It was a Zeus day. Mommy and the family sure to know how to make a doggie so HAPPY. I had a lot of yummy treats and belly rubs, which are the BEST!!!!It sure would be great if it was my woofday every day:=) I best of it all is I have a family who loves me VERY VERYmuch!!! Can hardly wait for next year!! Im off to see who will give me some more Belly rubs. Laters


im soooo SORRY :(

December 7th 2007 5:44 pm
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im sorry, sorry, so sorry mommy. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Mommy is very upset with me, i did something i was not supposed to. I chewed a pair of my mom's shoe apart while she was out with the rest of the family doing some christmas shopping. Who can resist the temptation of new shoes, apperantly NOT ME:( As punishment my mommy didn't let me sleep in her room; that made me VERY SAD. I love sleeping with mommy. What's a dog supposed to do? I hope this dosen't affect my christmas presents. Mommy, i promise i'll try my very very VERY BEST to behave. I'll do anything. I'll give you a million,no, a billion kisses. Im sooo SORRY. I WUV LOVE!!!!

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