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Bree's Plans to Take Over The World,and Other Nonsense

It’s Icy!

February 13th 2008 8:27 am
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We had an Ice storm yesterday and last night! It took Mommy almost 2 ½ hours to get home 
She didn’t have time to play with us and had to get up real early to get the car ready to go to work. Although she did makes we breakfast. We love homemade breakfast! (baked pumpkin and a smoothie)
It was loud icing all night! I barked at when the ice hit the windows.
Mommy held me and rocked me and said “hush, hush puppy baby, mommies hear to take care of you.” Petey went right to sleep and Sasha was just as anxious as I was (she always steals my Thunder!!)

Needless to say I didn’t have time for any world domination plans! I will say this when I rule the world I will not allow Icy storms in my kingdom.

Speaking of which I decided the name of my kingdom will be –Bree’s Princess Fairy Land of Pink and Purple Thwack-a-dillies!


The Democrat Process at work!

February 12th 2008 2:34 pm
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The Democrat Process at work!

Mommy had to Vote in the Primaries today, for once our state actually counts!
The Polling Place is next to our treat store, so Mommy said “let go Vote Bree Barry!”
So I hopped in my Vera Bradley Bag, with My Red White and Blue Outfit on and got ready to vote! Just think someone as small as me cam make a difference in this big ol’ election!
We walked in to the Polling Place, gave them Mom’s name. We looked at the names on the ballots and touched the screen with who we wanted to run for President. And than we were done, we walked back to the car and I have to admit I had a huge smile on my face! I got to Vote! WOW~~~
I know how this processes works! I this will help with my ever developing plans to take over the world!


Down On The Farm!

February 11th 2008 8:34 am
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I Hate Monday’s B/C That Is When Mommy Has To Go To Work. Our Weekend Was Jammed Packed With Stuff To Do!
To Start Off With Mommy Had To Run Sasha To The Vet For Her Pre-Dental Check Up. According To Mommy Sasha Has To Have Two Teeth Removed. Poor Sasha She Is Worried That Her Smile Won’t Be As Perfect. I Really Feel Sorry For My Sister. Mommy Extra Babied Her This Weekend. (I Couldn’t Believe It, But She Could Actually Get More Babying!) .
Than We Stopped At Our Breeder House And Mommy Fell In Love With This Puppy And It Was A BOY!!! Man Was Petey Upset!!! While Mommy Played With The Puppy I Got To Chase Real Live Chickens!! It Was So Fun Until I Got Yelled At. I Think I Recruited Them In To My Army Or They Recruited Me In To The Animal Revolution,
Then We Got Home And Mommy Started Baking And Made Us Pup Cakes!! YUMMY!! I Got To Lick The Batter! ‘Casue I’m Not Afraid Of The Mixer! GO BREE GO!!

On Sunday We Had Our Yorkie Meet Up! Man It Was Fun! We Wore The Pretty Dresses That Awesome’s Mom Made Us! We Were So Pretty! We Did Not Get To Participate In The Fashion Competition- B/C Mommy Was The Organizer! Oh Well! Sasha Said It Not Fair B/C She The Prettiest Yorkie There, I Thought To My Self What Am I Chopped Liver!!
I Got To See My Good Friend Gabby And Her Bothers! But There Was A Mean Yorkie There And I Didn’t Want To Play. Mommy Said That He Won’t Be Here Next Time.

Unfortunately No One Wanted To Talk About My World Domination.
I Tried To Get To The Toy Box This Week But We Did Not Have Time! I Was So Tired From My Trips That I Actually Snuggled With Sasha And Slept All Day! (I Love My Sister Sasha So Much!) I Was So Worried About That Mean Dog, I Had Nightmares And Sasha Soothed My Injured Soul! Than She Took My Lambs Ear Away From Me! Oh Well!!
On To Ponder On How To Take Over The World!!


Small Victories, you’d think

February 8th 2008 7:42 am
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Last night something odd happen. Sasha came over to me and told me that she will take the downstairs toy box if I wanted to upstairs toy box. Is she nuts, the best-est toys are in that toy box. Yes, yes, I want that Toy box, than I can have Rockin Robin and squirrel!!!
Well as I made my way upstairs to MY TOY BOX wouldn’t you know- it wasn’t the big fantastic Toy Box of my dreams, gosh darn that Mommy- she switched them out and brought the downstairs toy box up stairs and vise a visa. 10 lashing to Mommy, Now Sasha has the good toys and I still have the crappy toys!! That Sasha is very conniving, I really must observe her more She seems like a Pup to be my role model. I tried to make an assault on the downstairs toy box last night during hibernation hours. But Chickadee tripped the alarm know as Petey and he barked, which got him and me in trouble.

In other news and Notes- SASHA HAS TO GO TO THE VETS!! HAHAHA
Mommy has to take the Queen Bee in for a pre-check up for when she goes in to get her teeth clean... (Don’t say I told But I head Mommy say that Sasha’s Breath it really bad!) I would hate for that to get our BOL! Mommy is also going to take us to Booth Feeds to stock up on some treats for our meet up!

In a personal note- I wanted to thank all the kind Pups for the well wishes and kind words on my Diary of the Day! Dogster is a great community and everyone is so nice! Thank you all so much for the Pup Pal Request and the truly Awesome Rosettes!


OMD!! Dog diary of The Day!

February 7th 2008 6:13 am
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To my surprise my Diary is Dog diary of The Day!
WOW!! My plans to take over the World (at lest the Toy Box) are working!!
More Dogs to read my Diary More Dogs to Help! And you know what the Best News is
I got My Chickadee back. Mommy made me promise not to rip her so I got her back! Yippee! What could go better!
Thank you all!!

In other news and notes- We have our Sweetheart Meet up coming up on Sunday; I plan to wear my Dress that agent Fruit (Princess Apples) sent me! (So is so nice!) And When I am there I will get to recruit more dogs to my every building army! People ask why I want to Take over the World- well I ponder this for a few seconds- if I take over the world than I can have all the toy boxes and the human we call Mommy will be mine alone! Also I will get all the Lambs ears and Bully sticks that I want.


The Toy box Siege

February 6th 2008 12:10 pm
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So I sent Miss. Chickadee on a super secret co-op mission to the upstairs toy box. My poor Chickadee! We have a fallen Comrade and I got blamed!!
I left her there all day, to infiltrate the toy box, and when we were finally able to go upstairs I forgot about her and started to chew my ear (mmmm Lamb’s ear)
Than Sasha strutted by me, saying something about her baby ducky and I need to check on the Chickadee. Well I jump up and wouldn’t you know it all of Miss. Chickadee stuffing was on the floor, just when mommy walked in and I got in trouble for destroying my toys. S and P never harm their toys, they are perfect! That 2 in one week -1st Sasha’s “Baby Ducky” and Miss. Chickadee. Mommy said no more new toys for me the rest of the month and I can’t play with the ones that will be fixed….And there was Sasha with such a look of joy on her face! But it really was Sasha honest!

Needless to say all of the info that Miss. Chickadee acquired went with her stuffing…….
I now have to come up with a better plan to take over the toy box and than the world!

What’s a baby Dictator do?


Two Steps Forward and One step back..

February 4th 2008 11:20 am
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Step one of World Domination has hit a snag- it only last for a few days, maybe even hours. I find my Puppy cuteness runs out the more time I spend with the Homans.
Last night while that Homan Mommy was getting ready for bed, I felt the need to try to take this thing that controls the channels on the Television. (I know once I have it in hand I can figure out to control the world with it, instead of the stupid box with all the pretty colors.) S and P giggled
“OOO you’re going to get in trouble, Wait till Mommy finds out, No bed time cookie for you!”
“I have super puppy cuteness on my side, and when I become world leader, I’ll have all the cookies and non for you! THHHIIIPPPPTT”

Well mom came in to the room and saw what I had in my mouth! EGAKZ

Well needless to say I went to bed with out my cookie and almost had to sleep in the create! Darn my puppy cuteness and S AND P for being right!

My army is growing not only do I have Miss. Chick Dee – my trusted friend and snuggly partner. Miss. Chick Dee helped me take over the down stairs toy box last month; she is currently trying to get the upstairs toy box under my control but S is proving more resilient in the toy box front, not to mention all the good toys are in there…..
I must observe how Sasha wraps Mommy around her finger; P said it took many years to become a pro like her.
I have recruited a certain puppy that is truly an Awesome dude. He will go by Agent X and if he can recruit his sister she will be Agent Fruit.

So tonight I come up with other planes on how to take over the world!



February 3rd 2008 6:30 pm
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The 1st step in world domination, is to look and act sweet to the homans, so that when S (Sasha) and P (Petey) tattle, which they always do, I will look as innocent as a daisy. The 1st step of the 1st step is to look like a puppy. What can be more innocent than a puppy! NOTHING I TELL YOU! NOTHING !! So when my Mommy took me to the groomer, she said a little off the body, but I hypnotized the sweet groomer lady to take a lot off to look like a Puppy! And it worked,
I got in to the dirty clothes hamper and guess what I did not get in trouble! Mom Picked me up and said- Whats it doing Puppy Baby! Your too Cute to get in trouble today, and she promptly laid me down on the BIG BED and gave me a fresh Cows ear!
IT WORKED~ I think when I become world leader I shall make this homan we call mommy my pamper. Not much will change, but I won't shear her with S and P.

Today the Toy Box and tomorrow the WORLD!!!

in other news and notes- Mommy took my to a Kiddie school with my trainer Jessie. She had to demo aglity. The school was having a lesson on Dogs- different size and shapes. Jessie asked it I could go. I got to stand up next to a Great Dane ( who I talked in to helping me on my quest to WD) and I saw tons of kids!
I was very well behaved. I think these kids may come in handy.

We shall see!


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