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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.

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My letter to Santa Paws.

December 7th 2007 11:01 am
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Know what diary?, I’ve tried to do the list of things I want this "guy" to bring me, but I still don’t know how. I tried to get my mom to help me out, and she said that’s something I should do by myself.

The thing is I don’t really know what to ask for…I know I’ve been a good pup…well yes, sometimes I’m a little spoiled….and I may not pay attention when my mom calls on me, I may have had a few accidents around the house this year, and I keep trying to eat everything I see on the ground, making my mommy upset. I even tried on several occasions to eat some cat poop found on the backyard (sorry but I can’t resist…). On the other hand, I no longer chew the doors, or the furniture, I don’t bark at any other creature (except in my dreams), I stay still when my mom brushes my beautiful fur (not my teeth…) and I even allow her to wipe my rear end when needed (only her is allowed to perform this so intimate action), I was good when visiting my furless family,…. so I think overall I’ve been a very well-behaved pup. Besides, I’m a Pom, and everyone knows Poms deserve the Best anyways.

But still…don’t know what to ask for. I have tons of doggy toys, I get the yummiest treats everyday, my food bowl is always full, my mom pampers me at all times, I get daily walks, my daily portion of hugs and kisses, I have my 2 comfy beds, and I have all my pawsome friends in Dogster, so…what else can a pup ask for?

Ok, I gottit, I already know, and I’m gonna do my letter right now.

Dear Mr. Santa Paws:
I’m writing you for the first time cuz last year I was too little and
didn’t know ‘bout you.
I’ve a good, a very, very good pup, so I’m sure you’re gonna bring
all these things, please bring:
1. lots of doggy toys for all those pups without furever homes
2. tons of LOVE for all those rescued animals and their rescuers
3. bring HEALTH and WELLNESS to all those sick pups in
Dogster and all over the world
4. also need you to bring COMFORT to all the pawrents of the
furangels already at The Bridge
5. to all my furiends, please bring them health, cuz I know they
already have Love, and that they will also receive many
pawsome presents this Christmas Day.
Oh, Mr. Paws, if you can, please bring peace to my Mom’s heart and
soul, she’s always worrying too much for my furless brothers, and
still misses the one who’s already in Heaven; I really do give her
love and company, but I’m too small (I'm a Pom, you know...),
I wish I could do more.
Thanks for your help, hope you get here soon,
Brandy III

Note: If you don’t mind, could you bring a doggy car seat for me


The best toy ever………..

December 3rd 2007 10:49 am
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My tail just can’t stop wagging……..(wags, wags, wags…) it just won’t respond to my commands…and it is cuuuuuzzzz….
I got a hold unto the most pwasome, furstastic, grrrrreat toy I’ve ever had. Yessss!!!!!!! I’m having so much fun with it that I no longer wanna play with anything else. I don’t wanna have anything to do with my grey plush elephant, nor with my purple tiger, the rainbow colored cloth fish, the green seal pillow, don’t care for tennis balls, never mind my blue squeaky bone, who cares for the brown teddy bear, or the soft pastel colored small football, no more mop-ragged lamb, no, no, don’t want any of those…..I’ve just got myself a soft, smelly and full of fun: Mom’s sock!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee! this is the most, I love it, I can chew on it, I can shake it real hard, I can even play tuck-o-war by myself by holding it with my paws, and pulling it real hard with my teeth …..and the best is it still reminds me of my mother when she’s out to work….haaaaaaaaa….
You may be wondering when and where did I get such a treasure, right? well, let me tell you, a few days ago I was a bit bored, and got into my Mom’s closet (which she had left open by mistake, oooops, big mistake), I went sniffing through all her clothes and her shoes, then suddenly as if a furangel had put it there fur me to find, two little things were dangling from mommy’s sneakers (the ones she wears when we go for a walk), sniff, sniff, hummmm, there are two of them, and I don’t see no harm in borrowing one…., so I did! Took it, shake it a little, then sniff a bit more, chew, more shaking, and hide it under my doggy bed. After a while my Mum came into the bedroom and looking at my guilty puppy face she immediately knew I was hiding something (oh boy, Moms are so clever…), she notices the closet was opened and there right in front of here, on the floor laying one, and only one of mommy’s socks….OMD! she opened her eyes at me, came near,…and …..she started laughing….can you believe this? She was not mad at all, she said: “Ok, young man, you finally got a hold on one of MY socks, well, it sure took you some time to discover that they make wonderful toys for little poms like you, ah? That’s ok, you can keep it, you don’t have to hide it from me anymore, take it and have fun, I’ll keep the other one for the future when you tore that one in pieces”.

And that’s how I got to keep my bestest toy ever……Gotta go now, my little sock-furiend is waiting for me, arrf, arrffff………………


Can you believe this?

November 27th 2007 9:15 am
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This is really absurd....abussive, unacceptable, and against all established rules between pups and humans.
I'm so upset, that even my paws refuse to obey me when I try to write.
You might think I've been away for so many days just because I wanted to......well let me tell you this, pal, I've not been able to get a hold on this compu for more than five minutes, for almost a week now. My mother was doing some "work" (or so she said) on it, and I was not allowed to put a paw on it. I had to beg, whine, growl, whimper, fight, and struggle with my mother to finally be able to bark at you today. Of course I won, because she had already finished her "work". Anyway, let me tell you that I was going crazy cuz, I hadn't been able to bark about my Thanksgiving adventures. And when I finally sat in front of the computer, logged into Dogster and directly to my page!!!!!!!!............OMD! can you believe this?.....THIS is what my dear Mommy was "working" at...she was just trying to surprise me by re-decorating our page (yours and mine, diary) for Christmas Season....
I'm sorry Mom, I'm so ashamed, I behaved like a selfish, spoiled, silly pooch. I really love my page, and I really love YOU Mom. Thanks so much for always thinking of me.
Gosh, I hope Santa Paws doesn't find out 'bout this.
I've been a naughty pup....


Tomorrow's the Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 21st 2007 8:28 am
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Yes, tomorrow's Thanksgiving Day, first of all I want to wish all my furiends the best Day Ever. Hope you can spend it with your humans and have lots of fun, and lots of delicious food (yummie, yummie....). Remember to give thanks, not only tomorrow, but every furday of your life.

Let me tell you I'm so excited (this is so rare!!!).. I'm going with my Mom to my human-bro's house, and we'll stay overnight till Friday. You'll be asking yourself: "silly pup,what's exciting about that?"...., well let me tell you, there's where my fur-cousin Barbie lives!!!!!!!!!!and that girl sure knows how to have fun, yes sir, I'm gonna ask my Mom if she can take us some pics to show you when we return.

My mother said she's going to brush me, clean my teeth and put on some doggie cologne on me so that I look my best (which I don't think is necessary cuz we Poms ALWAYS look our best) for visiting the family. My Mom's so silly, doesn't she already know that I'm the cutest, most handsome, loved by everybody, pooch in this planet? Well, that's how Moms are, they want their furbabies to be perfect. Wait till I get to Barbie's home (I'll probably need a bath after our visit)......

I gotta go now, I have to nap a lot so I'll save lots of energy for tomorrow.
Oh Boy, this is gonna be FUN!!!!!!!!

Will bark later on, oh, by the way, THANK you Diary for always being there.
Brandy III


Giving Thanks.

November 19th 2007 9:53 am
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This past days my Mom has been teaching me 'bout Thanksgiving Day and what it really means.
I've been thinking a lot and I've realized that there should not be such a Day for Thanksgiving! This is so silly from humans, one day in which to give "thanks"..... that's not enough.
I'm just a young pup, and I really don't know much 'bout Life, but my feelings are that every day is a good day for giving Thanks, yes I'm pawsitively sure we should, we MUST, give Thanks for everything EVERYDAY. There's so much to be grateful for, that 1 day would never be enough. Don't you agree?, diary.

Me,.... I have to be thankful for my furever home, there are so many pooches waiting for a warm place to stay, and many will never be able to have one, that's so sad. I also give thanks for my loving mother, for all her tender loving care, for kissing me night and day, over and over again (let me tell you, I sometimes feel over-kissed); thanks for all my doggie toys and treats; I'm thankful for my never- empty-food-bowl, for my doggie beds, for my human family; I'm also very, very grateful for Dogster and all my grrrrreat furiends, but most of all.....I wanna give Thanks for LIFE and for LOVE.
And yes, of course, thanks for having you.
Brandy III


Doggie Facts.

November 14th 2007 11:02 am
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Hello Diary, I have to post this list of facts which my Mom says humans might find interesting (yes I know, but what can I do, she's so nice, I can't say no to her...) So here they are:

Dogs' facts:

Pregnancy is 60 Days.
Laika was 1st dog in space, Russia 1957
Dogs can see color.
The only dog in the world that cannot bark is the Basenji, an African wolf dog.
World's oldest dog was 29 years, 5 months.
Dogs are responsible for most drug busts.
Heartbeat is 70-120 times per minute.
About one family in three owns a dog.
Average dog has 42 permanent teeth.
Female dogs are more likely to bite.
50,000 year old cave painting in Europe seems to show a doglike animal hunting with men.
Dachshunds were bred to fight badgers in their dens
Dogs were first domesticated about 20,000 years ago
Dogs are members of the order Carnivora family.
Dogs have about 100 different facial expressions, most of them made with the ears.
Dogs and humans are the only animals with prostates.
Largest dog recorded, Zorba a 343 lb , 8 feet 3 inches long Old English Mastiff
A dog's smell is estimated at 1 million times better than humans.
Eight million pets lose their lives in animal shelters each year.
Normal body temperature for a dog is 101.2 degrees F.
Longest jump was by a Greyhound, 30 feet in 1849.
When Pompeii destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, was finally excavated, searchers found evidence of a dog lying across a child.
Chihuahua is the oldest breed of dog native to North America.

Let me tell you, a few of this I didn't know myself, and I'm an expert you know.
Well, .....thanks Mom.


Thanksgiving tagged!

November 14th 2007 6:27 am
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My cute furiend DAKOTA tagged me!!!

Here are the rules:
Because it’s Thanksgiving time, there is a change to the rules. Each player needs to tell seven special things they are thankful for. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their 7 things. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play.

1. Im thankful for having a grrrrreat furever home.

2. Im Thankful for being alive and in good health.

3. Im thankful for having food and have a place to stay warm and safe.

4. Im thankful for all my doggie toys and treats.

5. Im thankful for all my furiends, canines and humans.

6. Im Thankful for having my mommy's unconditional love.

7. Im thankful for being a Pom and as cute as it can get!

These are my 7 friends I tagged
1. Chewy 491018
2. Oscar 634382
3. Sam 658825
4. Lola Belle 487764
5. Gizmo 49185
6. Rosalita Lola 138230
7. Sophie 555491


Mommy says I should give thanks.

November 13th 2007 7:28 am
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Hi Diary, at first I didn't understand all this fuzz about Thanksgiving Day, the turkey, pumpkin pie, the.......Pilgrims, and everything else.
They didn't mentioned pups at all in relation to this, so I decided it shouldn't be that important. Well, now my Mom explained to me the real meaning of "giving thanks", and she said that, even though there's just one day called "Thanksgiving", we are to give thanks for what we have EVERY DAY of our lives. So NOW I get it, and I give thanks for my Mom, I give thanks, for Dogster, thanks for ALL my furiends, thanks for my furever home, thanks for the food I get, thanks for my comfy doggie-beds, thanks for Life itself, I forgetting something?.....Uhmmm....let's see....YES, of course, I'm really thankful for a friend like you.
I love you Diary, thanks for your furiendship.


I've been a good boy (????)

November 8th 2007 10:52 am
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Heeeeyyyy! It’s me Diary, I’ve been giving you some rest for a while. But I think this is enough and it is time for me to bark at you again. The last have been some quite days, nothing much has been happening lately. Since I’ve been a such a good boy myself (hard for a Pom), my Mom said I’m allowed to play with the compu a couple of hours during the day, while she’s away from home. Know what? it pays behaving yourself, so I’ve been playing games at some of Dogster’s pawsome groups, I looove playing games with my pals.
On the other hand, I wanna tell you about yesterday when I ran myself into a cute little girl, a cute friendly neighbor who escapes from her backyard everyday (naughty girl!), we played and had fun, she ran and jumped and I chased her (with my Mom at the other side of my leash of course) jumped over her, she smelled me but she would not let me smell her (flirty girl…), she wagged at me and then ran towards her house, so I ran after her (with my Mom being dragged all the way too), and we played some more in her front garden, she hid behind a car and played peek-a-boo from under the car, Oh boy!, I was going nuts…….until my Mom picked me up and said it was ENOUGH. “But Mom!!!!!!!!......”, “No buts, your heartbeats are going like crazy….no Brandy this is enough for today. Say bye to your furiend.” Ok, nothing could be done, we left, my ears and my tail slowly went down. But anyway, it was fun and exciting, and it was good while it lasted. OMD I think I'm in love....

My mother says that she’s getting concerned about the fact that I’m turning myself into a rebellious teenager, and pretty soon into a young adult pooch. Well, let me tell you, this is Life, and Life is Good!
Arrf, arrf,
Brandy III - The Lover.


A pup named "Wanderer" -This will be the end!!!!!!!!!!!

November 4th 2007 4:05 pm
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Hello Diary, this morning I was quietly sitting by the window, just watching those silly birds fighting over the seeds my Mom puts in the birdfeeder, while two smart squirrels were stealing the seeds that fell on the ground. I turned my head and saw my Mom sitting on her favorite chair and looking back at me, I rapidly put on my saddest puppy face and it worked, she called me to her side, picked me up and said: " Would you like to hear the rest of our unfinished story now?". Yipee Mom, I sure would loooove to, and so she started like this:
------------"Remember we left our little heroe running to get away from the puppymill guy? well he ran and ran for about an hour (or so). When he felt it was safe to stop and nobody was after him, he did, but only to realize he had sore paws, and an empty stomach, his tummy was making noises and he was really thirsty.- "Oh Dog!", he said, "there's no food and no water, and I sure miss my doggie bed,.....and it's getting soooo dark....". He was not scared because he was a brave little pom....but he was getting worried and didn't know what to do next". "He kept walking a few more steps but there was no creature around who could help him out. Suddenly right in front of him bright lights appeared. "Oh my, it's a truck, could it be the puppymill bad guy again? I gotta hide", and he tried to hide under a bush, but it was too late, they had seen him allready...... "Heyyyy Wolfie, puppy, is that you?" He heard that voice and it sounds familiar....could it be ? it can't be! But yes, it was, it was his human parent Bob's, voice callimg him!!!!!!!!! He took a peek from under the tree and saw that his family truck was standing there besides the road. "Woof, woof, arrfffff, here I am, over here Bob", and he got out from under the bush and started running to his human, jumped and was caught in the air. "Ok, little rascal, why did you ran away, don't you know that there are so many dangers for a little wandering pup like you?" Wolfie couldn't stop licking his human's face (lick, lick, smooch...) And when he got into the truck!.....there were his Pommy parents, Wolfman and Ladyfox waiting to show him all their love. "Woof, woof where had you been, grrrrr", Wolfman said, "we were so worried for you, and you Mom was crying all the time!". "Don't you ever wander outside again!"." Wolfie was ashamed, but was also so happy he did'nt say a word".
"They rode back home and since he was so smelly, he could not avoid a good bath and a good brush. After this he got his food bowl full up to the very top., and he ate. He was so tired, he needed a good night sleep, and tomorrow will be another exciting day. He fell sleep and dreamed of many pawsome adventures. But after that day he lost his pretty name, his human Dad decided that from that day on, he was to be called "Wanderer" to remind him he should never leave the house by himself again."----------

"Ok Brandy, now you know that a little pup shoudl never, and I mean NEVER leave the house without his Mom or Dad. Wolfie, I mean Wanderer, was lucky and blessed, but not always is like that. And this is THE END"

Having said this my Mom, placed me on my doggie bed and I got a long nap, I even dreamed with bones and treats....When I woke up I realized "It's good to be home".
Wags and licks to you diary.

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