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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.

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Time to get back......

October 15th 2008 5:29 pm
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Thursday- Our day starts

Wow, good morning sweetie. Slept like a log, BOL!
Peace Lodge Cabin

Gotta get up honey.....yup this is sure a nice room, I know.....hey, there's someone at the door baby.....who is it darling?......OMD!....

Knock, knock, scratch.....

We gotta get dressed & get ready to sail back to Limon, let's go get some breakfast baby.

Honey *Nikki's voice* look what I found right outside the door.....can we keep it?.....

Can we keep it??????

After breakfast we say our last goodbye to Arenal Volcano and its marvelous sight.

Arenal Volcano behind us

It's almost 11am and we start to sail back. We find such a wonderful weather on our way back, shinning sun, beautiful ocean, great winds which will help us get back on time. Woo-hoo......

Back to Limon

Nice weather

Hey, are those the same dolphins who brought us to Tortuguero????They are our sea angels......they are making sure we get back safe.

Old friends

Almost there.

Finally we get to Cozumel right to time to leave our love boat and get our flight back home.

Limon, just in time...

This sure was a dream trip..........Thank You Lord.

Flying back home.


Our next adventure starts today.

October 14th 2008 5:06 pm
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Wednesday -Once more, way before sunrise, our day begins.
Good Morning!!!!

Today's adventure starts with Ben, our driver/guide taking us thru an scenic drive to Arenal Volcano, stopping en route at La Paz Waterfall Gardens for an up close view at a system of 5 different waterfalls.


Here get the chance to enjoy the cool waters of some beautiful waterfalls, we take a short rest to have a quick lunch.

This water sure is cold.

Let's have lunch.

After lunch we resume our trip to Arenal Volcano National Park . Suddenly we get an impressive view of this "giant which rumbles" and erupts with spectacular displays of vapor and lava. What a view!!!!

OMD!!!!! look at that....

This afternoon we enjoy a hike with our guide inside the Arenal National Park , we travel through the rainforest with its dense vegetation and majestic trees, where monkeys, tropical birds, and other creatures can frequently be seen.

Look honey a Coati!

Ben introduced me to a new friend.

Smile honey, it's just a picture.

We continue over a cold blocky lava flow from Arenal Volcano that formed in 1992, and provides panoramic vistas of the volcano, forests, mountains and Arenal Lake.

Sitting on lava....incredible.

Hello little guy...

We’ll spend the night at Peace Lodge, and since everything comes to an end, we'll be geting ready fur our trip back home.

Time to get some rest.



October 13th 2008 6:05 pm
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We spent Monday night and the following night at the Turtle Beach Lodge. It's an incredible place where you feel as if you could stay here furever.

Nice room

The beach is extraordinary, white sands and crystal clear waters.

White sands, pretty creatures

This is fun!

With all day thru access to foods and drinks we might have gain a few pounds, we couldn't stop trying every different exotic dish we saw, BOL!


This is life......

The area of Tortuguero is rightfully called “The Amazon of Costa Rica” because access is only by boat on Jungle Rivers, privacy is quite appropriate fur honeymoon couples, we felt in heaven.

Nice ride under the sun.

Rest, sun, sea.......and the best of company......LOVE!

So this is Love.....

Tomorrow we will be heading to visit La Paz Waterfall Gardens, they say it's a pawsome place we can't miss. We'll let you know.....


First stop.

October 12th 2008 2:09 pm
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Our destiny.

1st Stop, Monday morning -the port city of Limon before continuing our trip to reach Tortuguero. There a small boat and a tour guide where already waiting fur us to continue our trip thru the canals lining the Atlantic Coast to the Tortuguero Canals through 50 km of tropical rain forest.

Early noon we arrive at Tortuguero. We had a quick lunch and after a boat trip of 2 hours thru canals and lagoons of the Tortuguero National Park, we expected to see sea creatures, beautiful birds, monkeys and sloths….and we did.....

They wanna play!!!!

Tortuguero, Costa Rica, which can be translated as Land of Turtles, is a village on the Northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in the Limón Province.

Private Beach.

The beaches around Tortuguero are key nesting sites for many of the world's most endangered species of sea turtle.
From late June to early October the prime turtle season brings thousands of Atlantic Green Sea Turtles to the beaches of Tortuguero...

Big turtle

As the boat turns off of The Canal of Palms and winds down a narrow private canal you can feel the jungle closing around you. Its Turtle Beach Lodge canal which has been described as “a million dollar entrance.” Caimans and colorful lizards scurry for safety into the water and birds cry out a greeting.

Beutiful birds

We’ll spend the night and following day at the Turtle Beach Lodge, before resuming our tour, this time to La Paz Waterfalls Gardens.


New friends.

Love the sea


Our dream trip!!!!!!!!!

October 11th 2008 7:10 pm
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Saturday night we fly from Dog Park Playground & Pawty Place to Cozumel, Mexico, where our sail boat is waiting fur us.

1st Day -Sunday before sunrise we sailed South thru the Southern Caribbean Coast to our destination. The sea, magnificient as always, we're getting furry nice winds but calm sea,which gives us the opportunity to watch a playful dolphin, swimming in front of our boat, just like as if he was leading the way fur us to reach our final destination safe. .......An incredible sight!!!!!

The beginning

Sailing South

OMD! look at that!


I'm so furry nervous!!!!

October 8th 2008 7:09 pm
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Hello Diary, only 2 more days pal.....I'm going nuts. Don't laugh at me Diary, I really nervous you know.
Tonight we had our final rehearsal, yes, everything went great. I know, I shouldn't worry but I can't help it, I'm a natural born anxious pom.

I'm so tired pal, I better go to bed. I'll bark at you tomorrow ok?
Good night furiend *yawns*,
Sleep well....


Just a few days....

October 1st 2008 10:48 am
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Yup, just a few days till our wedding......OMD! can you imagine Diary? Me a married pup?.......yeah, I know, it's a big, big responsibility. But I know I'll be able to carry it with success, I'll make my sweet princess the happiest furgirl in Dogster. I know I said Dogster.....this is our world pal, here we rule,...... hoomans world????, well that's something else. There we have just to look cute, bark and share our time and space with our furless family. No...., I'm not complaining.....NO!, I'm not whinning either, I love my furless family, I would give my life fur any of them, you know that. But here, in our doggie world things are different, our fantasies can become real, and our dreams can come true.

I know you don't understand Diary, it's difficult fur you being a Diary. It would be to me to if I tried to understand Diaries' World.

What? you laughing????? But it's true, the beauty of Dogster is that everything's pawsible, and that we can learn the real meaning of furiendship, love and compassion here.

Besides, my Mommy also loves it, she has met so many wonderful hoomans here, who also share her passion, and love fur us fur- creatures.

Yeah, Mom is another Dogsterholic, and I love it.
Well, gotta run, have lots of things fur the wedding that still need to be done *runnning*

See ya Diary, remember Oct. 11, 5pm, you gotta be there too,


See our wedding page.

September 20th 2008 11:47 am
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Our Page

Ahoy me Diary! Today, September 19, is International Talk- Like a Pirate Day, matey.

September 19th 2008 8:50 am
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So I thought I'd share with ye the Top Ten Ways A Pirate Is Greener Than Your Average Landlubber over a jug o' grog:

(10) Pirates used rain barrels on deck to collect drinking and washing water

(9) Pirates recycled and reused bottles for their rum, passing messages and as weapons in bar brawls. Then they went back for refills.

(8) Pirates spent as little time on land as possible, helping avoid spreading invasive species

(7) Pirates commuted less and bought local. While merchant vessels carried goods far and wide, pirates took what was nearby, supporting local towns and pubs.

(6) Pirates repaired things instead of buying new versions. They mended sails and damaged ships instead of upgrading immediately. When they did upgrade, they generally "bought" used.

(5) Pirates were kinder to animals (parrots, monkeys) than they were to people.

(4) Pirates kept it simple, from what they wore to how they navigated. No need to launch expensive satellites into space for GPS units to work when the stars are right above your head.

(3) Pirates went paperless. Their codes were generally not written down, because they might be incriminating. Most of their contracts were verbal.

(2) Pirates used wind power to sail the seas

(1) Pirates rarely bathed - that's water conservation for ye.

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!


She's not my cousin!!!!!!!!!!

September 13th 2008 5:29 pm
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OMD! I just found out that Barbie's not my cousin.....All my life 2 1/2 years already, I've thought that Barbie, yes the one in the pic on my page, was my little cousin.......well, I just learned from my Mom that she's not. Here's the explanation to this shocking reality.

You know my Mom had 3 sons, Luis, already in Heaven, Angel, living in Puerto Rico, and Jorge. Well, if I'm Mom's little baby then that makes Angel and Jorge my furless brothers, right? Everything's fine up to here, well Jorge is Barbie's Dad....fine,.....since I'm Jorge's furbrother, that makes me Barbie's uncle, right??????? OMD! Barbie is my niece!!!!!!

How's that Diary? I have a nice!!!!! Wait till Barbie finds out, now I can get some respect when I go over to her house. Yipee!!!!!

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