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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.

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Hello Diary!

April 3rd 2007 8:29 am
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It's me again, let me tell you about last Sunday.

It was one of those sunny, beautiful mornings at Miami, 7am, and my Mom is still sleeping! what a waste!... with all those squirrels, birds, lizzards, leaves being blown by the wind, doggie droppings (I'm not allowed to say the "p". word) outside our home, waiting for me to chase, explore, smell, and maybe even take a kittle taste of them....ok Mom, it's time...wake up, grrrrrrrr, I'll pull her sheet off and see if this, doesn't...bark a little? no I don't think so, she'll probably wake up but with a very bad mood. Mmmmm!yes I know, a little kiss always works, yes! right at the tip of her nose, smoooch! Ok, she's smiling, opens one eye,...and caress my cute little head, ooooh, that's nice, she loves me afterall. Come on now Mommy, let's go out for a loooong walk, remember today is Sunday and you are all mine.

This is the beginning of another wonderful day!

It's 11am, and yes, we are back. Boy am I thirsty!, you see I have so much hair that it feels good to be back inside. I'm going to take a nap, right now...but Mom, pleeease, you want to play now? no, no, I'm really tired, exhausted, let me sleep a little, we can play later you know, when its time for you to do the laundry, or cook dinner, clean the house, or maybe when you get a little tired of all the house chores and want to take a little nap yourself, at that time I would have regain all my energy and be ready, willing and excited to start playing, running, nipping, making you feel overjoyed, overloved, overwhelmed. Woooof! Life is goooood!


Saturday's trip to the groomer. Grrrrrrrr!

April 2nd 2007 6:52 am
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Dear diary:
Let me tell you about last Saturday, when we are supposed to be resting a little longer, but Mom had tha grrrrreat idea that it is a good day for me to take a bath, so here we go at 7am on our way to do they call it?... oh, yes, the "groomer".

This is the place were you see lots of guys like me but you are not allowed to "socialize" with them. Meaning you can't smell, touch, make friends, or "speak" to any of the other canines around you. How mean!....

Ok, we just arrived! Wow, the humans here are pretty nice and sweet (all females) but I will not let them know I like them, and for this I turn my ears backwards y put on my "I'm so sad" puppy look. Mommy, where are YOU going? Don't leave me! Hey! when are you comming back? Soon?...well... ok, Love you Mom.

Now we are just you and me, and all those other doggies waiting to be bathed, detangled, combed, blow-dryed, trimmed, and tortured......, no I'm sorry, beautified and perfumed to look a little more like a little baby human. Why? don't they know that we are just poor little dogs?

I think love is a strange thing and my human mom loves me soooo much, and I really love her, if this makes her happy it makes me too.


Thanks God it's Friday!

March 30th 2007 12:05 pm
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6:45am: It's almost 7 o'clock and Mommy is still sleeping. Hmmmm...I think I'll try a little kiss in the mouth and see if she wakes up (just like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White...). OOOOps! ok, ok, I think she didn't agree to my kissing so early in the morning (maybe she's not a morning person, think I'll have to wait patiently in my doggie bed...) Oh! great she's quite awake now, afterall my kissing worked fine.

7:05am: Igot to go, Igot to go....please Mommy, hurry-up, have to go to the doggie restroom......ok, now, we are out, grrrreeeeeeat! I feel much better now. You can go now and wash yourself, brush your teeth , or any other of those things humans do in the morning.

8:00am: My mother is ready to go to work, I'm more than ready to go for a walk (I know, it must be a short one 'cause Mommy has to go to work).

8:30am: Yes, we are back, after I did my thing on each tree we passed by;
also picked up ,and made my Mom mad at me for it, some UGO (unidentified ground objects), which my mother hates, because if I swallow too much of them I get sick.

Ok, Mommy, thank you for the walk, don't forget to leave enough food, water, treats and my favorite toys, so I won't get bored till you return this afternoon. Love you, take care.

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