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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.

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Does love hurt?

August 8th 2007 10:06 am
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I wonder, what does it mean when humans say: "love him (her) so much that it hurts" or "loving much hurts in your heart", or even "love hurts", etc.
Tell me diary, can Love hurt? What do they mean by "Love", I don't think I really understand what this is all about.
Do we doggies know about this Love Thing? I have a slight idea of what they may mean with this word, cuz when my Mom hugs me she says she "loves" me, but she smiles when she says it, so I don't think she's in pain, and she does this all the time: "I looove you baby....", "Mommy loves Brandy soooo much...", she even asks me: "Do you love me?" (I don't know, but I suppose I do, and kiss her on her nose).
Tell me diary, is this warm feeling I get all over me when I see my Mom, and this extreme happiness I show as soon as she gets home, or this feeling of extreme sadness when I see her crying that makes me run to her and try to comfort her by licking her hands or just by clowning around to make her smile, something to do with "love"?
Is this need to protect my mother and keep her safe from harm, to stay by her side at all times, no matter if I have eaten already or if I'm not feeling well; is this need to have her cuddle me in her arms and snuggle with me at her bed what humans call "LOVE"?.....
Then if this is it then I'm pawsitive we doggies Do Know How To Love.
Do you agree?
Arrrf, arrrf,
Brandy III


It's my Mom's turn.

August 6th 2007 11:13 am
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Hello dear Brandy's diary, this is me Brandy's Mom. Yes, I know, I'm sorry, I'm not supposed to be writing on you...ok, I should have my own diary....but Brandy said it was ok, just for this once.

Let me tell you, a few months ago I had a very strong argument with my furry baby caused by difference in opinions. Brandy has always being a stylish pooch who proudly wore his blue doggy collar as if he had won a "best breed contest" prize. He sure looked cute I agree, but since I've always been so concerned about the "collapse trachea" matter, I started reading about the benefits of a doggy harness vs the collar, so I decided it was time to impose my point of view because it was for Brandy's wellness. At first I tried to reason with him, mission impossible, he can surely be a stubborn pom. He refused and fight me, and the harness, with all his heart. I spoke to him and tried to explain that the harness thing was practical, safer, comfortable and had a cute casual/sporty look....but no, he wouldn't give in. Not until we saw a cute little video "dogs walking" at one of his most dear pals a beautiful girl named Lady (Dogster id 490991) showing her and her bros and sis walking proudly and with ease wearing their harnesses, thanks to Lady and her pack; this was it, Brandy III agreed to give it a try.
I had bought a beautiful blue (manly looking) harness and at last I was able to make him try it on, at first he was making faces at it, but then when we went out and started walking he realized that it was not as bad as he thought. No sir, he could move freely and even pull at mom without hurting his neck and starting to cough! Success!!!!!!!.....

"Ok mommy, I think you won this one, this harness thingy is fine, and it doesn't look so bad afterall, I'll wear it, if it makes you happy."

...Yes, it makes me very happy, and I would advise all humans owned by small breeds to get a harness, is safer for your babies since the stress on their throats and necks is reduced to a minimum,.....and they do look stylish in them.
Ok, diary, thanks for listening, love,
Brandy III's mom.


What's in a name?

August 3rd 2007 1:33 pm
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Diary, let me tell you about names. There are so many strange names among humans and among pets. There are names which can be given to either girls or boys the same, for example: Alex, Charlie, Sam, Jessie, Jordan, Brownie, Ginger, Ashley, Dixie, Smokey, Bear, Candy, Cheyenne, and many more.

My name has always been a point of discussion (more like a controversial matter) between friends, family members, and even people, not related to us, want to express their points of view in relation to this (sometimes I get tired of hearing so many silly opinions). Some people say it’s a girl’s name, others say it can be used either for girls or boys (they use the word “unisex”). I don’t care what people say cuz I’m pawsitively sure of what I am. I look like a cute sweet little pooch, but don’t fool yourself, I’m a tough, strong and masculine “macho man”. A name doesn’t really mean anything; it’s who you are and how you do unto others what really matters. I know I’m a good dog, loyal and faithful, I have a great big heart in a small furry body and a crystal clear soul.

Let me tell you I’m proud of my name, know why? Because it was my brothers’ name too. They were my mother’s most beloved life companions, they were great dogs, and I feel honored to be named after them.

Don’t pay much attention to names diary, take your time to really look into the “creature” bearing it, and then you’ll know who they really are.

Proudly: Brandy III


A bit of information won't hurt.

August 2nd 2007 11:15 am
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You are the one who knows me better, after my mom of course, and you know I like to drive humans and us pups closer to a better understanding day by day, so having said this, I've decided to include in this entry some info which I happened to come into when doing my usual daily search on the web (believe it or not I looove been a cyber-dog and I'm pretty good at it).

This I liked a lot, and hope it's clear and simple enough for humans to understand that the've gotta loooot to learn from us (hope my Mum doesn't read this entry):

A Few Life Lessons Learned From A Dog
Author Unknown

1. If you stare at someone long enough, eventually you'll get what you want.
2. Don't go out without ID.
3. Be direct with people; let them know exactly how you feel by piddling on their shoes.
4. Be aware of when to hold your tongue, and when to use it.
5. Leave room in your schedule for a good nap.
6. Always give people a friendly greeting. A cold nose between their legs is quite effective.
7. When you do something wrong, always take responsibility (as soon as you're dragged out from under the bed).
8. If it's not wet and sloppy, it's not a real kiss.

I really hope they get it.
Will bark soon,
Brandy III, from my working desk.


Wanna know what we found in the streets?

July 30th 2007 12:45 pm
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Yesterday, after having walk for a while thru our neighborhood, and coming around the corner straight to our house (it was too hot outside), my mom suddenly stopped….she seems she had seen something strange or dangerous right in our way…at least that’s what I thought when she picked me up so suddenly. But no, no way, it wasn’t strange, or dangerous, but it sure was big, furry and yellow. Yes, it was my neighbor Indy!, remember him, the big, friendly and feisty yellow lab-retriever living next door? This guy is one of a kind, he behaves just like “Clifford, the big red dog”, only this one is yellow.
What on earth is he doing outside in the street without a lead and without his humans? My Mom started calling him and as soon as he saw her (well, us) he started running toward us, tail wags, and drools everywhere…..Yippee!....., hold it, “Back Indy, Back”, my mum said with a strong voice and attitude I had never seen before in her. And since he is such a sweet (and large) guy he just came inside the porch jumping and wagging his tail after my mom, everything was ok then, but while my mother was knocking on Indy’s humans front door he got quite near me (was still on mommy’s safe arms), and took a good, too good for my taste, sniff of my Bu…, I’m sorry…, of my rear end. Ok, that was it!, enough is enough!, “Indy” Grrrrrr, grrr, “Back, back!” I growled… “we are neighbors but we are supposed to respect each other, you can sniff me ok, but not when I’m not able to sniff you back……..”
Indi’s human mom opened the door and he got right in, she was really surprised since they didn’t know he had been roaming the streets (how can this be? I asked myself), well, they told my mother that the gardener had left the back door opened and he just went for a little walk.
What do you think about this? don’t know how could they not realize my friend was missing, my Mum keeps an eye on me at all times (she can sometimes become a pain), and if she doesn’t see me for a while, she immediately starts looking for me everywhere in the house (a guy like me can’t have any privacy).
Well,…..after all I’ve learned that: “you never know what you can find out in the streets”.
Brandy III,
-----I’m a good neighbor, right?-----



July 29th 2007 2:02 pm
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This is no easy task being part of many groups and administrating one of them. You gotta keep yourself well informed of everything going in each of the groups, plus you have to pay special attention to your job as administrator. It's quite exhausting you know, but been the pawsitive pooch I am, I know I 'm gonna keep up with all my day to day activities and duties towards the groups and their members. (Oh Dog, please Help me............).
The only thing I don't like about doggie groups is when some of my pals get sick or go Over The Bridge, it's so sad to think about this, and to know that even when the turn into little Doggie Angels, their human parents suffer so much for them. I don't even wanna think about it, it's very, very sad.

On another note, let me tell you diary that I was saved by the bell, remember I told you I was getting my rabbies shot on Saturday? well, it was raining a lt and my mom doesn't like driving when it rains, so she called and changed the appointment for next week. Isn't it grrrr-eat? I still have a whole week save from being tortured again. Well its raining again and I feel like taking a little nap....yawn...will bark ...yawnnn...again sssoo... ZZzzzzzz............



July 25th 2007 12:24 pm
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Whine, whine.......
Diary,.....all my summer visiting cousins are gone. My mom's at work and I'm feeling lonely, all by myself in this lonely apartment, with my lonely toys, my lonely doggie bed, my lonely water and food sad.
Who would have thought that this would be happening to me, such a friendly, social pooch, who loves people and enjoys being the center of attention at all times.
Oh My Dog! How can this be?
After having my cousin Stefie stay with me me for a whole month, and then came Nicole who stayed home for almost a month.....and now....., they are all gone.....(howling, howling......err, wao, I didn't know I could do this, it's grrr-eat!).
What am I gonna do now?........
Yes!, I know, I'm gonna have my Mum just for ME!
Well, I really don't mind sharing my mother's love as long as I keep being Number One in her heart. Ok Mom, get ready cuz you and I are gonna be spending some quality time together, starting just now.
Bark at you later diary, I'm gonna be busy for a while.
Brandy III


Meeting my Human Grandfather can be Koooool!

July 23rd 2007 11:19 am
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Yesterday seemed like it would be kind of boring Sunday. Not much to do, cloudy, humid and hot outside, so I thought I was gonna spend most of the day napping on my mom's lap.
But to my surprise my mom said we were going to get a visit from someone I hadn't met before.....: My human grandfather! Yes he is Mom's Dad and it seems that he has recently lost his third (THIRD!) wife, therefore he's feeling so sad and lonely that my Mother (she's all heart) decided to invite him for lunch, and to spend the day at our house where "I "was supposed to entertain him.
At first I thought, "ok great, another old human guy to scratch by back, pat my cute head, and cuchie-cuchie me". But I was so wrong, my Mom's father looks much younger than I thought, he's very nice and fun to be around, eventhough he's very sad for his loss, he played with me, he let me get on his lap and lick his hands, he even let me kiss him and nip-pull his pants, he just laught at my clowning, he's really cool.
I have to tell you that I spend a grrrr-eat Sunday and I had much more fun that I had expected to. Yes my friend, my human grandpa is quite a guy!
.........Oh, I forgot to tell you, when he was leaving, my mother took me to see his car and, wao! you should have seen it: a paw-some sport car he has, my mom says its a "Corvette" (don't know much about cars, is this a good thing?).
I'm gonna leave you for now diary, I'm still a little tired from a great Sunday.
Twirls and wags,
Brandy III


This wasn't so bad afterall.

July 21st 2007 6:36 pm
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As I had told you, today was my trip to the vet. We got there and as ususal, I was received with love and lots of attention (I looove getting all the attention) everyone was very nice, including the doc, they all called me by my name and said sweet things to meke me feel good. Buuuut,......after all this pampering, they put me on the table and started getting ready to torture me. A nice, sweet lady got a hold of me (real tight) and even though I tried real hard to get loose.....ouch!, a little pinch.....and that was it. Not so terrible, I think it hurt much more to my Mom.
Then the doc was talking to my mother and he said that I should have my test....(I don't even know how to say the word), well, whatever, removed as soon as possible. It seems that I should have two of those things outside of me but one of them, for whatever reason, didn't come out and stayed inside of me, and they have to do somehing about this because it can give me troubles in the future when I grow up. My mom said she'll try to solve this as soon as she can, but I feel she's a little concerned about this. We'llhave to discuss this matter a little more in detail.
Oh, I forgot to tell you, I'm still getting one more shot next Saturday! This is abussive! but Mum says I have to see the paw-sitive side of all this, it will prevent me from getting sick.
Awwwm, yawns, sorry pal, I'm going to bed now.
Will bark again soon,
Brandy III


Just one day left.

July 19th 2007 6:07 pm
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Saturday's doom day. Yes, I have to go to the vet and I'm getting my shots again. I hate this cuz instead of getting just one uncomfortable, hurtful, abussive shot, I get two. This is due to my allergy to vaccines, I also have to get another shot so that I won't get all swollen up as it happened the first time (my mom almost got a heart attack), that time my muzzle, eyes and all my face got all swollen and red, I looked like a little black and tan balloon, so horrible. But there's nothing we can do, I know we doggies have to get these shots in order to be safe from getting very sick, so we should be thankful to our humans for making sure we get those (ouch!) shots.
The good side of all this is that the humans who work at the doc's place are all very nice, they treat me with love and respect, they pamper me and sometimes they even give me treats ( so that I stay still and can be weighed), last week I left them get my weight without any fighting back, they said I'm 8 pounds now. I'm getting bigger, right?

This is so paw-ful:
just ONE day left for my trip to the vet diary,.............
PLEASE, hold my paw.

Brandy III

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