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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.


December 9th 2008 11:35 am
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You know Diary, I’ve been asking my Mom fur the story on how “The Child” was born, and she promised to sit down and tell me as soon as she had a bit of time. Finally, last night she put aside all her household chores and taking me on her lap she started like this:

“My little boy” (….com’on Mom, Geez, I’m a married guy….) “this is what we really celebrate: The Birth of a Babe, Jesus our Lord”. And she kept on with the story, as I can remember, more or less it went like this:

THE STORY OF THE NATIVITY - "The Birth of a Babe"

A magnificent brightness lit up the sky when an angel appeared to Mary, a young pure women, who was engaged to be married to Joseph.
The angel then announced that she was going to have a baby.

"That's impossible for I am not yet married," answered Mary.

"This baby will be very special. He will be the Son of God."

Although Mary did not fully understand she agreed to the Word of God. She was devout.

Some months later Mary and Joseph were married. When it was near to her time they traveled to Bethlehem but found it very crowded. Not a room was available. Then one kind man noticing how tired and heavy with child she was offered them the use of a stable.

Gentle animals - cows, donkeys, lambs and poultry, and maybe a dog and a cat - greeted them.

During the night Mary's boy child was born. She wrapped the baby Jesus in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger cushioned with hay. The animals cows, donkeys, lambs and poultry, and maybe a dog and a cat peered into the manger and with their constant breathing kept the baby warm while Mary slept.

Out in the countryside beyond Bethlehem the bright light that appeared in the sky was seen by some shepherds tending their flocks.

They became frightened until an angel appeared and told them not to be.

"I have great news. A child has been born in a stable in Bethlehem who will save all the world."

They were amazed and decided to go and see this 'Savior' for themselves. With their flocks they arrived at the stable and gazed down in wonderment at the baby Jesus. They then set off to relate this happy event to all in the area.

"Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace to men who enjoy his favor."

The shepherds returned to the hills glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen; it was exactly as they had been told.

Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart.

That same bright light had been seen by three wise men in the East. They knew a great king had been born.

A star lead them to Bethlehem and to the baby Jesus.

The three wise men entered the stable to worship the baby, and they gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

So NOW I understand…....this is what it's really all about, this is a time fur giving, a time fur sharing, a time to love. Thanks Mum! I love ya!

The Nativity

Merry Christmas my dear friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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