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Springer Tales from the Bridge !

Happy 5th Bridge Anniversary Charlie.

July 29th 2010 7:53 am
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Charlie ... my sweet heart dog. I miss you so but will join you one day and in the meantime I keep busy with the love & caring of Eve. here is a poem that suits our story well. love mom & eve.

Room In My Heart

Sorrow fills a barren space;
you close your eyes and see my face
and think of times I made you laugh,
the love we shared, the bond we had,

the special way I needed you -
the friendship shared by just we two.
The day's too quiet, the world seems older,
the wind blows now a little colder.

You gaze into the empty air
and look for me, but I'm not there -
I'm in heaven and I watch you,
and I see the world around you too.

I see little souls wearing fur,
souls who bark and souls who purr
born unwanted and unloved -
I see all this and more above -

I watch them suffer, I see them cry,
I see them lost, I watch them die.
I see unwanted thousands born -
and when they die, nobody mourns.

These little souls wearing fur
(Some who bark and some who purr)
are castaways who - unlike me -
will never know love or security.

A few short months they starve and roam,
Or caged in shelters - no one takes home.
They're special too (furballs of pleasure),
filled with love and each one, a treasure.

My pain and suffering came to an end,
so don't cry for me, my person, my friend.

But think of the living -those souls with fur
(some who bark and some who purr) -
And though our bond can't be broken apart,
make room for another in your home and
your heart.

--- Caro Schubert-James


Buster's 7th Bridge Annifursary !

September 12th 2007 4:07 am
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its here already...... the day you left my loving arms to fly with the Angels.
its hard to believe .... 7 years later & the pain of that day is still so strong.
my beautiful , gentle boy..... it helps to know Charlie is with you now & watching over you ..... or is it the other way around ? [ smiles through streaming tears] remembering the day you & Charlie & Nugent & i went down to the river ..... you guys ran on ahead..... by the time i caught up ..... you were sitting on the edge of the half frozen water & at first i didn't see the other two. i followed your gaze & there they were ..... across the half frozen river. you were so wise that day..... fortunately we got the other two safely back across. whenever Charlie wandered out of the yard .... you were always there at the property edge looking off in the direction that Charlie went. you sat there patiently waiting for us to return. then there was the night you wandered off..... not to return for two days......remember how it was when i spotted you on the river bank ? you stood up when you heard me call your name..... shaking so uncontrollably that you fell over..... then got up & ran to me & jumped into my arms. we showered each other in Kisses & Hugs......
we were both so happy to be reunited that day...... that is how i imagine it to be when we are reunited at the Bridge . till that day..... take care of each other & the other beautiful bridge pups. & please keep watching over mom & dad .... we miss you so much.


My Tail of Devotion to Charlie *

July 28th 2007 8:31 pm
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this week began quite badly ...... i had the blues ..... missing you so much & knowing this anniversary date was coming up. but our bridge pals cheered us up . today as i floated in Kelly's pool ..... that you loved so much .... we began to share some of our favorite stories of you. in the process Kelly reminded me that today was actually your anniversary ....... not tomorrow. but it was actually the 29th when i wrote this tribute to you that was published in the Pet Cemetary column of the provincial paper. tonight at midnight .... when the 28th crosses over to the 29th ..... under an almost full moon seems fitting to post this in your diary.


English Springer Spaniel

It's 2:30 am, my eyes are dry and burning. my head is tinged with a dull throb.
It's been about seven hours since they pierced your body with the needle that finally brought you relief from the extreme pain you must have felt these last few days. i know it took a while for me to see it ....... with you still trying to be a young puppy and all. Wagging that tail, flashing those big brown eyes .....I'll never forget those eyes !
I saw through your bravado last night & again this morning and somehow i found the strength to do what was best for you. It would have been selfish for me to keep you here longer so i could keep basking in you unconditional love while embracing your constant companionship.
Our many walks and many talks helped me through plenty of bad days. Today .... I had to do something for you.... my loyal friend.
As i held you in my arms and felt those brief seconds in time..... the pain rushed out and the relief washed in. I knew I had made the right choice.
Later...... as I watched the most magnificent sunset, it brought to mind how truly extraordinary you were.
I feel at peace knowing You are at peace.
Tomorrow .... I walk alone.
Miss you forever. ....... Love Mom

well i walked alone till mid January till Eve came into my life. when we walked down " Our " lane tonight under that almost full moon ..... we felt you with us sweet Charlie.....

special thanks to all the bridge pups " At Friend of The Rainbow Bridge" for making this weekend more of a celebration of Charlie's life than just a very sad occasion. my love goes out to you all.


ohhh lala .....we've been Luv Tagged !

July 25th 2007 6:39 am
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hello everypup ! our bridge pal Cherry Luv Tagged us. now we have to pick 3 of our pals to tag. this is hard cause we luv all our pup pals ! so on this game we will tag ......

Gustina #169492 ......Gussie is such a fun pal to play with at the bridge & we share a passion for pasta !!!

Ariel #398581 ......Ariel is the sweetest pup & a fellow Canadian who probably is as excited as us for the next season of Lost to start.

Shiloh #412416 ...... our beautiful bridge pal who is much loved & missed by his family. Shiloh will celebrate his first anniversary at the bridge July 30th.

we forgot the important part .....woof woof you have to say something special about the pups you tag !

wags & wiggles


A song for Charlie.

July 1st 2007 6:08 am
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hello pups ....... our daddy wrote a song for Charlie & we thought we'd share it with you all. he plays it on his accoustic guitar to the beatof " Rhumba Boogie" by Hank Snow.

"Springer Boy"
When he was a pup

He brought us lots of joy
He needed a name
We called him Charlie Boy
You should have seen him go
All over the yard
He was a Springer Spaniel
G A7 D
And he brought us lots of love

When he got a little older

Taught him to hunt
He'd go all day
And never give up
He was a real good student
Very patient, you know
He was a Springer Spaniel
G A7 D
And he brought us lots of love

Now his colors were black and white

He was a good looking Dog
He fathered nine pups
They were all like their daddy
He was a Springer Spaniel
G A7 D
And he brought us lots of love

He had toys and bones all over the place

Many lawn mower blades i had to replace
But what can you do
He was a good ole Boy
He was a Springer Spaniel
G A7 D
And he brought us lots of Joy

Now he's gone to a heavenly place

There's one dog i'll never replace
He was my best friend
He was a good ole Boy
He was a Springer Spaniel
G A7 D
And he brought us lots of Joy

" Come on boy,lets go in the truck "

thanks dad ! keep working on Buster's song !


We have Wings !

May 29th 2007 7:25 am
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woof ! woof ! we are soooo happy today ! a super duper dog named Bambi made us wings. we hovered over mommy as she cried when she first saw them. but it was different this time ......... they were tears of happiness cause we looked so Angelic in them. thank you Bambi ! Aroooo ! having wings is Pawsome . we got them just in time too ........ see our daddy was driving to work this morning & we were hovering over .......when " crash" a deer jumped out & hit our dad's truck . we flapped our wings furiously & created enough wind to protect daddy & his passenger but alas we could not help the deer. the humans are fine but mommy's truck got towed away. mommy called the dept of lands & forest & they came for the poor deer. it is a little ironic that a pup named Bambi made wings for us just in time to protect our daddy from a collision with a deer. well were off for a couple of steaks & a brewskie after quite the eventful morning , then it's time for a well deserved nap ! happy tales to all ......... hugs & kisses ....... Charlie & Buster.

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