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I'm Fur of the Month. WOW !!!

April 2nd 2012 8:17 am
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WOW I've been selected as Fur Of The Month for The Best LiL Doghouse in Dogster. I can hardly believe I was picked out of all the adorable pups on Dogster. Mama is so proud of me she is just wiggling with excitement.
We went shopping yesterday and I got a new dress with the prettiest spring flowers on it and a bow for my hair to match. I wish mama knew how to take pictures and post them so I could show ya'll just how cute I look. We are going to take a class for the computer and maybe we can figure out how it's done. Mamas grandchildren call her a techo-tard because she isn't very good with her computer yet.
I just know this is going to be a special month for me. Mama is already making a big fuss over me and I'm getting extra treats. YUM! We were online for a long time yesterday answering all the congratulations we received and mama read each one to me so we could decide what to say to the senders. When mama talks to me I look her in the eyes and tilt my head back and forth so she knows I'm listing to her. She thinks it so cute and it makes her smile so I guess I just keep doing it. I'll do just about anything to make my mama smile.
I'll post more later in the month to let ya'll know how its going.


Happy Springtime Furiends!!

March 30th 2012 7:53 pm
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Yea, spring is here and we can be outside again. Do all of you love being outside as much as I do? Mama's been busy in her garden planting all kind of good things to eat. I don't understand why she thinks she needs to put up a fence around the veggies, I won't eat very much. Last summer I really enjoyed the green beans right off of the vine. I ate me some peas too but there better after mama peals them, the pod is a little chewie. I thought I was helping her by digging in the garden since she does. I guess I didn't dig in the right places. Gosh I was only trying to help. Who knew?
Mama has also been planting lots of flowers but I know to leave them alone and so does Ollie. Mama hollers at us if we step on her flowers but she always leaves a few spots along the fence empty for us so we can talk to our furiends on the other side. Ollie and I know not to mess with mamas flowers and that's fine with me, they don't taste very good, not like the veggies do.
Mama has all these funny things she uses in the yard. I don't mind the shovels and rakes and such but I just hate that darned old Lawn mower and weed eater. Ollie and I have to go in the house when she uses them and I don't think that's fair, besides which they make lots of noise. I don't like anything that means I can't be with my mama. Stupid old lawn mower. Grrrrr!
Another good thing about spring is that we get to take more walks, which I just love. Walks mean sniffing and smelling and marking. Big fun huh? Ollie thinks he has to mark everywhere that I do so then I have to go back and mark it again. Brother are a lot of trouble sometimes. When I get tired of it I just growl at him and he stops. Ollie is a very good little boy and he minds me when I tell him to stop doing something. If he doesn't I just bite his ear to remind him who is the boss. Me, It's me, I'm the boss. He's littler than I am so I'm the mama dog and he's my baby which means I have to take care of him and he has to mind me, Right?
Now that it's getting warmer I can't wait for mama to start going to Aunt Denise's house so me can play in the pool. I'm a really good swimmer and I can even dive off of the diving board with mama. Woopee. Callie and Ellie May are good swimmers to but they are both way bigger than I am so mama keeps a close watch to make sure one of them doesn't get to rowdy and drown me. Ollie will only get on the step and sit there. He can swim a little but he really doesn't like to. He just sits there and watches the rest of us play. Silly Ollie, he's missing all the fun.
That's why I so glad that spring is here.


Happy Birthday to Me!

February 2nd 2012 12:55 pm
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I'm 5 years old today and Mommy decided to start a diary for me.
It has been an amazing 5 years. I've got to go and do things that most pups never do. Being a service dog sure has its advantages.
Today we went out to lunch with my Mommy's daughter (my aunt) and I got a steak all to myself. It sure was good. My aunt Dee's dog (Ellie May) is a therapy dog and we got to go and visit our friends at the nursing home after lunch. I really like it when I get to go too. The people there are so nice and always give such good hugs and scratches.
It's been a really great day, now it's time for a nap. Tonight I get to go to my Aunt Jan's house and play with my favorite pal, Charlie. He always thinks he can run faster and bark louder than I can, so I'll have to show him AGAIN that girls are just as fast and loud as boys. Big Fun!!!

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