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Rocky a Puggle

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Tree not fixed

October 2nd 2007 2:55 am
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Heavens what a day. Dad and I went to the store and the Church and the other store. WHEW!! We played ball and (Dad is a much better thrower than Mom is, she tries, but mostly her balls go into the floor or just don't go very far at all) then we went for walks. Dad finally had to go to work and he was waiting and waiting for the Tree people to come, but they didn't come before he left for work.... Hope they left him a note telling him what they did. I hope that tree grows, for Mom's sake.

Mom said when she gets home tonight she is going to dust the fan blades?????? What the heck does that mean??? I see her dust the furniture, but Mom is awfully awfully short, so this should be interesting.

Maybe Mom will find anoher soup bone for me, boy oh boy was that good!! I finally broke it in half, I was just tossing it and chasing it on the cement and it broke right in half, but thats ok, I left half in the front yard and carried the rest into the backyard. Now they are there, whats left of them, when I want them.

Gee I think I have a pretty good life. lf Boots next door would just not bark at me all the time, I think I would be 100% content. I am a little afraid of him, but I always go with Mom and Dad and I know they will protect me.



October 1st 2007 4:42 pm
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Boy when it rains it rains it rains. Heavens, heavy, pounding rain all day long. I know we need it, but wow.

Dad was home for supper so we had a great family night. Guess what......

Mom gave me a very very special present!! She cooked a bone for me.

Oh my goodness was it good. Its big and round and hard and it had some marrow inside. mmmmmmmmmmmmm She was making soup so I got the bone when she was done and was it worth it.

It is in a safe place so when I go outside tomorrow, I know just where to find it. It taste soooooo good. Don't I have a wonderful Mom? I think so.

Tomorrow they are coming to treat Mom's spruce. I hope they give it good medicine so it gets better. At least it looks a little better, today they are going to put a dressing on the huge rip and even up where it broke and then hope it doesn't die.

Well time to be furminated and petted alot and then bedtime.

More tomorrow.

love Rocky



September 30th 2007 8:20 am
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W OW! Mom wasn't kidding it is beautiful out side. Bob and Marie and Carol and Margie are coming for Dad's BarbQue Ribs.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I don't get any, but I bet I get a chew.. Its so pretty out, Mom hasn't said anything about her spruce, but she sure looks at it every time she goes outside.

What a great fun day. Everyone but Margie came, she was so tired, she had been in Chicago all week and she was pooped. The ribs according to Mom were fantastic, plus Mom made a pie, there was cole slaw, bread and small potatoes with butter and chives.

I was outside almost all day and I got TWO chews, then BEST OF ALL!!!!

Mom told me I was a Diary pick of the day on Dogster!!!


Then after everyone went home, Dad and Mom cleaned the kitchen and sat down in the family room with a glass of wine to relax, and Mom and Dad both told me what a fantastic, good, wonderful, sweet, pups, I was.

They Mom held me and petted me, she was so busy all day it was the first time she petted me almost all day, but heck, I was a diary pick, Mom and Dad told me what a great young man I was and I got TWO chews and it was beautiful outside.

Wow, tomorrow its supposed to rain, I hope its not all day.


Our Yard more

September 28th 2007 2:55 am
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They came today and they said they were sorry and the fertilized the broken tree and said they would come back and "even it up". They asked Dad what he wanted and he said a replacement tree.......

They said they can't plant one that big!!! Por Mom, she is still very very upset
the guy says it will still grow, we shall see said Mom.

Oh I wish she didn't feel so bad. Pooooooooooor Mom.

Oh something good, Dad pickedup the new chair seats for the dining room, boy are they pretty, Mom is happy about them, if Moms happy, I'm happy.

Dad said his cousin Bob and his wife Marie are coming over Sunday afternoon for a bar b que. Dad is going to make his famous ribs in beer, and we are having cole slaw crusty bread and Mom is going to make an Apple Pie.

Boy that sounds good. The weather is going to be gorgeous!!


Our Yard

September 26th 2007 10:12 am
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The weather is changing again, now I know what Mom meant about the leaves falling. Boy are they falling. Leaves and twigs all over the place. Messy messy messy.... Then when we went for a walk Mom was really upset.

All the tops of her impatiens were gone. EVERY flower was gone just stalks left. Oh no, said Mom, all my flowers are gone. I started sniffing around, I would chase them out of there how dare they eat Moms flowers and then all of a sudden I smelled it and I knew what it was. It was those darn Bambi's

I tried to bark to Mom and tell her but she turned to Dad and said, I bet its the deer again, I wagged and yipped to tell her, yep, you right its the deer I can smell them.

How dare they eat my Moms flowers.... Thats not very nice. Dad puts out corn for them, you would think they would leave the flowers alone.

Boy your not going to believe this, today these guys came to chop down a few more of those trees that Dad was afraid were going to fall on the drive or the house. This is the last of them.

So they made an awful lot of noise then they left. Dad and I went for a walk and finally Mom came home. She started to take me for a walk and we turned around and came back into the house, Mom started to cry, I was sooooo upset I thought I had done something wrong, then Mom said, they broke my tree!

HUH, she took Dad back outside with me and we have a huge spruce tree on either side of the driveway, and Mom just loves them... On the one on the right side, the whole top was GONE!!!!

Poor Mom, she was so glad the tree in back of the spruce was coming down because she was afraid as tall as the spruce was, it wasn't getting enough sun with the sick Ash behind it so when Dad said they would cut it down so it wouldn't fall she was glad, but they were not very careful at all so they broke Mom's tree.

They are coming out tomorrow to look at it ........



September 26th 2007 4:51 am
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I am so excited. Its Moms birthday. Dad and I went to the store and got her some flowers. Mom loves flowers and these smell really good.

Dad has a box for Mom too, he said it has a watch in it. But Mom has a watch I said, yep he said Rocky she has a watch I got her about 20 years ago and its gold colored this one is silver colored with a gold stripe down the center so she can wear it with silver jewelry....

Mom has such a small wrist that Dad has to take out half of the links to make it fit....

Oh oh here she comes...... Happy Birthday MOM ((()))) XOXOXOXOXO

She gave Dad a kiss and me a love. Yea!! She loves the flowers and the card Dad got her and the card Miss Liz got her. Miss Liz also gave Mom two pieces of cake from a bakery for their desssert tonight.

Now Mom has cards, from Uncle Dave, Uncle Bob Aunt Beth, Aunt Dori, Aunt Magie. WOW!!!

We are going for a walk and then Mom and dad are going out for dinner.

Well thank heavens they weren't gone long. Mom said they had Indian food. INDIAN FOOD???? Like Buffalo and rabbit???

Dad said, Rocky we had Indian food like they have in India. OOOOOOOOO

sure smells good, and they seemed to like it.

Man I wish those chairs in the dining room would get there seats back, they look soooo funny.

Boy the phone rang and rang I think all the grandkids and everyone called. Sure made Mom feel good.

Boy am I tired...... Long day and so much excitement.... Sleepy time



September 24th 2007 9:47 am
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Poor Mom she still doesn't have her car back. But at least since Dad borrowed sweet Miss Liz's car they can both drive to work now and not have to go back and forth to pick up drop off pic up drop off.

Dad has to work tonight, so I guess it is going to be me and Mom. I don' t care who it is as long as I have someone.

Last night Mom picked me up I was barking. I didn't know she could pick me up since I got big. She sat down on the couch with me, and said, no barking Rocky thats a good boy, and the next thing I knew Dad was waking me up to go potty so I could go to bed.

Mom said, WOW Rocks you slept almost 3 hours and my legs are asleep.......

Hmm If I just remember how I did it I can do it again tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Moms birthday so Dad and I are going to take her out for dinner or at least I think I a am taking her out for dinner guess I have to wait and see.

Right now I am going to bed.. Man amI ever tired.


All kinds of things

September 21st 2007 5:06 am
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MMMMMMMM still smells good outside this morning. Don't know what Dad used when he did the chicken yesterday, but mmmmmmm.

Dad had to drive Mom to work this morning. I guess Mom's and my car needs a new transmission. Dad said it isn't working....... I DIDN"T DO IT!!!!

I didn't break it, honestly, I didn't!!!!

So I guess me and Mom won't have a car till next Tuesday or Wednesday. Wonder what Mom is going to do? Guess she will have to ride in the back seat of the truck because I ride in the front seat.

Well that was not what we did. Mom put me in the back seat when we went to Pick Dad up from work. But I fooled her, when she went in the store to get Dad, I popped up into the front seat : D

Our friend Miss Liz is going to let Dad borrow her sons car till we get ours back. How wonderful she is.

Dad told me MOM's birthday is Tuesday......... YEAH!!!!! I hope that means a party, but probably not...

My human brother Dave called last night, we had called to w ish him a happy birthday and he was helping a neighbor bring in hay etc for his horse and cows. Dave lives in Texas. Wish I had some horses and cows...

Dad has to work today so Mom is going to put a chicken on a can on the bar b que and cook it for dinner. OK I give Chicken on a can????????

Can't wait to see this.


Cooking with a new Barbque

September 20th 2007 4:34 am
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Dad got those new bedroom lights and we spent yesterday afternoon putting them in the beam in the ceiling. There is a fan in the center and we were just replacing the lights that were there.

I must say, its much brighter in there now! In fact there is a mirror that is almost to the floor and as I was admiring myself in the mirror, I noticed that I could see myself much much better....

Thanks Dad, I know he wanted me to be able to see better. I love the new lights. Mom said Dad put them in for her, but I KNOW it was for me : D

Today Dad ddcided to run errands and I get to go. Mom said Dad spends more time in the truck driving than he does anything else, I don't care, I get to go. Everytime I go, people come up to Dad and ask is he a Puggle or sometimes they say. What is he. Dad always tell them and gives them my name. I just blush when they tell Dad how cute I am......

I got home in time to meet the Mail Lady, "Denise" she is soooooo cool. She brings me and all the other puppers and kitties, treats. Every day!!!

I just love her.

THEN Dad brought the Big Red thingy the bought the other day that Mom said was a Smoker BarBQ. COOL>>>>>>> First Dad made a fire with little square things he called Briquettes, then he took these pieces of wood that were soaking wet and put them in a pan in the bar b que. Then he took a half a chicken and put it on top and closed it all up.

I thought I would die!!! The smell was soooooooooo good,

Then when Mom got home she mixed taters, carrots and onion and stir fried them with garlic and olive oile on the fire.

OH ME LORD!!!!!! I thought I died and went to heaven. I didn't get any, but the smell and my bone made me just as happy. JOY BLISS ME>>>>>>>>



September 18th 2007 4:06 am
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Gee weird weather. It is getting really warm again, but it stays cool at night so I love it.

I just don't understand it, it gets dark earlier and earlier at night, wonder why???? Not too much exciting happening since this weekend. Whew!! Good thing, poor Mom and Dad and Me.

Well one thing happened. Dad and Mom and me went to a bunch of stores like always, but Dad came out of his favorite store, Home Depot with this Bright Red, (I do know Red) thing on legs......

Dad was smiling and Mom was giggling Mom said, I can't believe you spent 1/2 hour arguing with yourself on whether or not to buy that. It was only $19.00, and you spent 10 minutes before you spent $100. on the lights.

Now!! I don't understand money, but Mom thought it was funny so, of course, I thought it was funny..... I was smiling and Mom said. Rocky we now have a water smoker.... What the heck is that????

I thought smoking was bad for you. I've heard the stuff on TV and radio that smoking is bad for you......... but Mom said, we might be able to smoke roast a chicken next weekend, or a piece of fish....


Oh well, their happy so I guess everything is ok. Wish they would let me in on the jokes...

We all went to bed last night early. Mom said, Rocky I know its early, but I am pooped!! Dad said the same thing and off to bed we went. Of course they had to wake me up so I could go to sleep...... I was already sleeping on Mom's Lap : )

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