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Rocky a Puggle

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Last Night

March 28th 2008 12:25 pm
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Boy oh boy, we went out for a walk last night and SNOW..It was beautiful though, the only problem is when it freezes!! Mom does not like taking walks on the ice even with her ice crawlers on.

There are sure a lot of birds outside, Dad feedshem and they keep coming back.

Got in a lot of trouble last night. Those pesky deer were right outside the back door, so I was barking…… I got yelled at, the deer left, I think they are scared of me, and then Mr. Raccoon came. I do not like Mr. Raccoon, but he is a little better than Mr, Possum. Mr. Possum stinks. I don’t know whey but boy oh boy P.UUUUUUU does he ever stink. So I barked enough that Mr.Raccoon left and then Mr. Possum left Finally!!! So I was juuuuuust getting comfortable on Mom’s lap and I thought I heard something so I leaped off Mom’s lap, whatever it was it was going to get a barking to from me…..

I get to the door and it was exactly what I thought!! There wasn’t one or two, or nooooooo there were THREE bunny rabbits out there. THREE!!!!! I don’t know what it is, but I can’t stand Bunny Rabbits the most! BOY did I ever give them a barking too. That’s when I really got in trouble. Mom put the collar on me that sprays citronella when I bark AND she didn’t take it off right away…I was hoping nobody I knew was going to see me in that electric blue collar with the box on It around my neck.

We went to bed a little later and I was fine......... Till the middle of the night, the reason I know that is when I started to bark, Mom said. Rocky don’t you know it’s the middle of the night, why are you barking? Then she heard what I had heard. (Dogs have terrific hearing, did you know that?) It was Boots next door barking his head off. So I kept barking. BOY was that the wrong thing to do, I had the spend the rest of the night in my kennel, covered on the top and sides with a blanket.

Mom was really upset……

I am going to pray really really hard tonight and ask God to not let me bark I LOVE sleeping on the floor next to Mom and Dad.


Long time

March 27th 2008 2:48 am
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It's been awhile since I last wrote, Mom has been really busy and winter sure doesnt seem to want to leave.

We had Easter and it was nice, but a lot of snow. Dad was doing a roast on the barbque, he sure had a heck of a time, but Mom said it was delicious!! She made a key lime pie for dessert, boy it smelled good.

I have a new pupper cousin. Her name is Molly and she joins Mike and the other ones. She lives with Mom's baby brother Bob. He is married to Pammy and I am sure I have told you about them before.

Saw pictures of Miss Molly and she is gorgeous. Can't wait to meet her, I think she is my age so we are both about 1 1/2 years old. Mom says she is probably better than me.

I got in lots of trouble last night. First, the deer came when Mom was trying to relax and I barked up a storm. They were standing right outside the kitchen door for heavens sake!! This is my house!!! Dad and Mom were having a ball watching them. They finally took off and we just settled back down and I knew something was going on, so I took a look and there were raccoons out there. Soo off I went again barking furiously how dare they!@!

Well Mom and Dad got upset again. Finally we went to bed and it was bout 10 pm I woke Mom up barking at 11:30 cause the dog next door was barking his head off outside and I figured if he was barking out there, SOMETHING was going on, so I barked. Mom got kind of upset. I finally calmed down and it was fine, then it happened again, Mom said, ROCKY its 3 am. QUIET, of course I could hear the dog next door again, so off I went. Then.... oh woe is me....... I got banned to "my house", the kennel in the kitchen. Its ok, but its not next to Mom and Dad. I went back to sleeep and really soon Mom came back down the hall, fed me and took me out. She said, its only 4am Rocky you should be ashamed, I missed a few hours of sleep because of you.

I don't know why she was upset, I felt fine. When we came in I headed for the couch and went back to sleep.

I think Mom might be still a little angry,but she will be fine.

Mom and Dad went to bed at 10:00 and I was sleeping on my pillow on the floor.


Nail trim

March 7th 2008 4:20 am
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Well Mom decided I had to get my nails cut again, but this time she was going to do it . Actually she isn't too bad. She said if we had cement streets she wouldn't have to trim them, I would wear them down.

It's still really cold and we still get snow off and on and its still icy out. I can't wait till I can go for a long walk outside and PLAY.

Mom has a green wreath on the door and green funny hats on some of the chairs. Mom says St. Patricks Day is just around the corner...... HUH????

Who or what is St. Patrick and why is everything green?

And then Mom says Easter is coming?? Ok, I'll bite, what the heck is Easter??

She told me that spring was coming a long time ago, but I think she was wrong cause it doesn't look like spring right now. But the strange thing is the birds are back. Mom says look rock, there are dark eyed junco's, bluejays, robins, lots of woodpeckers, goldfinches starting to turn back to yellow, house finches starting to get more rose, pretty soon if its like last year the Ruby breasted groesbeak will be here with the Baltimore Oriole.

Mom sure is smart. I didn't know all those names.

Got to go, Dad needs help hammering and then we go to the store.


Still Winter

February 28th 2008 4:04 am
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I can’t believe it. The sun is actually out this morning. Brother it has been a long time since I saw it…

Poor Mom she gets soooooooooooo sad when there isn’t any sun. Mom and me sat on the couch last night and she was feeling so sad, and Dad was working till late, but Mom said, spring must be coming Rock because it is staying lighter later. Not too sure what that means, but if it makes Mom happy, it makes me happy.

Dad has been going out and trying to get all the ice off of the sewer grate so the water will go down. Both Mom and Dad said it is the longest, wettest, winter they can remember. Since I don’t remember much about last winter, they are probably right! I guess by wet they mean the snow, sleet and ice we have been getting, we sure have gotten a lot…

I wish we could go live with Auntie Beth. Must be nice to have temperatures in the 60’s instead of in the 10’s and 20’s..

Jeepers Dad just said another storm in coming tomorrow..... 2-4 said Dad, not too sure what that means, but it really doesn't matter because you can't see the ground anyplace and the street is just two deep rows of ice that somehow Mom and Dad manage to get into to drive.

I ride "shotgun" that's what Dad calls it, in the truck. I LOVE the truck I sit up front next to Dad and I can see everything!! I watch him pull out and all I can think of is oh my Goodness how does he do that...

Snow tomorrow. ya know it isn't even fun any more. I like snow, but its so high off the ground that Mom keeps saying Rocky come off that mountain and walk with me down here. I love being up high where I can see everyone.

I do want to go for long walks though but Mom Dad and me sure don't want to walk in this besides the wind knocked Mom down last week.

Spring better hurry up, I can't tell time, but it sure seems like forever since I saw the ground.

Dad and I are going to the store.



February 20th 2008 4:02 am
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Man has it been cold!!!!!!

Mom and I try to go out for a walk and we end up coming right back in. I hardly have any time outside but its soooooo cold.

Never thought I would get that cold. After we had the ice storm, the streets go these deep icy "ruts" is what Mom calls them. Poor Dad and Mom, in order for them to get out of the driveway, they go backwards, really fast so they can bounce into the ruts.

Mom was supposed to go and get a test Sunday morning but no one left our sub. They tried,, but would go just so far and back they would come. There were all kinds of cars stuck in the subdivision.

Good thing Mom and Dad are smart, we had lots and lots of food and most important wood for the fireplace. Mom tried to take a picture of me laying on the marble hearth, but I fooled her and moved. The fire feels sooooooo good.

I don't know how long February lasts, but it can't get over fast enough for me... I almost forgot what its like for Mom to go outside without boots, two pair of gloves, ear muffs, hood over the ear muffs, scarf....... Man oh Man its been a nasty winter.

Mom said that should mean we will have a beautiful spring. Dad says, only because it won't be winter. Spring is always beautiful makes you forget about winter.

I sure hope so..... Winter is just too long. Well, back I go to snuggle into the down blanket Mom and Dad put on the love seat for me.



February 15th 2008 4:15 am
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When we got up this morning Mom said, oh good only a dusting.... A what????

Dusting doesn't make sense... Oh well, I ate and this morning decided to go out with Mom to get the paper. Didn't go yesterday morning, I was too tired, I just slept on the couch.

So we go out and the garage door opens and Mom says, "see Rocky, just a dusting" OH now I get it, a little bit of new snow is a dusting. I love to jump in the snow. Right now its plenty deep enough for me to jump in. I almost disappear. Its so much fun.

Mom keeps saying we have enough snow but Dad told her its only February and we have had ice storms in April.... Wow, I wasn't alive then, Dad said remember we had no electricity. GEE that must have been awful.

Haven't seen tracker lately, course he is smaller than me so he really disappears in the snow. We play hide and seek all the time, its so much fun.

It will be nice though to be able to go outside and stay out for awhile.

Well, sounds like Mom and Dad have got a really busy weekend ahead. Gee it seems like Friday comes and then its time for Mom to go back to work.

Sure does go fast. Well, Mom and I are going to play.... More later.



February 14th 2008 4:04 am
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The weather sure hasn't changed much!! One day it snows the next day it sleets. I go for walks, but not for very long. I guess Mom and Dad get cold so I have to come in... not fair....

Mom decided she was going to cut my nails so Dad held me and she cut the front toes. She isn't too bad, but one started to bleed a little. It stopped after a while, but Dad was yelling at Mom for hurting me. I told him I was fine. I think he was worried.

So last night Mom wanted to do my back tootsie and Dad says let me show you how, so what do you know??? Dad cut the very first one, really really short..... Whoops man it didn't bother me as much as Dad even Mom said calm down. The toe didn't cooperate and soon everything was covered in blood.

Mom tried the styptic pencil, flour, corn starch, etc. I felt ok, but Dad was sooo upset, and I guess blood stains so I was licking it up as fast as I c ould.

We went to bed and this morning Dad took me to the doctors, BAD DAD, I am now on a diet, I weigh 30 lbs, and the Doc says that is too much so now I only get 1/2 cup of food two times a day....

Anyhow, The Doctor put a bandage on my foot told Dad I was fine, I get to go back next month for my yearly shots. I don't remember getting shots last year, wonder what that means???? I did get my new license for Lake Orion, so that means I am legal. HOORAY.. Not exactly sure what Legal is, but I am glad I am.

The bandage comes off in a few hours but I am so embarassed, I have to wear a plastic baggie over my bandage when I go outside. I hope no one sees me.

Mom says spring is coming, I hope so, then I can spend more time outside.

More later



February 8th 2008 4:40 pm
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I love Friday and weekends, Mom and Dad are mostly home and I get lots and lots of attention!!! It snowed again last night, but not too bad, but boy do we have snow on the ground and it keeps freezing. Poor Mom had to wear her ice creepers again on the driveway, but I loved her and said thats ok Mom better that than falling!!!

Dad said it is going BELOW freezing Sunday and Monday. not sure what this means, but Mom is not really happy about it because it means she says high winds which means no walks for me, and I LOVE walks....

I don't like getting slushy between my toes, it doesn't even have a flavor, just dirt and oil.....

Oh well, at least I got a new chew. Let you know how the weekend goes>>>


February 7th 2008 4:24 am
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boy o boy o boy.... What a week. On Monday we got rainysnow, kind of like walking through a slushy. It wasn't too bad though. Then Tuesday it rained and it was pretty warm, yesterday it was kind of nasty in the morning, really really foggy and then it started to get colder.

Dad and me took Mom to work cause Dad is going to pick Mom back up and take her to the doctors.

WELL. It started to sleet and sleet and sleet. Dad was afraid Mom would fall walking up the stairs at her work, but she was ok. So then Dad and me went home and Dad was working on some stuff and we fed the birds again.

Man they eat a lot. We have 3 feeders and every day Dad has to fill all three PLUS he fills the squirrel feeder with peanuts AND he puts suet out for the woodpeckers. MAN if you put them all together, they eat more than I do.

Dad said later lets go to the store Rocks, I LOVE going to the store with Dad, I get to sit in the front seat and watch out the window, its soooooooo fun.

So we go outside and HOLY COW!!!! We had a bunch of snow.....

What happened to the sleet? Dad said, don't worry Rocky its going to melt. I actually like snow but WOW.

Anyway we went to the stores and when we got home I played a little bit with Tracker and then I was so tired I came in and took a nap and Dad left and got Mom and I guess they went to the doctor and all of a sudden they were home and we ate supper.

Dad says Rocky want to put your radio collar on and come outside with me?
Who me??? Are you kidding?????? Idon't care where Dad goes, I want to go. Dad tried really hard, but he only managed to get a path to the mailbox because it was so deep. Then Mr. Todds truck with the plow went off Mr. Steve's driveway, so Dad went over with a cable and got him out.

We came in the house and I went to bed! I was tired..


Can't see

February 5th 2008 4:20 am
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Boy oh boy, I got up with Mom this morning, I wasn't going to, but I was hungry so I did. Mom was petting me and I was really enjoying it, then she fed me and I decided I had to go out.

HOLY COW!!! We couldn't see..... and it was WARM. I don' t know what happened. Mom said, Rocky we are not going to walk very far because I can't see in this fog. FOG???? Is that why we can't see? It looks fuzzy outside kinda whitish and fuzzy.

Every once in awhile there is like a wisp that floats by, its kinda scary but Mom will protect me and I will protect Mom. So we went down the drive and Mom got the paper. Our drive is over 110' long. Mom says it makes a nice short walk on a morning like this..... So I went, Mom picked it up iin a poop bag and back in the house we went. Not sure I like FOG, I could see the bottom of the legs of Mr. Deer but his top half was missing.......Weird.

I got my nummy, the special one that Mom and Dad still give me when I poop.... and I ran for the small couch. Mom sat down at he counter to read the paper and she reached down to pet me and I wasn't there. Rocky, Mom said, where did you go???? Oh I see, just like last night, your back on the love seat.

I like the love seat cause it has pillows and if I push one pillow on top of the other when I sit on them I can see out the window. Cool.

Mom read the paper and did her cross word puzzle and she is off to work.. Dad and I will stick around till he goes to work this afternoon, then Mom comes back home :D

Mom and Dad got me a new toy, it is a monkey and when you squeeze it its tongue sticks out and its arms stick out. I was sorta of scared of it, but I like it now....

Got to go. more later.

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