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new toy


May 11th 2007 1:08 pm
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Mummy says I will have to see the vet tomorrow. there is a little area where I had my big boy surgery over a month ago that might be infected whatever that means. Mummy has been putting hydrogen peroxide on it and it is getting better, but mummy is concerned. She says the smallest incision is where the infection might be. i hate going to the vet's office...all i know is she better not leave me there. Jack my big bro' says she won't and tells me to stop worrying. gotta go...I am gettin sleepy. woof!


big boy surgery 2

April 18th 2007 9:47 am
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well i am feeling great after what my mummy calls my big boy surgery...was feeling great the day after surgery, but mummy wouldn't let me jump up on anything or down from anything until about a day was soooooooo boring for quite some time here. now i am back to frapping throughout the house with my big bro Jack. I cannot wait until i can take a walk again....should be tomorrow because my mummy and daddy will be home tomorrow night right after work. gotta go...a bug is flying around and we must get it.


big boy surgery

April 9th 2007 9:22 am
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my mummy took me to the nasty vet's office friday early in the big bro Jack didn't come in with me--he got to stay in the car. She was sad when she had to say bye to me. some young man that I don't even know took me away from my mummy. anyways...I was awake at first then went to sleep for I don't know how was no fun at all. they cut me open because my other testical never dropped. i was sooo sleepy when I got home...only ate a little and went to the bathroom. The next day though I just wanted to take a walk and play, but we didn't even do that. my mummy gave me some medicine that tastes pretty good. my mummy and daddy keep picking me up whenwe go down/up the stairs. they say i cannot run or jump....i feel perfectly fine...mummy says no walks for 7 more days...ahhh!!! i don't like that at all. mummy says i am healing quite nicely (not sure why I had to have the surgery--but mummy said i had to). big bro jack wants to play and so do i but mummy and daddy keep breaking it up. gotta go for now...someone is outside...ruff, ruff!!


new toy

March 27th 2007 10:50 am
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my human mummy threw away our new toy last night that we got from the pet store. we went there to buy a new, bigger bowl for me...i am growing you know and the old bowl is not big enough. my big bro jack picked out the new time I am going to pick it out. i am getting used to car rides...i didn't even get sick in the car last night, but i still feel queezy when we ride...i like riding but don't like feeling yucky! jack is so annoying sometimes...he never wants me to have any of the toys and he barks tooo much...he hates this machine thingy called the vacuum and attacks it....i just stay away from it. I am learning to stand my ground with him...mummy says my hair stands up on my back when we play fight (that is what she thinks anyways). I am not playing...this is my house too. thing is I like Jack...he just thinks he should be the only corgi around, but I am here to stay. hey where are my humans now...they leave us at home...i miss them...when will be they home Jack? (jack turns his nose at me...whatever) i cannot wait to see them, can you...well can you? lets play again...hey jack is snorin...i will write more later. i guess i will take a nap too.

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