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A REAL "tail" of devotion is Right!

Mom's work as good samaritan for IMHA noticed & awarded..- Benefits All our furry friends.. :)

March 5th 2012 1:08 pm
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we were just notified that the company will be making a donation (and a mighty generous one too) to Mica's IMHA Research Fund because of this honor. BowWoW! That means a new team player on Mica's Team, so PAWlease, give some love & support to this fledgling company. It may seem slightly DOGcentric of me, but to that I would just like to say a few things. 1) their hearts are in the right place, so asking you to support their efforts has all of our furry friends front & center, where they belong. I refuse to be faulted for that, but also, 2) a huge THANK YOU, to ALL those that keep what we do in the limelight, which in turn honors Mica, but that the wish we have to find the cure is still PAWsible, and with Hope, we still stand a fighting chance! Also, mirra & I really LIKE what The Good Dogma Company stands for, so if you can help them succeed, which is thanking them on our behalf, we would be much obliged, and we can keep the momemtum of the PAW it forward philosophy they stand for a reality!

As you know, times are harder than they have been for some time. Many of us have suffered in all kinds of ways. Even a small donation given with a big heart means hope toward finding a cure. Please, don't just ssume that someone else is always there so you need not be involved. Many of you know that only a month ago, our Baby, Mirra, lost her little sister to IMHA.
It came on hard and fast, in an otherwise healthy four year old dog. She was with our Mica in less than ten days. We invite you to once again visit us at and from there, PAW haps consider coming over to our Etsy shop, where purchases benefit Mica's Fund too, if an outright donation is not your cup of tea.. There are other links as well, including directly to the contribution page for Mica's Fund!
finally, we received a honor from the Good Dogma Company, so would like to recommend that you take a gander at the really commendable work they have started to do. As dog lovers, their hearts are deFURnitely in the right place kids...
We'd like to invite our pals to visit the Good Dogma Company link too. This is an honor for Mica, but in turn honors ALL of our furry loved ones..
Thank you for your consideration!
With love, from mel, mirra & angel mica


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