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Spay/neuter/adopt day

February 28th 2012 3:16 pm
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Status: draft   Date: Feb 28 2012 2:08 pm

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spay / neuter day, maybe it should be called spay/neuter/adopt day

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I'm told it's spay / neuter day, and as many of you know, there are not enough good homes to go around as it is, and some of our furry friends just don't have the simple things in life.. A loving home is every dog / or cat's inherent right. As one of God's Creatures, it should be.

As it is, their lives are already way too short, compared to what most of us people get.
But we can do things to help change that. We can adopt the simplest of concepts, such as Spay/ Neuter & Adopt, FUR starters..
Some things simply come naturally, but we know you don't need a biology lesson. We just all need to do something to try and make a difference. We all won't pick the same things to do, which is PAWsome really, because there are SO many things in life out there that need fixing, so latching onto something worth your time is a good place to begin.
This is a site for the Love of Dog, so that's a good place to begin. (for our Dogster diary)
Animals need our assistance at times, just to get a fair shake in life. We created the concept of "companion animals" to suit our own selfish needs as it stands, but many of us fall short in how we allow millions each year to be put down, or starve or just suffer needlessly, because of human neglect, or worse.
We ask the world of them, when it suits our needs, but can we all live with what we ignore, day in and day out? There are many unsung heroes out there, volunteers, who work for the benefit of companion animals, for little or nothing, but the oPAWtunity to try and make a difference, for one, or many. They don't do what they do for attention, and all the ones we know don't get paid either, but their numbers are few and far between, really, by comparison to the numbers of people that exist.
What will it take, for the rest to get involved? I don't know, though I wish I had the answer. We can all do something, albeit making a donation to a worthwhile cause, on behalf of animals, yes, those of us that can't lift a finger of labor can certainly use a pen or swipe a credit card. But will you? It's more my experience, that the answer is no, not unless there is something in it for you. Yes, it's crass, but having spent more than a half decade raising awareness and funding for veterinary research on behalf of my Angel Mica's IMHA Research Fund, I can tell you it's almost a lost cause. It's like speaking on deaf ears for the most part. It's downright frustrating. But because they are worth it, we keep trying to help improve their lives.
Yes, times are hard. They have also gotten harder of late. Yet, we still find ways to live in luxury, with excuses about things that perhaps just don't pertain to us. I have heard it all, and then some. I have also seen that it is generally those who have the least to give are also the most generous of all. In some ways, that reminds me a little about animals themselves. They don't have things that they can share, really, but deep down, they have the ability to share the most of all, just themselves. How much I have learned, and will likely never have enough to pay back what I have been so blessed with either. Understanding that we all have our causes, and interests, and needs. Most of us cannot do it all on our own, but when we share the burdens in life, we spread out what we share, which makes everyones burden lighter. When we sit back, and do absolutely nothing, all we are doing is making another persons load that much more to bear.
So do something. Even the smallest act of kindness will be noticed by someone. It feels good to play a part in life, even when it seems that no one will notice. I know the one least likely to expect something from me today is my dog, Mirra, and yet, if I was completely honest, I would tell you the one in life I would put first is this one. The one that relies on me most, for everything, is also the one that would sit patiently for me to finish this, to just be with her. We don't even have to be doing anything, and I suspect that she likely thinks even that is something else.
This one truly deserves better, but she accepts me the way I am anyway. No matter my mood, or level of engagement, she's ready, willing and waiting. For me. And as usual, it is I that is truly the lucky one. Try and look at it from their perspective now and then, and think about something that you can do, that might enrich the life of someone less fortunate, someone that maybe just needs a family to love, perhaps a little obedience training, or maybe just a little attention?
Again, its a day someone chose to mark a calendar, not to commemorate a holiday, but to raise awareness to a situation that people created, in their infinite lack of wisdom, that we have created some major excesses, and even one too many that exceeds our ability to love and care for makes for a real tragedy, and collectively, our problem to deal with. For those that know and whose lives are blessed by having a companion animal share yours, I don't have to tell you what you'd be missing. You already know that. Yet those that not yet or sadly, who may never know the joy and love that this sort of friend can bring you, open yourself up to the PAWsibility.
If I have any regrets in life its that it took me so long to love one up close.
If you are remotely interested in what we do, please visit for starters. Who knows, it may just jumpstart some good ideas all your own. If so, PAWlease, share them with us.
While we are at it, some friends of like mindedness have some excellent thoughts of their own, and we are equally proud to tell you recommend their ideas, especially in PAW it forward.
Their hearts are deFURnitely in the right place.. Do Visit their blog and share something, of yourself on behalf of animals, who are especially deserving, today and every day.


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