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A REAL "tail" of devotion is Right!

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Thank you

January 14th 2014 8:41 pm
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For all the goodwill and love, to our pals.. Thank you for the gifts on our pack's behalf and in support of DOGster on a special anniFURsary for them.

They do good work. We wish we had more time to partake in the fun and festivities.

Once again, we thank Dogster and our pals for including Angel Mica, Mirra and the Purple Girls of Oregon, in this. Many of you are very special to us.
With LOVE,

The M's


Yappy HOWLidays

November 22nd 2013 7:34 am
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Thank you Dogster Dog FUR featuring my diary for the day. Many of you know we raise funding for much needed research for IMHA. Many of our good pals are members of Mica's Team. We don't bark much here anymore, sadly because most that could be affected, our fellow dogs and cats, just don't support it.

We always found it peculiar but it deserves a shout out.. That those that seemingly have the least to give are those that are the most generous. We thank those mates again. We also realize that there are many other factors that play on the results overall. The economy has been very hard, and even affected our nuclear family, with layoffs and underemployment. Then there are health challenges, both human and companion related. Yes. Been there, done that. Still are. Plus, we all have areas we support. Cancer is a big one, and yes we support the research too.

We cannot all do it all. But we can all do something. We have often thought of it this way. What IF each member, just here at Dogster, gave ONE DOLLAR. When we all do a little, it spares the few from having to do it all. It might still not bring the cure, or the magic bullet that would keep it from happening, but it also might. We are still hopeful, and none of this would help our Angel. It never would. I just believe they deserve the best we have to give.

It's why we try to do what we do. It's almost a thankless job folks, and even the little we draw in from EcollageArt at ETSY gives back to others. For 6 years every dime. After that, a percentage. We wish we could but I don't think any one soul is meant to do it alone. It's why God created the companion animal. For company, to laugh, to love, and share all the best with them, to make us be the best we can be, in the likeness of the furry ones we must fight for, because they can't.

Angel Mica, Mirra, Mel and family wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (no table scraps!), good health and Peace for the upcoming HOWLidays and the New Year. Please think of us and visit to learn more about IMHA and how you can help us help others.
A special treat please for the Dogster Dog and the Watch Dog for this honor. Mirra has a huge smile here and we picture the Wonderpup smiling at all of us from the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you


Thank you

September 20th 2013 8:34 am
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On behalf of Mirra, the Purple Girls and yours truly, many thanks FUR all the love on talk like a Pirate Day..
Mom commented several times that I always was a Pirate on Halloween.. It has more to do with a sound I made when we were playing, and even tho Mirra nor I ever dressed up per se, we take our fun seriously.
Therefore it's swell that this day exists at all, that Dogster celebrates it as it does FUR its DOGS and that our kind pals treated us. It was great to hear from you.
We aPAWc8 it, very furry much.
-Angel Mica


Thank you DOGSTER & ALL our pals

May 10th 2013 4:52 pm
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It is no secret that it has been awhile since we have had a chance to play here at Dogster. We have missed so many of our dear friends, who mom still credits with the ACTUAL turning point in her grieving for my loss from complications of IMHA. My sister McKenna kept trying to encourage her to make a memorial page for me, and my mom was not coping very well, but looking back, her regret was that it took her so long to try.

Mirra takes exceptional care of mom, who you have heard me say is a real handful. Mom always said I had a killer sense of humor.. We were FURtunate to make some terrific lifelong friends here, too, including the Dogster Dog. We have witnessed and PAWticipated in some very rewarding endeavors, all undertaken because ONE dog had a need and another a vision. No one individual, regardless of species can do everything on their lonesome, but together, it can literally move mountains. The things some of the dogs we have known and their people do.. Some really inspiring things FUR others.

It has to be mentioned too that the powers that be have been incredibly kind to allow us to do the fund-raising and advocacy work we try to do on behalf of others. IT has the potential to help all of us really, because IMHA, like many diseases, makes every opportunity to rear its ugly head. Dogster has aimed a bright and shining light in our direction and have honored me numerous times, and my little sister too. They must have a way of knowing we Angels watch over those we love, and still BARK OUT LOUD, almost as if we are under the Dogster Rainbow of Love..

It is actually the name of an ecollage mom did awhile back that used to be on The Purple Girls of Oregon page.. It is not there right now, so finding it again will as usual become another obsession that Mirra will need to monitor.. as today came the realization that all of my littermates are now with me, here at the Bridge.. My youngest sister Frannie lived just shy of 2 months time of our 16th birthday today.

With only memories left, even living vicariously through others changes things that like the early days of loss, PAWhaps not as crippling mind you, but are considerably harder than other days that come along. AnniFURsaries of special times, dates, memories of too short a time with our loved ones can rear up and seize our loved ones. Then as if out of the blue, or in our case, PURPLE, an email comes from Dogster telling mom & Mirra that my diary is a pick of the day on my woofday. It is a rather humbling reminder for mom that there is a reason we got so comfortable here, and that it is important not to forget.

We therefore want to write and say thank you to the friends who remembered that today was my birthday, (and a dear old friend's too).. A member of Mica's Team (now Angel Ladysmith) a lovely Dalmation. We'd like to thank the Watch Dog and the Dogster Dog FUR all of their encouragement and support of our pack, who LOVES DOGS. Mirra correctly reminds me CATS TOO!, but also to thank our friends who happened to come by Dogster often or like us, have been away awhile, and so FURtunate for my family they happened to on a day like today, and then sent kind words, gifts and recently a brand new team member (Scooter Paws) in the form of a donation to Mica's IMHA RESEARCH & FUND, rather than what we see way too much of..
Yes, diagnoses and losses. THOSE we can clearly do completely without too.

Mom can't see to type through a deluge of the same hot tears so many of you know from time to time. For her today I at least will rest easier knowing Mirra is close by, and the reason for the tears is at least more bittersweet. I will join my mom & our MIRRAcle in saying how much we apPAWc8 those of you who have been our friends and supporters (in my memory) but in HONOR of all furry family members who have ever been loved as deeply as we are. On behalf of others who either are facing a hurdle in their own lives due to circumstances outside their control, and need a PAW..
This is a place where you may find yourself surprised at what you will find.. perhaps it is in honor of an animal that never got that chance to be loved or those who still have the potential, because of some dogs around here and their people who know the difference.

What an incredible opPAWtunity the love of an animal can mean to us as people in this life, and we are supposed to be the smart ones! SO much of what I have learned as the mom to these two Belgians has come from living with a species that I do not naturally even share a language with!
One thing I have never been very good at is either writing as the person or the dog, but I assume like most other things PAWractice makes PAWfect.. what I do know that my people do know is just how naturally it comes to give love to an animal in return. If one is open to the lessons it can teach, imagine the potential it might bring about FUR the rest of human & animalkind..

Thank you (again), esp. If you are still with us here..
Angel Mica-the wonderpup, Mirra & Mel.. Aka the Purple Girls of Oregon

P.s. with mom's aPAWloGEEs FUR any typos or this will never get done..


Artemisinin for Canine & Human cancers

May 1st 2013 10:08 am
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We like this and also know several dogs who have been using this effectively. It's ONE more sign of HOPE.. We hope and PRAY. With special KUDOS to our friend Guillermo Cuoto, who is a favorite IMHA researcher of ours, mentioned in this piece too. God Bless you..

Ad no, we cannot make any guarantees, nor do we stand to benefit from posting this. We hold no stock or financial interest of any kind. We just want our FURRY friends to be healthy and HERE..
Mel, Mirra & Angel Mica, aka the Purple Girls of Oregon, and the Girls of May..

We posted this 3 times, so there is a better chance that our pals will see it.
Thanks FUR understanding the repetition..

SUMMARY of artemisinin
Artemisinin is an herb that helps kill cancer cells in the body. It may be used in conjunction with chemotherapy. It may be used before radiation treatments, but should be discontinued when starting radiation therapy, and not resumed until two months after the last radiation treatment. Dosages for each individual dog are usually determined by the owner with the help of his or her veterinarian, oncologist, or by consulting one of the sources at the end of this article. It is given away from food or supplements containing iron, and is cycled, that is given for a number of days, and then not given for a number of days. It has been used for years as an anti-malarial drug, and does not have toxic side effects at the doses recommended. It may decrease the effectiveness of seizure medication. One should monitor blood chemistry, kidney and liver enzymes, while on this drug, as with most other medications.
More information, including suppliers and researchers willing to consult about the drug with you or your veterinary practitioner are in the following article.
Artemisinin is an herbal drug that has been shown to kill human and canine cancer cells in the laboratory. It is also being used to treat people and dogs with cancer.
It has been an effective anti-malarial drug in Asia for decades, so there is long standing knowledge about its effects and side effects. It works because the malaria parasite collects iron from the blood and stores it. The Artemisinin converts the collected iron into a chemical that releases a free radical, which then kills the malaria parasite.
It is one of four compounds derived from the herb Artemisia annua L., also known as sweet wormwood, annual wormwood, or sweet Annie. (It is not the same plant as perennial wormwood.)
Cancer cells also collect and store iron because they need extra iron to replicate DNA when they divide. Therefore, the cancer cells have a higher concentration of iron than normal cells, and can be differentiated from normal cells. Two researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle, Professors Henry Lai, PhD and Narendra Singh, MBBS, began to study the use of Artemisinin in human patients. Then, in l999, working with a vet, they began to study its use in dogs with cancer.
Their experience has confirmed that Artemisinin helps stop the growth of cancer cells in dogs. Numerous anecdotal reports from people using Artemisinin for dogs with osteosarcoma, lymphoma, and metastases from osteosarcoma claim that it has extended their dogs lives beyond what was expected.
Artemisinin has two derivatives: Artesunate, which has a relatively short half-life; and Artemether, which may be a more effective derivative, because it stays in the body longer. It also may be more effective than Artemisinin alone in brain cancers, because it penetrates the blood-brain barrier more readily.
A product called Artemix is available from Wellcare Pharmaceuticals. It contains Artesunate, Artemether, and Artemisinin. The combination capsule may be more effective than Artemisinin alone.
The optimal treatment regimen has still to be determined, and researchers are conducting trials to determine the best combination of derivative form, dosage and timing. In the meantime, the following protocols have been recommended.
Dosage: Initially, Dr Lai recommended a dose of 2.2-4.4mg of Artemisinin per pound of bodyweight. More recently, he has said that it may be preferable to use only Artemether and give it two times a day, 12 hours apart, keeping some in the blood stream at all times.
Dr.Singh believes taking all three forms of Artemisinin at the same time (bedtime) once a day is the most effective treatment protocol.
Dr. Cuoto recommends 6.6-8.8mg Artemisinin per pound.
Holley Pharmaceuticals is recommending up to 11-16mg Artemisinin per pound.
(For kilogram dosages, multiply the dose per pound by 2.2)
Timing: Again, there is some variation in timing. Some people split the dose, giving some in the morning and some before bed. Some give it all just before bed.
There is agreement that Artemisinin should not be given within 3 hours of food containing iron – for example, meat. It may also be better given away from anti-oxidants since it works by creating free radicals that attack the cancer cells, and anti-oxidants are harmful to free radicals.
Giving it with some fat is recommended, but not necessary. Many people disguise the capsules in cream cheese or other dairy product, or peanut butter. If your dog won’t take capsules, it may be emptied into whipped cream or other non-iron containing food. (It is quite bitter tasting.)
Cycling: Herbal remedies are thought to be more effective if they are “cycled” or “pulsed”, that is, given for a certain number of days, and then not given for a certain number of days. It is believed that if the body rests between doses, it will be less likely to build up a resistance to the herb, which will then be more effective for a longer period of time. Artemisinin may be cycled or pulsed by days or weeks.
Examples: One protocol for a 70-pound dog with OS consists of a 100 mg capsule of Artemisinin (Art-E) in the morning, and a capsule of Artemix before bed. This course is followed for two weeks on and then one week off.
A 60-pound dog is given 200mg of Artemisinin in the morning, and 40 mg of Artemether in the evening, 5 days on and 2 days off.
Another dog has been given mega doses one day per week.
Each person needs to determine the amount and frequency of giving Artemisinin and its derivatives to his or her dog, taking into account how the dog responds to the treatment, and other factors. Your holistic or conventional veterinarian or oncologist may be willing to help you with this. (There is contact information in the resources at the end of this article for further individual help, either through email to Dr Lai or Dr Cuoto, or through the BCD members or the Artemisinin yahoo group members.)
When Artemisinin was tested with monkeys, they showed no toxicity after they received up to 292 mg/kg (642 mg/pound) of Artemether over 1 to 3 months.
Animal research has shown neurotoxic results with massive doses of Artemether—150mg/kg/day (330mg/pound).
Generally, at the lower recommended doses of 2-16 mg/pound, there is no reported toxicity.
It is recommended that kidney and liver enzyme levels be monitored though out your dog’s treatment with Artemisinin or other herbal or alternative therapies.
Reported (Oral): Artemisia may cause abdominal pain, bradycardia, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, flu-like symptoms, fever, and decreased reticulocyte count. (Bradycardia is a resting heart rate of 60 beats or less.)
(BCD: One assumes these oral reports were from humans!)
Radiation releases iron stored in cancer cells into surrounding tissue. Therefore, it is recommended that it be used before radiation treatments, be discontinued during radiation treatments, and not resumed until two months after the last radiation treatment.
Artemisinin was tested in combination with 22 chemotherapy drugs and was found to enhance the drugs’ effectiveness. If used in conjunction with chemotherapy, it should be taken several hours after the chemotherapy treatment ends. (Artemisinin does not alleviate possible chemotherapy side effects.)
Butyrex or Butyrin
May increase the effectiveness of Artemisinin, but there is no certainty of this.
Professor Narenda Singh, MBBS is reported to have developed an instruction page for physicians considering intramuscular injections of Artesunate.
Holley Pharmaceuticals 1-866-846-5539, 714-871-7070
Wellcare Pharmaceuticals 1-877-728-2073
International: A person in Germany was able to reach an International Pharmacy that ordered Artemisinin from: Nutricology
Make sure the Artemisinin product you buy comes from a source that certifies the strength of the dose as there is wide variation in the amount of Artemisinin collected from plant to plant.
As with other complementary or alternative therapies, Artemisinin’s effectiveness is enhanced by a good diet, high in protein and low in carbohydrates. (See files.)
Antioxidants help to clear the body of the waste from Artemisinin’s action on cancer cells. Dr. Singh recommends Vitamin C for its anti-cancer properties, but does not recommend glutathione, which may reduce the efficacy of Artemisinin.
Herb-Drug Interactions
Antacids: Artemisia interferes with antacids, sucralfate, proton pump inhibitors, and histamine-receptor antagonists because it increases the production of stomach acid.
(BCD Note: Many OS dogs are on some form of over-the counter antacid for other medications they are on. You might want to add one if your dog exhibits gastrointestinal symptoms when taking Artemisinin, or if the drug is less effective while the dog is on it. Pepcid AC is well tolerated.)
Antiseizure medications:
According to Dr Lai, after long term use at high doses, Artemisinin increases an enzyme in the body that makes some anti-seizure drugs less effective. He recommends increasing the dose of the anti-seizure drug, if possible, or stopping Artemisinin for several days, and the enzyme levels will return to normal.
(BCD Note: One person using Artemisinin for her seizure grey reports no ill effects from the herb. Consult with your vet if your dog is prone to seizures.)
Dr. Lai; Professor; 206-543-1071; Email:
Questions About Artemisinin: (Dr. Lai’s group); Email:
Dr. Singh; Professor; 206 685 2060; Email:
University of Washing Link to research articles misinin.html
Dr. Cuoto; Veterinarian (Conducting Artemisinin study at Ohio State University, and a friend of Greyhounds); Email:
Yahoo Artemisinin_and_Cancer Support Group
Information about a clinical trial at Ohio State –not necessarily in effect currently, but one might inquire.
Whole Dog Journal;New Hope for Treating Cancer, May 2003
Dr. Singh’s recommendations:
Keep a record of the animal’s weight, before and during therapy;
Diagnostic x-ray or biopsy before and after two months of treatment;
Measurements of maximum and minimum tumor sizes before and after 2 months of therapy;
Observe for fever on 2nd or 3rd day and make a note to give enough water during the night;
Keep Artemisinin in dark, indirect light, and keep in cold – 4 degrees centigrade, or 37 degrees Fahrenheit.
Avoid iron-rich foods such as meat 3 to 4 hours before Artemisinin dose. Make sure dog has an adequate supply of vitamin A D and enough exercise. (Active, healthy, younger dogs are said to do better with the treatment, but older, less active dogs have done well also.)


Our sweet sister is with mica now

February 22nd 2013 7:27 pm
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Miss Frannie nearly made it to her sweet sixteenth woofday. God-speed dear and loving friend..
Our deepest condolences to her loving pack and all who loved her.

Your Oregon Family


Thank you Valentines

February 14th 2013 3:08 pm
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Dogster is not working well for us, but trying to resolve too.
cannot send PPRs, gifts etc.. We wanted to wish everyone a YAPPY day and say TY to every pup who sent greetings & treats. We love you right back!

m, m & angel m, as the purple girls of oregon


PAWlease help

January 21st 2013 12:44 am
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Pos ted here is a url link to my Facebook page.
Here is why..
Just saw someone dump an absolutely lovely 8 yr old Blind Siberian Husky in a CA shelter. He is reposted on our Facebook page.. First saw the kind link made by a fellow friend & Dogster favorite Teresa Hicks, Angel KISKA'S, and of KJ & Rain's mom.. I have Always known the HUSKY lovers around here to be some of the most loyal, loving, big hearted folks we have ever met..

Does AnYoNe know of a Sibe Rescue Group in CA that can help this fella?
The Baldwin Shelter is where he is. More info available through that link!

We see and speak out against animal neglect and cruelty, recommend adoption, spay & neutering but as you know our main emphasis is to help fund a cure for IMHA. For more informtion PAWlease see
Regarding Mica's IMHA Research & Fund
And her & Mirra's advocacy work... We can use all the hlp we can get. We are dying FUR a cure.

There are lost dogs, which we ALWAYS advocate for, but as you know we cannot do it all, just like no one person can. But if anyone can help this handsome lad, I just feel that we are in it with Mirra FUR as long as we can get with her..
How can someone just dump off an 8 yr old blind dog like this and sleep at night? Its not my dog, and evidently I am losing sleep over this.

We work with Belgian Tervuren Rescue, and Belgian Groendael Rescue closely. We have advocated for Newfoundland Rescue and helped others. There must be a Siberian Rescue out there, that might know a placement for him, or help find him a good home. Won't someone come take a look or contact us here or though Mica's Foundation at
Or on Facebook? PAWlease? Thanks FUR hearing us BOL!
This saddens me, and makes me mad as hell at the same time.
This is a defenseless and blameless animal, once again a victim of some selfish individual out there. If we can be of further help, please contact us.


Mom's work as good samaritan for IMHA noticed & awarded..- Benefits All our furry friends.. :)

March 5th 2012 1:08 pm
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we were just notified that the company will be making a donation (and a mighty generous one too) to Mica's IMHA Research Fund because of this honor. BowWoW! That means a new team player on Mica's Team, so PAWlease, give some love & support to this fledgling company. It may seem slightly DOGcentric of me, but to that I would just like to say a few things. 1) their hearts are in the right place, so asking you to support their efforts has all of our furry friends front & center, where they belong. I refuse to be faulted for that, but also, 2) a huge THANK YOU, to ALL those that keep what we do in the limelight, which in turn honors Mica, but that the wish we have to find the cure is still PAWsible, and with Hope, we still stand a fighting chance! Also, mirra & I really LIKE what The Good Dogma Company stands for, so if you can help them succeed, which is thanking them on our behalf, we would be much obliged, and we can keep the momemtum of the PAW it forward philosophy they stand for a reality!

As you know, times are harder than they have been for some time. Many of us have suffered in all kinds of ways. Even a small donation given with a big heart means hope toward finding a cure. Please, don't just ssume that someone else is always there so you need not be involved. Many of you know that only a month ago, our Baby, Mirra, lost her little sister to IMHA.
It came on hard and fast, in an otherwise healthy four year old dog. She was with our Mica in less than ten days. We invite you to once again visit us at and from there, PAW haps consider coming over to our Etsy shop, where purchases benefit Mica's Fund too, if an outright donation is not your cup of tea.. There are other links as well, including directly to the contribution page for Mica's Fund!
finally, we received a honor from the Good Dogma Company, so would like to recommend that you take a gander at the really commendable work they have started to do. As dog lovers, their hearts are deFURnitely in the right place kids...
We'd like to invite our pals to visit the Good Dogma Company link too. This is an honor for Mica, but in turn honors ALL of our furry loved ones..
Thank you for your consideration!
With love, from mel, mirra & angel mica


Spay/neuter/adopt day

February 28th 2012 3:16 pm
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Status: draft   Date: Feb 28 2012 2:08 pm

Entry Title:
spay / neuter day, maybe it should be called spay/neuter/adopt day

Entry Body:
I'm told it's spay / neuter day, and as many of you know, there are not enough good homes to go around as it is, and some of our furry friends just don't have the simple things in life.. A loving home is every dog / or cat's inherent right. As one of God's Creatures, it should be.

As it is, their lives are already way too short, compared to what most of us people get.
But we can do things to help change that. We can adopt the simplest of concepts, such as Spay/ Neuter & Adopt, FUR starters..
Some things simply come naturally, but we know you don't need a biology lesson. We just all need to do something to try and make a difference. We all won't pick the same things to do, which is PAWsome really, because there are SO many things in life out there that need fixing, so latching onto something worth your time is a good place to begin.
This is a site for the Love of Dog, so that's a good place to begin. (for our Dogster diary)
Animals need our assistance at times, just to get a fair shake in life. We created the concept of "companion animals" to suit our own selfish needs as it stands, but many of us fall short in how we allow millions each year to be put down, or starve or just suffer needlessly, because of human neglect, or worse.
We ask the world of them, when it suits our needs, but can we all live with what we ignore, day in and day out? There are many unsung heroes out there, volunteers, who work for the benefit of companion animals, for little or nothing, but the oPAWtunity to try and make a difference, for one, or many. They don't do what they do for attention, and all the ones we know don't get paid either, but their numbers are few and far between, really, by comparison to the numbers of people that exist.
What will it take, for the rest to get involved? I don't know, though I wish I had the answer. We can all do something, albeit making a donation to a worthwhile cause, on behalf of animals, yes, those of us that can't lift a finger of labor can certainly use a pen or swipe a credit card. But will you? It's more my experience, that the answer is no, not unless there is something in it for you. Yes, it's crass, but having spent more than a half decade raising awareness and funding for veterinary research on behalf of my Angel Mica's IMHA Research Fund, I can tell you it's almost a lost cause. It's like speaking on deaf ears for the most part. It's downright frustrating. But because they are worth it, we keep trying to help improve their lives.
Yes, times are hard. They have also gotten harder of late. Yet, we still find ways to live in luxury, with excuses about things that perhaps just don't pertain to us. I have heard it all, and then some. I have also seen that it is generally those who have the least to give are also the most generous of all. In some ways, that reminds me a little about animals themselves. They don't have things that they can share, really, but deep down, they have the ability to share the most of all, just themselves. How much I have learned, and will likely never have enough to pay back what I have been so blessed with either. Understanding that we all have our causes, and interests, and needs. Most of us cannot do it all on our own, but when we share the burdens in life, we spread out what we share, which makes everyones burden lighter. When we sit back, and do absolutely nothing, all we are doing is making another persons load that much more to bear.
So do something. Even the smallest act of kindness will be noticed by someone. It feels good to play a part in life, even when it seems that no one will notice. I know the one least likely to expect something from me today is my dog, Mirra, and yet, if I was completely honest, I would tell you the one in life I would put first is this one. The one that relies on me most, for everything, is also the one that would sit patiently for me to finish this, to just be with her. We don't even have to be doing anything, and I suspect that she likely thinks even that is something else.
This one truly deserves better, but she accepts me the way I am anyway. No matter my mood, or level of engagement, she's ready, willing and waiting. For me. And as usual, it is I that is truly the lucky one. Try and look at it from their perspective now and then, and think about something that you can do, that might enrich the life of someone less fortunate, someone that maybe just needs a family to love, perhaps a little obedience training, or maybe just a little attention?
Again, its a day someone chose to mark a calendar, not to commemorate a holiday, but to raise awareness to a situation that people created, in their infinite lack of wisdom, that we have created some major excesses, and even one too many that exceeds our ability to love and care for makes for a real tragedy, and collectively, our problem to deal with. For those that know and whose lives are blessed by having a companion animal share yours, I don't have to tell you what you'd be missing. You already know that. Yet those that not yet or sadly, who may never know the joy and love that this sort of friend can bring you, open yourself up to the PAWsibility.
If I have any regrets in life its that it took me so long to love one up close.
If you are remotely interested in what we do, please visit for starters. Who knows, it may just jumpstart some good ideas all your own. If so, PAWlease, share them with us.
While we are at it, some friends of like mindedness have some excellent thoughts of their own, and we are equally proud to tell you recommend their ideas, especially in PAW it forward.
Their hearts are deFURnitely in the right place.. Do Visit their blog and share something, of yourself on behalf of animals, who are especially deserving, today and every day.

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