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A Day In The Life Of Kiki Love

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Today would have been my 11th Birthday

April 1st 2011 7:33 am
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It has been 4 months since I passed away and today would have been my 11th Birthday. Mom has been crying since last night and the tears just can't seem to stop. Life without me is just meaningless and incredibly empty. I was only 10, why did God have to take me away from Mom so soon? I took half of mom's reason for living with me when I left and all she wants is to have her baby girl back.

Not only is today Rainbow Bridge Day, it is also my Angel Kiki's birthday. I bought 3 mylar balloons for her. A pink Happy Birthday one (pink was her color), a butterfly Happy Birthday one (to send butterfly kisses to her in heaven), and one with Tinkerbell because she was Tinkerbell for Halloween. I took Kobe and my mom to her favorite park this evening and let them go to her at the Rainbow Bridge. Happy Birthday my Angel. Mommy loves you and misses you very much Kiki Love. xoxo

Update: 04/02/11 - I was picked as one of dogster's Diary of the Day. Thank you so much. I am happily flying around to cast Angel dusts on you all. Love and hugs to all my precious furiends on Dogster.


Kiki is an Angel now

December 5th 2010 9:54 pm
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Kiki passed away in my arms tonight due to her liver failure. My baby girl is gone and she will forever be in my heart. Mommy loves you and misses you so very much my Kiki Love.


Ultrasound of Liver

September 9th 2010 2:26 am
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We had Kiki's ultrasound yesterday and it does not look good. She has 2 cancerous tumor mass in her liver with one about 6 cm large. The rest of the liver shows chronic active hepatitis. There is nothing the doctor can do anymore. She is still fairly active but she would not eat much anymore and I'd have to force feed her everyday. The doctor gave her some Prednisone to help her feel better and hopefully help her appetite.

My baby girl is getting weaker and it hurts me so much to see her this way. I have been so blessed to have her in my life the last 8 years. I am trying to prepare myself the best I could for her passing but it is so hard. I don't know how I can live without my precious little girl. :((

Sept. 10 - Although her tests came out horrible, Kiki is in no pain whatsoever. I took her out to go potty this morning and on the way back, she ran real fast and played as usual so that is so good to see. Hopefully, she will continue to live an active life until she goes. :)


My Liver Enzymes Came Down!

December 6th 2009 7:43 pm
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As some of you may know, I have liver problems for almost 2 years now and my liver enzymes are so crazily high, my vets wonder why I am still alive. For example, the normal range for Alkaline Phosphatase is 5-131 and mine was as high as 4328 last August.

Mom has been cooking for me Dr. Dodd's Liver Cleansing Diet and I take SamE, Milk Thistle and other vitamins for my liver. On Thursday we had my blood drawn again and we heard from my vet, Dr. Jean Dodds, on Friday and my liver is much better. Yippee!

My GGT is normal now. It was as high as 84 last year, the normal range is 1-12, and it is 12 now. The other numbers although still much higher than normal, they have all came down substantially. The Alkaline Phosphatase is 716 now. Dr. Dodds was so happy for me and so is Mommy. We must be doing some thing right. :)

Thank you all my furiends here for all your support, prayers and good wishes. We love our dogster friends.

Hugs to all.

Kiki and mommy Lauren


I am very sick

September 6th 2009 5:14 am
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On Tuesday morning Mom tried to give me my pill and I yelped in pain. Later that day I came crawling out from under the bed yelping in pain and spinning around in circles. Mom took me to the vet and after many visits and x-ray, they finally found that I have Spondylitis which is an inflamation of the spine.

Spondylosis in dogs

I have had many more episodes of pain since then and my back is all hunched up.

The dogtor gave me pain medicine but it does not seem to help very much. They cannot give me non-steroid anti-inflamation drugs because of my liver condition. We have to rely on supplements and vitamins which will take a while to be effective. I refuse to eat so mom has to feed me by blending my food into baby food like and use her fingers to put it in the roof of my mouth.

Yesterday was the first day since mom got me 7 years ago that I did not run out to greet her when she came home. Pawlease pray for me. I am in so much pain. :(

Update 09/13/09

I am so much better today. Mom has not heard me yelped in pain for about 2 days now. I have been on some supplements so they probably started to work. The dogtor gave me Cosequin (glucosamine & chondroitin) and some pain med Tramadol to use as needed. Dr. Dodds told mom to try Dog Pain Away and Mom also bought Joint Strong at Petco, Krill Oil (similar to fish oil) and Vitamin E at Costco. Hopefully, these painful flare ups won't come around any more or at least few and far between.

Thank you every one for your kind words, well wishes, rosettes and prayers. We have made so many wonderful furiends here on dogster, we are blessed to have all of you who love me so much.

Update 10/02

I am much better now and the pain seems to have gone away. We don't know if it is one of the supplement I am taking that is working or a combination of all of them. As long as I am not in pain, that all that matters. Hopefully, those pesky flare ups won't come back any more.


My Momma - Mother's Day 2009

May 1st 2009 6:52 am
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My momma says
I am her reason fur livin’

My momma says
She can’t live without me kissin’

She cooks fur me
Chicken with carrots and peas

She plays with me
and swings with me on her knees

My momma, my momma
I love her, she loves me

Together we shall be
Furever momma and me…. :)



Back to being ET

March 31st 2009 1:52 am
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I used to like to go to the back yard at night and just sit outside looking up at the sky for hours. Sometimes I would stay outside and not come to bed until midnight or so. Just sitting there staring at the stars and the moon.

Last year, I stopped doing that when I started having liver problems. I was staying in bed more and not as active as I was. For the last 2 weeks or so, I started staying outside at night again so I am back to my old strange self. Mom says that I am ET who is waitin' for the mother ship to come. He he....

p.s. It is my 9th birthday tomorrow April 1, 2009. It is bittersweet for mom that I am turning 9 because she is so worry about me. She adopted me when I was 2 and I have been her girl ever since. She said that Kobe and me are the best thing that has ever happened to her. The last 7 years have been nothing but joy and she loves having us in her life. She cannot imagine going back to living without us.


I am getting better

March 16th 2009 8:23 am
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I went back to the Vet for a blood test on February 26 and my enzymes improved a little bit but not much. My cholesterol is down to normal though. The good news is this week I am eating better and my appetite seems to be back so mom is hopeful that that is a good sign. I am due for another blood test Mid April so we will bark again to let you all know how I am doing.

Thank you all for your love and support. Dogster has brought us so many good furiends we wouldn't know what to do without you.

Hugs, love, wags & woofs from Kiki and Mama (without the wags and woofs :) )


I am on the Road to Recovery

January 12th 2009 3:13 am
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We went to see Dr. Dodd on my liver problems last Wednesday and boy, was she wonderful! She was so informative and thorough in her consultation and knows sooo much about liver problems in dogs. It was the best $75 mom ever spent. Sure beats the $1,000 that so called Specialist wanted to charge.

Here are Dr. Dodd's advice to us:

The liver can be cleanse in a period of around 6 weeks so with proper diet, you can rejuvenate the liver in about 6 weeks. The dog needs to be on a "pure" diet to clean the liver. Since I do not like fish, she told mom that she can use chicken meat for me.

I was put on the Liver Cleansing Diet (GARD) using about 30-40% of protein of fish (best) or chicken meat (dark or white, no skin). Boiled or scrambled eggs once ot twice a week count as part of the protein portion.

The other portions consist of grain or starch such as white long grain rice or brown rice (no basmati rice), potatoes, and sweet potatoes and cooked vegetables. Vegetables can be green beans, celery, peas, carrots, squash, spinach, zucchini, yellow squash, and kale as other liver sparing foods. We are also to add Italian Flat Leaf Parsley to the veggie because it has some cleansing agent. Mom usually cooks zuchini, celery, frozen peas, carrots and green beans. Then she puree them in the blender with the parsley.

FISH OR CHICKEN MEAT ONLY. NO OTHER MEAT. NO BEEF, LIVER (CHICKEN OR BEEF), GIZZARD, TURKEY OR ANY OTHER KIND OF MEAT. NO WHEAT, SOY, CORN OR NUT. Wheat contains glutamate-aspartate which is a no no. The Liver Cleansing Diet is called GARD which stands for Glutamate-Aspartate Restricted Diet.

Mom is to feed me 3 times a day with this diet. One portion in the morning, one portion in the evening and 1/2 a portion before bed. The Liver cannot work too much so it is not good to give just one large meal a day.

As for Calcium, Mom makes a frozen frosty paws by mixing a large container of Vanilla Yogurt with 1/2 canned pumpkin (no sugar, not the pie filing) and freeze them in small paper cups or ice cube trays. Dr. Dodd told her she can continue to give them to me but watch the portions because a little to human is a large portion to us. (I am a 10 lbs Pom). Finely ground egg shells can also be used for calcium.

I also have hair loss problem and my hair is dry and lifeless so we are to add olive oil, coconut oil or coconut milk to my food. Mom added a small spoon of coconut milk to my food today and I like it.

Vitamins Supplement - she recommended Infant Liquid Multi Vitamins but find one without wheat, soy or corn.

A friend of ours sells Juice Plus for Dogs which is a food enzyme supplement. We asked Dr. Dodd if we can continue to use Juice Plus and she said yes.

Denamarin (combo of Marin and Denosyl) - once a day 1/2 hr. before breakfast.

My thyroid is also low so Dr. Dodd added Thyroxine twice a day.

Hopefully, with Dr. Dodd's help, my liver enzyme will improve in a few weeks.


I have liver problems!

January 3rd 2009 4:00 am
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This is a problem that has been going on for a while but Mom just never wrote it in my diary so she thought it is time we write about it. Back around February, I stopped eating and playing and just laying in bed so mom got worried and took me to the vet the end of March. They did blood test, ultra sound and urine test and found that I have high liver enzyme and urinary tract infection. The UTI went away with some antibiotic but the liver problems persists.

The dogtor put me on Marin and we went back for blood tests again in May, June and August but the liver counts were still high. The vet then added Denosyl and I have been taking that too since September. I also had some mild seizure episodes in August. They think I had some infections and gave me some antibiotic and the seizures seem to have gone away. I went back for another blood test on December 21 and the liver counts still did not improve.

Needless to say, mom is major worry about me. Although the vet never recommended any kind of special diet for me, mom has been giving me home cook diet since April. She usually cooks for me chicken or beef, peas, carrots, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. She also makes a frosty paws for me with Vanilla yogurt and canned pumpkin.

After seeing that my liver count did not improve, the vet referred me to a specialist. We went to see him December 31. He had no idea exactly what is wrong with my liver either and wanted to do another full blood test and ultrasound. The problem is he charges over $500 for the blood test and almost $400 for the ultrasound. Ouch! Mom said no thanks, paid the $90 consultation fee for nothing and left.

Mom then went on a quest to find a way to treat my liver without the vet's outrageous charges. Back in April, mom found a Liver Cleansing Diet on the internet by a Dr. Jean Dodd. It consists of cod fish cooked with many different vegetables. Mom made it for me but I would not eat it because I don't like fish and she ended up throwing it away.

Well, we joined a Yahoo Group called Canine Liver Support where all the members have dogs with liver problems. The admin there, a nice lady name Angela, recommended that we contact Dr. Dodd for consultation. Angela and her dog live in Florida but they pay to consult with Dr. Dodd all the time by telephone. Well, guess what? We discovered that Dr. Dodd has an office only 5 minutes from us and is just down the street. Mom sent Dr. Dodd an email attaching the results of all my blood tests and she responded right away full of advise. Dr. Dodd told mom not to spend any more money for diagnostic tests right now and substitute chicken for the Liver Cleansing Diet. Her consultation fee is only $75 so we made an appointment for me to see her next Wednesday.

We are very happy and excited to have found Dr. Dodd. All the people in the Canine Liver Support group LOVE Dr. Dodd and think that she is a GOD SEND. They cannot believe that we are so close to Dr. Dodd's office and told us how lucky we are. Dr. Dodd emphasizes treatments by diet and hopefully, will help mom heal my liver.

Mom discovered that she has probably been giving me too much fatty protein like beef and chicken livers which I love. I don't like chicken breast too much but she will have to be more strict with me from now on. It is for my own good. I am very picky so it is very hard for her to get me to eat. She will also have to add more vitamin supplements to my diet.

We can't wait to see Dr. Dodd next Wednesday and will woof again after my appointment.

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