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Little CoCo Puff's Stories of Life!

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Love Never Dies

March 28th 2014 6:03 am
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My body is getting so weak and mom is so sad. After my vet visit on Tuesday to have my cortisol levels checked I came home. I was bushed from being poked with needles and wasn't hungry. Mom noticed that I wouldn't shake myself like dogs like to do. When I would start to shake myself and move my head, I would stop. I even let a whine trying to shake the snow off my back. I just stayed quiet for the rest of the evening.
On Wednesday things were no better for me - I am just going through the motions with no real purpose. By the time the vet phoned in the late afternoon with results from the cortisol test my mom said she made a decision. I heard mom and the doctor exchange information. Mom tried to feed me several times that day and tried a variety of food - not interested.
Mom seemed different, so sad and not saying much. She put me on the sofa on my white fleece blanket and we sat there the whole evening. At bedtime we did not go to the big humans bed we stayed on the sofa. She took her fleece robe and folded it up and placed it beside her on the sofa and that was my bed for the night. We got under the white fleece blanket and cuddled and slept. Mom got up during the night because she was restless. She got some ice cream for ME and I licked it up. A little while later I had some honey and peanut butter, I licked that up too but the cheese, I left. Mom said something about keeping my energy up.
Thursday morning I heard Mom mumble something about "to hell with the special diet" and next thing I knew she brought me to my plate and presented me with warm grilled salmon filet. It was yummy and smelled delish but I only nibbled a tiny bit.
For the rest of the day I stayed on the sofa with mom. She took me out to potty and fed me water but other then that we just hung together. She got the camera out to take some pictures of me - don't know why she did that as I did not look my best. I tried hard to look interested but today I didn't want to be the center of attention.
Then about 3:30 I was whisked up and in a flash we were heading down the highway into the big city.
She stopped the car - I knew where we were and I acted like something was up. She brought me into the vet clinic and without even sitting in the waiting room was whisked away to a "special" room. Next thing I know a nice young lady is placing me on a sheepskin bed with a green fleece blanket. Mom took of my fleece t-shirt and I was shivering so she covered me with a blanket.
My doctor, that I have had for my entire 13 years walked in. Oh, she did not look her chipper self - in fact she was down right sad. Mom and her talked a bit and the doctor checked my eye again and said the hemorrhage is bigger then it was on Monday. I have had so many needles lately I look like a pin cushion so when the doctor brought another one over to me I never gave it a second thought. Woo, I was feeling relaxed and groggy and the vet said she would be back in a bit. I was trying to keep my eyes open but they sure felt heavy. All the while mom was petting my head and back and whispering all kinds of wonderful nice things to me. After awhile the doctor took me away but then she brought me back to mom in "that" room. This time I had a bandage on my arm with a port in it. The doctor closed the blinds in the room and dimmed the lights. There were pretty pictures and poems on the walls and the room felt calm. Mom was crying and talking to me - she may have felt I was not listening but I heard every word she had to say. My body is just so tired. The doctor was gone for a long time but finally came back and I saw my mom nod her head. The doctor went and got a bunch of tissues and she said they were for her. I heard the doctor tell my mom that CoCo was blessed to have had such a wonderful owner. The vet was petting me and she was crying - she has known me my entire life. My mom was kissing my head and whispering to fly free and how very much she loved me. The doctor put something into the port on my arm and I started my last journey - I was drifting away. I don't want to leave my mom, my mom was crying but I knew my little frail body could no longer go on. As I felt and watched myself leave I saw the doctor check for a heartbeat - there was none. She wrapped me up and her and my mom hugged. Mom left! Wait! Wait mom!
It was too late I am now by a beautiful rainbow where I just crossed over a bridge. Hey, there is China Doll, Nikki, TedEbear, Dixie, Foxy Angel. I turn my head looking past all the familiar faces and then I spot her, that precious little face - it's Princess Izzy. I make my way slowly to her and I know she will show me the way...


Before I Leave

March 25th 2014 10:25 pm
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Hi to all my peeps. For the past 5 months I have not been well. What my mom thought was old age and doggie dementia has progressed into a lot of tests. Doctors poking and checking this and that. I used to weigh a whopping 4.4 pounds but now I weigh 3.3 pounds. Mom has been taking me to the vet often (it's like we live there) and we finally found out that I have Cushing's Disease. I was panting, pacing, barking(vocalizing I call it), having accidents, incredibly hungry and thirsty and have a pot belly (don't call me fat though). I am on meds for the Cushing's but things have taken a turn for the worse. I am having seizures - bad ones. The doctor is very certain I have a tumor on my pituitary gland and that tumor is responsible for my seizures and changes in my behavior. Mom had me at the vet yesterday and the vet said I have a hemorrhage behind my retina that is either caused by the tumor or my horrible seizures. I have wasted away to nothing even though I am hungry all the time, I have skin infections that my mom has to treat everyday and my legs are like toothpicks.

Today I was at the vet to get my cortisol levels checked to see if the Cushing meds are working - won't know until Thursday. Mom noticed this evening when she took me out to potty that I won't shake myself. I was always a good little shaker but now I would not do it. I would start to shake my head but quit and one time I let out a little scream. I went to lay on my bed and have been there since. My mom thinks something is going on in my tiny head. She is sleeping on the sofa tonight to keep vigil over me.

The vet told my mom options for me a few. Seizure drugs will do no good because my seizures are coming from the tumor I have. If mom decides to do nothing I will have more seizures that are longer. There is a cancer drug that mom is willing to try on me in order to shrink the tumors - even though we are not 100% sure it will work on a pituitary tumor. It is the only option left.

I am 13 years old and have had a great life but I still love my mom and want her near me. I still come over for a pat on my back and I love to sleep with my mom. I need all the doggie prayers I can get right now - for me and for my mom.


They Like Me...Again...They Really Like Me...Again!

February 12th 2014 5:23 am
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Arooooooo! Hey peeps, I am the Dog of the Day and I am diggin' it! So happy the Dogster saw my inner beauty and came to their senses. Now I am thinking my human should really be proud of me and treat me likewise. As I bask in the glory and attention my poor human is frantically working to help save some of my pals pages. Just because she is working doesn't mean she can't lavish me with attention and delicious treats. I plan to milk this great event for all it is worth and those other two bozos (Prince & Ruby)can drool and whine all they want. It's all about ME, ME, ME!
Yes, it is true, the best is saved for last, aroooooooo!


This Is No Joke!

May 30th 2011 8:26 pm
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I know I used to always poke fun at China and call her a wuss and stuff but I never wanted her to go away. I don't understand it, she was her two days ago and now I don't see her. Even last night I went to check her bed and she was not there. I even sniffed around to see if she was hiding somewhere.

Then today mom sat me down and told me China has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I asked her if I could go too but she said it was not my turn yet. I asked mom when China would come back home and mom told me China is never coming back. I know I have a little brain but I still can't understand all of this. Mom said China was really sick and her little body just could not handle anymore so the Pommie angels called her home.

As prissy and as sappy China was I really did love her. I will miss her little quirky ways and the way she used to sit so innocently and get me in trouble.

China you were fun to have around and it won't be the same without you. I wish I could do something to cheer mom up she is just so sad.

I just put my paw to my eyes to wipe away my tears. China could you please watch over us and send a sign to mom.

I love you China, bye for now.


Blowed Up

October 12th 2010 3:20 pm
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I warned mom but would she listen to the lil' wise one? Nooooo!

This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada so I had mom in the kitchen cooking. I gave her a list of all the foods I wanted on menu so she was chopping, mixing and stirring. Lots of commotion coming from the kitchen so I had to pipe up and tell her to keep it down while I napped before the big dinner.

Now you are probably wondering what I warned her about, right? I told mom she should not give China any other nibbles other then her bland diet. China's sensitive stomach and Thanksgiving cuisine do not mix. Mom knows this but all that whiny, sappy, China has to do is look at mom and well... Mom said if she gives to one she has to give to the other. Fine! Pumpkin pie and whipped cream - can't get better then that. After I gobbled no pun intended) my share up I sat back and waited.

Sure enough before long China was whizzing around in circles by the door to go out. Well HOLY DYNA, mom snatched China up and out they went. They barely made it outside when the poo started to spew like a oil geyser - I just sat back with my Pommie paws crossed laughing my fuzzy head off.

Once back inside mom was mumbling to China about wiping the mess up and no more treats for her. Yes!! Music to my Pommie ears as I got up and stretched I whispered PU in China's ear.
I smiled at mom and said MORE TREATS PLEASE!


Decay of Civilization!

May 11th 2010 6:17 pm
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Dang, this morning when mom was brushing my fur out and putting a clean t-shirt on me I knew my day was headed downward. Before I could paw my eyes open we were bumping along the country road. With the window cranked down I could smell the fresh spring air but WAIT, that's not spring air I smell, it's, it's, it's..."THE VET CLINIC"!!!
Lo and behold before I knew it mom was signing the admission papers and pushing China and I over the counter to the dreaded lady. The next thing I know I'm waking up in a metal holding cell. I don't remember a thing, honest and I didn't do anything to deserve this treatment.
What seemed like an eternity finally a lady came and took me and China from the prison cell. We both wore bright orange bandages wrapped around our front legs. At least I think they were bandages or could they be prison garb or ankle monitoring devices?
Mom was laughing her head off saying "oh, CoCo you looked like you been put through the washing machine" because my facial fur was damp and scrunched down. I did not find this funny, one bit and if I had anything to up-chuck I would have, right there in front of everyone, how funny would that be?
It's like someone flicked a switch because soon as we were home mom was all lovey-dovey. Talking in that stupid, sick, little animal baby, sappy voice! "Oh, CoCo are you ok", "CoCo I know, I know it'll be ok, mom's here". This was enough to make any Pommie poo-poo the bed!
So I lay and whimper and cry because I had 6 teeth out, stitches and the vet said my throat was a bit swollen. Mom tried to give me my antibiotic pill but I was having no part of it. That is until she brought the ice cream out and gave me a big spoonful, pill and all.
"The Puff" will not live with this tyranny and I'll have mom eating out of my paws...


Spring Has Sprung!

March 8th 2010 5:30 am
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Mom said she hates this time of year. I can't understand why? The snow is melting, the days are longer, the sun is shining and I can sit on the deck and snooze. Then I peak around the corner and see mom crouched down with a white plastic bag on one hand and another very full plastic bag in the other hand. Ewwee, dog poopies! Mom is ranting and raving about how China and I should be out there helping her pick up the "land mines" we left over the winter. Granted we have our special place on the gravel but as you can imagine it is quite the scene come spring thaw. I can tell you "The Puff's" paws WILL NOT paw the poop so I guess mom is on her own. Besides someone has got to supervise and tell her when she missed one, tee-hee.

Gotta run now it is time for my bathroom break, poor mom, ha-ha!


What The Puff!!!

October 25th 2009 10:45 am
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Ahem, hello anyone out there? Is that all I get for my birthday? I couple of pats on the belly and a "happy birthday Little CoCo Puff". That's it! I thought mom would rustle me up some eggs and bacon for a special birthday breakfast but all I got was the same old dried up kibbles. Then I got all excited because she said we were going outside and when we got outside all she could say was "CoCo, hurry up and poo because I'm freezing".

I really thought this birthday would be different because mom was in the kitchen yesterday cooking and baking. Surely, the slow roasted pork ribs and the CoConut cream pie was for me. NOT! Mom had guests over and they devoured everything in sight, sickening really!

So here I am contemplating my b-day in my cozy bed and wondering is this how "The Puff" is going to be treated? I want what I so rightfully deserve: treats, special grub, ice cream, fizzy refreshments, cozy sweaters, toys, doggie walks and lots and lots of mushy attention lavished on ME.

Memo to mom: if the above does not happen the next time to say "hurry up and poo", well...


Mom's Trip On The Strip!

October 3rd 2009 7:37 pm
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Ok, I'm chillin' at Auntie Esther's palace when she informs me I received an e-mail from my mom. I am really trying not to laugh but ha-ha, ha-ha, hee-hee...

Just a couple of days before mom is leaving for home she decides to go on one last shopping trip. She is striding down the Las Vegas strip when the heel of her shoe rolls on something and down she goes, he-he, snort. The pebble was the size of a navy bean and felt like she was walking on a ball bearing. Can you picture this in the theatre of your mind? She jarred her wrist, has a cut and bruise on her foot. Mom said her foot was swollen, red and it was so sore she had to ice it. Or was that more ice in the margaritas? She could barely walk for a day but her paw is showing signs of improvement. Perhaps if mom can't walk on two legs she needs four, tee-hee, ha-ha. "The Puff" thinks maybe one to many mile high margaritas from Margaritaville! SEARCHING FOR MY LOST SHAKER OF SALT...

I am sure glad I was not keeping company with her while she was doing the Vegas rock and roll - I guess I would have had to pretend I wasn't with her. I have an image to uphold and can't be seen with an accident waiting to happen.

I wonder what kind of neat gifts mom bought me!!!!!


Did It Her Way!

September 8th 2009 2:30 pm
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China sure goes to great lengths to get some attention. If you have read her diary you know she was attacked at the vet clinic on Saturday. Of course mom raised so much fuss and love on her it was enough to make me chuck up my din-din!

"The Puff" is more subtle in getting attention lavished on me. Like last night for instance, well let me explain. I was on the couch resting on a plushy pillow beside mom. Oh, I was just ready to stretch out for a little nap when I had a gas attack and let out a big fart. Well it scared the crap (no pun intended) out of me and I ended up rolling and getting stuck between the pillow and the arm of the couch. I could have ended up in cyber-couch forever but mom plucked me out.

Yep, I am very subtle in getting attention.

More beans please.

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