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Oscar and Callie Stories

July 4, 2007

July 5th 2007 8:37 pm
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Mom and Dad took us to Moreland for the bar-b-que and arts and crafts on the 4th. It sure was cool in the morning, but then it got HOT!!

Mom took us shopping while Dad waited in line for the food. Everybody stopped to look at us and talk to Mom about us. People kept saying "oh, there's two of them." You know what, there were two other dachshunds there. One was red long haired that his mom carried him in her purse. One looked like Callie, but smaller.

When Dad got the food, they didn't even give us any!!! Mom had water for us and that was all. Then Dad wanted to go back to shop more!!

The pavement was so HOT that Callie went from one piece of shade to the next. Mom had to carry Callie later. Me, Oscar, was the brave man I am and walked very quickly across the hot pavement. You know what, Mom and Dad did not find anything to buy!! Does that mean that we get more toys and treats??

Well, when we got back to the car, Dad moved it to the shade and we got to cool off in the shade of that nice tree.

Dad has cows at the farm and we got to go drive by them. Callie was very interested, but me, Oscar, was too busy trying to cool off the floor of the back seat. Dad said he better not go onto the farm gate because the cows would be scared of us little ones!!

On the way home, we took food to Dad's parents and Mom's mom. Dad's mom doesn't care about seeing us, but Mom's mom, Mama, loves us. She always lets us up in her lap.

Me, Oscar, was running away from all of the loud noises that night. I went to Mom for safety. Callie just sat there and it didn't bother her. What was all those noises about? Dad said that everything was OK and that it was the 4th, so I trusted him.

Well, that was a long day and we have slept all day on the 5th!!


MAD MUG meetup

June 26th 2007 12:54 pm
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Mom and Dad took us to the MAD MUG meetup on Sunday. Boy we had fun. Oscar ran around with some of the other dachshunds and I, Callie, stood there and druled. I do that when I am around so many other dogs!! Mom kept wiping my mouth and I didn't like it. Dad held me in his arms and that felt good. There were two dogs there that still have all of their man things and they would not leave the girls alone!! Including Oscar. I think that is funny that they think that Oscar is a girl!! He is so small!! Mom took one of our squeeky toys and one young brown and white dachshund would not let it go. A boy there had a great time playing with him. Well, we stayed till it got late. We could not wait to get home and rest after all of that!!


Why are you home more now??

June 4th 2007 7:32 pm
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For some reason Mom and Alicia are home a whole lot more. We heard that Alicia is done with University of Georgia. She understands us because she told us that she has a degree in Wildlife, in the school of Forestry, Bachelor of Science, Magna cum laude. That means that she is almost as smart as we are. Why would she want to get a J_O_B and leave us??

Callie said Mom is at home more because she doesn't have to work till August. We hear music all the time, so we think she teaches music.

Robert is at home late now. He sure does smell like dirt and sweat. Callie said he might build us a water play land too.

Dad is still on his regular times. He never gets a break. Callie tries to make him relax and I give him all kinds of kisses.

Ella has come over alot more too.

We went to the dog park the other day and everybody watched me run FAST! There were bike riders and runners. We chased them. We met Smoky there. He is in Dogster, but we can't find him. Alicia made Callie walk the whole way. Ella brought a boy human named Josh. Oh, he has been to our house alot lately. You know what, he goes off with Alicia sometimes and leaves Ella at our house to play.

Oh well, Mom says it's time for bed...after we go out to pee and poop.



June 4th 2007 7:12 pm
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Mom and Alicia took us and Ella to Petapalooza on Saturday, May 19. There were alot of Dogs!!! All sizes and kinds. There were all kinds of stores giving us bunches of treats and freebees. There were these big dogs doing agility demos, races with tennis balls, and freesbees or what ever you call them. It was hot, but a lot of fun. Callie and I had to find shade under Mom and Alicia. We didn't stay for the late music. You know what, this thing went on ALL DAY LONG. Ella and us slept the whole way home....


Dixie Doxie Festival

May 2nd 2007 3:16 pm
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We got up early Saturday morning, got in the car, and rode for two hours to the Dixie Doxie Festival. Mom didn't tell us where we were going.

We figured it out when we got there and heard a lot of dachshunds barking real loud. We were so excited we jumped out of the car with our seat belts still attached. Callie got out of her harness and started running. Somebody stopped her gave her back to mom.

There were hundreds of doxies!!! Mom took us over to check in. As soon as Callie saw all of the doxies, she put on her breaks. We had to go back to the car and get the stroller. Me, Oscar, was so scared of the all the noise, I got into the stroller with Callie.

Mom looked at all of the prizes to win. We didn't win anything. Mom kept looking at the store there too. We saw some of our friends from MAD MUG at home. That made us happy to see doxies we knew. These doxies were dressed up like Halloweenie! They had races and a talent show. I showed off with mom.

We slept the whole way home. What a great trip!!


April 21, 2007 MAD meetup

April 26th 2007 5:42 pm
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Oscar and Callie took Mom to the meetup, but Mom had to drive. We went to Roswell Park.

We walked with alot of other dachshunds to make money for the Make A Wish Foundation. Our Weinerdogs for Wishes team made a lot of money. We found out that the walk made $100,000.00 for ill children!!!!

We had a lot of fun playing with the other dachshunds. We licked Charlee's daddy's face till it was all wet with our kisses. Kristen brought us lots of treats from her store. Oscar and Charlee played fighting. Oscar wanted Callie to get out of her pink stroller so he could get in. We slept the whole way home. It was a great day!!!!


Sat. April 7, 2007

April 7th 2007 8:52 pm
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Mom and Alicia took us to a new dog park. Ella is our cousin, she came with us. It was cold, so there were not many dogs there. Ella ran very fast. Oscar tried to catch up with her, but his legs were too short. Me, Callie, ran alot. I slowed down and watched the other two run. This dog park had things to go through, jump through, and jump over. The water fountain had a short water fountain for us. We could reach it! There were places for big dogs and little dogs. The big dogs were very nice. Oscar was a little too short to check out their...(butts)... We are so tried after running around, we are going to sleep well tonight.

AAWW...good night.


Our first story

April 5th 2007 8:49 pm
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OK, we are Oscar and Callie.

Oscar came from Asheville, NC. My two legged big sister saw me at the pet store she worked at. She told me that her mom needed a campanion now that her 2 two legged children were gone to college. Her mom had a black and tan when she was growing up. So, I agreed to go to Atlanta to love her mom in May 2005.

Callie, me, came from Tenn. My foster mom told me that someone wanted me to come to Atlanta and be Oscar's sister. I said, "oh boy, lets go!!". That was in March 2006. And that is how we became brother and sister, and part of the family.

Mom and Dad take us to meetup with other dachshunds. They took us to Hilton Head Island last summer. We went to the DREAM meeting last week. We go all around Atlanta to play with the Metro Atlanta Dachshund meetup group. On April 21, we are walking to earn money for the Make a Wish Foundation. Our group is called Wieners for Wishes.

We also watch for squirrels, Dad likes that. We have brought in our catches, but Mom freaks out and waits for Dad to get home to clean it up. We don't understand why she doesn't like our gifts.?. Mom dressed us up like University of Georgia "bull" dogs for Holloweenie last October. All those dachshunds did not look like dachshunds. They had strange clothes on...

Oh well, Mom said it's time for bed. We will bark later...

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