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I've Been Tagged By Kitty!

So Much Pugcitement!

February 5th 2008 4:03 pm
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Well, my love of my life Benny was announced as the winner of the Pug Pals Valentine's Day contest. I am so proud of him! He is such a special boy. Also, I had my meet up with my local pug social group on Sunday and had a blast! There were so many puggies running around and around and around. Most of them I remembered from the Halloween meet up, but there were a few new pug faces ;o) There were a lot of boys trying to sniff my butt and do other things, but I made sure to run to mommy when it started to get out of control. I would never let them get too close because I don't think my Benny Boo Boo would appreciate that and I don't want to lose him. This all took place before the Super bowl came on so, I was obviously knocked out cold by the time it came on tv. I slept sooo good. Yesterday, mommy thought it would be a good idea to give me a good bath since I had been in contact with so many other doggies and humans so, I got to take a bath too! Then, today we had my human cousin over again and we like to torment each other. I try to lick her and usually end up knocking her over, and she likes to climb on me when I am comfortable with mommy. She'll be back tomorrow morning because she isn't allowed to go back to daycare until she feels better. I'll have to hide my best toys so she won't steal them again. I just got another cousin too! This time it is a Boston Terrier! He is only 9 weeks old! We played for a few minutes together and he is pretty tough for a baby. He kept biting me, but I left him alone because he's so little. So much pugcitement for little old me!


Valentine's Tag

January 28th 2008 2:29 pm
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I was tagged by my boyfriend, Benito Burrito (Benny)!

Here are the rules of Valentine Tag:

We are going to tell you 5 Valentine wishes, and then tag 5 friends with a pawmail or rosette.

They will then write a diary entry and tag 5 friends with a pawmail or rosette, and so on and so on :-)

So, my 5 valentine wishes are:

1. That my sweet Benny Boo Boo will love me forever and ever!

2. Pineapple cream cheese for every meal, every day, and for snacks too!

3. Trips to PetSmart at least once a week.

4. More quality time with mommy.

5. To get to see my human daddy because I haven't seen him in almost a whole year now!

The five pals I'm tagging are:


My Tail of Devotion for Hana Chan

November 1st 2007 9:23 am
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My sweet little Hana Chan,
As your 2nd birthday approaches (Nov. 16th) I want you to know that you have literally made my life complete. You came to me as the greatest surprise at a time in my life when I was completely lost and unhappy. I cried that first time that I saw you, not just because of how cute and small you were but, because I knew that God had sent you to save me and you did. At first, I didn't know if I was capable of taking the best care of you. Once it became clear that we were taking care of each other, the rest just came naturally. Now, my life revolves around you. I am owned by you and I wouldn't have it any other way. It is because of your unconditional love for me that I am happy everyday, regardless of what life dishes out to me. You are my special little baby and I couldn't love anything or anyone more than I love you. I find myself just staring at you and smiling all of the time, thanking God for giving us to each other. I don't care how crazy everyone thinks I am. You have my heart forever.


Dearest Mommy,
I love you so much. I hate when you leave without me. That is why I follow you around all day. I love to snuggle with you the best. Thank you for letting me sleep with you every night and letting me lay my head on the pillow with you. I feel safe with my mommy. You are always proud of me and stick up for me. You show me off where ever we go. You treat me like I am people and give me lots of kisses too. You don't get real mad at me when I have accidents or get into someone else's food. You keep my wrinkles clean and take me for big walks! I love you and wouldn't want any other mommy.

Your Baby,
Hana Chan

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Mommy and My New Shoes

October 31st 2007 9:56 am
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Well, mommy has been so busy lately and I have been sad sometimes. I haven't been able to spend as much time as I used to on Dogster so I've been sleepin a lot and trying to find other things to do. I have really enjoyed lookin out the window and barking at the flying leaves all the time. It bothers mommy when I bark too much. She finally gave me a full day of attention and took me bye bye in the car. We ended up in an unfamiliar place full of cars. At first I thought that maybe they had moved the PetSmart store to a new place, but it didn't have the same smell. Mommy carried me into this gigantic structure where there was lots of commotion. Mommy called it a "mall" or something like that. Then we went into this place that had all kinds of doggy and kitty stuff! Toys, clothes, and treats! Oh my! They even had a doggy pizza! It was great! Then, mommy and the other humans started to put these boots on my paws :( I squirmed as much as I could to get away, but they held me tight. Before I knew it, I had four new shoes on and was walking around like a ducky! It was soooo annoying. They were all laughing at me and I was very embarrassed. Mommy said that I need them because in the winter time, I go out in the snow to go potty and my paws always freeze up and then I can't walk anymore. As true as it may be, we'll see how well she does getting those shoes on me all by herself! Ha! I guess at least they match the new sweater and coat that I just got.


I Just LOVE Cream Cheese!!!!!!

October 10th 2007 6:26 am
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I am so happy! Mommy has been straying from my strict diet, which includes virtually NO snacks and only my 1/4 cup of doggy food twice a day :( It's no wonder I'm so small still. I know she means well and just doesn't want me to become over weight and have health problems, but come on! Anyways, she has a cinnamon raisin bagel with pineapple cream cheese on it every morning with her coffee and she started giving me a few licks of the cream cheese off of her finger a while back. She knew that was okay because my old vet back in Michigan used to give me cream cheese to distract me while getting my shot and stuff. Well, I've noticed that she's been giving me more and more each time and it's now a regular part of my eating routine! I am so happy about that because I just love pineapple cream cheese and I bark uncontrollably when I see her make coffee because I know my belly will be happy soon after it's done brewing! That's all for now diary ;0)


The Bed is Very Dangerous!

September 24th 2007 10:23 am
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Well I must say that I had a little accident this morning in me and mommy's bed.
I have been taking care of mommy because she's had a headache all weekend. That means that I have to cuddle with her extra anywhere she is. I love to sleep on the bed even though it is very tall and I need lots of steps to get on it. We were sleeping peacefully this morning when mommy and I moved at the same time and...Oops! There goes a pug! Right off the side of the bed and onto the hard wood floor :( I was okay, but I milked it for a while ;o) Mommy has felt bad about all day and guess who got extra food today?!!!

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