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playin in the sun


April 8th 2007 9:26 am
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You nose what is funny today, 4/8/07, I saw so many easter bunnys. It was weird sincer it is easter and the bunny is the national symbol to me that it means easter weird! Mommy was in side finding 52 easter eggs! she only found 49 though i wander where they are? she also gotts lots of chocalate . Here comes mommy now gotta go. WOOF WOOF WOOF


Moms in the doghouse?

April 1st 2007 12:45 pm
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It is true my mom is in the doghouse! She came in the kennel with us and got in the doghouse and played with us! Last night she came out and we went in the dog house with her. We all cuddled because it was thunderstorming and me and prin hate lightening and storms. It was warm. And guess what she fell asleep in there with us. It was like a slumber party! Then mommy got the idea to put our doghouses facing each other so one dog could go in the other dog house and she could stay with me or prin in the other one. It worked out great until she had to go in. But she came out later and did it again and took us out of the cage and we played with our new toys. Princess also tried to sneak in the house. Bad puppy!


fun new toys!!!!!!

March 31st 2007 12:56 pm
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Today when mommy came out to see us she gived us presents and they were so much fun! She gave me and prinny a rope toy and a ball toys. She also gived us rawhide bones! My favorite. I jumped up and down in joy and jumped on mommy and gived her a hug. She alwso gave us little outfits with nhats and neck things.She cleaned out our cage and went inside. Me and prin fought over the toys though even though there were 4. I got stuck with 1 rawhide bone and a rope toy and prinny got the ball toy and a rawhide bone. I think prin will share her toys though. I love when we get new things!


gloomy day

March 18th 2007 4:42 pm
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Today was a gloomy day i didnt feel good. The morning was fine but in the afternoon i threw up. Mommy was worryed but i just had a little cold. She gave me some bread. She gave some to princess too. She got mad at princess because when i was laying down she kept bugging me. It was sunny though and i kept warm in my doggy house. I hardly ate anything and that made mommy worry about me even more. She gave me some more bread to calm my stomach down. Then she petted me and went inside. She checked on me every 15 minutes. Princess threw up once to because she drank too much water. Mommy gave me another piece of bread when i started feeling better. She said she loved me i love my mommy too. She is really protective over me and princess.


my first entry!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 10th 2007 6:14 pm
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Hi my name is angel. I live in Quincy Illinois and i have a best friend named princess. Today in my world I played in the sun and i played with princess. Mommy cleaned my cage and filled my water and food dish. My mommys friend Mikayla came over and i played with her and her brother Daniel. They sprayed water at me and princess it was fun. Then they went on a bike ride. While mommy was gone me and princess play fought and princess bit my leg. It hurt, i whined and mommy came back to me and gave me a treat to make me feel better. She said it was ok and i would survive. She didnt get mad at princess though.

Today was a good day i had fun and my leg feels lots better. I'm going to play again tommorow.

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