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I promise to be a good boy

Dexter is no longer with us...

October 23rd 2010 8:39 am
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Dexter had been a very difficult dog during all of his 6 years with us. He had become increasingly aggressive and cantankerous over the last few months. His behavior became threatening to our family's safety and welfare. It is with great sadness that we had to euthanize him yesterday. We truly loved him in spite of his faults and tried our best to work accommodate our lives around his unusual quirky behavior. We could not wash or brush him as he would growl and attempt to bite us. We could not have him anywhere in sight of the vacuum or any watering the garden as he would bark and grab the hoses frantically. His growling and aggressiveness escalated and progressed to unpredictable snapping at us with no provocation. We recently became afraid to even pet him. This is what led us to our decision to take him to the vet and have a discussion about what could help him. We came to the sad conclusion that he presented a danger to our family, friends and anyone he might encounter. We will miss the very cute and endearing aspects of his personality and the times he used to cuddle on our laps for hours.


Together Again!

October 16th 2005 8:57 am
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Wonders of all wonder, I can't believe it but, yes, I'm home again! I am one lucky dog! Yesterday I was reunited with my original owners. I was so nervous that I soiled my kennel, Lord forgive me! I'm quite shaggy and matted and look like a little vagabond, but I'll clean up well. That is, if you dare aproach me with a hairbrus! Grrr...nothing sets me off quite like a wire brush! Well, its gonna take some time, but I'll be back in jaunty form soon. Getting used to the little "boss", Greta, is my biggest challenge at hand. Yes, I'll get rid of my mats and excess fur and overgrown toenails, and I'll even re-gain full bowel control, but this prissy pink collar wearing dynamo is just more than I expected!


My Owner Wants Me Back

October 3rd 2005 6:57 pm
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Well, Arf!! I am compelled to find my voice at last! I have reason to speak up and make myself known. I am hoping that all of you who read of my plight will respond with a message telling me what you think is right.

Well, basically I have been a bad boy with my original owners. They didn't
know how to deal with an aggressive dog. I bullied them around with my teeth-baring, growling and even biting! They tried all sorts of tricks and methods to get me to behave, but ultimately I wore them out. The fact is that I scared the mom of the family by biting her daughter on the hand and making her bleed. She reacted quite passionately and well, you can read all about it in my bio. The bottom line is that we miss each other so much and would love to be together again. There is however, an obstacle to this happening. And you can read about that too in my bio. My former "mommie" wrote it up so beautifully that I think it best if you read it there.
Love, Dexter
p.s. I promise to be good this time.

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