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Thank You To Our Furiends For All The Trees!

April 23rd 2015 4:13 pm
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Yesterday was Earth Day or grass day or some kind of Green Day. Anyway, mom started sending our furiends some Happy Earth Day pressies but then she had to go to a place called Dentist and she never got a chance to finish so she asked me to thank all our friends who sent us Happy Earth Day pressies and we all hope you had a great Green Day or what ever it is I'm talking about. It was very cold here so we didn't get to get out and enjoy the Earth or Grass or what ever is outside and is green. Maybe it was tree day, I don't know. BUT...Happy belated Earth Day to all our furiends!


I'm A What?

November 22nd 2014 3:06 pm
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Yesterday my dad was cutting up some delicious smelling stuff for dinner. I was watching him cut it in little pieces and put it in a container. The container got full so dad went to get a bigger one. I thought I'd just hop up on the chair and get a closer look at that delicious smelling stuff. Well, it smelled even better up close so I took one. Dad came back to the table and was looking all over for something, mom said what are you looking for? Dad said where did that other chicken breast go? Well, right away they looked in the dog cage and saw me eating the delicious thing. They both yelled JOJO!! Mom laughed and laughed and now she calls me a chicken thief, and dad....well he didn't think it was so funny. He took away my delicious thing and at dinner time I had to share it with my brudders and Tinker and Izzy. How fair was that? I did all the work to find that delicious thing and then dad made me share it! AND...I'm not sure what a chicken thief is but I am not one of those, I am a good boy!


I Gots Diary of the Day!

September 29th 2013 7:13 am
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Woo Hoo, I gots diary of the day today! I am so excited, now those brudders can quit their bragging cause I got a special honor too! Thank you to Dogster and also thank you to my brudder Sarge for getting stickies in his tail and giving me something to bark about!


The Stickie Weeds

September 25th 2013 2:16 pm
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My brudder Sarge wrote about the stickies he got into out in our back yard but he didn't mention what happened today. Mom was upset with the stickie weeds because when Sarge got into the stickie weeds and dad had to cut his tail to get them out,that made mom REALLY mad at the stickie weeds. She said I'm going out there and find those weeds and cut them down and burn them up. Yup mom, lets go show those weeds who is boss around this back yard! So out we went and dad came along to help. Mom dragged in the yard waste container and got some tools out and started in on the war against the stickie weeds. Dad, well he got side tracked cutting down branches from trees back there. Then we heard mom say "here they are! I found them!" She cut them down and threw them in the container and kept looking for more, when she found more they went in the container too. Finally she couldn't find any more so she decided to help dad, who was still cutting tree branches. When the container was full, dad left to put it back so the garbage men can come and empty it out. Mom got some bags out and planned on working a little longer. After a few minutes here comes mom, FULL of stickie weeds all over her shirt, (hee hee, she was covered with them worse than Sarge was!) Dad asked her how she got them all over her and she said "I don't know, I was cutting tree branches and I didn't even see them". She said "how am I going to get all these off my shirt" Dad told her she's going to have to pick them all off. Boy oh boy, mom is SERIOUSLY mad at the stickie weeds now! Looks like the stickie weeds won the war but if I were a stickie weed, I'd be finding me a new back yard to live in!


JoJo's Summer

September 8th 2013 3:30 pm
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It's been so long since I wrote in my diary, mom said maybe I should write something. Ummm, I do about the same thing everyday, I can't go to the doggie park with Toby and Sarge because I don't like people to get near my pawrents and I let them know it! But I did get to go to a place called a campground when my mom and dad went to visit their human son and daughter in law who were camping there. I had to stay at the camp site though but at least I got to go along. Today me and mom went to two parks, now that was really fun! There was just me and mom, no one else got to go. We were going to walk on a board walk but there was a sign saying it was closed so we found another path to walk on. Mom let me stop and snif around and I dragged mom where ever I wanted to go, she just came along. People kept coming up behind us or they came around a corner before mom knew they were there and that caused me to have to protect her so she said let's go try the other park, maybe there will be less people around. We took a walk at the other park and looked at the duckies. I only growled at one guy that sat near where me and mom were sitting at a picnic table. So I guess I didn't do much the whole summer, just what I do everyday. Eat, have treats, play with my brudders, watch the yard and protect my furmily. But mom says her and me will take walks in the park more often, maybe we can go again tomorrow!


I Saw Santa Paws!

December 1st 2012 1:20 pm
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Today mom did something I HATE, she put me in the sink and got my head all wet, then she put shampoo on me and said JoJo, you need to have a clean face to go see Santa Paws. So she was trying to wash my face but she wasn't happy with me moving and trying to get out of the sink. She got a little upset when I jumped out. The counter was all wet and the floor and mom too! Well she finally said ok that's enough Jo and she let me out of that sink. But then came the best part...I went away with mom in the car! We went to the place mom takes us to get groomed. I thought OH NO! NOT HERE! But we went inside and there was Santa Paws! I was very good and had my picture taken and I whispered, bring me some squeek toys and lots of treats! I had a good time visiting with Santa Paws!


Costume Contest

October 26th 2008 1:18 pm
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Yesterday mom and dad took us to two costume contests. One was at Petco and one was at the Humane Society. My brother Cory won first place in a costume contest a couple weeks ago and I really wanted to win to make mom and dad proud of me like they were when Cory Jo won. Mom put a costume on me, I was kind of embarrassed, mom made me wear a Rooster costume but I did my best to keep it on. I had a hard time with the rooster head, it's kind of big for me and kept falling off, so I was careful to keep it in place. When they called my name I had to walk in front of all those people and dogs and they laughed at me, how embarrassing! But when it was all over they said the winner is JoJo the Rooster! Now mom and dad are proud of me just like when Cory Jo won, and the best part of all is that I won a basket full of toys and treats! Hey that reminds me, I haven't even had one of my treats yet, I gotta go ask mom if we can break open that package and get me one of those yummy cookies, after all that embarrassment I think I deserve to eat the whole package!


I'm A Good Boy!

March 17th 2008 5:51 pm
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I never ever get to go places with mom and dad anymore. My brothers Sammy Jo and Toby Jo always get to go and usually Cory Jo gets to go too but mom and dad say I'm a bad boy because I attack other dogs at the dog park and sometimes I try to bite people if I don't know them. I have to stay home and I cry and cry until they all come home. BUT! Guess what happened yesterday? First mom got out this thing called a bike, it has two big wheels and mom can ride on it. She put me on my leash and took me to the bike, I wondered what is going on? And then she took my leash and she started riding the bike and I ran along! I love to run but I can't because I have to be on my leash if we are out of my yard. It was GREAT! I ran all the way around the block! After that me and mom took a walk to the park and back home and then she let me have another run with the bike. After mom and dad ate dinner they put our vests on us and mom took me out for another run with the bike, and afterwards she put me in the car and dad brought out my brothers and we all went away together! In the car! Even me, I got to go away too! And best of all, they took us to a dog park for the "Small Dog Meetup". Dad took my brothers and went inside the park and mom put a muzzle on me and we went for a walk for awhile outside of the fenced in area where all the dogs were playing. Finally she told dad that I was calmed down and she was going to try to bring me in. I was kind of tired from my all of my exercise so I went in and walked around, I didn't like the other dogs to come near me but I tried to be nice. I didn't attack any dogs or bite any people, mom and dad told me I was a good boy and they are so proud of me! I was so happy that I got to go somewhere with my whole family! Today me and mom went out with the bike again and then she took me for a long walk. I am the happiest boy, but I'm kind of tired now so I'm going to go curl up and take a nap........JoJo



February 17th 2008 12:27 pm
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Dear Diary in just 9 more days, on feb 26, 2008, I will have been in my new home with my new family for one whole year! It has been an exciting year, I've seen lots of new places, and learned so many new things. One of the biggest things I've learned is that it's a bad thing to go potty in the house. You have to stand by the door and when someone sees you they say "do you want to go side, go potty". Then you just make a little bark and they come and open the door and out you go. It was very hard to learn that and sometimes I still make a mistake but I'm doing pretty good in that area. I also learned that when mom and dad feed us, we each get our own dish and when it's gone we can't go eat from someone elses dish. I went on my first vacation and slept in a different kind of house called a tent. I went to doggie parks and a doggie beach. I had my first Christmas and got toys and clothes and treats. I never had clothes before I was rescued and now that I have my own home, I have lots of clothes, I have t-shirts and sweaters and a sweat shirt and a vest. I don't really like clothes but mom says they make me look cute, mom and dad have made me so happy and I love them so much that I don't mind if I have to wear the clothes. I was so scared of mom and dad at first but now I love them to hold me and I even give them little kisses! There's a few things that I haven't exactly liked besides the clothes. Things like the vet where I have to go and get shots. and also that "Bark Buster" guy that comes here sometimes and makes me not bark and he won't let me try to protect my family when I feel that they need me to keep them safe. He says it's a bad thing to bite people that come in our house. I just don't understand that. I wish they could understand that they are my family and I have to keep them safe. Another thing I don't really like is going to a place called the groomer. I don't like getting a bath and my hair cut. Oh and at night mom and dad brush my teeth and clean around my eyes, those aren't my favorite things either. I never had to do that before I came here. All in all though, I am very happy and even though it's hard to make so many changes in your life it's all worth it to have a home where you feel loved and safe and warm. My most favorite time of all is at night when I sleep in the big bed with mom and dad. I cuddle next to them and they hug me and I give them kisses and they tell me they love me.



October 25th 2007 10:40 am
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Well, last Sunday we went to the "Meet up". There were a lot of dogs and people there and we had a good time. Most of the dogs had on costumes like mom and dad made us wear and people were running around with cameras taking our pictures. I was the only biker there. Mom wants to put some Halloween pictures on my page so I better go so she can use the computer. Bye for now and Happy Halloween to everyone!

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